Play A Game Of This Or That And We'll Guess Your Sign

Some people prefer things little while others prefer them big. Some people prefer the color pink over the color blue! Some people think oceans are more enjoyable than rivers! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and in a game like this one-- a game of "This or That" -- we are all able to express our own opinions when it comes to what we each like as individuals. Our preferences help shape us and mold us in ways that people in friendships and relationships can deeply understand. We might not like the same things our friends or partners like, but that is just fine and that is what makes the world go 'round. It is a good thing for everyone in the world to have their own tastes and their own preferences.

When it comes to breakfast foods, is it better to eat a slice of toast or enjoy some yummy eggs? When it comes to sliding some shoes on our feet, is it best to purchase a sturdy pair of sneakers or a comfy pair of sandals? When it comes to parking in outdoorsy activities and adventures, is it more fun to experience hunting or fishing? Let's see everyone's signs, based on opinions!

Question 1

Long Hair or Short Hair?

When it comes to our own heads of hair, some of us prefer the look of a long mane! Others prefer a short hair cut like a bob or pixie cut. Having long hair is cool because one can style it in so many creative ways that they simply could not do with a short hair cut. Other people think about how much more comfortable it is to manage a short hair cut. Decide now between these two hair lengths.

Question 2

Fast Food or Fine Dining?

Fast food is fun, easy, and cheap. That is why it is still popular and successful today. Along with being fun, easy, and cheap, it is also very fast! We do not have to wait too long to get the food in our mouths or our bellies. Fine dining is more expensive and takes a lot more time to get. We must pay extra money to sit in a nice place and get the food served to us. Which is better?

Question 3

Stairs or Elevator?

Taking the stairs is good for us because it allows us to get some good exercise. Taking the elevator is nice for people who are carrying a lot of items or have a stroller with a child. It is not always a lazy thing to do when one chooses to take an elevator... sometimes it is just simply the method of getting upstairs that makes more sense. Both of these methods can be used by able-bodied people. Decide right about now!

Question 4

Toast or Eggs?

Toast and eggs are two breakfast menu options people like to order in the morning when they first wake up and realize how hungry they are. For those of us who do not mind eating carbs, toast is a great pick. For those of us who do not want to eat too many carbs in a single meal, eggs might be the way to go since they are a bit healthier. Pick now between these two tasty breakfast food options.

Question 5

Pink or Blue?

Pink is a color that is used quite often to represent the gender of a little girl before she is born. Blue is used just as often to represent the gender of a little boy who is on the way. These colors help parents plan out how to decorate nurseries, plan baby showers, and much more. These colors are also used in gender reveal parties when parents share with their friends and family the gender of their future little one.

Question 6

Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone?

Ice cream cones are the best dessert ever. Girls and boys everywhere love to order their ice cream cones from places like Cold Stones and Baskin Robbins. Snow cones are also popular with kids because they can be easily found at carnivals and fairs! When it comes to desserts, both of these options are awesome. It really depends on personal preferences for a decision like this one. Are ice cream cones better than snow cones or is the other way around?

Question 7

Music or Podcasts?

Listening to something while driving in the car is always a great way to get through a long car ride. Some people like to listen to music and other people like to listen to podcasts. People who listen to music might love listening to pop songs by Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, or even Bruno Mars! Other people, who do not care for music too much, might prefer to listen to informative podcasts instead with a lot of cool info and data.

Question 8

Big Party or Small Gathering?

Big parties are fun to attend with the right people. Big parties include over fifty guests and often have a lot of dancing, music, and food! Big parties also often have a lot of drinks to sip on. Small gatherings include around 15 people or less and allow guests who are involved to share better conversations with each other. Small gatherings usually do not have music that is way too loud! Decide between these two party styles and sizes now.

Question 9

Brother or Sister?

