Play 'Date Or Dump' With These Singers And See Which One Becomes Your New BF

Alright music lovers, time to see who everyone's favorite pop stars are! Sure we may each have our own personal preferences when it comes to genres of music, though these chart-topping stars are usually ones everyone can get behind. Their songs are unbelievably catchy, and it would certainly be tough for anyone to deny that these guys have some serious talent. Not only can they all sing, but many of them play various instruments and seem to be pretty talented songwriters as well. It may be unfair, but even with all of this talent, many of them also happen to be quite cute! Today we will be playing "date or dash" with a handful of these popular artists. Once all of the choices have been made, we will match everyone up with their pop star soulmate!

Question 1

Sam Smith

Sam Smith is a pop star who began his rise to fame around 2012. While at first he was only featured on a song that happened to do very well, after we got that small taste, we demanded more! Now, he has several hits like "Stay With Me" and "Like I Can". (Wikipedia)

Question 2

Adam Levine

Even though Adam Levine is in fact the lead singer of the band Maroon 5, these days he is certainly famous all on his own. He has ventured out into acting, and has even landed a spot as a judge on the hit show The Voice. What do we think? (Wikipedia)

Question 3

Zayn Malik

Most will probably remember that Zayn was not always a solo act. After auditioning for the show The X Factor as stand alone performer, he was brought on and placed in a group with 4 other singers. These 5 guys went on to become the boy band known as One Direction. (Wikipedia)

Question 4


Here we have a singer who has been around for quite some time. Akon first began working in the music industry back in 2004. After the release of his first single "Locked Up", he pretty much already had fans shouting his name. These days, he's responsible for bringing electricity to 15 different African countries. (Wikipedia)

Question 5

Charlie Puth

Here we have a young star who used Youtube to propel himself to stardome. After uploading countless videoes of his music, Charlie began to collect a huge following. After working alongside Wiz Khalifa on the soundtrack song "See You Again", his place in the music industry was cemented in. (Wikipedia)

Question 6


This DJ has worked with just about every big name we can think of. British pop star M.I.A has often been credited for giving this guy his big break. It would seem that she saw something in him before anyone else ever did. How do we feel about Diplo? (Wikipedia)

Question 7

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is an artist that is actually pretty tough to classify. The guy truly does it all. He has released music from various genres like R&B, funk, rock, soul, and even reggae. He performs with his band The Hooligans, though he is definitely the front man of every show. (Wikipedia)

Question 8

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson is a feel good kind of musician. He performs mainly soft rock songs, all of witch have a rather peaceful sound to them. Many may not be aware of this fun fact, but Jack Johnson was once a professional surfer also! Kind of suits him, doesn't it? (Wikipedia)

Question 9

Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin has been in the biz since 2013. While he may not be the best known pop star listed here today, he has certainly been making waves recently. He performed his hit song "Let Me Down Slowly" on The Late Late Show with James Corden just this past January. (Wikipedia)

Question 10


This guy pretty much has Snapchat to thank for propelling him to stardom. After releasing his single "Mine" in 2017, it was picked up and used as the background song for a Snapchat filter. Clearly, this managed to get the song stuck in all the right heads! Date or dash? (Wikipedia)

Question 11

Post Malone

Now here we have a star who everybody has been talking about. After releasing his debut single "White Iverson" back in 2015, Post Malone had no intention of slowing down. He has consistently been releasing chart-topping hits ever since. Look out for songs like "Sunflower" and "I Fall Apart". (Wikipedia)

Question 12

Shawn Mendes

Does everyone remember the good old Vine days? Well, while the video-sharing app may not have lasted, we did at least get Shawn Mendes out of it. Back in 2013, Shawn gained a following by posting song covers on the app. About a year later, he was signing his first record deal! (Wikipedia)

Question 13

The Weeknd

Back in 2010, The Weeknd was doing everything in his power to get his name out. He uploaded several songs to Youtube under the name The Weeknd, and boy did it work! He is a huge name in the industry now, and has actually taken home 3 Grammy Awards. (Wikipedia)

Question 14

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan has been working away at his many jobs since 2006. Not only has he been releasing hit songs throughout the years, but he has also been landing some major acting roles as well. What could be cooler than singing the soundtrack to your very own film, right? (Wikipedia)

Question 15


Alright ladies and gentleman, we give you DRAKE! It would be tough to find someone who doesn't know about Drake at this point. Since leaving the world of acting for music back in 2007, Drake has been breaking all kinds of industry records. He's won 4 Grammys, but has been nominated for 42! (Wikipedia)

Question 16

James Arthur

Here we are looking at the season 9 winner of the reality show The X Factor. His single "Impossible" was released after the finale of his season was aired, and it has actually gone on to be the most successful song to ever be released by one of the show's contestants. (Wikipedia)

