Play Grown-Up 'Would You Rather' And We'll Reveal Your Dream Girl

Growing up gives us the chance to find people to have fun with, and finding someone that has the same taste as we do is a challenge at times. While most people can agree on some of the basics, things tend to go in different directions once certain things come into play, and this can cause a quick divide between people that could lead to each member finding someone new. Of course, once we do find a person that speaks our adult language, we want to hold on tight and enjoy them as much as we can.

Today, we want to have people go through and choose some selections from the quiz below. Each scenario will offer two choices, and the choices made here will say a lot about a person and the dream girl they should be with!

Question 1

Be on top or be on bottom?

Question 2

Romantic date or get to business?

Question 3

On the beach or in the beach house?

Question 4

Dessert before or during?

Question 5

Club hookup or bar hookup?

Question 6

Text back or ghost every time?

Question 7

Role play or keep it simple?

Question 8

Set the mood or get to business?

Question 9

Mile high club or at the airport?

Question 10

In a car or in a van?

Question 11

On carpet or on hardwood?

Question 12

Drinks first or get to the good stuff?

Question 13

Build chemistry first or just have some fun?

Question 14

Are friends fair game or off limits?

Question 15

Workplace hookup or keep it casual?

Question 16

Take whatever comes or find the right one?

Question 17

In the pool or in the pool house?

Question 18

Cougar or younger?

Question 19

Friend's sibling or sibling's best friend?

Question 20

Go fast or take it slow?

Question 21

Watch the fireworks or make some fireworks?

Question 22

Breakfast in the morning or send them home?

Question 23

In the garage or in the living room?

Question 24

On the grass or on the porch?

Question 25

Handcuff someone or be handcuffed?

Question 26

Get emotions involved or keep it casual?

Question 27

Invite extra partners or keep it to two?

Question 28

In the hotel room or in the lobby?

Question 29

Friend's parent or parent's friend?

Question 30

Bind them up or be bound?

Question 31

In the kitchen or in the dining room?

Question 32

In the theater or in the car?

Question 33

With the music on or off?

Question 34

Pay for fun or ride solo?

Question 35

Be loud or be quiet?

Question 36

Glass of wine before or after?

Question 37

In the shower or in the bedroom?

Question 38

Strawberries with whipped cream or Cherries with whipped cream?

Question 39

Romantic meet up or dirty fun?

Question 40

In the bathroom or in the linen closet?

Question 41

With the TV on or off?

Question 42

Tell everyone or keep it secret?

Question 43

Call them a cab or let them crash?

Question 44

Travel buddy hookup or foreign hookup?

Question 45

Long romp or a quick thing?

Question 46

Open relationship or monogamy?

Question 47

Morning fun or a midnight bliss?

Question 48

Lots of partners or just a few?

Question 49

Summer love or winter hookup?

Question 50

Give them pointers or let them figure it out?

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