Play A Game Of 'Never Have I Ever' And We'll Match You To Your Celeb Twin

There are a lot of games that friends can play together to learn more about each other. One game that can be fun to play with other people is a game called 'Never Have I Ever.' This game involves having one person say something that they've never done before and everyone else who has done that thing has to speak up. This can be a really fun way to learn more about someone, whether it's someone that we just met or someone that we've been friends with for quite a while. Either way, this game can be a real conversation starter and can say a lot about the people that are playing.

Even though everyone is unique and everyone has their own stories for things that have happened in their lives, there are many people that have pretty similar life experiences. We've all met someone that we really instantly felt connected to and realized that we had so much in common that we're basically like twins! It's always great to meet someone and instantly befriend them and feel connected to them in that way. Playing a game of 'Never Have I Ever' with them would be so much fun because of all our similarities.

Play this fun game and we'll match everyone to their celebrity twin!

Question 1

Never have I ever watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians is one of many series that the Kardashian-Jenner family stars in on E! and is a reality TV series that follows their personal and professional lives. For fans of this famous family, it can be a lot of fun to watch the behind-the-scenes of all of the intense moments that they saw on social media or in a tabloid and see exactly what goes on in their day-to-day lives. Have you ever seen this show?

Question 2

Never have I ever been to a wedding.

Whether it's your own wedding or one for a friend or loved one, a wedding can be a really romantic occasion and a great time for all the most important people in someone's life to come together and celebrate the happy couple. Weddings are really personal and take a lot of planning to make sure everything is just right, meaning that they can be totally different depending on the couple getting married. Whether they're big or small and where they take place really depends on the couple!

Question 3

Never have I ever gotten fake nails.

Many people totally love to get their nails done and get a manicure. Whether they get it at the salon or they decide to get creative and paint their own nails at home, getting your nails done can really be a great way to pamper yourself. For many people, simply painting them a new color isn't enough and getting acrylic nails applied to add length and shape to the nails is their preference. Fake nails can be done at home but are usually done at a salon.

Question 4

Never have I ever been to Disneyland.

Around the world, there are a ton of different theme parks and amusement parks that have a lot of different rides and attractions for visitors to enjoy. Some of those parks that are located in different locations around the world are the Disney Parks. At the Disney parks, fans can meet some of their favorite Disney characters, experience a huge variety of Disney-themed rides and attractions, and enjoy some delicious and unique treats. Have you ever been to one of the parks like Disneyland?

Question 5

Never have I ever eaten fast food twice in one day.

We all know how important it is to take care of our bodies, right? Part of that includes eating things that are good for us and let's be honest, fast food often isn't. Still, it can be nice to eat out sometimes instead of always cooking at home. Not only is it so much quicker and easier, it's also pretty tasty to eat from our favorite fast food restaurants from time to time. Have you ever eaten fast food twice in a day?

Question 6

Never have I ever stayed up for more than 24 hours.

Whether it was on purpose to meet a serious deadline or study for a big test or simply because sleep just wouldn't come at night, many people have had those days when they stayed up all night instead of climbing into bed to go to sleep at their usual time. In fact, there are even people who choose to do it somewhat regularly for one reason or another. But we all know this isn't the best choice for our bodies and really try to avoid it!

Question 7

Never have I ever seen an episode of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones is a fantasy series set in a medieval world and is primarily focused on two fictional continents known as Westeros and Essos. The series has a large ensemble cast and is focused on several different storylines that involve these different characters. The main story in Game of Thrones focuses on the battle that the characters are having to try to claim or be free of the Iron Throne, both a physical throne and the power to rule the Seven Kingdoms.

Question 8

Never have I ever had a spa day at home.

Taking care of ourselves is something important that we all know we should really prioritize. Even though taking care of our responsibilities is something that none of us can avoid, taking time every now and then to enjoy ourselves and not worry about all the things we need to get done is good for us. One way to do this is by treating ourselves to a spa day, complete with a nice warm bath, a face mask, and some tasty snacks.

