Play A Game Of 'Would You Rather' To Reveal Your TV Twin

Life is filled with choices. Some would say that it's these choices that make life interesting. Without choices to make, we wouldn't have that sense of freedom. We wouldn't be in control of our own destinies. In life, everyone can make choices every single day, whether they're big or small. And the choices we make definitely have an impact on our futures. Sometimes, we make the wrong choices - and that's okay. What's really important is that you actually make a choice in the first place. Don't freeze up! Take action, whatever that might be. And if you end up regretting your decisions, view it all as a learning experience.

One great way to practice making difficult choices is by playing a game of "Would You Rather." This game is exactly what it sounds like: You're going to be faced with a number of interesting and thought-provoking decisions. Then you'll be given two options. Pick one, and see where it leads you. By the end of the quiz, we'll take your results and match you up with your very own TV twin. Who knows what might happen... Make your choices, if you dare, and we'll give you a TV twin that you'll be proud of!

Question 1

Find The Perfect Partner Or 15 Million Dollars?

People have all kinds of goals in life, but the two most important things that tend to dominate the thoughts of most people revolve around money and love. The quest for money is definitely something that most people are heavily invested in. Money is the capacity to live a life of comfort and luxury. And without money, most of us wouldn't be able to afford most basic necessities. But love is also very important, and people crave this basic human emotion.

Question 2

Have X-Ray Vision Or Read People's Minds?

These days, we live in a world where superheroes dominate our movies and TV shows. We're constantly learning about new heroes with new powers, and many of us imagine what it might be like to live in their shoes. Superhuman powers aren't actually real, but our lives might be a lot more interesting if we have the power to see through walls or read people's minds. But which powers are best? Specifically, is x-ray vision or the ability to read minds better?

Question 3

Travel To The Future Or The Past?

Time travel has dominated some of our most interesting movies and books over the years. The mere thought of traveling into the future or the past is fascinating, and many people would love the opportunity to do so. Imagine traveling into the past to watch the pyramids being built. Or maybe you'd like to travel into the future, when humans eventually learn how to conquer the stars. Which is more interesting, the future or the past? It's an interesting thought.

Question 4

Use A Touchscreen Or A Keyboard?

These days, people take their touchscreens for granted. All day long, people tap away at their smartphones, but many of us fail realize how advanced this technology is. It's also a very new innovation, only becoming widely accessible within the last decade or so. But are touchscreens really better than physical keyboards? Some would argue about that fact. Physical keyboards have existed for a very long time, and they're not going out of style any time soon. Some would say they're easier to use.

Question 5

Control Fire Or Water?

Fire and water are two of the most interesting elements on this planet. They both have the power to bring us comfort and ease. And both fire and water also have very real destructive capabilities. While fire might keep us warm and help us cook our food, it can also burn down entire cities and engulf us in flames. While water is necessary for life on Earth, it can also flood our cities and wreak havoc with tidal waves and tsunamis. Which would you rather control?

Question 6

Fly First Class Or Have Free Meals For A Year?

Flying first class is a dream for a lot of people out there. Sadly, most of us will never get to experience it, as the cost of such a trip is prohibitively expensive. But while it might cost a fortune, flying first class is a real treat. It's almost like a luxury hotel experience, but at high altitudes. Then again, many of us enjoy eating out at restaurants. These experiences can be equally luxurious. Would you rather have free meals or fly first class?

Question 7

Witness The Creation Of Earth Or Its End?

Imagine for a second that you could travel through time. Now imagine that your time machine only has two options: either witness the creation of the Earth, or witness its destruction. Which one would you choose? Which time zone would you visit, and why? Your decision says a lot about the type of person you are. Are you more fascinated with new things being created, or does the power of destruction hold more sway? Despite what you might think, both moments are beautiful in their own way.

Question 8

Eat Only Meat Or Only Vegetables?

Most people eat a pretty balanced array of foods, favoring both meat and vegetable products. This would technically be classified as an omnivorous, and some might say that this balanced approach has the potential to be the healthiest. But there are also those who eat only plant-based foods, and these people are called Vegan. In contrast, there are even people who follow a completely carnivorous routine, and these people eat only meat. Which one would you rather follow, if you were forced to choose?

Question 9

Marry For Looks Or Personality?

