Play Grown-Up 'Would You Rather' And We'll Match You To A Hot Blonde

Growing up and getting the chance to explore what we like as an adult can completely change the game for us. We may have an idea of what we enjoy, but until we go out there and figure it out in person, we will only ever be able to imagine what it would be like. Once we get some experience under our belt and learn about our preferences, we quickly realize that we should find someone that has a lot in common with us in this area. The ability to do this early on ensures that we are going to have a good time as often as possible, and it's the way many people choose to spend their time in early adulthood.

Today, we are going to have people make some tough selections on what they prefer, and in the end, we will match them to a beautiful blonde!

Question 1

Left or Right?

Question 2

Bump Some Slow Jams or Keep It Off?

Question 3

Nerdy Girl or Popular Girl?

Question 4

Build Chemistry or Get To Business?

Question 5

Be Romantic or Have Fun?

Question 6

Older Women or Younger Woman?

Question 7

In A Plane or In A Car?

Question 8

Date Night or Night Cap?

Question 9

Left or Right?

Question 10

Meet At The Bar or Meet At The House?

Question 11

Wedding Bells or Casual Fun?

Question 12

Fun With A Friend or Fun With A Stranger?

Question 13

On The Beach or In The Beach House?

Question 14

Winter Fling or Summer Lovin'?

Question 15

On The Carpet or In The Kitchen?

Question 16

Blonde or Brunette?

Question 17

Vacation Fun or Domestic Bliss?

Question 18

Left or Right?

Question 19

Gamer Girl or Preppy Girl?

Question 20

At The House or At A Party?

Question 21

Tumble In The Grass or Romp In The Truck?

Question 22

Sibling's Friend or Friend's Sibling?

Question 23

Friend's Mom or Mom's Friend?

Question 24

With The Lights On or With The Lights Off?

Question 25

Wine Before or After?

Question 26

Left or Right?

Question 27

Be Aggressive or Be Passive?

Question 28

Be Honest About Size or Don't Say A Word?

Question 29

In An Empty House or In A Full House?

Question 30

With The Bride or With The Bridesmaid?

Question 31

Artsy Girls or Prissy Girls?

Question 32

In A New Place or With A New Person?

Question 33

Be Quiet or Get Loud?

Question 34

With A Singer or With An Actress?

Question 35

Theater Fun or Stay Home?

Question 36

Wild Night or Keep It Tame?

Question 37

Left or Right?

Question 38

Romantic Text or "Are You Up" Text?

Question 39

Bikini Girls or Business Suit Girls?

Question 40

With The Boss or With The Secretary?

Question 41

Roleplay or Keep Things Normal?

Question 42

House Party Fun or Social Media Fling?

Question 43

Formal Fun or Get To Business?

Question 44

Be Sweet or Be Assertive?

Question 45

Quick Thing or Lengthy Fun?

Question 46

Single Woman or Married Woman?

Question 47

Left or Right?

Question 48

Intense Fun or Casual Thing?

Question 49

Group Fun or Keep It Simple?

Question 50

Girlfriend's Mom or Mom's Friend?

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