Question 9

Never have I ever eaten dessert before dinner.

We all know that dessert is technically supposed to be eaten after we finish our dinner. As tempting as chowing down on something sweet like cake, ice cream, or pie can be, we've been taught since childhood to wait until after dinner is finished to eat it so that we save some room for our dinner. But, there are some times when we just don't want to wait! Dessert is too hard to resist. Have you ever eaten your dessert before your dinner?

Question 10

Never have I ever dyed my hair a bright color.

Changing something about our appearance can be a lot of fun! One way to change it is by changing up the look of our hair. Whether it's a brand new cut or a new color, changing our hair can change the way we look and make us feel like a whole new person. When it comes to changing your hair color, there are a ton of different shades that you can choose from. While many people stick to natural tones, some people choose to go with bright shades like pink or blue.

Question 11

Never have I ever played Fortnite.

Fortnite is a game that has become pretty popular in the past few years. The most popular game mode that Fortnite has is the free-to-play version called Fortnite Battle Royale. Fortnite Battle Royale is a game in which 100 players are all put onto the same map with the objective of being the very last person left alive. The players can collect items, build places to hide from other players, and take each other out until only one person is left standing.

Question 12

Never have I ever fallen asleep during a movie.

It can be really relaxing to kick back with a good movie on. Whether it's a brand new movie that you're seeing in theaters or an old favorite on a streaming service like Netflix, a movie night is always a great way to relax after a long day. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be a little too relaxing and it's so easy for us to just doze off sometimes and wake up long after the movie has ended and the credits are rolling. Oops!

Question 13

Never have I ever seen a ghost.

What the afterlife entails is really unknown to us. There are a lot of people who believe that people who pass on can come back to the world of the living as a ghost. There are so many different movies and TV shows that revolve around the concept of a ghost haunting a certain location, something that many people believe in as being something that happens in the real world. Some people believe in it so strongly that they claim to have seen a ghost themselves!

Question 14

Never have I ever snooped through someone's bathroom.

It's totally natural to be curious about the lives of other people. One thing that many people can be pretty curious about when it comes to the people they know is their house! The things they have in their house and how they have it all set up can really say a lot about a person. When visiting someone's house, it can be sort of tempting to take a little peek around the inside of their house, especially in their bathroom cabinets.

Question 15

Never have I ever gone to a party without being invited.

Anyone who has ever thrown a party of any type will know that perfecting the guest list is a huge part of having the party go perfectly! It's important to make sure that all your closest friends are at the party and ready to have a good time. And anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of an invitation to a cool party will definitely know how much fun they can be. But, not everyone gets invited to every party. That doesn't stop some people from going!

Question 16

Never have I ever been to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a city that was founded in the early 20th century and pretty quickly became one of the most populated cities in the United States. Anyone who has been to Las Vegas will totally understand why so many people are drawn to this city. Although sun may make the weather in this city super hot, it's easy to stay cool in the many tourist attractions in the city. From different hotels and other things to do on The Strip to the attractions in the rest of the city, it's a pretty exciting place.

Question 17

Never have I ever worn the same clothes two days in a row.

Typically, we change our clothes each day. For people who are really into clothes, it can be pretty fun to put on something new every single day and put together a whole new outfit each day. But, there are some days that, for one reason or another, that just doesn't happen and we end up re-wearing the exact same clothes that we wore the previous day! Oops! This definitely isn't something that most people do very often, but it still happens.

Question 18

Never have I ever worn red lipstick.

Anyone who is into makeup will know that there are so many different color options for just about every makeup item out there. From lipstick to eyeshadow and blush, there are different colors and finishes that people can choose from to create the perfect makeup look. One staple item that just about every makeup lover has in their collection is a good red lipstick. It's been a classic for a long time and nearly every brand has their own spin on it.

Question 19

Never have I ever tried to go vegan.

Being vegan is a lifestyle choice that involves not eating, using, or otherwise consuming products that involve animals. That means no eating meat or cheese and for many vegans, it also means not wearing leather or using cosmetics that test on animals during their production. Many people choose to go vegan, or at least try to for some period of time, and each has their own reason for making the change in their lifestyle. Have you ever made this change in your life?

