Play Marry, Date, Reject With These Starlets And We'll Reveal How Desperate You Are

Going through life means that we are going to actively search for the perfect partner to share our life with. Life is beautiful, especially with someone that we are in love with, and sharing wonderful experiences with someone that understands us makes everything better. It is never easy to find the right one, but once we find them, we make sure to hold on tightly and savor every single moment that we have with them. Our time is limited, so we need to make the most of it while we still can.

The most famous women in the world are off being great in the entertainment industry, and while we will never get the chance to date them, we can't help but to stop and daydream every once in a while. The people that we find most attractive will be the ones standing at the altar with us, while the others may simply get a date. Of course, the rest are sent home packing.

Today, we are giving people the opportunity to either marry, date or reject the most beautiful stars in the world. Since this is an opportunity that can only happen once in a lifetime, we imagine that people are going to take their time on this quiz today. After giving an opinion on these beautiful stars, we will reveal how desperate each person is.

Question 1

Scarlett Johansson

Question 2

Rashida Jones

Question 3

Emily Blunt

Question 4

Lauren Cohan

Question 5

Emilia Clarke

Question 6

Alison Brie

Question 7

Jessica Alba

Question 8

Blake Lively

Question 9

Reese Witherspoon

Question 10

Gabrielle Union

Question 11

Jennifer Lawrence

Question 12

Charlize Theron

Question 13

Jennifer Aniston

Question 14

Evangeline Lilly

Question 15

Sarah Hyland

Question 16

Mila Kunis

Question 17

Jennifer Lopez

Question 18

Salma Hayek

Question 19

Michelle Williams

Question 20

Sofia Vergara

Question 21

Alexis Bledel

Question 22

Megan Fox

Question 23

Evan Rachel Wood

Question 24

Amanda Seyfried

Question 25

Cobie Smulders

Question 26

Anna Kendrick

Question 27

Demi Lovato

Question 28

Daisy Ridley

Question 29

Margot Robbie

Question 30

Tiffani Thiessen

Question 31

Sophie Turner

Question 32

Lena Headey

Question 33

Priyanka Chopra

Question 34

Kerry Washington

Question 35

Melissa Fumero

Question 36

Amy Adams

Question 37

Emmy Rossum

Question 38

Keira Knightley

Question 39

Taylor Schilling

Question 40

Emma Roberts

Question 41

Lupita Nyong'o

Question 42

Tessa Thompson

Question 43

Christina Applegate

Question 44

Halle Berry

Question 45

Elle Fanning

Question 46

Elizabeth Banks

Question 47

Alyson Hannigan

Question 48

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Question 49

Amber Heard

Question 50

Camren Bicondova

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