Play "Funny Or Lame" With These Comedies To Get Matched To A Funny Leading Man

Who here considers themselves a comedy expert? In terms of movie genres, comedy is the most universal. While everyone has their own favorites of course, when it comes down to it, everybody enjoys a good laugh. So while some of us still enjoy thrillers, action, romance, and other types of films, we can all pretty much agree that comedies are awesome. After a long hard day at the office, who doesn't want to kick their feet up and enjoy a few giggles? That being said, we need to know once and for all which ones are truly the best of the bunch.

In today's quiz, we will be listing comedies individually and all everyone has to do is vote on which ones were funniest. Everyone will get the chance to vote "funny" or "lame" for each film, and once every question has been answered we will match everyone to their perfect funny guy. Some of these films will be newer, while others a bit more old school, that is specifically why this quiz is for the comedy experts out there. Anyone who thinks they know funny better than anyone else, needs to take this quiz today. We have nothing to lose, and only laughs to gain!

Question 1

21 Jump Street

Schmidt and Jenko are not exactly the best cops on the squad. The two of them completely rely on each other to make even the smallest of busts. That being said, together, they are capable of doing some pretty good detective work. Their close partnership combined with their young faces, is exactly what caused them to get their special assignment. The two of them are being sent back to high school, to investigate some underhanded business. Was this movie a comedy classic?

Question 2


At one point in time, Annie had it all. Her dream of opening a bakery became a reality, and with the success of her store, came the love of her life (or so she thought). Once the business came crashing down, so did her relationship. Now Annie is back at her mother's place, and she could not be any more lonely. To make things even more disheartening for poor Annie, her best friend has just announced her engagement to a wealthy man. Ouch!

Question 3

Pitch Perfect

Beca always wanted to work in the music industry. However, when she pictured her life in L.A, she was working as a producer not a performer. That being said, after being forced into joining an acapella group during her first year of college, her thoughts have began to change. While she may have never guessed it, Beca is actually loving her life as an acapella girl and she is eager to help her group make it to the finals. Funny or lame?

Question 4

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

When it comes to delivering the evening news, nobody does it better than Ron Burgundy, or at least that used to be true. Back in the day, Ron dominated the news seen along with his buddies (all of whom hosted a different segment on Ron's network). However, once times changed, the network knew they needed to hire some women. They picked up a female reporter, and Ron was never able to forgive them for this ultimate betrayal. Was this anyone's favorite?

Question 5

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

Nick is a love sick school boy, who has just gone through his very first breakup. Norah is a cynical girl with a very famous father. Since neither of them have had much success in the dating world, they are trying to do their best to be happy about being single. Of course relationships tend to find us when we are not looking for them at all. Can these two kids put aside all of their past drama, and actually find a way to enjoy someone new?

Question 6


Being the prettiest girl in school is not as easy as everyone may assume. Cher knows first hand just how difficult the world of wealth and popularity can be. In an attempt to showcase just how good of a person she really is, Cher has decided to make this school year about others instead of herself. She has set her eyes on the new girl, and she is determined to turn her into the person Cher believes she should be.

Question 7


Adam has made nothing but healthy choices his entire life. He always did what was going to be best for him in the long run. So needless to say, when he went to the doctor and found out he had cancer, he was pretty surprised. He was given a 50/50 chance at survival, but his best friend Kyle is doing his best to increase those odds. The two of them are facing this together in the funniest way they know how.

Question 8

Bad Moms

Amy is a supermom. She does everything she can to ensure everyone in her household has everything they could ever want or need. All she has ever wanted in return is a little gratitude. Instead of a nice thank you, Amy's husband returned the favor by being unfaithful. After finding out, Amy decided she was over being the good mom. Now Amy is determined to get back all of the fun she has been missing out on for the past 10 years.

Question 9


The halls of high school are tough for everyone to navigate. Now imagine trying to make your way through those halls with an enormous pregnant belly. That is the struggle Juno is dealing with this year. She never planned on being the "pregnant teen", but these things happen. She has decided to give the baby up for adoption, but that still means carrying it around for a very long 9 months. It is a really good thing that this girl has tough skin!

Question 10

We're the Millers

David was not exactly a straight edge kind of dude, but he still had a lot of redeeming qualities all the same. All he was trying to do was make a bit of cash. However, after his small crime lead into a larger one, he realized he was in over his head. He now has to make it over the border, without his car getting checked somehow. He decided that hiring a fake family was his best bet. While he was not wrong, he was not exactly right either...