Having siblings is great. No one really wants to go grow up alone so when kids are able to have a sibling near their age to grow up with, it helps them grow up to be a better adult. Having a brother is fun because brothers can be rowdy and silly! Having a sister is wonderful because sisters can be loving and thoughtful. It is nice to have one of each as a child growing up. Who wins between brothers and sisters?

Question 10

Football or Basketball?

Football and basketball are both majorly popular sports that we like to play and watch. Going to sporting events is more enjoyable and fun when we know details about the sport being played. It is easy to figure out the ins and outs of a sport if we try to play the sport ourselves at one point in life. Playing sports helps us figure out the rules of the games and the way things go! Pick between these two awesome sports!

Question 11

Sneakers or Sandals?

Abbey Clancy, a designer, said, "Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi is just great. You get yourself in a warm bath to soften up your skin and then use this, and it really works. Plus, it's so easy to do, and you don't have to leave the house, so whenever you want to put sandals on, you don't have to worry about going to the salon." (Brainy Quote). She supports sandals and so do we! But are sandals better than sneakers?

Question 12

Mountains or Valleys?

Salman Rush is a writer and poet. He said, "I've never seen anywhere in the world as beautiful as Kashmir. It has something to do with the fact that the valley is very small and the mountains are very big, so you have this miniature countryside surrounded by the Himalayas, and it's just spectacular. And it's true, the people are very beautiful too." (Brainy Quote). He obviously loves mountains and valleys! It is time for us to decide which one we prefer.

Question 13

Guitar or Piano?

Luis Fonsi is a famous musician. He said, "I definitely try to be myself and not try to imitate other performers. That's why I got my music degree. I wanted to be prepared and not be a 'product.' I want people to know that I'm not only a singer but a musician as well. I learned the guitar, piano, and composition. I believe that it's just about being myself on and off stage." (Brainy Quote). He loves both of these instruments!

Question 14

Nice Car or Nice Home?

Having a nice car is something almost everyone in the world wants. Having a nice home is also something everyone wants! Nice cars and nice homes cost money so it takes hard work and dedication to achieve goals like those. Since it takes such dedication, it is important to prioritize what is most important before spending any money in any particular direction. Does it make more sense to worry about a nice home or to worry about a nice car?

Question 15

Gemini or Cancer?

Gemini signs are known for being up and down with their moods since the symbol that represents them is the twins. They might be happy at one moment but change the way they feel right away after that. Cancer signs are known for being emotional since they are part of the water element. Some signs are water, some are earth, some are fire, and some are air-- Cancer signs are water! Decide between these two signs for this quiz round.

Question 16

Hide or Seek?

John Lahr is an actor. He mentioned the game of hide-and-seek when he said, "Theatre is a game of hide-and-seek. For both the hiders and the seekers, the thrill is in the discovery. When the rules of the game are too vague or too complicated, however, the audience can lose its urge to play; the prize no longer seems quite worth the hunt." (Brainy Quote). Is it more fun to be the one hiding or is it better to be the seeker?

Question 17

Bottled Water or Energy Drink?

Detrich Mateschitz is a product designer and according to Brainy Quote, he said, "When launching a product called an Energy Drink and named Red Bull, a product that stimulates body and mind, it is a short step to the roots where Red Bull came from. We have been doing this for 20 years - now it's called adventure sports, extreme sports, and outdoor sports." He obviously supports energy drinks but should everyone else feel the same way as him about them?

Question 18

Doctor or Dentist?

Doctor visits and dentist visits are both very important to our bodies and our health. Doctors help us by examining our entire bodies, listening to our heartbeats, weighing us, and much more. Dentists check our teeth, our cavities, our tongues, our gums, and more! Both are trained pros who know what to do and what to say in order to keep us healthy and cared for. Both deserve a visit at least once a year, if not every six months.

Question 19

Ponytail or Braid?

When a girl chooses to do her hair, she might choose to have her hair up in a ponytail or braided up in a braid. Braids can be styled in awesome ways like fishtail or mermaid style. Ponytails can be high or low and either way, they usually look cute. Ponytails and braids can both be tied up with a bow or a rubber band which is pretty awesome. Girls have so many options when it comes to their hairstyles.