Question 20

Never have I ever been to the beach.

Many people have a preference when it comes to the type of weather they like best. For some, it's weather that's on the cooler side and might have some snow or rain falling. For other people, they prefer the weather to be on the opposite end of the spectrum and be way more on the warm side with the sun shining. For people who prefer warm weather, going on a vacation to the beach to enjoy the sun, sand, and ocean is perfect.

Question 21

Never have I ever avoided answering someone's call.

Oops! Thanks to the magic of technology, we don't have to talk to people if we don't want to. If our phones ring, we can simply check the screen to see who it is and if it's someone that we aren't interested in talking to, we can just quietly ignore their call and not answer it. It comes in pretty handy when there's someone that you don't want to talk to and just want to avoid taking their phone call.

Question 22

Never have I ever flown somewhere.

Sometimes, it can be really nice to get away from our normal lives and go on a trip somewhere far away. Going on a road trip is one way to get where we're going but if it's somewhere really far away, flying is definitely the best option. It can be really nice to hop on a plane, fly somewhere far away, and get away from your normal life for a little while on a fun vacation or a trip to visit a family member or friend.

Question 23

Never have I ever spent all day in bed.

Having responsibilities can be hard sometimes. There are so many things that need to be done and places we need to go that sometimes, it's hard to convince ourselves to get out of bed and get it done. It's so much easier to try to just lay in bed all day and relax. Although we obviously can't do that every day, as there are some days when it's just too hard to resist the urge to cancel our plans and stay under the blankets.

Question 24

Never have I ever seen Mean Girls.

Mean Girls is a movie that stars Lindsay Lohan as a high school student named Cady who recently moved from Africa to the US and started attending public school. Before the start of the movie, she had been homeschooled by her parents, who researchers, and had never really been in a public school before. Cady finds herself befriended by the most popular girls in school and tries to use her friendship with them to help her other friends but finds herself changing who she is.

Question 25

Never have I ever helped throw a surprise party.

Parties require a lot of planning! Whether the party is to celebrate special occasion like a birthday or anniversary or maybe a big achievement or life change like starting a new job or graduating from school, there are a lot of reasons that people might throw a party. Many parties have the person who the party is being held in honor of as part of the planning of the party. But, there are some times when the guest of honor has no idea the party is being thrown until they arrive!

Question 26

Never have I ever cut my own hair.

Getting a haircut is awesome! It can really make you feel like a whole new person. Unfortunately, there are some times when we really just want a change and don't have time to wait for the salon to have an open appointment for us. So, what's wrong with taking the scissors into our own hands and giving ourselves a haircut every now and then? Whether it's a small trim or a big change, it can be tempting! Unfortunately, it doesn't always turn out how we imagined.

Question 27

Never have I ever binge watched a TV show.

Thanks to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, we no longer have to wait a week between new episodes of a TV show that we're really watching. Sometimes, a whole show is added to the service at once when it releases or the entire season is added after it ends. So, if we find a show that we're really it's super easy to relax on the couch and watch an entire season or even an entire series in a matter of hours or days!

Question 28

Never have I ever forgotten someone's birthday.

Oops! Now this mistake is one that not a lot of people are going to want to own up to but it's definitely something that many of us have done from time to time. Because we're all so busy, it can be easy to let things slip our minds and just forget about them, no matter how hard we try not to. Important dates like the birthdays of our friends and loved ones are definitely one thing that can slip our mind if we're busy!

Question 29

Never have I ever gotten a tattoo.

There are a ton of ways that people can express themselves. One way that many people choose to express themselves is through tattoos! The tattoo is an art form that has been around for a really long time and has really evolved over the years in terms of how they're done, the styles that are popular, and the people who tend to get tattoos. Whether they're huge and colorful or small and simple, there are a ton of people these days with tattoos of their own.

Question 30

Never have I ever bought something from Lush.