The decision of who we marry might just be one of the hardest choices we make in life. This decision also has a massive impact on our futures. Choose unwisely, and you could be stuck with someone that isn't right for you. Attraction is based on both looks and personality. If we're not physically attracted to someone, it might be hard to truly connect. On the other hand, personality is of massive importance in a relationship, especially in long-term couples. Which is more important?

Question 10

Have The Power To Talk To Animals Or Control Them?

Throughout many stories, we've heard many fictional accounts of people who have the power to communicate with animals. Examples might be Dr. Dolittle, or Radagast the Brown from Tolkien's "The Hobbit." These powers are of course fictional, although many people in reality do have very close relationships with animals. There are even chimps and other apes that have been taught sign language. But what about the ability to control animals with your mind, making them do whatever you wanted? Which is better?

Question 11

Have A Lamborghini Or Every Single Book Ever Written?

While we know that some people out there have both a Lamborghini and a garage full of books, most people don't have that luxury. If you do the math, owning every single book ever written would probably be much, much more valuable than owning a Lamborghini. In fact, there are some books in the world which are considered priceless. Nevertheless, books aren't the most exciting things in the world, whereas a fast sports car definitely provides a lot of thrills.

Question 12

Be Able To Fly Or Have Super Strength?

Superpowers are a lot of fun, so let's go back to this fictional world for another "would you rather question. Many people love the idea of being able to fly. It's something that we often dream about, or wish we could do. Of course, humans CAN fly. We fly in airplanes, air balloons and helicopters. But when most people think about the power to fly, they envision themselves flying through the air without any other assistance. Of course, super strength is cool too.

Question 13

Rule The World Or Experience World Peace?

Some might say that these two things are actually one and the same. After all, if you completely control the world, there would be no more wars. You would be victorious over everyone, and no one would dare challenge you. This is the concept of "peace through strength." But on the other hand, there are many who would argue that this isn't real peace. There would still be uprisings, and you would need to rule the planet with an iron fist.

Question 14

Be A Cow Or A Pig?

Ever thought about what it would be like to be an animal? Many humans imagine this, especially interesting animals like cats, wolves, or even birds. But what about livestock animals such as pigs or cows? In some cases, humans are a little less comfortable putting themselves in the shoes of these animals. That's because these farm animals are often mistreated, slaughtered and forced to live in small quarters for their entire lives. So which would you rather be, a cow or a pig?

Question 15

Be Colorblind Or Have No Tastebuds?

Colors and tastes are two of the most wonderful additions to this world. Colors fill our eyes with some of the most beautiful moments. A setting sun or a school of fish wouldn't have the same vibrancy without color. Tastes are also some of the most wonderful parts of eating food. Some would say that life just isn't worth living if you can't taste your food. So which of these things would you rather live without? Choose carefully, as this is a difficult decision.

Question 16

Be A Hopeless Romantic Or Lack Most Emotions?

Romance is a difficult process, even for the most thick-skinned individuals out there. When you let your guard down and start to feel for people, you leave yourself vulnerable to potential heartbreak. But regardless, many of us continue to pursue love even with these setbacks. Many of us our hopeless romantics, no matter what. But there are also those who seem devoid of all emotion and connection when in relationships. These people don't seem to really care one way or another.

Question 17

Have Way Too Many Friends Or No Friends At All?

Having friends is definitely one of the best parts about life. If you have a solid group of friends, it seems like nothing can get your down. They always have your back, and friends fill each other's lives with fun and excitement. But could there be such a thing as having too many friends? Some might argue that when you have too many friends, it seems like you're not able to form connections. Still, is this actually better than having no friends whatsoever?

Question 18

Be Famous Or Powerful?

Fame and power often go hand in hand. But what if you had to pick one or the other? Fame is something that truly boosts your ego, making you feel loved and wanted, wherever you go. That being said, fame does have its downsides. You're always being followed, watched and judged. On the other hand, imagine being a powerful ruler that pulled strings from behind the curtain. No one would know who you are, but you would have ultimate control...

Question 19

Live In A Perfect Virtual Reality Or The Real World?

This is definitely a very interesting philosophical discussion. Is ignorance bliss? Or is it better to live in the real world, with all of its imperfections? These ideas were explored in the popular film The Matrix, where Neo is given the choice between staying in a virtual reality or leaving it all behind and seeing the dark truth. But in the Matrix, the virtual reality is not perfect. What if you were filled with bliss and joy in this artificial world? Would you want to leave?