Question 20

Uber or a Lyft?

Michael Tubbs mentioned both of these rideshare services when he said, "In our economic structure, the people who work the hardest oftentimes make the least. I know migrant farm workers who do back-breaking labor every day, or Uber drivers and Lyft drivers who drive 10 to 12 hours a day in traffic. You can't be lazy doing that kind of work." (Brainy Quote). His opinion on this matter is quite interesting and very insightful. Decide now between these two ride options.

Question 21

Animated or Live Action?

Animated movies are fun to watch! The one pictured here, for example, is all about a great hero from the world of Marvel comics. Spider-man is an epic hero with a lot to prove. His live action movies have been just as popular as the animated versions. He wears a red suit and he shoots spider webs out of his wrists! How much cooler can a hero get? His live action flicks are just as cool as his animated ones.

Question 22

Apples or Oranges?

Bill Pullman is an actor. According to Brainy Quote, he said, "I planted an orchard when I was 13. The impulse came from wanting to grow my own apples. That and the nursery catalog showed an apple tree with a beautiful girl standing under the fruit. Whether the flavor or the picture that did it, I've been hooked since." It is clear that he loves apples. Are apples better than oranges though? It is time to decide on this round!

Question 23

Dry or Wet?

Jill Tarter is a scientist who described dry and wet areas of nature when she said, "Life has evolved to thrive in environments that are extreme only by our limited human standards: in the boiling battery acid of Yellowstone springs, in the cracks of permanent ice sheets, in the cooling waters of nuclear reactors, miles beneath the Earth's crust, in pure salt crystals, and inside the rocks of the dry valleys of Antarctica." (Brainy Quote). Is dry better than wet?

Question 24

Cardio or Weights?

Exercising at the gym is a healthy and smart thing for all of us to do. Losing extra pounds is a goal we all want to reach and being able to reach that goal, sooner than later, is an achievement. We all strive to make a difference when it comes to our self-esteem and our health so using gym devices and gym tools helps us make our personal dreams come true. Decide now about which cool gym items to use!

Question 25

Baby Boy or Baby Girl?

Will it be a Baby Boy or Baby Girl? Baby boys wear blue and baby girls wear pink. Baby boys grow up to be men one day and baby girls grow up to be women one day. When a pregnant woman finds out about the gender of her child, it can be a beautifully lovely experience for her and for the baby's father. They are finding out together if a little girl is on the way or if a boy is on the way!

Question 26

Summer or Winter?

Summer is a wonderful season filled with sunshine, swimming, beach trips, sun hats, and more. Winter is a lovely season filled with snow, scarves, coats, hot chocolate, and more. Both seasons are great to experience and both seasons come with their own sets of benefits. Summer weather is usually always amazing and winter romance is usually always blooming! It is hard to decide between these two seasons but for this round, that is exactly what we must do. Decide now!

Question 27

Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party?

There are two major parties people enjoy throwing when a baby is on the way. Those parties are the Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Party. The baby shower is all about gifts and celebrating the new mom who is about to give birth. The gender reveal party is all about revealing if the baby is a boy or a girl. Which party is better and sounds more fun? Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party? Try to make that choice now!

Question 28

Left or Right?

Left-handed people and right-handed people are all still people... we just use different hands than each other. Left-handers are not as common to meet in life as right-handers though... there are way more people who exist on this planet that are keen towards using their right hand and their right hand only. Ambidextrous folks are able to use both of their hands equally without any problems or issues. Decide now for this round... is left better than right or not?

Question 29

Color or Black & White?

Seeing things in color, like movies and music videos, is super fun because we are able to take in all of the details. Seeing things in black and white is cool because it reminds us of the way things used to be, back in the day before color was able to be displayed on a TV. People use black and white on purpose these days as a filter to make things look older and more refined than they really are.

