Play A Game Of 'Never Have I Ever' And We'll Match You To A TV Hubby

This "Never Have I Ever" quiz is going to help us discover which TV husband everyone is destined to end up with. Never trying something in life is not a good way to live life! Unless something can cause serious harm, we should try everything at least once... just to be able to claim we had the experience. Older people regret more of the things that they did not do instead of the things that they did do and that truly does say a lot.

Never tasting certain foods is super sad. We should all branch out and try foods we otherwise might never consider. If someone offers a spoonful of something weird or a scoop of something odd, our answer should be "yes" instead of "no" all the time! Never visiting certain places on the globe is also super sad. The countries that cover the world are filled with cool people, customs, cultures, music, food, and views that we can never experience if we stay stuck in the same singular location forever. Never listening to certain music is also something pretty sad. Being closed off to certain artists or certain songs is very close-minded. We should try to tune into new songs all the time to discover something new!

Question 1

Worn lipstick?

Lipstick is a fun thing to wear when we are about to go out on a first date with a new romantic partner. We want to look our best and so applying a little bit of lipstick to add some color to our lips is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Lipstick is only one aspect of cosmetics because we also have to consider using foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and everything else if we really feel like we are in the mood to do so!

Question 2

Eaten brownies?

Brownies are super delicious so most people have definitely tried them at one point or another in their life. For those of us out there in the world who have not yet tried brownies, we are really missing out! For those of us who have tried them, we already know how delicious they are and that they are probably one of the best dessert ever. A big piece of chocolate brownie and covered in vanilla ice cream and fudge syrup is probably the best thing ever.

Question 3

Listened to Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande is one of the most talented singers of our time. She was supposed to perform at a major music award show a few months ago but the person in charge of everything started clashing with her because he did not agree with her choice for songs. He wanted her to sing certain songs that she did not want to sing and she wanted to perform songs that she felt she was most confident and happy about. Because of this class, she ended up avoiding the performance altogether.

Question 4

Worn heels?

Wearing high heels is a great way to add a little bit of height to a woman who is on the petite side. There is nothing wrong with being petite but for some reason, a lot of people in the world prefer when a woman looks as though she is taller. When a woman has long legs, she is often compared to a model! It is really cool for a woman to be compared to a model and so that is why a lot of women choose to wear high heels when they leave the house.

Question 5

Listened to Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is another super talented singer who rose to fame singing country music for a very long time. She then branched out from the country music genre and decided to start making pop music with an alternative beat. She started creating songs that were meant for people to dance to in the club and dance to in their car. A lot of her music is based on relationship troubles and romance struggles that she has faced throughout her 30 years of life.

Question 6

Eaten pizza?

Most people in the world to definitely try to slice of pizza at some point or another in their life. If not, they are definitely missing out on one of the best food items of all time. Pizza is great because it starts off with a dough crust, it is then covered with marinara sauce, it is then covered with mozzarella cheese, and from there… It can be covered with anything that a hungry person and my desire. That means that a hungry person can add pepperoni, mushrooms, pineapples, or anything.

Question 7

Watched The Office?

Trying to explain a show like this to someone who has never seen it is very frustrating and frankly pretty annoying. For people who don’t watch the show and don’t know anything about it, it is time to sit down and figure it out. This is one of the best shows with the best humor ever. This show is not something that people should feel confused about but for people who do not understand the humor that is brought to the table in this type of show, it’s time to figure it out.

Question 8

Listened to Selena Gomez?

According to brainy Quote, Selena Gomez said, "I learned everything from that show, so it's just a wonderful memory to me. A lot of people would be embarrassed to admit that they were on 'Barney', but I embrace the fact. I just had such a wonderful time doing that show... I learned what a camera and prop are, and all that. I learned my manners too, so I guess that's a good thing!" Ever listened to her music on the radio?

Question 9

Worn earrings?

