Play A Game Of Would You Rather And We’ll Share Your Tarot Reading

Reading tarot cards is something that people have been doing since the 18th century. Prior to this, tarot cards were actually used as playing cards and not used in the way they typically are now! Tarot cards date back to the 15th century and were used for a few different games that can still be played today with modern tarot decks. But the way that we typically think of tarot cards these days is the use that became more popular only a couple hundred years ago. Tarot cards are like other decks of cards in that there are different suits and the images on each card are different and completely distinct.

Tarot decks typically have 78 cards and are divided up into two sections: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. There are so many different tarot decks that are illustrated by different people and the illustrations on each card in these decks can give the card a really different feeling. People who like to read tarot cards enjoy drawing cards for themselves and then analyzing the imagery and meaning of the card that they drew and how it might relate to their life or a question that they asked the cards.

Question 1

Always be thirsty or always be hungry?

Being hungry or thirsty is definitely not a great feeling. Luckily, it's pretty easy to get a snack or a drink and get that feeling to go away. There are so many delicious treats out there that we can eat or drink that feeling a little hungry or thirsty isn't that big of a deal. But what if quenching that thirst or fulfilling that craving wasn't quite so easy? Would you rather deal with always being thirsty or always being hungry?

Question 2

Never wear makeup again or never wear perfume again?

For people who like to wear makeup before they leave the house or are sure to spritz on a little perfume on their way out the door, skipping one of these steps would be a total nightmare! Makeup can be a really fun way of trying out different looks and adding a little pop of color to your face through lipstick or eyeshadow. Meanwhile, there are so many scents of perfume that it's always fun to try out new ones and smell great.

Question 3

Shop online or in person?

Depending on exactly what it is we're buying, going shopping can either be really fun or a little bit of a chore. Depending on whether we're treating ourselves to some new clothes, a new eyeshadow palette, or the coolest new smartphone or we're just heading to the grocery store to buy enough things to cook for the week, shopping can either be a ton of fun or a total chore. Would you rather do all your shopping online or in person?

Question 4

Be famous or date someone famous?

A lot of people dream of being able to become famous. Whether it's through acting, singing, writing, or something else, being famous is something that many people would love to have a chance at. Having adoring fans all over the world would be pretty great, we have to admit. But dating someone who is famous would probably be pretty cool, too. You could go to all the parties without having to worry about all the work! Would you rather be famous or date someone famous?

Question 5

Only eat sweet foods or only eat salty foods?

In the world of food, there are a ton of different delicious flavors. Foods can be sweet, salty, sour, or even a combination of these flavors in the case of foods like chocolate-covered potato chips or sour candies. Yum! While many people definitely have a favorite food or flavor, having a variety of different flavors to eat depending on what we're craving is great. If everything we ate tasted the same, it would get so boring! If everything you ate either had to taste sweet or salty no matter what it was, which would you pick?

Question 6

Drink iced tea or iced coffee?

Coffee and tea are two drinks that are typically served up steaming hot. They can come in a lot of different flavors with different things added like milk, sugar, or syrup to make them taste just right for the person drinking it. But along with serving them up hot, coffee and tea can also be made over ice to make them super cool and refreshing. They make the perfect cool drink to wake you up on a warm day! Would you rather drink iced tea or iced coffee?

Question 7

Learn another language or learn to play an instrument?

Everyone has a skill that they're really great at or even a certain skill that they want to learn or get better at. The fact that everyone is different with their skills and interests is what makes life so interesting and so fun. It can be a lot of fun to share your interests and hobbies with other people! When it comes to learning something new, many people either choose to learn how to play an instrument or speak a new language.

Question 8

Travel into the past or into the future?

Unfortunately, time travel isn't actually possible. That means that we can't go back into the past and change something that we wish we had done differently and we can't go into the future to see what our lives are going to be like in a few years. Bummer, right? There are so many movies and TV shows that feature traveling through time but sadly, it's not something that we can actually do. If time travel were possible, would you travel into the past or the future?

Question 9

Shop at Lush or Sephora?