Question 30

Libra or Scorpio?

Libras and Scorpios are signs for the astrological chart! Libras are known for being very strongwilled and bright. They strive for the best and achieve all that they want in life because they choose to try really hard at everything. Scorpios are known for being very emotionally driven and for wanting the best things out of life, despite the struggle they might face to get to that point. These two signs are both super cool but which sign is better?

Question 31

Text or Call?

Texting and calling are two forms of communication and for this quiz round, we are trying to decipher which method of communication is actually much better? Texting is a quick and easy way to convey a message because it is silent and simple. Calling requires us to speak out loud to one another which is also nice because tones of voice can be heard and messages will not be misconstrued as often. Is it better to text or to call?

Question 32

French Fries or Chicken Fingers?

French fries are so yummy and there is no getting around that. There is no way to avoid the truth behind how tasty french fries are. They are the most popular side dish for a reason. Chicken fingers are good too because they are breaded and ready to be dipped into ranch dressing, ketchup, and BBQ sauce. French Fries or Chicken Fingers taste so great together but for this round, we must choose between them. Which of them tastes a lot better?

Question 33

Ocean or River?

Oceans and rivers are both amazing bodies of water to swim in. They both can be used for fishing also. That is why we can easily see people sitting on their boats in the ocean or at the river with their fishing poles and bait. Oceans are a little more haunting because oceans go on endlessly. Rivers are a bit less haunting because they are a lot smaller and do not have wild waves or sea creatures swimming in them.

Question 34

Rent or Own?

Renting a home and owning a home are both great ways to get a family moved into the right spot. Renting means that every month, a person is paying a chunk of money to live where they live. Owning means that the person paid a large lump sum at one time in order to own their property. That way, the person does not have to keep paying a monthly amount forever. Which of these options is the best way to go?

Question 35

Music or Movies?

Listening to music is fun but so is watching movies. Movies tell us stories that we can visually see as they play out across the screen for us with characters who are played by actors and actresses, reading scripts. Music also tells us stories, through lyrics and poetic words. Music and movies are both so very powerful in today's society and that is what makes this truly such a hard call to make. Try to pick between music and movies!

Question 36

Teach or Learn?

Teaching lessons is a fun thing to do when the person being taught is excited to learn new things and absorb new info. Learning new things is also a very fun thing to do if the things we are learning are interesting. In a classroom setting, it is nice to be in the position of a teacher and it is also nice to be in the position of a student. Decide now between teaching or learning for this quiz round.

Question 37

Fishing or Hunting?

Ted Hughes is a nature lover and according to Brainy Quote, he said, "Fishing provides that connection with the whole living world. It gives you the opportunity of being totally immersed, turning back into yourself in a good way. A form of meditation, some form of communion with levels of yourself that are deeper than the ordinary self." Fishing sounds great but hunting is another fun nature thing that people enjoy doing also! Pick between these two outdoor activities now.

Question 38

Introverts or Extroverts?

Daniel H. Pink is a writer and poet. He said, according to Brainy Quote, "We have this idea that extroverts are better salespeople. As a result, extroverts are more likely to enter sales; extroverts are more likely to get promoted in sales jobs. But if you look at the correlation between extroversion and actual sales performance - that is, how many times the cash register actually rings - the correlation's almost zero." Are extroverts better than introverts or not really?

Question 39

Work Hard or Play Hard?

Working hard and playing hard are both important in life. These things are equally important for adults in society today. Working hard equates to earning a good income and being able to be independent. Playing hard equates to enjoying ourselves and relaxing every once in a while to unwind from a hard work week. Being able to work hard and play hard is a good thing for all of us to be able to do so that we are balanced.

Question 40

Smooth or Prickly?

Smooth textured things are usually better to deal with than prickly textured things. That is because smooth things do not hurt our hands or our fingers most of the time. Smooth items like blankets, soap, silk, or wigs are usually easy to deal with. Prickly items, on the other, might hurt our hands and our fingers if they are handled improperly. It is time now to decide between these two textures... is smooth better than prickly or is it the other way around?