Question 11

The Boss

At one point in time, Michelle was the biggest CEO in the city. She dominated in all realms of business, and she was someone most would never think about crossing. However, after she got busted for insider trading, she lost everything. Now she has recently been released from lock up, but she has no money, no friends, and certainly no reputation left. She is going to have to start from scratch, but this is something she will not be doing alone...

Question 12

Couples Retreat

Finding the right people to travel with is never easy. So choosing to go away in a group of 4 couples, is a very brave thing to do. These 4 couples have all agreed to head to a restort together, to enjoy some much needed R&R among friends. However, they did not realize that couples therapy is a must on the resort. Now not only are they not relaxing, but knew concerns about their lives are springing up at every corner.

Question 13

The Heat

Sarah is the best detective on the police force. The only issue is, no other cop wants to work as her partner. She is a perfectionist and really just not fun to be around. Shannon on the other hand, is a cop who plays by her own rules. She is certainly more fun than Sarah is, but she is also a lot sloppier. Now the two of them have been paired up together, and neither of them are happy about the arrangement.

Question 14

Office Space

Peter has had just about enough of his job, his office, and his boss. He gets no appreciation for the work he does, and his pay is less than adequate. Trying to prevent himself from going completely nuts, Peter signed up for hypnotherapy. During his first session, his therapist abruptly passed away. Now Peter is stuck in a state of hypnosis, which causes him to somehow be the best and laziest worker all at the same time. Funny or lame?

Question 15

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Cal knew he wasn't exactly a hip dude, but he was married so it never really bothered him too much. After all, who was he really trying to impress these days? Of course all of this changed the day his wife abruptly asked him for a divorce. Now Cal is trying to figure out how to approach the world of dating, but things are way different than he remembers them. He is going to need some serious guidance, if he ever wishes to bring a lady home.

Question 16

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

There were a few aspects of his life that Peter was not crazy about. His job for instance, was not exactly inspiring. Although, his long-term relationship was going really well, or so he thought. After getting dumped, Peter had a really hard time finding the good in his life. For a change of scenery, Peter decided to take a trip to Hawaii. Of course he never imagine he would wind up at the same resort as his ex and her new boyfriend.

Question 17

Obvious Child

Donna is a recently out of work comic. Even while she had been employed, she was not exactly the most professional or matured person in town. Now that she is unemployed, these facts only seem to be made clearer. After meeting a guy for a one night kind of fling, Donna is left with a sobering realization. She is now carrying a baby, and she doesn't even know how to care for herself. Not to worry though! 9 months is plenty, right?

Question 18


From a young age, Amy was taught to avoid relationships. Her father always explained that they brought nothing but harm. Naturally as she grew up, she became somewhat of a commitment-phobe. However, now that she has actually met someone she really likes, she is realizing that she never learned how to be in a relationship. This is not exactly an easy thing to learn. She is going to have to push all of her concerns aside if this is ever going to work out.

Question 19

Silver Linings Playbook

When Pat first met Tiffany, he was doing everything within his power to win back his wife. Tiffany was doing everything she could to forget about her late husband. On paper, these two should have never became a thing, but how much can we really know from a paper? These two both came along with some heavy baggage, but learned together that these bags became lighter with the help of each other. Sometimes love finds us in the most unexpected of places.

Question 20

There's Something About Mary

Mary is the kind of girl that turns heads as she walks across a street. Sure she is beautiful, but there is something more. She is completely and utterly unique, and that is just not something we often find in people. While this is a great quality, it also attracts a lot of worrisome men. Mary has a line of guys waiting to date her, but with all of them spouting lies about who they actually are, how is she supposed to trust anyone?

Question 21


Buddy never questioned his size. Sure he was way bigger than the other elves in the North Pole, but some people were just born large, right? While this is very true, it was not exactly the reason Buddy looked so very different from the other elves. Buddy was a human who had been raised in the North Pole. Now that he knows the truth about his identity, he is determined to find his real family (even though some of them are on the naughty list).

