Play “Date Or Dash” With These Hollywood Cuties And We’ll Reveal Your Perfect Match

These days, it's hard to keep track of who the hottest celebrities are in Hollywood. There are so many new movies and television shows introducing us to so many talented stars that it seems like I've got a new celebrity crush every day. But have you ever wondered if all of your favorite Hollywood leading men have something in common? Do you have a type even when it comes to the hottest men in Hollywood? Or maybe you see past their looks to the kind of guys they are inside.

Either way, if you take this quiz and tell us which of these Hollywood cuties you would 'Date' (hypothetically, of course) or 'Dash' – we'll tell you exactly what type of guy would be your perfect match and even give you a few handsome Hollywood suggestions.

Question 1

Ryan Reynolds

Question 2

Channing Tatum

Question 3

Harry Styles

Question 4

John Krasinski

Question 5

Dwayne Johnson

Question 6

Mario Lopez

Question 7

Matthew Gray Gubler

Question 8

Noah Centineo

Question 9


Question 10

Idris Elba

Question 11

Cole Sprouse

Question 12

Ed Sheeran

Question 13

John Stamos

Question 14

Mena Massoud

Question 15

Jason Momoa

Question 16

Shawn Mendes

Question 17

Charles Melton

Question 18

Chris Pratt

Question 19

Will Smith

Question 20

Ansel Elgort

Question 21

Milo Ventimiglia

Question 22

Joe Jonas

Question 23

Dylan O'Brien

Question 24

Justin Baldoni

Question 25

Bradley Cooper

Question 26

Joe Keery

Question 27

Nick Robinson

Question 28

James Corden

Question 29

Taylor Lautner

Question 30

Henry Golding

Question 31

Timothee Chalamet

Question 32

Daniel Kaluuya

Question 33

Ezra Miller

Question 34

Ross Lynch

Question 35

David Dobrik

Question 36

Jordan Fisher

Question 37

Nico Tortorella

Question 38

Simon Cowell

Question 39

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Question 40

Bill Skarsgård

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