Lush is a store that sells a lot of bath and body products like shower gels, hair care products, face masks, and body butters. These products can make taking a bath or a shower and getting clean a super relaxing experience and can make your entire bathroom smell super good. Lush releases special collections during different holidays, something that fans of the store get pretty excited about being able to go to the store and pick up the limited edition products that they release.

Question 31

Never have I ever forgotten to brush my teeth.

We all know how important it is to take care of our teeth. Going to the dentist in order to get a filling or other dental work done is never any fun and we really need our teeth to chew our food and keep our smiles looking perfect! Brushing your teeth in the morning and then before bed is important to keeping your teeth healthy. Even though we all know that, it can be hard sometimes when you're in a rush or just so tired.

Question 32

Never have I ever baked cookies from scratch.

A lot of people love to be in the kitchen, cooking different meals and trying out brand new recipes. One thing that many people like to make when they head into the kitchen is a warm, fresh tray of baked goods. Whether it's cookies, cake, or cupcakes, it can be really delicious to bake up something sweet. There are a ton of different mixes on store shelves that make it easy to cook things with only a few ingredients, but it's also fun to make them from scratch.

Question 33

Never have I ever gone camping.

For people who like spending time in the great outdoors, there are a lot of ways to enjoy nature! From going on a picnic outside in a park to hiking up a mountain to even spending a few days sleeping under the stars in a forest somewhere. Going camping can either mean sleeping in a tent or getting a little fancier in an RV but either way, it involves spending time out in the woods and enjoying nature for a night or more.

Question 34

Never have I ever bought a designer item.

There are a lot of famous designers in the world that make things like clothing, accessories, and shoes. These items are often seen on celebrities and bloggers and it's hard not to want to pick up the new bag or awesome new outfit that our favorite celebrities are wearing when we see their pictures on social media! Designer items are typically pretty expensive but people who like to wear them swear that they're totally worth it. Have you ever bought a designer item?

Question 35

Never have I ever bought something from Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie Cosmetics is a makeup brand owned by Kylie Jenner, a reality TV and social media star who is known for appearing on different TV shows with her family, having first made her TV debut on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Even though Kylie is the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, she's made quite a name for herself. Kylie Cosmetics was launched with one product: her Kylie Lip Kits, a matte liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner, but has since expanded to a ton of products.

Question 36

Never have I ever read a whole book in one day.

Anyone who really loves to read will know that it can be hard to put down a book once you've started it. Some books are so good that we just want to keep on reading them and can't stop until we find out what happens at the end of the book! Even though some books may take us some time to finish getting through, anyone who loves reading will probably have at least one book they finished in only a matter of hours.

Question 37

Never have I ever eaten too much.

Food is so delicious. When we're eating something that tastes really good, it can be hard to stop eating it. Although that may seem totally fine in the moment when we're chowing down on something super tasty, anyone who has ever eaten way too much of something will know that it comes with some pretty tough consequences afterwards when we start to feel way too full and even a little sick! Oops! Have you ever eaten too much at once?

Question 38

Never have I ever watched High School Musical.

High School Musical is a series of movies that originated on the Disney Channel. The first two movies in the trilogy were released as Disney Channel Original Movies while the third one actually had a full release in theaters! The entire series follows a high school student named Troy Bolton who is known for his skills on the basketball court. But after he meets a new girl at school named Gabriella, his interests change and he realizes he's pretty into singing as well.

Question 39

Never have I ever re-gifted something.

It's always nice to get a gift from someone! Unfortunately, not all gifts are winners and sometimes, we get something that we just don't want or need. Occasionally, it's even something that someone else in our lives might enjoy more than us. In times like that, it can be pretty tempting to just re-gift it and give it to someone else in our life instead of keeping it for ourselves. Have you ever re-gifted something you got to another person?

Question 40

Never have I ever been snowed in.

For people who live in a colder climate, the winter typically means that it's time for some snow to fall. If you're someone that enjoys snow, this can be a pretty exciting part of the year! Sometimes, the snow can fall down so much that it can cause us to be stuck in the house and unable to get out on the roads. This is definitely one downside to the snow falling down. Have you ever found yourself snowed in?