Question 22

Just Go WIth It

Danny is a wealthy plastic surgeon, so people tend to assume he is a bad guy. This is however not true at all. Danny really does want to find love and to get married, but for whatever reason his relationships keep ending. He decided that what he needed was a new approach. He created an entirely false backstory about an estranged ex wife. Now that he has actually fallen in love though, he needs to produce some evidence that his ex is real...

Question 23

Eight Crazy Nights

Once upon a time, Davey was the best kid in town. He was captain of his basketball team, he would help neighbours out with whatever they needed, and he loved his girlfriend deeply. However, after the sudden loss of his parents, everything inside of Davey changed. He no longer wanted to be the good kid, as he thought it brought him nothing but sadness. Now Davey is all grown up, and it does not look like he stands any chance at becoming a good person.

Question 24

Wedding Crashers

Jeremy and John never really believed much in relationships. The greatest one either of them had ever been a part of, was their friendship. At an early age, these guys began crashing weddings to meet women. Not the classiest move, but it worked wonders for them. However, now that they have grown up, they are still playing the same silly games. Sooner or later one of them is bound to fall in love for real, and what will the other one do then?

Question 25

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Mike and Dave have managed to make themselves the laughing stocks of their whole family. No matter what the event or occasion, these two manage to mess it up. So when their sister announces her wedding date, their parents know they need to find a way to keep these boys under control. They tell their sons that if they wish to attend their sister's wedding, they must each bring a respectable date who can keep an eye on them. How hard could that be?

Question 26

Ocean's 8

Debbie has just been given her freedom back, and she is not wasting any time. She is determined to finish the job she started before she got locked up in the first place. Of course she realizes she will need to be more careful this time, but those years she spent locked away allowed her to work through some of her original issues. All she needs now, is a group of women to help her pull of the greatest heist in history.

Question 27

Funny People

Stand-up comedy is not exactly an easy arena to break into. So when struggling comedian Ira met comedy legend George Simmons, he was naturally very excited. Normally, George would not have given Ira the time of day, but since he had just recently found out he had a fatal condition, he was in a kinder mood than usual. George decided to take Ira under his wing, hoping to somehow preserve his mark on the world. Who found this one a comedy classic?

Question 28

The Hangover

Three friends have been kicking it together since they were just kids. They have been by each others sides for every big milestone they have ever encountered. Naturally, when one of them sets a wedding date, the other 2 can't wait to plan the bachelor party. However, in all of their plans, never did they consider the possibility of being forced to bring the groom's new brother in law along with them. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Wrong...

Question 29

Happy Gilmore

Happy had always been obsessed with hockey. His entire life revolved around the sport, even though the game seemed to bring out the worst in him. After finally realizing that hockey was never going to pay his bills, Happy knew he needed to do something different to make some cash. As it turns out, Happy's active temper, actually made him an excellent golfer. He has never played the sport, but he is willing to give it a shot! What choice does he have really?

Question 30

Hot Fuzz

Being cops in a small town is not exactly as thrilling as busting bad guys on the streets of New York City. These two cops in particular, are experiencing the woes of small town police work. Most of their days end up with them eating ice cream in the squad car, dreaming of potential crimes. However, once some very strange things start happening in their town, they see how difficult the job can actually be. Time to put the ice cream down fellas!

Question 31

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

Have you ever craved something so badly, that you've actually gotten up and left the house late at night just to fulfill the urge? Well, Harold and Kumar are in that very boat. All they can think about are the tiny delicious burgers being served at a local White Castle. They decide they must get there, or else neither of them will ever be able to sleep. Of course they will need to remember where the restaurant is, if they ever hope to enjoy the burgers...

Question 32

Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is the most awkward teenager to ever enter his high school. What makes him even more awkward, is the fact that he seems to be completely oblivious to his awkwardness. Not really fitting in anywhere, Napoleon decided to befriend the new kid. Since the guy can't really speak english, the friendship actually works. Now the two of them are running for class president, in hopes that they can change the social norms at their school. Funny or lame?

Question 33

Dumb and Dumber

Lloyd and Harry are not the brightest of bulbs. Since they have each other, the two have managed to stay out of trouble in their adult lives. However, now that they have discovered a briefcase loaded with cash in the back seat of their cab, they are thinking their chance to be heroes has finally arrived. Not being too bright, neither of them have questioned if this money could potentially belong to someone dangerous people... Who here considers this comedy a classic?