Earrings are an incredible piece of jewelry to wear! They are worn on a woman’s ears and a woman can choose to wear whatever style that she wants to wear for the day. She can wear a pair of earrings that looks long and dangly or she can wear a pair of earrings that looks proper and tiny. It really all depends on her mood and her style. If her fashion sense goes for things that look a little bit more eccentric, she might even like feather earrings.

Question 10

Watched Modern Family?

This show dives into some serious subject matter using lighthearted humor and amazing comedy. It focuses on three different families and how they function in the modern world. Each family in this show is connected to the other in a different familiar way. The connections of the characters have with each other are undeniable and super sweet to see. This show is super funny and hopefully, it lasts for many more seasons because everyone enjoys watching it. Has it been watched?

Question 11

Listened to Rihanna?

Rihanna is one of the best singers ever and on top of her beautiful singing voice, she also has a beautiful face. She worked out so she has a great body to match! She really is the total package. Along with her amazing music, she also sells cosmetic products and lingerie for people to wear with their significant other. She is very creative and she is a brilliant businesswoman when it comes to venturing out in new areas with her ideas.

Question 12

Watched Grey's Anatomy?

According to Google, "The medical drama series focuses on a group of young doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, who began their jobs at the facility as interns. One of the young doctors and the show's namesake, Meredith Grey, is the daughter of a famous surgeon. Grey struggles to maintain relationships with her colleagues, particularly the hospital's one-time chief of surgery, Richard Webber, due to a pre-existing relationship between them - Webber and Meredith's mother had a personal relationship when Meredith was young." Has this been seen?

Question 13

Worn fake lashes?

Fake lashes really dramatize the look of a young woman when she is getting ready to leave the house for a date. She might choose to try on some fake lashes before a job interview or before her first day on a new job. Fake lashes really help eyes look better and more exotic. They look dramatic in the most intense ways. Short lashes are pretty boring to look at, generally speaking. long lashes always look so fun and playful.

Question 14

Visited Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a great place to visit for people who enjoy gambling. Gambling is a fun way for people to win cash when they are feeling reckless. It can be quite risky because there are high chances for money to end lost when gambling and Las Vegas is a major place where things like that happen to people. Getting out of a bad gambling situation is pretty hard to do because once the money is owed, money is forever owed.

Question 15

Watched The Big Bang Theory?

According to Google, "Mensa-fied best friends and roommates Leonard and Sheldon, physicists who work at the California Institute of Technology, may be able to tell everybody more than they want to know about quantum physics, but getting through most basic social situations, especially ones involving women, totally baffles them. How lucky, then, that babe-alicious waitress/aspiring actress Penny moves in next door. Frequently seen hanging out with Leonard and Sheldon are friends and fellow Caltech scientists Wolowitz and Koothrappali." Has this show been seen?

Question 16

Watched Orange Is the New Black?

The coolest part about a TV show like this one is the fact that it gives us insight into what the lives of these women were like before they landed in jail. We do not simply see what their life is like when they are behind bars. We also get to see them interact with people in the real world before they made a wrong turn and got arrested for breaking the law. This show is super funny at some point and also very sad at other points. It is definitely insightful and eye-opening in many ways.

Question 17

Listened to Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga was once known for being super weird and kind of crazy because of her costume choices and her sense of style when she would perform on stage but nowadays, she is respected and loved for her beautiful singing voice. She has taken more seriously because she has toned down her wild antics and stopped dressing in such weird costumes. She is now able to dress normal and act normal when she is being interviewed by people on TV or in the media.

Question 18

Eaten cinnamon rolls?

Ever eaten cinnamon rolls? What a great breakfast item to enjoy. Cinnamon rolls are so sweet and amazing. According to Wikipedia, "A cinnamon roll is a sweet roll served commonly in Northern Europe and North America. In Denmark, it is known as Kanelsnegl; 'cinnamon snail' and is a form of wienerbrød. Its main ingredients are flour, cinnamon, sugar, and butter, which provide a robust and sweet flavor." This dessert should be tried by every person alive at least one time.