Question 41

Never have I ever watched the Harry Potter movies.

The Harry Potter movies are a series of films that are based on novels by the same name. The series follows the title character, a young wizard named Harry Potter, who lives a pretty ordinary life until his 11th birthday. On that day, he learned that he's secretly one of the most well-known wizards in the world and that his parents had lost their lives to a dark wizard who only he had been able to survive. The movie follows his life through his time at school.

Question 42

Never have I ever worn my pajamas out of the house.

Pajamas are super comfortable to wear at night when we're going to sleep. When it's time to start the day and go out to run errands and be responsible, it's time to put on some clothes and look good. But, there are days when it's hard to get going. It's easy to be tired and just not want to get dressed or get ready. If we only have a few places to go, it can be easy to just go in pajamas.

Question 43

Never have I ever cracked my phone's screen.

No matter how careful we are with our belongings, it can be easy to accidentally slip and drop something. Many of us have definitely dropped our phones on the ground before. Many of us have been lucky enough to have a case or screen protector on it, so when we picked it up off the ground, it was perfectly fine. Unfortunately, many people have also picked up their phones to see that the screen simply hadn't survived that fall to the ground.

Question 44

Never have I ever worn shoes that hurt my feet.

No matter how cool some items of clothing or accessories might look, there are some that are seriously not comfortable to wear! Shoes tend to be the most uncomfortable thing that we wear. It makes sense since our feet are what we stand on all day and put all of our weight onto, meaning that if we wear a pair of shoes that don't feel good on our feet, it's something that we're going to be focused on all day long.

Question 45

Never have I ever sang along to a Disney movie.

Ever since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the very first Disney movie ever to be released, came out several decades ago, Disney has been putting out some pretty great movies over the years. Many of these movies feature songs that fit the story of the movie but are super catchy and fun to sing along to on their own. Whether we're watching the movie or just have the song stuck in our heads after it's over, it's hard not to sing along!

Question 46

Never have I ever eaten breakfast for dinner.

Breakfast and dinner are two meals that are typically eaten at different times of the day and involve very different foods. For breakfast, something like pancakes or cereal would be delicious whereas eating dinner several hours later would call for something more like pasta or hamburgers. But, another popular choice when it comes to eating dinner involves mixing these two meals together and instead of leaving foods like bacon and eggs at breakfast, they're served at dinnertime! Yum! Have you ever had breakfast for dinner?

Question 47

Never have I ever been on a blind date.

Anyone who has ever been on a first date with a person will know that they can be a little nervewracking. It's easy to be nervous to go on a date for the very first time with someone you just met, but having never met them before can make that feeling even stronger! Going on a blind date involves going on a date with a person that you've never actually met, typically someone that you have a mutual friend with who set you two up.

Question 48

Never have I ever seen Twilight.

Twilight is the first in a series of movies that are based on a series of books by the same names. The movies follow a high school student named Bella Swan who recently moved to the small, rainy town of Forks, Washington to live with her dad after living with her mom in Arizona for most of her life. After moving to Forks, she meets one of her classmates, a mysterious boy named Edward who she falls for. She learns that he's hiding a pretty intense secret.

Question 49

Never have I ever faked being sick to avoid going somewhere.

Making plans or appointments to do things is always great. It can be really exciting to have something to look forward to in that way. Unfortunately, as those plans come closer, there are some times when we're just not as excited about them anymore and we can slowly start to realize that we don't actually want to go anymore. When it's something we can simply cancel, that's great! Unfortunately, sometimes it's not so easy to get out of something we had agreed to do.

Question 50

Never have I ever explored an abandoned building.

There are a lot of buildings in the world that have been abandoned and are no longer being used for their original purpose. From houses that the inhabitants moved out of to stores that closed down, there are buildings all over the place that are no longer used and just sit, completely empty. These days, exploring those places has become pretty trendy and people like to make videos showing off the inside of the buildings for those of us that aren't brave enough.

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