Even though we all know that saving money is totally important, it's hard to resist going out to buy yourself something from time to time. It's definitely nice to treat yourself to something, especially if it's something that is good for you like some new skincare products, new bath products, or even some new makeup. Who can resist buying those? Two super popular stores that sell these products are Lush and Sephora. Lush sells bath products while Sephora is a store for makeup.

Question 10

Listen to Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande?

Listening to music is so much fun, isn't it? There are so many different artists and genres that music lover can choose from when it comes to listening to music. Two musicians that are huge in the world of pop music are Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. It's hard to listen to the radio without hearing at least one song from one of these pop stars like Blank Space, 7 Rings, Me, and Thank U, Next. Which of these pop stars would you rather listen to?

Question 11

Fall in love or win the lottery?

Everyone has different things that make them happy. For some people, having an excellent job that allows them to buy the things they want and go on all kinds of amazing vacations. Other people want nothing more than to find their soulmate, fall in love, and live happily ever after. While either of these would be great, there are a lot of people out there in the world that would be much happier with one of these options than the other.

Question 12

Have a lot of acquaintances or just a few close friends?

Many people are super social and love to surround themselves with their friends and loved ones. While some people prefer to have a lot of friends to hang out with and spend their time with, there are other people that would rather have a smaller, more tight-knit circle of friends that they spend their days with. If you had to pick between having a ton of acquaintances or only having a few close friends, which of these options would you rather have?

Question 13

Go to a salon or get a DIY manicure at home?

Accessorizing with things like jewelry and purses is always a fun way to add some extra details to an outfit. Another fun way to bring a pop of color or extra detail to your look is through nail polish! Many people love to have their nails looking perfect, either with fake nails or just by having them painted a fun color. This can either be achieved at a salon or by giving yourself a DIY manicure at home. Which one would you rather do?

Question 14

Take a road trip or a plane trip?

It's super nice to be able to get away from time to time instead of spending all your time at home. It can be nice to take time off from all our responsibilities and get a change of scenery for a little while. But going somewhere on a little vacation means having to travel, something that can be done in a variety of different ways. Two popular ways of traveling to a new destination are going on a road trip in a car or taking a plane there.

Question 15

Only eat breakfast or only eat dinner?

Breakfast is a meal that we typically eat in the morning to start our day while dinner tends to be the last big meal that we have in the evening. Along with being eaten at two different times on the day, breakfast and dinner are pretty different because of the fact that we tend to eat different things for these meals. For breakfast, we might have pancakes or bacon and eggs but at dinner, pasta or pizza is a more likely option.

Question 16

Have a maid or a personal chef?

Being responsible can be so exhausting. We all know that it's important to do things like laundry and clean the house and we obviously have to cook our meals so we can eat each day, but who wants to do all that? Having someone else to take care of everyday chores and tasks around the house like those would be a total dream for people that don't want to have to do it themselves! Would you rather have a maid or a personal chef at your house?

Question 17

Have Halloween every day or Christmas every day?

Christmas and Halloween are two holidays that come pretty close to the end of the year. Even though these holidays are pretty close together as far as the dates go, they're definitely super different as far as the way they're celebrated and the kind of traditions that people have on these holidays. For people that really like a certain holiday, being able to celebrate it over and over would be a total dream! Would you rather have it be Halloween or Christmas every day?

Question 18

Wear bright colors or neutral tones?

There are so many ways that a person can express themselves. One way that many of us choose to express ourselves is through our clothes! The things that a person chooses to pull out of their closet to put on in the morning can say a lot about them and the things they like. Wearing a shirt that has a certain band's logo on it or a certain brand can really be a conversation starter! Would you rather wear bright colors or neutral ones?

Question 19

Take a vacation somewhere warm or somewhere cold?

Life can get a little stressful sometimes. That's why taking a vacation and just getting away from it all every now and then is definitely a good thing and something that we should all do more often. Where we choose to go on vacation definitely depends on the person! Some people prefer to go somewhere warm, like heading to the beach so they can soak up some sun. Meanwhile, other people would much rather take a trip somewhere cold and enjoy the snow!