Question 17

Justin Timberlake

Here we have a performer who needs no introduction at all. Justin Timberlake has been on everyone's radar since way back in his boy band days. Even though it was NSYNC that got him started, these days he is a star all on his own. We can now listen to his music and watch him on the big screen! (Wikipedia)

Question 18


Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, Usher was all the rage. While these days he is a well established artist in the industry, back then he was definitely the new guy in town. After releasing hits like "U Remind Me" and "U Got It Bad", he started raking in the awards. (Wikipedia)

Question 19


Pitbull is an artist who we can hear featured on tons of different tracks. Back in 2002, he actually began his climb to fame as a rapper. However, after collecting a following, he decided to rebrand himself as a pop singer. To date, he has sold 65 million records worldwide. (Wikipedia)

Question 20

Nick Jonas

We all know where this guy got his start. Before becoming a super successful solo artist, Nick Jonas had been in a band along with two of his brothers. The Jonas Brothers shined in the spotlight for quite a while, but Nick eventually decided to venture out on his own. (Wikipedia)

Question 21

John Mayer

Here we have an artist who is known for both his amazing voice, and for his impressive guitar playing skills. He has dipped his toe into various different genres of music, and has actually been successful in most of them. He has won 7 Grammys out of 19 nominations. (Wikipedia)

Question 22


He is not even 30 yet, and this guy has already made quite a reputation for himself. Not only has he been releasing a ton of music over the years, but he has also written and released his very own novel. Talk about a jack of all trades, right? (Wikipedia)

Question 23


Not everyone may know this, but Ne-Yo actually got his start by writing a famous song for a different artist. He was the man behind Mario's hit "Let Me Love You". Once his name was out there though, he was able to start writing and singing his own chart-topping hits. (Wikipedia)

Question 24

Niall Horan

Here we have one of the previous members of the famous group One Direction. After the group decided to end things, Niall Horan was one of the members to go on to release solo music. It was a good call too, considering in 2018 he had his very own world tour! (Wikipedia)

Question 25

Justin Bieber

Here we have another famous pop star, who actually has Youtube to thank for all of his success. In 2008, Justin was discovered on the video-sharing site and signed to his first label. Justin has received 10 Grammy nominations, and has taken home one of them. What do we think? (Wikipedia)

Question 26

Pharrell Williams

Here we have a star who is known for so much more than just his musical talents. While he is a very gifted rapper and singer, he has also managed to become a successful music producer, fashion designer, and all around entrepreneur. This guy is truly ready to take on the world! (Wikipedia)

Question 27

Ed Sheeran

As adored as his voice is, Ed Sheeran is also very well known for writing catchy and meaningful lyrics. Back in 2015, his album "X" was listed as the second-best-selling album of the year worldwide. That is no easy feat! Out of 13 Grammy nominations, Ed has taken home 4 trophies. (Wikipedia)

Question 28

Jason Derulo

Here we have a singer who was very clever about getting his name out to the public. When his music started getting some attention, he began singing his name at the beginning of all his songs. Clearly, this technique worked, as his name has definitely become a household one. (Wikipedia)

Question 29

Harry Styles

Here we have yet another former member of the boy band One Direction. While many of Harry's ex band mates went on to do fairly well in their solo ventures, Harry decided on a different route. In 2017, Harry made his film debut in the box office hit Dunkirk. (Wikipedia)

Question 30

Enrique Iglesias

Here we are looking at the King of Latin Pop himself. Enrique Iglesias is not exactly new to the game. This guy has been pumping out number one hits since the late 90s. He has sold over 170 million records worldwide, and he has even done his share of acting work. (Wikipedia)

Question 31


Eminem or "Slim Shady", may not be releasing as much music as he once was, but he would certainly be a tough artist for anyone to forget. Popular magazine Rolling Stones has listed Eminem as one of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. Now that is an honor! (Wikipedia)

Question 32

Joe Jonas

In 2013, Joe along with his two brothers decided to call it quits on their pop band. However, by the year 2015, Joe had already put together a new group called DNCE. Just this past year, Joe and his brother reunited and released a new music video, featuring all of their wives. (Wikipedia)

Question 33

John Legend

John Legend is an artist who has worked with just about every big name in the industry. We are not just talking music industry either. In 2018, John became the first ever black man to win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. Most can't wait to see what he does next! (Wikipedia)

Question 34


Considering Khalid only released his first studio album in 2017, we'd say he's done pretty well for himself. Not only has he had a few chart-topping hits since then, but he has actually been nominated for 5 Grammy Awards as well. Who knows where he will be in another year! (Wikipedia)

Question 35

Michael Bublé

Alright everyone, time to talk Bublé. Since starting in the industry back in the late 90s, this guy has taken the world by storm. He has won 4 Grammys from 10 nominations, and come Christmas time, there is not a radio station around that doesn't have his songs playing on repeat. (Wikipedia)

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