Play Hit Or Miss With These Movies To See Who Thinks Like A Real Critic

It is no secret that we all have our own favorite type of movie. Some of us enjoy action, while others enjoy the more romantic ones. There is comedy and drama, and we could never forget those animated family films either! Even though we all tend to drift one way or another, there are some people out there who have an eye for good films, regardless of their genre. While we should never avoid watching things simply based off of what a critic has said, their opinions can certainly help us figure out who is in line for an Academy Award any given year.

Today we will be trying to figure out who has an eye for great cinema. We will be using 50 popular films from every genre, and all everyone here has to do is select the ones they thought were the best. There are no wrong answers, but we will be comparing selections to those of the real critics. Once everyone has made their selection, we will know once and for all who really thinks like the critics and who just watches for enjoyment. Get ready for this one movie fans, it is going to be all kinds of epic!

Question 1

A Star is Born:

From the moment Jackson saw Ally up on stage, he knew two things for sure. The first was that no matter what, she was going to be a huge star. The second was that he would be in love with her for the rest of his life. He did everything within his power to ensure she became the star he knew she was meant to be. However, while he put so much effort into her, he forgot to also take care of himself.

Question 2

Get Out:

Chris knew from the beginning of his relationship with Rose, that their different races could lead to an issue. While it did not bother him one bit, he was always worried about what her family would think of their relationship. However, Rose assured him every chance she got, that this would not be the case at all. He was reluctant to meet her parents, and as it turned out, his suspicions were somewhat justified. What are everyone's thoughts on this popular thriller?

Question 3


There are two kinds of people in this world. We have the optimists and we have the pessimists. As it turns out, the same thing goes for Troll Village and its inhabitants. Poppy is known for her bright and shiny attitude, just like Branch is known for being the village grump. Under any other circumstances, these two would have never partnered up. However, when their home got invaded by bad guys, these two had no choice but to depend on each other.

Question 4

Valentine's Day:

Love is a popular theme for a lot of movies. After all, who doesn't enjoy a good love story from time to time? This movie was heavy in the love department. The film focuses in on several different people, all trying to get through Valentine's Day. Some of them are happily partnered up, while others are trying to avoid all mentions of the holiday. Whether in a relationship or not, love is something we all have to think about sometimes!

Question 5

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:

Life was never exactly going to be easy for Benjamin Button. When he was first born, doctors did not even know if he was going to make it. He had a unique condition which made him age in reverse. While this may sound pretty cool, it certainly caused some issues for Benjamin while growing up. All he wanted was to look like everyone else, especially after he met the beautiful Daisy. How did everyone here feel about this popular film?

Question 6

Beauty and the Beast:

Here is a classic to say the least. Nobody from her town was ever able to deny the beauty that was young Belle. However, they also all saw her as a fairly strange individual. To be fair, she did fall in love with a rather large beast, but this was not what the townspeople had based their judgments on. This movie really taught us all how important it is to get to know someone, before passing judgments. Thoughts on this film?

Question 7

The Shape of Water:

Keeping on the theme of unlikely relationships, this film was all about a mute woman who fell in love with a strange cross between a man and an amphibian. Elisa spent most of her time in solitude. She could not communicate with others, so she grew accustomed to being alone. However, after she came across the strange being, she couldn't help but feel like he somehow understood her. She later went as far as teaching him sign language. What are we thinking?

Question 8

Spider-Man: Homecoming:

We have had our fair share of Spidey films in recent years. In fact, since 2002, we have had three different actors play the role of Spider-Man. In this question, we are talking about the most recent film. Tom Holland took on the role in this film, and he certainly did look the part. Instead of focusing on how he got his powers, this film showed us young Peter Parker discovering how to properly use his newfound webs. Worth it or not really?