Question 20

Watch a TV show or read a book?

There are a ton of different types of entertainment that people can enjoy from books to movies and TV shows. It's a lot of fun to kick back, relax, and enjoy escaping into another world for a little while through one of these forms of entertainment. While they're definitely all awesome, there are some people that would prefer one over the other. Some people would much rather sit back and read a book while others think that watching a show is so much more fun.

Question 21

Not have a computer or not have a phone?

Technology is amazing. Thanks to the Internet, we have a whole world of information at our fingertips, right there and ready for us. We can play games, talk to people from around the world, and do research without ever leaving the comfort of our own couch. Smartphones and computers are vital pieces of technology for a lot of people because they keep us connected and entertained while making it easy to get things done no matter where we are. Which would you rather be without?

Question 22

Eat ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Dessert comes in a ton of forms. From cookies and cake to candy and chocolate, if your sweet tooth is craving something tasty, there are so many different options you can choose from. If you're looking to eat something that's sweet and a little on the chilly side, ice cream or frozen yogurt might be just what you're craving! These are both frozen desserts but they have different characteristics. Still, they come in so many flavors and can have some tasty toppings. Yum!

Question 23

Save money or go on a shopping spree?

Saving money for the future is important. You never know when something might come up that requires having a little extra cash and saving for situations like that is definitely always a good choice! But let's be honest, making a quick deposit into our savings account is not the most fun thing to do with our money after we get paid. Going on a shopping spree to treat ourselves to some new things may not be the responsible choice, but it sounds fun!

Question 24

Take a bath or a shower?

Taking a bath or a shower is definitely a good way to get clean and ready to start the day but it can also be pretty relaxing. All the bath and body products smell so nice and the warm water is so soothing on our skin that it can be hard to want to get out, dry off, and actually get dressed. Although both of these options are definitely great ways of getting clean and getting relaxed, many people prefer one or the other.

Question 25

Have a relaxing picnic or hike up a mountain?

It's always fun to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. When the sun is out and the sky is clear, there's not much that can beat spending a little bit of time outside. What exactly a person chooses to do once they go outside really depends on the person. For some people, having a relaxing picnic and just hanging out in the grass with some snacks while the sun shines on them is perfect. For others, going on a hike up a mountain is the obvious answer!

Question 26

Never drink coffee again or never drink soda again?

Having to give up something that we love would not be fun. Whether it's a favorite food or a hobby, having to quit enjoying something that you really like is not something that many people want to do! The food and drinks that people enjoy are definitely on the list when it comes to things that a person isn't likely to want to cut out of their life completely. We totally get that! If you had to choose between never drinking coffee again or never drinking soda again, which one would you pick?

Question 27

Stay up late or go to sleep early?

Some people are total night owls. These people prefer to stay up late and find that they're the most productive after the sun goes down. They would rather stay up as late as they could than head in to bed and sleep early. There are definitely people that just can't relate to this and would rather get in bed and get a good night's sleep instead of staying up all night. Would you rather stay up late or go to sleep early?

Question 28

Buy a new eyeshadow palette or a new lipstick?

For people who love makeup, it's basically impossible to walk into a store like Ulta or Sephora and just leave with one or two things. Even if we try to go in and just pick up a new bottle of our favorite foundation, it's so easy to be pulled in by all the colorful displays and start looking at other products! Before we know it, we've got a whole basket of other makeup and skincare products. Oops! Would you rather buy eyeshadow or lipstick?

Question 29

Be a famous actress or a famous singer?

Many people totally dream of being famous someday. Being in the spotlight would be pretty awesome, right? There are a lot of ways that people can become famous. Some people are famous for being musicians while other people are famous actors and models and writers. It all really depends on a person's interests and talents. Even though not everyone is lucky enough to get famous, it's definitely fun to imagine what it would be like. Would you rather be famous for acting or singing?

Question 30

Only watch movies or only watch TV shows?