Question 19

Watched Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones is one of the biggest shows of all time. It plays on HBO and people love to watch it to follow the intense storyline. The characters on this show all have such intense and interesting storylines to follow and that is truly what makes this show so fun to watch. A lot of it is filmed in cold, icy, and snowy places but not every single scene is like that. Is this a show to watch sometimes?

Question 20

Eaten chocolate covered strawberries?

Ever eaten chocolate covered strawberries? This is a dessert that gets super popular around a holiday like Valentine's Day. This type of dessert is expensive and decadent so it makes a woman feel cared for on many levels. It is so romantic and sweet to receive a cute gift like this one from someone who is being thoughtful. Once again the question is... Ever eaten chocolate covered strawberries? If so, let us know above. If not, let us know above!

Question 21

Worn a tiara?

Wearing a tiara is not just something for royalty. Princess and queens are not the only people who deserve to wear tiaras every now and then. Prom Queens in high school deserve to wear tiaras because they won the popular vote at their high school. Some people like to wear tiaras on their birthday each year to tell the world that it is their big day of turning another year older. Has a tiara ever been worn on that head?

Question 22

Listened to Katy Perry?

Katy Perry is a super fun singer who everyone should go see live in concert at some point in their life. She is much more fun to see in concert then she is to see on a TV show or in a movie. Seeing her on a TV screen is nothing compared to seeing her in real life. She is so animated and wild with her movements! She dances a lot and she has a good time with her audience.

Question 23

Watched The Simpsons?

This animated TV show is the longest running animated TV show of all time. It is crushed records because it has been so successful over the years. It pushed the boundaries for a very long time and made a lot of people feel uncomfortable. Because of that, a lot of families would not allow their kids to watch the show. Now that things have changed and people have become more progressive and open-minded, this show has become even more popular than it was before.

Question 24

Eaten corn dogs?

Corn dogs are absolutely amazing. They are super fun to eat with ketchup or mustard. They are considered fair food but they can be ordered from places like Wienerschnitzel or Hot Dog on a Stick at any time. We do not have to wait for fair season to come around in order to enjoy your delicious corn dog! Who wants to miss out on eating a corn dog? Basically nobody. Has a corn dog ever been eaten or not yet?

Question 25

Eaten donuts?

It is hard to avoid eating a doughnut! When they are available for free on a table at a work event or in a hotel lobby, how can we possibly say no? Plus… There are so many different flavors of donuts are offered in. We can get a classic glazed doughnut if we want to. We can get a donut completely covered in sugar if we want instead. We can get a donut filled with jelly or a doughnut covered in sprinkles! We literally can get anything we want so it is so hard to say no.

Question 26

Visited New York?

New York is a beautiful place to visit. It might not be that fun of a place to go during the winter time because it is very cold with a lot of snow, but during other times of the year, it is a great place to travel. It has beautiful views of super-tall buildings and towers where people work and live. It also has a lot to offer in terms of food and nightlife. It is considered the city that never sleeps for a reason.

Question 27

Worn jeans?

Jeans are considered a comfortable clothing item to wear on a day when we are just relaxing or lounging. Jeans are definitely not the type of pants that we could wear to work if we work in an office setting or a place that is formal. Jeans or something that we can wear when we go to the mall, go to the grocery store or hang out at the house with our friends. Jeans are known for being stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Question 28

Watched Friends?

This TV show revolves around a group of six friends who live together in New York City. They do not all live in the same apartment but they live nearby each other. They are close friends because they all vibe well together and can depend on each other to get through hard times. None of them feel as though they are totally on their own or isolated because they feel like they have created a family within their friendship group.

Question 29

Eaten fries?

Fries are incredible. They come from potatoes and without them, life would totally be empty. Try to imagine a life that fries... It would seriously be a nightmare. Fries are the best thing that we can eat when accompanying a cheeseburger, a slice of pizza, a salad, or literally anything that we can possibly think of. They are the perfect side dish because they taste good next to anything and everything. They even taste good when they’re ordered all by themselves with nothing else added.

Question 30

Visited Hawaii?