Question 9


Bryan was a protective father, to say the least. His job was to protect the entire country, so naturally, he took a special interest in keeping his daughter safe as well. When she first told him about her trip across Europe, he was not very happy about it. After some convincing, however, she was able to get his blessing. Of course on her very first night away from home, she was taken. Lucky for her, her dad is the only man in the world capable of finding her.

Question 10

Big Hero 6:

While some movies try to scare us with the use of robots, this movie did the exact opposite. Young Hiro was very skilled in all things technology. His very best friend in the whole world was actually a robot. When his city fell under attack by bad guys, Hiro knew he had to do whatever he could to help. His gang of robot buddies was right there with him since they were obviously not going to let anything happen to their human pal.

Question 11

The Martian:

Everybody knows the saying "Never leave a man behind". However, when a group of astronauts exploring mars wound up in a fierce storm, they had no choice but to leave as fast as they could. They tried to get everyone on board, but one of their men got hit by some flying debris. After deciding he couldn't have possibly survived, they took off. As it turned out though, the little astronaut that could did survive. Now he is stranded on a waterless planet all alone.

Question 12

Dumb and Dumber:

Neither Lloyd nor Harry would ever be able to survive in this world alone. Luckily for these less than bright dudes, they have always had each other. They live together, and each does their best to help each other out. However, when the brains simply aren't there, things will never roll smoothly. After Harry discovered a briefcase of cash that had been left behind in his cab, the two of them thought it was their duty to return it. Of course, neither of them could even say the word "duty" without giggling.

Question 13

Ant-Man and the Wasp:

Let's take a look at the smallest hero in the MCU. Ant-Man is not only tiny compared to some of the other MCU men, but he is also a lot funnier than most of them. When comedy meets action, the movie will naturally lead to some pretty big audiences. Scott Lang was not exactly convinced on being a full-blown superhero by the end of his first film, but once the Wasp approached him for help in the second film, he knew he was all out of options.

Question 14

A Quiet Place:

Ironically enough, while the characters in this film were not able to speak without risking their lives, this movie created quite a bit of talk around town. The idea of a thriller with little to no sound at all, spooked people to their very core. After the world had been invaded by aliens with supernatural hearing abilities, one family has managed to survive by being extremely quiet. With the mother about to go into labor though, things are going to get a little bit more tricky.

Question 15

Twilight Saga:

For this question, we are talking about all 4 installments of this film series. In the first film, we see Bella and Edward meet. Things were rocky at first, but she quickly used her Nancy Drew talents to discover why he was so secretive. By the final film, Bella was a vampire just like Edward. While he did not want to turn her, but he was left with no choice after she got pregnant with his half-vampire baby. How do we feel about this series?

Question 16

The Theory of Everything:

We all know that Stephen Hawking was born with one of the greatest minds of all time. The work he did in the world of science has changed the way we look at things forever. However, when he first found out about his diagnosis, he really felt as though he would not have enough time to finish all of the brilliant work he had started. It was funny that he put so much effort into learning about time when time itself was what he feared the most.

Question 17

Bee Movie:

It seems that the people who are born with a life already planned out for them, turn out to be the ones who rebel the most. Barry, like all of the other bees in his hive, was destined to make honey for the rest of his life. After graduating from college, that is just what bees are supposed to do. Barry hated the thought though. He found honey making to be the dullest process imaginable. All he wanted to do was become a lawyer. Lucky for Barry, he has just found himself the perfect case!

Question 18


When Jim and Aurora agreed to board the spaceship headed towards a new planet, they were told all kinds of stories about how amazing their new life would be. Never in one of these stories did anyone ever mention that there was a possibility of never making it to the new planet at all. They knew they were going to be placed into a deep sleep, where they would remain unchanged for 100 years, but no one ever told them what to do if they happened to wake up 90 years too early...

Question 19

The Shining:

All Jack was trying to do was create a better life for himself and for his family. When he agreed to become the winter caretaker for an old hotel, he really thought he was doing what was in his family's best interest. Never in a million years would he have been able to guess that while staying at this hotel, his mind would be taken over by a wicked force. Instead of keeping his family out of harm's way, he now seems to be the one causing the harm.