There are so many movies and TV shows out there these days on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, in theaters, and on different TV channels. It seems like a new movie or TV show is coming out every week and people just can't stop talking about how they're so good and we just have to watch them immediately. There are so many that it can be hard to keep up and watch all of them! Would you rather only watch movies or only watch TV shows?

Question 31

Wear a lot of perfume or none at all?

There are so many different perfume scents on store shelves. From perfumes that have a really sweet, fruity scent to some that are a little bit more of a natural, floral scent, there are a ton of different perfumes that can match any occasion or anyone's preferences. But anyone who likes to wear perfume knows that it can be easy to spray on way too much and have the scent be way too strong! Would you rather always put on too much or never wear any perfume?

Question 32

Watch a romantic comedy or a spooky movie?

Having a movie night from time to time is so much fun. It can be really nice to relax either by yourself or with a friend or significant other and turn on a movie. Whether it's a favorite you've seen over and over or a brand new movie that was just released, it's a lot of fun to spend a couple hours sinking into the world of another person. The only decision you have to make is what movie to watch!

Question 33

Carry a big bag or a small bag?

Choosing the right accessories to go with any outfit is definitely important. The jewelry, shoes, and bag that we pair with our outfits can really tie the whole thing together and make it look like a complete outfit. Although choosing a bag that looks good with your outfit is important, this accessory is one that tends to be more than just an aesthetic piece of an outfit. It's also one that's going to hold all your daily necessities, so picking one that's big enough for what you need is important!

Question 34

Wear lipstick or lip gloss?

Even though lipstick and lip gloss are both lip products, any makeup fan will know that they tend to be pretty different in terms of how they look. While lip gloss is usually fairly sheer with a slight tint to it, lipstick is a lot more opaquely colored. Another big difference is the fact that lip gloss tends to be shiny on the lips whereas lipstick can have a matte finish or be slightly creamy on the lips, depending on the formula.

Question 35

Eat dark chocolate or white chocolate?

Chocolate comes in a lot of different forms. Many chocolate candies that can be found on store shelves are made with milk chocolate but there are other kinds of chocolate that have a higher percentage of cacao, giving them a completely different taste. Dark chocolate has a higher percentage of cacao than milk chocolate does which makes it taste slightly bitter. Meanwhile, white chocolate isn't technically chocolate at all! It's made from cocoa butter and unlike other kinds of chocolate, has no cocoa solids.

Question 36

Wear sneakers or sandals?

Who doesn't love shoes? Of course, we have to wear them in order to protect our feet from the hard ground but on top of covering up the skin there and keeping us from stepping on anything we shouldn't, shoes are also super cute! A good pair of shoes can really tie together an outfit in the most perfect way and take an outfit from being just alright to being totally perfect. Would you rather wear sneakers or sandals for the rest of your life?

Question 37

Go to a concert or go to a movie?

It can be a lot of fun to get out of the house sometimes and go do something fun with friends or loved ones. Two great ways to get out of the house and spend some time enjoying something else for a little while are concerts and movies. Going to a concert to see your favorite band or musician perform all your favorite songs is great if you're lucky enough to get tickets when they're in a city nearby and going to see a new movie in theaters can be a ton of fun too.

Question 38

Learn to surf or learn to snowboard?

Surfing and snowboarding are two outdoor sports that are somewhat similar. Even though each of these sports take place in very different climates, they both involve standing on a long, flat board and using your own natural balance in order to stay on the board and move around on it. Surfing is done in warmer climates and typically takes place on the ocean waves while snowboarding is a hobby for people who love the cold weather as it takes place on the snow.

Question 39

Be able to do magic or have a superpower?

Watching a movie or TV show where the characters have magical powers or are superheroes makes it so hard to live our normal lives! Not being able to do magic or have a superpower the way the characters in some movies and TV shows do is so unfair. It would make our lives so much more interesting and way easier if we were able to just fly, do a spell to wash the dishes, or read people's minds. Would you rather be able to do magic or have a superpower?

Question 40

Cook at home or go out to eat?

