Play A Game Of 'This Or That' To Get Your Tarot Reading For The Month

When tarot cards were first invented, they were made in order to play different card games. Although today, we think of card games as ones involving the typical deck of cards with four suits, Wikipedia states that in 15th century Europe, card games were pretty different and there were quite a few of them that involved playing games with tarot cards. These days, that's not really what a deck of tarot cards is known for, though. Card games have evolved to use a different type of card and these days, tarot decks are known for the use that they gained during the 18th century. That was when tarot cards started to be read by people who ask questions about their current situation or their future and then draw answers from the meanings the cards have attached to them.

With this usage, tarot cards can be an insightful look into a person's life and a lot of fun to get a tarot reading. Although many people don't believe in them, it can still be fun to get a reading done when we have questions about our lives.

Play a fun game of 'this or that' in order to get a tarot reading for the month!

Question 1

Lipstick or lip gloss?

No makeup look is complete without something on the lips! No matter how flawless your foundation may look or how excellently you blended that eyeshadow, it's just not going to look complete with bare lips. Lipstick comes in a lot of different formulas like glossy, matte, and even glittery and comes in a ton of shades that are really opaque. Meanwhile, lip gloss tends to be a little more shiny and usually slightly less on the opaque side for a more subtle addition of color.

Question 2

New clothes or new phone?

For people who totally love to shop, buying new things can be a lot of fun! The hardest part can actually be just trying to figure out what to buy because there are so many options. Even once you narrow it down to buying yourself something like a new pair of shoes or a new piece of jewelry, it can be hard to pick just one with so many amazing options out there. If you were going to treat yourself, would you buy clothes or a phone?

Question 3

Ice cream or fro-yo?

Yum! What's better on a warm day than enjoying a chilly treat lice ice cream or frozen yogurt? It comes in so many different flavors and the sweet, creamy flavor is just so good no matter what flavor a person chooses. It's a great way to treat yourself to something sweet and tasty while also cooling down on a hot day but let's be honest, ice cream and fro-yo are totally solid snacking choices during any season of the year.

Question 4

Carnival or arcade?

There are a lot of different things people can do to have fun and a lot of really fun places that a person can go with their friends or even on a date. Carnivals and arcades are two really popular destinations for dates or trips out with friends. Whether a person loves to visit the arcade to play the games and try to win prizes or they like to go to a carnival to go on all the rides, they can both be a lot of fun.

Question 5

Friends or How I Met Your Mother?

Friends and How I Met Your Mother are two sitcoms that may have come out during totally different decades but they're actually somewhat similar. Both of them follow a group of friends that live in New York City and they're both totally hilarious Friends aired through the 90s into the early 2000s and follows the lives of a group of friends in their 20s and 30s while How I Met Your Mother is told through flashbacks and stories that the main character tells his kids.

Question 6

Sneakers or sandals?

Who doesn't love a good pair of shoes? Not only do they protect our feet but they're super cute and complete any outfit. Of course, the type of shoes that we wear typically depends on the outfit that we're wearing and there are some outfits that we probably wouldn't put a pair of sneakers with or might not pair with some sparkly sandals, but that doesn't mean we don't wish we could! Which type of shoe do you prefer to wear most often?

Question 7

Colorful hair or natural hair?

Hair color is something that can be super personal because people definitely have opinions on how they like their hair to look. Some people have never dyed their hair at all while other people are constantly changing the color up with super eye-catching colors like pink, blue, and purple. Then, there are some people who are in the middle who prefer to keep their hair more natural colors like black, brown, or blonde. Are you into colorful hair or natural shades?

Question 8

Bagels or toast?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? It's the first meal that many people eat each day and it's the meal that really wakes a person up and gives them the fuel they need to start their day on the right foot. There are a ton of different breakfast foods but two that are really popular are toast and bagels. They're both bread products that can have something like butter or cream cheese spread onto them and are a great part of any breakfast.

Question 9

Pop music or rock music?