Hawaii is one of the most tropical and beautiful places to travel to of all time. It is a beautiful island that is undeniable. It is one of the most popular vacation spots because of how tropical it is. The palm trees, the hills, the clear water, the white sand it… Everything that Hawaii has to offer is over-the-top excellent and completely beautiful. It is seriously one of the best places to go and it always will be. When looking at a map, Hawaii should always be a top choice.

Question 31

Worn hair extensions?

Her extensions are amazing! Girls can add hair extensions to their hair if they want to in order to make their hair look longer and more full. Her extensions can add volume and body to hair that would otherwise look flat or weak. Having more hair is synonymous with having pretty your hair. No one really likes to have hair that looks flimsy, thin, or unimpressive. People like to show off long luxurious locks of hair that look healthy and strong. That has always been the way.

Question 32

Eaten waffles?

Waffles are yummy breakfast item that a lot of people like. Unfortunately for waffles, they are always being compared to other breakfast foods like pancakes or French toast. Pancakes are very special in their own right because they come in tall delicious stacks. French toast is also amazing in its own right because it comes with powdered sugar and a delicious pot of butter on top! But waffles can definitely stand up against the competition. Ever eaten a tasty waffle?

Question 33

Listened to Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus is one of the most talented and fun singers of our generation. Sure, she started on a Disney Channel show that she is not proud of anymore. That does not take away from the talent that she brings to the table today. Lucky for her, she is married to the super handsome and super talented actor, Liam Hemsworth. They have a very happy relationship and they seem to trust each other and love each other very much. They are another one of those perfect Hollywood couples that everyone adores.

Question 34

Worn acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are super awesome to wear and they make a woman’s hand look so much more feminine. Having feminine fingernails and hands is a very big deal. Acrylic nails are cool because they can be shaved in any shape that a woman might like. For example, she might want her acrylic nails to be shaped like an oval and the nail technician can pull that off for her. A woman might prefer for her nails to be shaped in a coffin shape and a nail technician can do that too.

Question 35

Visited Rome?

Rome is a gorgeous place to travel and an amazing place to visit. If this place has not yet been visited, it should definitely go on a bucket list because there are so many cool views to be explored and so many awesome places to discover. This is a place that includes pieces of history that everyone in the world should be able to lay eyes on in person. No one should miss out on seeing a place like Rome in real life before they pass away. It is definitely a big deal.

Question 36

Listened to Zayn Malik?

Zayn Malik is absolutely gorgeous in every way. On top of that, he also has an incredible anyways. He left his boy band, One Direction, and decided to branch out into a solo journey of being a solo artist in the world of music. Fortunately for him, the first song he released was a great one and it ended up becoming very popular. In the music video, he featured his girlfriend at the time who was a model name Gigi Hadid. She was in the music video with him.

Question 37

Watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?

This is a great show that was released on Netflix as a Netflix original TV show. It is about a group of women who were taken from their normal lives when they were teenagers and forced to live underground in a bunker. They were brainwashed and forced to live their lives in a way that they otherwise would not have chosen. When they grew up and got a little bit older, they were discovered and let free into the world. One of the women decides to live in New York.

Question 38

Visited Hollywood?

Hollywood is an incredible place to visit because it is so beautiful and filled with so much city life and adventure. Hollywood is where movies are filmed and it is where Hollywood actors and actresses reside. The Hollywood hills are a cluster of hills covered in mansions and beautiful houses where the wealthiest and richest people get to live. Going for a bike ride in the area shows off so many of the nice mansions and houses for people to see.

Question 39

Eaten s'mores?

Eating s'mores is super fun around a campfire with friends and family. All that it takes to make the perfect s'more is graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate! Breaking up the chocolate into perfect little squares in order to make the perfect s'more is definitely not a hard task to do the biggest difficulty in making a dessert like this is probably getting the marshmallow burnt to perfection. We do not want it to be too burnt but we wanted to be burnt to an extent.

Question 40

Visited Miami?