Food is delicious. We all know that we need food to survive but even beyond that, eating our favorite things or trying out a new recipe for dinner is always great! Many people love to cook at home and are always trying out delicious new recipes. Meanwhile, there are other people that totally avoid the kitchen and would much rather go to a restaurant and let someone else deal with all the preparation when it comes to their meal so they can just enjoy it.

Question 41

Be able to see the future or be able to read minds?

Having a special superpower would be totally amazing. It would make life so much easier because we would suddenly be able to do things that no one else can. It's fun to watch movies or TV shows where people have special powers and see how they use them even though we know that we can't. Two common superpowers are being able to read people's minds and see into the future to see what's going to happen before it actually happens.

Question 42

Be on a reality show or star in a movie?

Many people dream of being famous and being one of the big stars to make it in Hollywood. A lot of people become famous actors and actresses and end up either on a TV show or in a movie and become huge stars! While this definitely isn't everyone's dream, it can still be fun to imagine what that would be like. Instead of being on a scripted TV show or movie, some people decide to take the reality TV route instead.

Question 43

Buy new clothes or a new phone?

It's always nice to treat yourself to a little something new. Whether it's because you really need it or it's because you're giving yourself a reward for a recent accomplishment, it can feel really nice to buy yourself something new. Then, all we want to do is show it off! Picking out something to buy and finding just the right thing can be pretty tough but it's definitely worth it once you're done! Would you rather buy yourself some new clothes or a brand new phone?

Question 44

Go on a roller coaster or go skydiving?

For the thrillseekers out there, there are a ton of ways to get your heart racing while having a little fun. Going to an amusement park means having a huge selection of different roller coasters that a person can get on. These roller coasters go at high speeds along the track and sometimes, they even go through loops and send the riders upside down! They can be pretty intense but really get your adrenaline pumping. Would you rather ride one of them or go skydiving?

Question 45

Read a book or listen to music?

There are a ton of different forms of entertainment available to us these days and most people have their preferences when it comes to their favorites. For some people, it's watching TV or a movie. While those are great, there are some times when we would rather spend our free time in a different way. Whether it's because we're just looking for something different or we don't have time to watch a whole movie or episode of a show, listening to music or picking up a book is great!

Question 46

Have more time or more money?

Two things that many people want more of are time and money. Unfortunately, we only have a certain amount of hours in each day. As nice as it would be for days to be 30 or even 40 hours long instead of the 24 we get, it's unfortunately just not possible and we're stuck with only a limited number of hours in each day. Many people wish they had more time in the day while other people wish that they had more money.

Question 47

Live permanently in winter or permanently in summer?

Depending on where a person lives, the different seasons can bring some really drastically different weather. In the summer, the sun is out and it's super warm and people love to spend their time outside enjoying the beautiful weather. In the winter, it's a lot colder and the ground is covered in snow and ice in many places, making hobbies likes skiing and making snowmen a lot of fun for people who like the cooler temperatures. Which season would you rather permanently live in?

Question 48

Go to the beach or the pool?

When the weather outside gets super warm, it can be really nice to take a relaxing dive into the water. Going swimming is a really great way to enjoy the nice weather while still not having to deal with the warm sun too much because the water really cools us down. When it comes to going swimming, the two main options for where to get into the water are at a beach or in a pool. Where would you rather swim?

Question 49

Only eat snacks or only eat meals?

When it comes to food, there are so many different delicious things that we can eat. Whether we're craving something sweet like cookies for a snack, or something more substantial like a pot roast for a meal, we need our sustenance. Even though most people have a favorite food, some prefer snacks while some prefer something a little more substantial. Which of these two categories do you fall into? It's time to choose between one of the two options that we've listed!

Question 50

Wake up early or sleep in late?

There are some people in the world that get right out of bed as soon as their alarm goes off in the morning. These people are ready to start the day as soon as it's time for them to wake up and they feel super productive in the morning. Then, there are people who are the exact opposite of this. Instead of being ready to get up as soon as their alarm goes off, they press the snooze button a few times and would rather sleep in.

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