Question 41

Sagittarius or Capricorn?

Is it better to be a Sagittarius or Capricorn? Both of these signs are friendly, loving, and kind. Both of these signs know how to treat their friends and family with love and respect! Both of these signs are pretty energetic when it comes to doing the right thing and being a good person. For this round, let us now decide... is it better to be born as a Sagittarius or is it better to be born as a Capricorn?

Question 42

Laundry or Dishes?

Rebecca Makkai is an actress. She mentioned laundry and dishes when she said, "I have the distinct feeling that when I'm old, and I look back on my life, my thirties will be one huge blur. There's a lot that gets neglected: exercise, dishes, laundry, my poor garden. I try to prioritize the important but non-urgent things over the unimportant but urgent things." (Brainy Quote). She has done a whole lot of both of these house chores in her life.

Question 43

Bath or Shower?

We all love to feel clean and refreshed after a long day. Getting into a bath or shower after working out at the gym or coming home from work is really pleasant and nice. Baths are soothing, calming, and relaxing. Showers are quick, easy, and convenient. Which of these options is the better way to go when it comes to getting clean and getting fresh for the day or for the night? Is a shower better than a warm bath?

Question 44

Umbrella or Raincoat?

No one likes to get rained on but every once in a while, it happens. Rain falls from the sky and creates a gloomy atmosphere that we must try our best to navigate through safely. Part of that navigation includes staying dry. Staying dry happens with the help of raincoats and umbrellas. Without those items, rain would get all of us soaked and totally drippy! Who wants to deal with that? Time to decide between these two rain stopping methods.

Question 45

Silver or Gold?

Silver and gold are both used for coins and jewelry all the time. Silver and gold are both also used for silverware and dishes in wealthy family homes. Engagement rings that are meant for happy brides are typically made of silver or gold, along with a diamond or other lovely gemstone. Silver pairs well with diamonds and gold pairs well with rubies! Both of these rich products are worth a lot but which one is actually a lot better than the other?

Question 46

Small Town or Big City?

Coming from a big city is cool because city people know how to be outgoing and social in a big way. Fitting in with city people is not the easiest thing to do so those who can pull it off are of a different breed. Small town people are usually very friendly since everyone tends to know each other in small towns. Both of these places are nice and cool in their own ways but which place is actually better?

Question 47

Gigi or Bella?

Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are two models who have stolen the show in today's society. They are close friends with another famous model named Kendall Jenner who comes to us from the Kardashian clan. This group of gals steals all the attention in every room they enter into. They are beautiful and tall which is what makes them stand out so much. Gigi is blonde and Bella is brunette but they both still look similar in many different ways.

Question 48

Tidy or Cluttered?

Having a tidy desk might help a person feel more organized and in control of their own life. Because of that, a person with a tidy desk likely also has a tidy bedroom, a tidy car, and a tidy sense of personal hygiene. Someone with a cluttered desk might have a method to their madness and understand the way of their clutter on a personal level. They might not like things to be perfectly organized because it does not suit them.

Question 49

Little or Big?

When it comes to size, some people prefer when things are smaller and some people prefer when things are smaller. Mice and rats are examples of small creatures that exist on our planet today. Elephants and rhinos are examples are larger creatures that also exist on our planet. The sizes of different animals help us gauge what we prefer when it comes to size in general. Is it better for things to be little or is it better for them to be big?

Question 50

Plane or Boat?

Plane and boats are two awesome methods of travel. Planes soar through the sky, above the clouds and next to the birds. Boats float across the surface of the water in bodies like oceans, rivers, and lakes. Both of these methods of travel are safer than traveling in a solo car which is nice. Driving in a car alone is never really much fun anyway! Decide now between traveling in a plane or traveling in a boat on the water.

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