When it comes to music, there are so many different genres! Although a lot of people definitely have a favorite band, musician, or even just genre, there are a lot of them to choose from and it can be pretty tough to narrow a favorite genre or musical artist down to just a single one. People who really love music are pretty lucky since there's so much to choose from these days! Pop music and rock music are two really popular genres that have a ton of new music coming out all the time.

Question 10

Ulta or Sephora?

Anyone who enjoys makeup will definitely know that there are a lot of stores where makeup is sold. Some brands even have their own stores that exclusively sell that brand's products which is pretty awesome. Two popular makeup stores that sell a huge variety of makeup, skincare, and hair care products are Sephora and Ulta. Although they sell a lot of the same products, they're different in that Ulta sells drugstore as well as high-end products whereas Sephora only sells high-end and luxury makeup.

Question 11

Big bag or small bag?

When it comes to bags, size is definitely important. Although choosing a bag that matches your personal style or that will go with a lot of outfits is important, the size of the bag is also an important consideration for many people. Some people only carry a few things like their phone, keys, and wallet, so they don't need too much space in their bag. Meanwhile, other people carry a lot more and therefor, they need a bigger bag with more room.

Question 12

Jeans or skirts?

Everyone has their own unique sense of style. Even though the clothing items that we all wear are pretty similar, everyone has their own way of putting these items together and their own taste in colors, patterns, and even items. While there are some people who love to wear jeans every day and love to create outfits with them, there are other people who prefer the look of skirts instead and would always reach for a skirt instead of a pair of jeans.

Question 13

Christmas or Halloween?

Christmas and Halloween are two popular holidays that have a lot of traditions that go with them. Although these holidays are super different and many people definitely have a preference between the two of them, there are some traditions that are somewhat similar between the two of them! Despite Halloween and Christmas' major differences, the two of them both involve things like decorating and watching specific movies that are related in some way to the holiday. Which holiday do you prefer?

Question 14

Bright colors or neutral tones?

When it comes to fashion choices, everyone has their own preferences. Some people prefer to dress in really bright colors or use those bright shades as a pop of color in their outfit with their bag or shoes. Then, there are other people who are totally on the opposite end of the fashion spectrum and prefer to dress in neutral shades and keep their bags and shoes in more basic tones like blacks and browns. Which side are you on?

Question 15

Pasta or pizza?

This is one tough choice! Let's be honest, it would be easiest to just answer this with "both!" but unfortunately, we have to make decisions in life sometimes. Even if those decisions are difficult because we have to choose between two such delicious foods as pasta and pizza. Pasta is made with a type of noodle that is covered in some kind of sauce that can be made with a variety of different ingredients like vegetables or cheese. Pizza is made with a crust that is covered in any kind of toppings imaginable.

Question 16

Movie or museum?

There are a lot of ways that people can spend time, either by themselves or with a friend or on a date. The way that a person might want to spend their free time or choose to go on a date somewhere definitely depends on their own interests and things that they enjoy. For some people, going to a museum to look at different exhibits in the art or history world is definitely a preferable pastime while other people would prefer to go watch a new movie at the theater.

Question 17

Romantic comedies or spooky movies?

When it comes to movies, there are so many different choices. It can be pretty hard to pick just one to watch! Luckily, most people at least have a favorite genre that they prefer to watch which makes narrowing down the movie they want to turn on a little bit easier. Two popular genres of movies that many people turn to for a movie night are romantic comedies and spooky movies. These two genres are super different, so most people definitely have a preference between them.

Question 18

One piece or two piece?

How great does a vacation to the beach sound right now? Going to the beach to enjoy the sun and lay in the sand or take a dip in the ocean is always so much fun and so is going to the pool to swim with friends. But, before we can do either of those, we need one very important thing: a swimsuit. In the world of swimsuits, the options are endless when it comes to style and color but the two main styles are one pieces and two pieces.

Question 19

Cookies or cake?