Question 20

Live Without The Internet Or Without Running Water?

The internet has become so crucial to our lives that many claim it should now be considered a human right. Access to the internet is access to an amazing amount of information. In many ways, internet access is right up there with running water and housing as a necessity for human existence. Of course, there are some major differences. We need water to survive, while going without internet won't affect our health in any way. So which is more important, running water or internet access?

Question 21

Be Forgotten Or Known Forever As A Historical Villain?

When many people live their lives, they think about how they might be remembered. Leaving a legacy behind is important for many people, and a lot of people strive to make their mark on the world in some way. Some people dream of making historical discoveries or contributing in some meaningful way to the planet. But there are people who went down in history in the wrong way... These are villains with unsavory reputations. But then again, at least they were remembered.

Question 22

Visit Mars Or Venus?

In the coming years, we might see humanity start to stretch out into the stars and begin to colonize other planets. Mars has been talked about for many years as a possible destination for humans, and the goal is to land people on the surface. When that happens, it'll be the first planet we ever set foot on, other than Earth. But did you know that Venus is also very close to the Earth? Which distant planet would you rather visit?

Question 23

Ride A Giraffe Or An Ostrich?

There are many animals out there which humans can ride on. Examples would be horses, donkeys, and even elephants. But did you know that you can also ride on an ostrich? These birds are famously large and fast, and they can actually support a human's body. Very few people get to try it out, and it might not be the most ethical thing in the world. Even rarer are chances to ride giraffes. Believe it or not, this is also possible.

Question 24

Be Followed By A Clown Or A Ghost?

There are many spooky things out there, and different people are scared of different things. Many people are spooked out by ghosts, and the mere thought of a paranormal being suddenly appearing spooks them. Ghosts are often described as invisible, which makes them even scarier. We're spooked by the unknown more than anything else. But there are also plenty of people out there who are scared of clowns. Although these beings are meant to make people happy, some are very spooked by them.

Question 25

Live Underwater Or Underground?

Living on the surface of the earth is obviously the best possible decision. After all, we all love the warmth of the sun and the clear skies. But what if we were forced to live deep underground, or under the ocean? In the popular video game Bioshock, the player visits an underwater city called Rapture, and it's quite spectacular. But an underground bunker also has the potential to be cool and interesting. So which destination would you rather visit, if you had the choice?

Question 26

Have A Pet Dragon Or A Pet Unicorn?

There are many different mystical and magical beasts that we have dreamed up, and some of us might have special connections with certain ones. Dragons are some of the most common beasts described across many different cultures. Dragons are described as friendly, wise, dangerous, or a combination of all three. On the other hand, unicorns are also very interesting creatures. These mythical horses have horns coming out of their heads. But which of these animals would you rather have as a pet?

Question 27

Whisper Constantly Or Shout Constantly?

The subtleties of conversation demand that we raise or lower our voice in certain situations. Everyone knows that we're not supposed to shout in a library. In contrast, whispering to your friend in a crowd full of cheering people probably wouldn't be very effective. So which is more useful, whispering or shouting? Imagine being forced to speak in only one extreme volume for the rest of your life. Which choice would be more logical? This is an interesting decision, and it's tougher than you might think.

Question 28

Get Revenge Or Get Over It?

Revenge is an interesting thing. Many people seek out revenge as a way to get even. But in most situations, these people discover that getting revenge actually doesn't make them feel any better about what has happened. If anything, it makes them feel worse. Revenge is just adding to the cycle of violence, and it'll probably come back to affect you negatively in the future. That being said, there are some moments when revenge is done well, where no one gets hurt.

Question 29

Have No Toes Or No Fingers?

Imagine trying to walk around with no toes. Just in case you were wondering, you wouldn't get very far! Toes are essential for balance, and it's said that you can't actually walk without your big toes. But on the other hand, your hands and fingers are very important. Your fingers allow you to do all kinds of different things, from defending yourself to caressing loved ones. What if you had to choose between having your toes or having your fingers?

Question 30

Be Batman Or Iron Man?

