Play “Future-Mommy Would You Rather” And We’ll Tell You How Many Kids You Should Have

There's no bond in the world quite as powerful as the one between a mother and her children. But have you ever really sat down and considered all of the crazy and important choices you'll have to make as a mom one day? From baby names, to diapers, to the type of clothes your kids will wear, the decisions as a mom are endless. It's always best to plan ahead and consider all of your options before your baby gets here and you have a thousand other things on your plate.

This quiz will put you to the ultimate future-mommy test and ask you all of the questions you've forgotten to think about (and maybe some that you've been avoiding), and then we'll tell you just how many kids you should have.

Question 1

Get pooped on or be peed on?

Question 2

Mother-in-law babysits for free or pay the neighbor to do it?

Question 3

Dress babies in all white or only bright colors?

Question 4

Take a family trip to the zoo or to Disney World?

Question 5

Sign the kids up for dance class or karate?

Question 6

Name the baby after a family member or a favorite TV character?

Question 7

Twins the same gender or one of each?

Question 8

Potty training early or later?

Question 9

A child who is a picky eater or a constant snacker?

Question 10

Entertain a child with movies or toys?

Question 11

A baby girl who looks like daddy or a baby boy who looks like mommy?

Question 12

A baby that always wants to be held or never wants to be held?

Question 13

A hard pregnancy but a quick labor or an easy pregnancy and a long labor?

Question 14

Sleep in the same room as baby or in separate rooms?

Question 15

Push baby in a stroller or wear them in a baby carrier?

Question 16

Miss baby's first steps or miss their first words?

Question 17

Delivery at home or in the hospital?

Question 18

A baby who never eats or never sleeps?

Question 19

A baby who is always dirty or hates being dirty?

Question 20

Have your kids close together or far apart?

Question 21

Take parenting classes or read parenting books?

Question 22

Bathe baby in the sink or in the tub?

Question 23

A themed nursery or a minimalist nursery?

Question 24

Public school or home-school?

Question 25

A child who drew all over the walls or cut their own hair?

Question 26

Hire a kid-friendly personal chef or teach the kids to help cook?

Question 27

Have an unlimited supply of diapers or unlimited energy?

Question 28

Give baby a nickname or use their first name?

Question 29

Make the baby food or buy it at the store?

Question 30

Use cloth diapers or store bought?

Question 31

Allow screen time or limit screen time?

Question 32

Disney or Nickelodeon?

Question 33

Post baby pics on social media or stay private?

Question 34

Dress them in trendy clothes or comfortable clothes?

Question 35

Tight schedule for the kids or go with the flow?

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