This question is one that's probably pretty difficult for anyone with a major sweet tooth to answer. Who could choose between these two sweet treats? They're both so tasty and they both come in so many different delicious flavors that it's hard to pick between the two of them! Whether they're store bought or made from scratch with a special recipe, cake and cookies are both really tasty treats that can make any special occasion that much better. Which is your favorite?

Question 20

Sun or snow?

Most people definitely have a preference when it comes to the weather they enjoy. There are people who love when the sun comes out in the spring and summer and definitely prefer the warmer weather. At the same time, there are some other people who like when the air starts to cool down and the snow starts to fall in the fall and winter. Whether it's because of the clothes they get to wear or the weather itself, a lot of people have a favorite season.

Question 21

Gucci or Louis Vuitton?

Gucci and Louis Vuitton are two designer brands that are known for selling their luxury clothing, handbags, and other accessories. These brands have both been popular for quite some time and are known for their monogram-printed items and other really unique designs in clothing and handbags. These brands are popular among celebrities and totally on the wishlists of many people. Even though they have some similarities, anyone who is into fashion will know these brands are pretty different and many people prefer one over the other.

Question 22

Burgers or tacos?

These are two options that definitely aren't easy to choose between! When it comes to food, people are super opinionated both about the types of food they like and how they like them cooked. Tacos and burgers are both incredibly popular foods that are the staple of many fast food restaurants and are also popular for people to cook at home. These foods are particularly popular because of the fact that they can be customized with so many tasty toppings.

Question 23

Save or spend?

There are some people that are so good at saving their money. When they get paid or get some money as a gift, it goes right into their savings account until they need it for something important. Meanwhile, other people prefer to spend their money and treat themselves to the things they've wanted to buy when they get money. Although saving money may be a little more responsible, there's nothing wrong with treating yourself and spending it sometimes! Are you a saver or a spender?

Question 24

Order takeout or cook at home?

When it comes time to have dinner, choosing something delicious to eat is important but having a way to get that food is the key. Some people love to be in the kitchen and can cook just about anything they're craving, as long as they have the necessary ingredients. Meanwhile, there are other people who just aren't a fan of standing by a hot stove or waiting on the oven and they prefer to order what they want to eat from a restaurant.

Question 25

Beach or mountains?

When it comes to going on a dream vacation, just about everyone has an idea of where they would choose to go. Whether they pick because of the tourist attractions there like museums or amusement parks or it just has the kind of climate that they love to be in, there's always that place that people wish they could go. For some people, it's the mountains to enjoy nature and go camping. For others, it's somewhere with a warm beach to relax on.

Question 26

Gossip Girl or Gilmore Girls?

When it comes to TV shows, there are so many different options as far as what we can watch. There are a lot of awesome TV shows that are currently airing and a lot that have already ended but that we love to re-watch over and over. Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls are two great shows that fall into that second category. Each of them are set in the northeastern part of the US but they're both very different shows.

Question 27

Pancakes or waffles?

Whether you're an early bird who wakes up as soon as your alarm goes off or you're someone who dreads getting out of bed in the morning and hits snooze until the last minute, eating breakfast in the morning is important. Your brain and body need the fuel they get from food to get you going in the morning and help you stay alert and active throughout the day. Two delicious breakfast foods that will definitely do that are pancakes and waffles. Yum!

Question 28

Day or night?

While there are definitely some people who like to wake up early and get everything they need to done during the day, there are other people that are totally the opposite. These people prefer to sleep in and are total night owls that would rather stay up late into the night instead of trying to cram everything on their to do list into the daylight hours. This is something that's totally different from person to person! Do you prefer the day or the night?

Question 29

Big house or small house?

Who hasn't daydreamed about what their dream house would be like? It's hard not to watch shows on HGTV or browse Pinterest without seeing all the incredible houses that people look at or share photos of and think about what your dream house would look like. Some people dream of having a huge mansion with all the amenities they could ever imagine having while other people dream of keeping it small with a more simple home. How big is your dream house?

Question 30

Snow White or Cinderella?