Question 20

Christopher Robin:

Christopher Robin was a child with an incredible imagination. No adventure was ever too great for him or for his group of fuzzy friends. While to everyone else these friends may have looked like toys, to Christopher, they were living breathing animals who always knew how to cheer him up. Over the years though, Christopher grew up and forgot about his pals. Not to worry though! They have come back to find him... How did everyone feel about this family film?

Question 21

La La Land:

L.A is known for housing some of the most talented stars in existence. Both Mia and Sebastian planned on becoming a couple of these stars themselves. Mia was an aspiring actress, Noah a pianist. While their dreams were not exactly the same, they were not all that different either. Just as their relationship started to bloom, so did their dreams. They could have enjoyed the fame together, but they found it was the one thing that was pulling them apart. How did everyone feel about this musical?

Question 22

Mad Max: Fury Road:

This film was all about carnage. After almost all of civilization was lost, one man decided to take over. He was as bad as bad guys come, and he began taking any found survivors captive. He kept 5 women to be his wives, and he figured he would be able to do as he pleased with them until the end of time. Of course, he did not realize there were a couple of survivors out there planning an escape. In a world with no rules, your only hope is being faster than the others...

Question 23

Napoleon Dynamite:

Napoleon was a strange kid. He knew he wasn't popular, but he didn't seem to realize the extent of his awkwardness. In an attempt to socialize, he made friends with the new kid Pedro. Together, the two of them came up with a plan to have Pedro run for student body president. After all, if we want to see change, we have to go after it ourselves, right? Who here really loved this one when it came out? Let us know!

Question 24

A Simple Favor:

On the outside, Stephanie had it all together. Sure she was grieving widow, but she took excellent care of her child and even managed to put out a weekly mommy vlog. However, Emily was able to see through all of that almost instantly. She knew Stephanie was holding onto to some deeper secrets, but that is perhaps why she liked her in the first place. After all, nobody in the world had more secrets than Emily did. How do we feel about this one?

Question 25

Gone Girl:

After 5 years of marriage, everybody thought that Nick and Amy were perfect. Everything about their lives seemed like a dream, so who would have ever guessed that they were, in fact, having trouble? Once Amy mysteriously went missing however, the public was quick to put the blame on Nick. In an attempt to clear his name and to find his missing wife, Nick goes out looking on his own. The more he finds out, the more he starts to believe she planned it herself.

Question 26

Wreck-It Ralph:

Ralph is part of the video game Fix-It Felix. The game has been a huge hit with kids for years, so being a part of it isn't the worst job in the world. However, Ralph is starting to get a little tired of always having to be the bad guy. He doesn't feel very bad, so why does he have to pretend to be? Wanting to clear his bad guy reputation, Ralph exits his game and heads into another. If he isn't going to be allowed to win prizes in his own world, he will find one where he can!

Question 27

The Wolf of Wall Street:

When Jordan first began working on Wall Street, his intentions were actually quite pure. He wanted to supply for his wife and for any future children they may have. After a bit of time on the job, Jordan started picking up some tips and tricks. Not too long after, he decided to start his own firm with his own brokers. There, he and his crew began scamming people left and right. They did not see what they were doing as something illegal, in fact, all they could see at this point was dollar signs.

Question 28


All Anastasia knows about her family, is that they left her when she was just a baby. She grew up as an orphan, and she never heard anything from any potential relatives. However, a couple of men have just approached her about her uncanny resemblance to the missing princess of Russia. Of course, Anastasia doesn't believe one word of it, but since she has nowhere else to go, why not try the castle? How did everyone feel about this animated film?

Question 29

Pineapple Express:

Under any other circumstances, Dale and Saul would not have been friends. They were business associates, and that was pretty much it. However, after they both witness a crime, they have no choice but to go out on the run. They have to get to the bottom of what's going on fast, or they are looking at a long life of living in secret with only each other to talk to. Sometimes a wild adventure is just the thing to bring two people together!