Batman and Iron Man are actually quite similar as far as superheroes go. Both heroes have no inherent powers of their own. They were born as normal humans, and they remain just as capable as an average man, physically speaking at least. Where these two heroes shine is their minds. They are intelligent and extremely tactical. They're also known for their vast funds. This never-ending wealth seems to fund their advanced equipment, such as powered suits and tactical gear.

Question 31

Be Stuck With A Constant Smile Or A Constant Frown?

This has to be one of the funniest "would you rather" questions ever. Our facial expressions are very important, and our ability to communicate is extremely reliant on our ability to change our facial expressions. In fact, most of our communication is done through body language, not verbal communication. So imagine being stuck with a perpetual frown, or a relentless smile. Imagine smiling even when you're receiving bad new. Imagine frowning even when you're experiencing joy! It's a tough choice.

Question 32

Send An Accidental Text To Your Crush Or All Your Co-Workers?

Sometimes texting can lead to some seriously awkward situations. In normal conversation, we can easily put our feet in our mouths. But when it comes to texting, there's even more potential for accidents and mishaps. For example, imagine texting a message to your friend, only to discover you've sent it to your crush or your co-workers instead. Imagine that text contained content that was unsuitable, or a joke that would offend some people. Would you rather that text be sent your crush, or your co-workers?

Question 33

Talk Only In Rhymes Or Say Everything Backwards?

Most people have the freedom to say whatever they want, however they want. But what if you had to say everything in a certain way? What if you only had the ability to say things backwards, or speak in rhymes? People would probably get annoyed with you very soon, and you'd probably get annoyed of yourself! There have been many examples of people like this in fiction, but it'd probably work very differently in real life. Which speaking style would you choose?

Question 34

Babysit A Bunch Of Teenagers Or A Baby?

Babysitting might not be the most glamorous job in the world, but it's a great source of income for a lot of people. And many people out there might really enjoy babysitting. After all, spending time with kids can be fun. The only problem is that sometimes it's a lot trickier than most people think. This is especially true when you're dealing with babies, who need extra care and attention. But looking after rowdy teenagers might actually be more difficult.

Question 35

Stop Playing Video Games Or Stop Using A Smartphone?

These days, countless people all over the globe love playing video games in their spare time. It's much more widely accepted nowadays, and people love playing with their friends online, or with their loved ones. It's a great way to pass the time, and many people are avid gamers. But people are also very attached to their smartphones in this day and age. In fact, most people probably can't even imagine what life would be like without these smart phones.

Question 36

Forget Yourself Or Be Forgotten By Others?

In many ways, our memories define who we are. We build our personalities and our behavior by taking into account our past experiences. We learn from our mistakes, develop preferences, and strive towards goals that we've set in the past. But what happens when all of this is suddenly stripped away? Do we lose our sense of identity? What about when we remember who we are, but everyone else around us forgets? Which fate would be least desirable in the end?

Question 37

Use Sandpaper Or Poison Ivy As Toilet Paper?

Before toilet paper, humans had to get a little creative. Luckily, nature provides a wide range of wiping implements in the form of leaves. You might have even relied on leaves yourself when you were out camping or hiking in the woods. But as many of us know, not all leaves are friendly. Some leaves, such as poison ivy, give us unpleasant rashes and reactions when they come into contact with our skin. Imagine wiping with one of these leaves!

Question 38

Live In The Sahara Desert Or In Antarctica?

Both the Sahara desert and Antarctica represent two extremes of weather on this planet. The Sahara is one of the hottest places on Earth, and also one of the driest. People who get lost in this desert have very little hope of finding any water become succumbing to dehydration. On the other hand, Antarctica is just as unwelcoming. The freezing temperatures make it hard for just about anyone to survive for very long, even with the right gear. Which place would you rather live in?

Question 39

Star In An Action Movie Or A Romantic Comedy?

Most people are content to sit back and watch movies, without attempting to be part of the action themselves. But for a small percentage of the population, their dream is to one day star in the movies that we all see. These actors are some of the most determined people on Earth, and there is some real talent out there which hasn't been discovered yet. Imagine being a famous actor yourself. Which movie would you rather star in - an action or a romantic comedy?

Question 40

Only Listen To 70's Music Or 90's Music?

Each passing decade brings us a slightly different musical style, and we've witnessed music evolve pretty rapidly, even if we haven't been around for very long. There are those of us who have witnessed things like the birth of rock 'n roll, or the invention of rap music. We've come a long way since the beginning of music, but 70's music and 90's music remains a favorite among a lot of people. If you could only listen to one type, what would it be?