Over the years, Disney has released a ton of animated movies. They each feature a new princess who has her own unique story and road to finding her happily ever after and they each have some super catchy songs that we just can't stop singing along to. Even though recent Disney flicks like Moana and Frozen are great, we can't deny that the classics are pretty excellent too. Two classic Disney movies that are both based on fairytales are Snow White and Cinderella. Which one is best?

Question 31

Popcorn or Candy?

The most important part of any movie night is obviously picking out the perfect flick to watch, right? But what's the second most important part of a successful movie night? The snacks! No movie is complete without something delicious to snack on while watching the movie. Whether it's a tear-jerking romantic movie, a super spooky one, or something hilarious that makes us laugh the whole time, having the perfect snack is super important. Is popcorn the best movie night snack or is candy?

Question 32

Coke or Pepsi?

This question is definitely one that people get some strong opinions over. Although there are some people that insist both of these sugary drinks taste the exact same, people who prefer one over the other are quick to disagree with that and say that their favorite tastes far better. Coke and Pepsi are two popular soda brands that are both fairly sweet but definitely have distinct flavors. Because of those distinct flavors, many people prefer to reach for one over the other.

Question 33

New bag or new shoes?

Going shopping is always fun. It's nice to be able to treat yourself to something that you've had your eye on for a while and really wanted to buy. Whether it's a new eyeshadow palette, a new pair of jeans, or a fun accessory like a new bag or pair of shoes, it's nice to buy new things every now and then. But it's not always easy to choose what to buy! Would you rather pick up a new bag or a new pair of shoes?

Question 34

Coffee or tea?

Whether it's the morning, afternoon, or maybe even evening, pouring a glass of coffee or tea can be pretty delicious. There are a lot of ways to drink each of them including a lot of different flavors of tea or different kinds of syrup and creamer that can be added to milk meaning that they can taste however the person drinking them really wants them to taste. Plus, they can both be served hot or cold so the options are endless.

Question 35

Pretty Little Liars or Riverdale?

Who doesn't love a good, mysterious TV show? There are so many on that keep us on the edge of our seat as we try to unravel the mystery of what's going on in the town in which these shows are set. Two popular ones are Pretty Little Liars, which ended in 2017, and Riverdale, which began airing in that same year. Both of these shows revolve around the mysteries in a small, fictional town and have viewers totally obsessed.

Question 36

Concerts or movies?

Going out to a fun event is always a great time. There are a ton of different options for what a person can do when they go out to have some fun but two really popular ones that many people look forward to doing involve either going to see a new movie or going to a concert. Going to a movie is always fun, especially if it's one you've been looking forward to seeing since it was announced. Going to concerts to see your favorite band or musician is definitely a great choice, too!

Question 37

Big city or small town?

Around the world, there are cities of all different sizes. Some of them only have a few hundred people while others boast a population of millions of people and then, there are some that fall somewhere in the middle. When it comes to choosing somewhere to live, there are a lot of different considerations but one thing that many people think about when they think about where they would most like to live in the future is the population. Would you rather live in a big city or a small town?

Question 38

Sandals or heels?

Who doesn't love shoes? There are so many different styles and colors, there's a perfect pair of shoes for just about every outfit. The different options when it comes to all the different shoes that it can get a little overwhelming at times to pick out a single pair to wear with each outfit! Two popular styles are flat sandals and high heels, each of which come in a ton of different styles and colors. Which style would you rather wear?

Question 39

Shop online or in person?

Going shopping is great. Whether you're buying gifts for loved ones or treating yourself to something you've had your eye on for a while, it can be a lot of fun to pick up something new that the recipient is totally going to love, whether that's yourself or someone else. These days, shopping doesn't always mean driving to the mall and heading into the store, though. Many people definitely prefer to do their shopping online, in the comfort of their own homes.

Question 40

Breakfast or brunch?