Question 30


Joy has been in the same shed for 7 years now. For the first 2 she was alone, but then she had Jack. While existing in the shed has been tough, Jack's spirit has managed to keep Joy going. She has just come up with an escape plan, but it is going to take some heavy maneuvering on Jack's end. If they can pull it off, they may actually be able to start living a normal life. Opinion on this film?

Question 31

Harry Potter Series:

This question is to cover all 8 films of the Harry Potter series. In the first movie, Harry finds out he is a wizard and begins his training at Hogwarts. While there, he meets new friends, learns spells, and of course saves the world. By the final film, the entire population of muggles and wizards are counting on Harry and his friends to save them once again. Who here will always be a big-time fan of these movies? Let us know!

Question 32


The animal world works a little differently than ours does. People are not so much classified by skills, but instead by size and strength. After all, what good would a mouse be on a construction site? Judy Hopps is a small bunny, but she has no interest in the jobs available to her. She wants to be out on the streets patrolling with the larger police animals. It sounds unlikely, but if anyone can do it, its Judy! Thoughts on this movie?

Question 33

The Big Short:

A few wily bank workers have just figured out a pretty awesome way to make some money. It involves scamming just about everyone in the country, but they're the ones who trusted them with their money in the first place, right? Their plan is foolproof, and they are about to come into more cash than any of them have ever seen. At this point, the only thing that could stop them is their own guilt. How did we feel about this one?

Question 34

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

For this one, everyone is going to have to look back far enough to remember this original Disney film. Snow White was not only the most beautiful girl in the entire kingdom, but she was also the kindest. Knowing the inhabitants would always choose her, the wicked witch knew she had to get rid of Snow once and for all. However, Snow had a few small friends standing by to help her out! Was this one a favorite of anyone from back in the day?

Question 35

The Princess Switch:

Stacey is a woman who enjoys following a schedule. She has just about every aspect of her life planned out, but when the sudden opportunity to compete in a legendary baking contest arrived, she knew she has to take it. Before even starting the competition, Stacey came face to face with a real-life princess. This was not just any princess either, this princess was Stacey's doppelganger. The princess has some pretty big plans for Stacey, and none of them are in her itinerary.

Question 36

Bride Wars:

As kids, Emma and Liv loved to play pretend wedding. They knew that if they did all of the planning perfectly, one day they would meet their prince charming and be able to get married for real. Throughout all of their many years of dreaming and planning, never once did they consider the possibility of their weddings falling on the exact same day at the exact same time. For the first time ever, their friendship is about to be put to the ultimate test...

Question 37

Inside Out:

The mind of a child is an extraordinary place. They have never known anything but happiness, so that is their go-to emotion. They also tend to have incredible imaginations. However, when the child begins to age, their feelings start to mature along with them. Going through so many changes and new feelings can be pretty tough, so this movie is around to help us figure things out. Was this one a favorite of anyones? Did we love it, or not so much?

Question 38

Happy Gilmore:

Happy has always dreamed of becoming a famous hockey player. He has the skill, but his temper has always prevented him from doing anything seriously. Now that he has just found out that his beloved grandmother is about to lose her home though, he knows he needs to smarten up and make some cash. He discovers a golfing tournament that is about to start, and the prize is a wad of money. Too bad he's never played before... Thoughts on this one?

Question 39

Office Space:

Daily office life can be tough on anyone. The same routine, the same people, the same water cooler conversations. The days just seem to get longer and longer. Peter has been going through one of these slumps exactly. In an attempt to bring himself out of it, Peter headed to a hypnotherapist. While it did actually seem to be helping, his therapist unexpectedly passed away right in the middle of their session. Now Peter is stuck in an altered state of mind.