Question 41

Be A Professional Athlete Or A Professional Singer?

Many of us dream of being celebrities, but there are so many different options out there. Many people think about how cool it would be to be a professional athlete, like Lionel Messi or Tiger Woods. Other people dream about being a famous singer, such as Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber. Both lives would be amazing, and each would enjoy plenty of wealth and fame. But depending on your personality, you might prefer one lifestyle over the other. Which would you pick?

Question 42

Have Robin Or Black Widow As A Sidekick?

While superheroes get most of the attention in TV shows and movies, sidekicks are also very important as well. There are tons of sidekicks out there which have really made an impact on a lot of people. Some superhero fans out there might actually like the sidekicks more than the actual heroes! One amazing sidekick is Robin. He's Batman's closest ally, and he helps in any way he can. Some people might also consider Black Widow a sidekick to Captain America.

Question 43

Get Lost In An Amusement Park Or In An Airport?

Getting lost is never fun. But there are many situations where getting lost is made even less enjoyable by the nature of our surroundings. There are some locations which seem to be inherently confusing and distressing, such as airports or amusement parks. Airports can be very confusing, especially if you're not familiar with the local languages being spoken. On the other hand, amusement parks are filled with loud crowds and loud noises. Which place would you rather get lost in?

Question 44

Speak Every Language Or Play Every Instrument?

Some say that music IS a language, and that the entire world speaks it almost automatically. That being said, you need to study pretty hard to understand written music, and also to actually play the various musical instruments. In fact, learning how to play every instrument would be pretty much impossible. But let's say for a second that you could accomplish this. Would it really be better than learning every single language on the planet? Which would you rather learn?

Question 45

Eat Ice Cream-Flavored Pizza Or Pizza-Flavored Ice Cream?

Believe it or not, ice cream-flavored pizza actually does exist. Don't ask us how we found it, but you can grab some for yourself if you look hard enough. This is probably going to be extremely unappealing for a lot of people out there, for obvious reasons. For one, pizza and ice cream are completely different types of food. Pizza is savory, while ice cream is sweet. One is solid, while the other is runny and liquidy. Which would you choose?

Question 46

Build A House Or Build A Boat?

Being asked to build your own house would be a major undertaking. Without any prior knowledge, you'd basically have to build a very primitive structure out of a few branches and logs. That being said, some of our readers might actually know how to build a house from scratch. Who knows. But what about building a boat? Similarly, you'd only be able to build a very primitive raft out of logs without enough ship-building knowledge. Which would you rather do?

Question 47

Be Attacked By Sharks Or Wolves?

Sharks and wolves are both apex predators in their own separate environments, and they're both pretty hazardous to humans. These animals could easily bring a person down and munch away at them. But they do work in different ways. Wolves are pack animals, and they work in teams to bring down their prey. They might communicate with each other and engage in clever tactics. Wolves are lone hunters, bringing down their prey with power and speed. Which would you rather face?

Question 48

Visit Asgard Or The Batcave?

While the heroes in superhero movies are very interesting, some of the most awe-inspiring details in these movies are the fictional locations we explore. Some of the best locations are the "home bases" of the various heroes. For example, Asgard is the home of the Norse gods, such as Thor and Odin. This place is a spectacular fictional realm filled with excitement and wonder. On the other hand, the Batcave also enjoys legendary status. Which would you rather explore yourself?

Question 49

Join Slytherin Or Gryffindor?

The magical world of Harry Potter has captured the attention of a few generations now, and many of us wish we could visit this fictional world at some point in our lives. One of the best places in this world is Hogwarts. When new students arrive at Hogwarts, they're sorted into different houses by the sorting hat. The sorting hat might put you in a variety of houses, although Slytherin and Gryffindor probably have the strongest reputations in the school.

Question 50

Be A Cat Or A Dog?

Many of us have pets at home, and cats and dogs are the most popular domestic animals across the globe. It doesn't matter whether you're a cat person or a dog person. What really matters is that you care for your pet and make sure they're happy and healthy. But have you ever wondered what it might be like to BE a cat or a dog? Which animal do you think lives the more interesting life? Would you rather be a cat, or a dog?

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