The word "brunch" is a combiantion of two different words: breakfast and lunch. That's pretty fitting considering the fact that the meal brunch is one that typically comes right in between the times that people typically eat breakfast and lunch. Brunch is popular on special occasions like holidays but is also a popular way for friends or family members to get together on weekends in the late morning or early afternoon to share a meal together. Which of these meals would you rather enjoy?

Question 41

Game night or movie night?

When the time to get together with friends comes, the options for what to do are pretty much endless. There are just so many fun things that friends can do when they get together and it's always great to spend time with friends. Two options that many groups of friends go for are either getting together to have a game night or a movie night. Whether you like to play video games or board games or even marathon a few new movies, it's great to hang out with friends.

Question 42

Lotion or perfume?

Even though stores like Ulta and Sephora are known for their makeup products, those aren't the only things that they sell! Makeup stores like those also sell a lot of different skincare and hair care products as well as fragrances and body care products. Things like perfume and lotion that help a person to smell great are also found on the stores of shelves like those and come in a ton of different scents meaning there's one for just about everyone.

Question 43

Chicken or fish?

It's not always easy to decide what to eat for dinner! Luckily, the Internet is full of all kinds of recipes for just about any type of dish that you might be craving. Two really popular categories for the different dishes that make up many recipes that can be found on the Internet or in magazines and in cookbooks are recipes that use either chicken or fish. Although these are both delicious, many people have a definite preference when it comes to which one they'd rather eat.

Question 44

Wake up early or sleep in?

Some people are totally morning people. We know, this may seem somewhat confusing and strange to anyone who prefers to sleep in as late as they can and hit snooze over and over on their alarms when they go off, but there are some people that love to wake up early and get a headstart on their day first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, there are some days when we just don't have a choice and have to wake up early, even though we want to sleep in.

Question 45

Beach or pool?

During a warm summer day, there are few things that are better than taking a dip in some cool water. For some lucky people, that means packing up a bag and taking a trip down to the beach to relax on the sand and soak up some sun in between swimming in the ocean. For other people, this means heading to the pool to go for a swim with friends. Which of these is your preferred method of cooling down on a warm day?

Question 46

Road trip or plane ride?

When it comes to going on a trip somewhere, the only thing more important than choosing the perfect destination is finding a way to get there. For some people, that means hopping on a plane and flying there. For other people, that means getting in a car and road tripping the whole way to their destination. Although flying is definitely faster, especially for long trips, it can still be a lot of fun to take a road trip to where you're trying to go.

Question 47

Chanel or Celine?

Celine and Chanel are two different designer brands that are known for their luxury goods. Although each of these brands sell a variety of different products, they're each known for their handbags which many people either love to carry or totally wish they could buy. Each of these brands make luxury handbags in a variety of trendy styles but are well-known among fashion lovers for a few styles like Chanel's Classic Flap bag or Celine's Luggage Tote. Which of these brands do you prefer?

Question 48

Peanut butter or Nutella?

Peanut butter is a delicious spread made from peanuts that is so tasty on different food items like sandwiches and toast or even in treats like candy and cookies. But peanut butter isn't the only tasty spread that goes great on foods like those! Nutella is a super popular spread that uses hazelnuts and cocoa in order to make a sweet, creamy spread that's hard to resist eating right out of the jar. Which of these spreads do you prefer?

Question 49

Sweet or salty?

When it comes to food and snacks, there are a lot of different flavors. Two really popular ones that many snacks and treats come in are sweet and salty. Sweet treats are things like candy and baked goods and are perfect for anyone who has a major sweet tooth and likes things that have a little sugar in them. Salty foods are things like chips, pretzels, and other savory snacks that are great for people who prefer that kind of flavor.

Question 50

Twilight or The Vampire Diaries?

Twilight and The Vampire Diaries are two different vampire series that are based on novels by the same names. Twilight is a series of movies about a high school student named Bella Swan who moved to the small town of Forks and met a mysterious student at her school named Edward Cullen who she learns later is a vampire. The Vampire Diaries follows a high school student named Elena Gilbert who falls for a new student at her school, Stefan Salvatore, before learning he's a vampire.

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