Question 40

The Boss:

Nobody understands business better than Michelle. She has made herself into a very wealthy woman, but she has not made very many friends in the process. After getting busted for insider trading, Michelle finds herself left with nothing. The only person she can think to turn to is a former assistant who she had previously let go. Luckily for Michelle, this girl is too nice to ever say no to anyone. Who here is a big fan of Melissa McCarthy?

Question 41

Hot Fuzz:

When most people become a cop, they envision it to be a wild adventure full of detective work and catching bad guys. However, when becoming a cop in a smaller than small town, things are not exactly that exciting. These two cops have never had to bust any bad guys, and instead, invest most of their time into ice cream cones. Although, a pattern of crimes has just started popping up in their town, and they are feeling like it may just be their time to shine!

Question 42

Obvious Child:

Donna is a struggling stand-up comedian, who can barely take care of herself. Since it has just been her for so long, she has never felt the need to learn how to do things like cook or clean. However, she has just found out that she is carrying a baby. She is going to need to grow up quick if she has any hopes in being a decent mom at all. Much easier said than done, that is for sure... Who here really enjoyed this comedy?

Question 43


Susan is an active member of the CIA. She went through the same training as everyone else, be she has chosen to do most of her work from a desk opposed to out on the streets. She communicates with her partner through an earpiece and tries her best to navigate him away from trouble. After losing his life while on the job, Susan decides it is time to leave the desk and to avenge her partner. Did we like this one?

Question 44

Mean Girls:

Cady grew up in Africa and has always been homeschooled. She always dreamed of what attending a real school would be like, but it wasn't until she was a teenager that she was given the chance to find out. She is heading into her first day at a real school, and she is about to learn just how similar the halls of high school are to a wild African safari. Good thing she has had plenty of experience with the animals at least.

Question 45

The Other Woman:

Kate thought she had the perfect marriage. She truly believed that she and her husband were partners and that they could make it through anything together. However, after finding out that he has been seeing Carly on the side, Kate is forced to reevaluate everything she thought she knew about her life. While trying to get to the bottom of things, both Carly and Kate realize that they aren't the only two Mark has been seeing... Thoughts on this film?

Question 46

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants:

These four girls have seen each other through everything. Every bad memory and every good memory, these girls have been by each other's side through it all. For the first time ever though, they are about to spend their summer vacation apart. One is headed to Greece, one to soccer camp, one will be visiting family, and the other is going to be stuck all alone at home. Right before leaving, these girls came across a magic pair of pants. They all knew that these pants were going to be their way of staying together.

Question 47

The Internship:

Billy and Nick are very skilled salesmen. They have been working the same job for years, and they have become masters. However, the world we know has been changing. There is less and less need for salesmen every single year. Once their boss informed them that he would be selling the company, they realized their time was up. Now, these two guys are jobless, and they possess only unemployable skills. We're never too old to learn new tricks though, right?

Question 48


Remy is from a world where everything he wants, has to be stolen. He is a rat after all, and scraps are their claim to fame. Remy doesn't enjoy eating scraps though. Remy wants to cook and enjoy food just like the humans do. If there is one thing humans do not want around their food, however, it is a rat. Remy needs to be creative if he is going to make this dream a reality, and he may need to find a few friends to help as well.

Question 49

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle:

We never know when or where a craving is going strike, but when it does, we all know how important it is for us to fulfill it. Harold and Kumar cannot get the thought of White Castle burgers out of their head, so they know they have to go out and get some. The only problem? They can't seem to remember how to get there. The evening started out with a simple burger run, but somehow turned into the wildest adventure of their lives.

Question 50

The Lucky One:

Logan has just returned home from war, and he is having difficulty adjusting. He saw many harsh things while serving, and getting them out of his mind has proven to be tough. The one thing that always managed to get him through during his time away, was a photo he had of a woman he did not even know. Now that he is home, he is figuring his best bet at finding some peace, would be finding the girl for real.

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