Miami is a wonderful place to visit and it is located in Florida. Florida is pretty humid and is often being compared to California for some reason, even though California is so much better of a state. Florida does have a lot to offer when it comes to Disney World and the city of Miami. Miami is the place where college students love to go during spring break so they can party, dance, and have a good time for fun.

Question 41

Listened to Shawn Mendes?

Shawn Mendes is one of the most handsome young male singers that is in the spotlight today. He recently posed for Calvin Klein ads and the world is so grateful and thankful that he did that. He looks absolutely amazing and jaw-dropping in all of the pictures from the advertisements. No one else could have done the pictures as good as him. Justin Bieber at one point did a really good job for Calvin Klein but these Shawn Mendes pictures are so amazing!

Question 42

Visited Paris?

Paris is a super romantic place to visit because it has a bunch of different cool spots for people to visit when they are with their partner. Pierce is probably one of the best places ever when it comes to trying new foods because a lot of the food there is so delicious and tasteful. Having flavorful pieces of bread and slices of pizza is just the beginning! Everything about a place like lovely Paris is amazing, beautiful, and alluring.

Question 43

Listened to Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber is a handsome young singer about we are wondering about for this quiz question. He is definitely a dreamboat and he made Haley Baldwin a very lucky woman by making her an honest woman this past year. He proposed to her and they got married and that has been a great move for both of them since they both seem to be very happy. They are a super cute couple in the world is definitely rooting for them to make it as a couple.

Question 44

Visited Egypt?

Ever visited a place like Egypt? It is a place that everyone should see at least once in their life because it is so pretty and unexplainable. How did the people of history build those pyramids? We may never know since all we can do is speculate. If all we can do is wonder, we might as well wonder about them up close and personal. Going to a place like Egypt can help open our minds to things we don't consider.

Question 45

Visited Italy?

Visiting a place like Italy would be a dream! It really is one of the most romantic vacation spots to go on with a significant other. Imagine traveling to Italy with a romantic partner and taking in all of the views. Snapping pictures at every awesome location and enjoying the relaxing vibe with all of the beautifully designed buildings and houses. The water in Italy is so beautiful too. It would be fun to ride a boat on the water there.

Question 46

Worn a wedding dress?

Ever worn a wedding dress? Maybe for an actual wedding or maybe just to try one on in a store. No matter what the reason is, if a wedding dress has been worn at any point in time, this question gets an "I have" rather than an "I have not". that is pretty cool and also pretty exciting. Wedding dresses are meant to be a symbol of everlasting love... a romance that lasts forever within the bounds of sweet marriage!

Question 47

Watched The Vampire Diaries?

This is an excellent show to watch that follows the storyline of a teenage girl who becomes a vampire. She is stuck in a love triangle between two brothers. Their names are Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore. Eventually, she decides between the two of them and she picks Damon. She ends up with him forever and by forever, it means that they are going to be together for eternity since they are vampires and vampires cannot pass away in life.

Question 48

Worn sunglasses?

Sunglasses are an important accessory to wear during the summertime because the sun can really do harm to our eyes if we spend too much time looking at it directly. With sunglasses, our eyes are protected from sunlight which is a really big deal. Having our eyes protected means that they are less likely to get hurt from the sunshine. It means that we can spend more time outdoors without having to worry about anything and without having to worry about where we look.

Question 49

Visited Bora Bora?

According to Google, "Bora Bora is a small South Pacific island northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia. Surrounded by sand-fringed Motus islets and a turquoise lagoon protected by a coral reef, it’s known for its scuba diving. It's also a popular luxury resort destination where some guest bungalows are perched over the water on stilts. At the island's center rises Mt. Otemanu, a 727m dormant volcano." Is this a spot that has been checked out once or twice in history?

Question 50

Eaten chicken strips?

There has got to be a reason why chicken strips are so popular. It is probably because it is so good and it is also probably because they pair well with almost any dipping sauce. Yes, that is right. Chicken strips are good when they are dipped in barbecue sauce, sweet-and-sour sauce, ketchup, mustard, or any other dipping sauce that one might think of. One of the best dipping sauces for chicken strips is ranch dressing! Have they been eaten?

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