Question 34

Pineapple Express

Dale and Saul were not exactly best friends when their adventure began. The two knew each other through business interactions, but never did they think they would be forced into running away together. However, after they witnessed a crime while in each others company, they had no choice but to hit the road. Now they are learning things about each other they never wished to know, and basically just trying to survive. Who here thinks this is one of the best comedies?

Question 35

The Big Sick

Kumail was not looking for love on the night he met Emily. He was performing his stand-up routine, and she just happened to be in the audience with a friend. Even though neither of them saw it coming, the relationship formed and it worked really well for sometime. However, once Emily became aware that Kumail's family wanted him to be with someone from their culture, she had no choice but to leave him. Of course she had no idea she would be falling into a dangerous coma that same week...

Question 36

Best in Show

When it comes to events like the Super Bowl, people from all over the globe will fly in just to catch the game. What about other, more important events though? Fewer people may be talking about it, but the Mayflower Dog Show is just as exciting and competitive as any sporting event. All we would need to do to confirm this, is ask the owners of the dogs who participate every year. They would tell us instantly that this show is the event of the season!

Question 37

The Internship

Billy and Nick have managed to make a pretty good living as salesman. However, with everything now going online, their work is becoming obsolete. When their boss announced that he would be selling his company, Billy and Nick finally had to face the facts: they were no longer relevant in today's world. In an attempt to start fresh, the two accept an internship with Google. Of course neither of them even know how to turn on a computer... Funny or lame?

Question 38


Mac and Kelly have just bought their first family home! This should have been a very happy and exciting time in their lives, except they just realized that their new neighbors are a gang of frat boys. How are they going to raise their babies next to such loud music and parties every single night? They have 2 choices, give up their perfect home or get the boys to move. Neither option is easy, but nothing is standing in the way of these soon-to-be parents!

Question 39

Set It Up

Harper and Charlie had been working in the same building for years, but never crossed paths. This was mainly due to the fact that their respective bosses kept them working from morning to night. When these two finally did meet, they could not believe how similar both of their scenarios were. Together they devised a plan to better both of their work lives. The only thing they had to do, was betray their bosses... Who here loved this comedy film?

Question 40

Enough Said

Eva spent her whole life caring for her daughter. After her divorce, she put all of her energy into raising her kid. However, now that her kid is leaving for college, Eva has no idea what to do with herself. She begins a relationship with Albert, a man who can truly makes her laugh, in an attempt to distract herself. The relationship served as a great distraction for awhile, but after meeting Alberts ex-wife, Eva starts to question if Albert is really the man she thought he was.

Question 41


It's prom night! For many kids, this is the biggest event in high school. It is their final chance to say goodbye to all of their friends, before their lives change forever. Three friends in particular, have decided that they are going to make this prom night the best one ever. They have made some pretty wild plans, but they still need to figure out a way to keep their parents away for the night. It may not sound like a difficult task for a teenager, but their parents are a special breed...

Question 42

Step Brothers

Normally children dream of one day moving away from their parents home, but these two kids dreamed a little differently. Brennan and Dale both still live at home even though they are well into their 40s. However, now that their parents are getting re-married, they are being given a choice. Stay at home and befriend their new brother, or finally leave the nest. Which one do you think these guys went with? Was this film funny, or was it a bit lame?

Question 43

Yes Man

Being negative is something that can cause problems that we are not even aware of. Carl was probably the most negative of all of us. He didn't see it happening, but he somehow managed to push away everyone in his life. In an attempt to fix this issue, Carl has decided to attend a self-help seminar. While there, Carl discovered the wonders of using the word "YES"! This one tiny word has somehow opened his life up to a million possibilities.

Question 44

Life of the Party

Deanna was the best mom ever. She gave everything she had to her little girl, and now that she is headed to her final year of college, Deanna is feeling like she can finally relax. Of course right after dropping their daughter off, Deanna's husband informs her that he wants a divorce. Instead of relaxing, Deanna now has to find a way to put her life back together. Going back to college is the best she can come up with. Hopefully her daughter doesn't mind...

Question 45

Due Date

Peter is a man who has dealt with anger issues his whole life. He finally feels like he has this issue under control, but finding out that his wife has gone into labor while he is out of town, is causing him some serious problems. He is trying his best to make it back home, but a new friend (or enemy) has decided to do whatever he can to anger poor Peter. Keeping his cool is going to be more difficult than ever...

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