Plan Your Perfect Wedding And We'll See Who Has Good Taste

There are a lot of things in life that really just come down to personal preference. The foods that people like to eat, the movies they watch, and the clothes they wear are definitely things that people make their own decisions about based on their own taste. Some people have really good taste and always pick out the best movies to watch or wear the most amazingly stylish outfits. It's so easy to look up to these people for fashion inspiration or to take their advice for the coolest bands to check out or movies to watch.

Something else that comes down to a matter of personal preference and taste is a person's wedding. A wedding is a really personal event that people spend a lot of time planning to make sure that it really fits their vision and represents who they are as a couple. Even before someone gets engaged and has a wedding to actually plan, many people imagine what their dream wedding would be like if they were going to be planning one right now. Some weddings that we see in pictures on social media are just decorated so nicely that it's obvious the person getting married has excellent taste.

Plan a dream wedding and we'll reveal who has good taste!

Question 1

One dress or multiple dresses?

Picking out the perfect wedding dress is definitely important for any bride-to-be! Many brides try on quite a few dresses before they find the one that they're going to be wearing when they walk down the aisle. But depending on the style of dress, they can be heavy or difficult to really walk and dance in. Because of this, many brides choose to pick out another dress that they wear during the reception and change into after they exchange their vows.

Question 2

Invite a lot of people?

Inviting other people to your wedding is definitely one of the most important parts of the big day! A wedding is totally focused on the happy couple but it's also a day for their friends and family to spend time with them. Couples have to really make some decisions when it comes to finalizing their guest list and one major thing they've got to decide is how many people will be coming to their wedding! They have to decide whether they'll invite a lot of people or just those closest to them.

Question 3

Say "yes" to this wedding dress?

There are many dresses that are really simple from the top to the bottom and others that are totally the opposite and heavily detailed all the way along the dress. This wedding dress is one that combines those two looks! The top half is completely made up of floral lace and has a high neckline and long sleeves that are super detailed. Meanwhile, the bottom half is flowy and made of plain, white fabric to really balance out the dress.

Question 4

Pick a season to get married in.

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are some things that are definitely more important to figure out soon than others. While picking things like the cake and the flowers can wait a little while, picking things like the season that you're going to be getting married in. Picking things like that has to be done before you can plan anything else like finding decorations, a theme, or even a venue in which you're going to be getting married!

Question 5

Have a white dress or a colorful one?

We all know that a white dress is definitely the traditional choice for a bride-to-be on her wedding day. When most people think of a wedding dress, they think of a white dress. Some of them can be really simple and smooth while others can have a lot of intricate lace and beading. The kind of dress that a person wants really depends on the person! But there are some people that want to be different and choose a colorful one instead.

Question 6

Plan it all alone or hire help?

Planning a wedding is a lot of work! Although there are many brides-to-be that definitely have no problem with handling a lot of the planning by themselves, we can't deny that that's quite a task to take on. In order to help with some of the responsibilities of trying to get everything ready for the big day, many brides choose to hire a wedding planner to help them plan the big day and iron out all the details. What a relief!

Question 7

Pick or pass on this wedding cake.

One major part of any wedding is definitely the cake! From the flavor to the design, everything about the wedding cake that a happy couple chooses has to be just right. There are a lot of wedding cakes that get pretty unique with their style and can really match the theme or colors of the wedding and will be something the guests will never forget. This cake is chocolate with a really rustic style of icing. It has a red glaze and tons of fruit on top as accents.

Question 8

Hire a photographer?

Remembering your special day is definitely something that every happy couple wants to do. One way to remember the occasion is by having a lot of really amazing pictures taken both of the couple and of the people that are attending the wedding. These pictures can be saved for years to come and serve as a reminder of the big day. Many brides-to-be choose to hire a photographer to take care of that for them so they can just focus on enjoying the day.

Question 9

Love or leave this engagement ring?

This engagement ring is one that's pretty unique. Even though it's fairly simple with a really basic band and only three matching stones, the shape of this engagement ring is truly what makes this ring unique. Instead of connecting in the center, it has three stones, two of which are offset on one side, and it fits on the finger more like a cuff than a traditional ring. Is this style of engagement ring one you'd say "yes" to?

Question 10

Hair up or hair down?

When it comes to a bride's big day, she definitely wants to look her best. From the dress she picked out to her hair and makeup, a bride definitely wants everything to look just right on her wedding day! There are a lot of different hairstyles that brides can wear on their wedding day and the one that a bride picks really depends on her personal style and the look she's going for on her wedding day. Some brides wear their hair in an up-do while others keep it down.

Question 11

Have a long or short engagement?

Before a happy couple can start planning their wedding, they actually have to get engaged! Some couples choose to stay engaged for quite a long time and take their time planning their wedding. For these couples, there's no rush to get to the altar and tie the knot. Meanwhile, there are other couples that have no interest in waiting and want to get married as soon as they get engaged, so they have a really short engagement. It's totally a personal choice!

Question 12

How far in advance will the invitations go out?

Sending out wedding invitations is definitely important! Guests need to be able to make sure that they're going to be free on the big day and make it there on time. In order to make sure they can plan to attend, sending out the invitations far enough in advance that the can block it out on their schedules is important. It's definitely important for the bride-to-be to make sure they send them out just far enough in advance that people can plan to attend the wedding.

Question 13

Have a bachelorette party?

A wedding is a huge celebration! But even before the wedding, some brides-to-be choose to have smaller celebrations with their closest friends and bridesmaids. A bachelorette party is a party that a bride-to-be often has shortly before their wedding with their bridesmaids in order to celebrate the fact that their wedding is coming up soon. There are a ton of snacks and gifts and even games that they can all play together that are all themed around the fact that married life is on the horizon!

Question 14

Pick a cake flavor.

There are so many different flavors of cake. These flavors can be pretty delicious any day but any bride-to-be will know that cake is especially important at a wedding! The wedding cake is one of the central parts of the reception, after all. Picking a wedding cake that looks just right is just as important as finding the perfect flavor for a wedding cake. There are a ton of flavors to choose from and it can be hard to pick just one!

Question 15

Have a destination wedding?

Many people choose a wedding venue that's right where they already live. It makes it easy for them to get there and it's a pretty easy location for their local friends and family to make their way to for the rehearsal dinner and for the wedding itself. But, there are some couples that choose to have their wedding somewhere else! A destination wedding is a wedding that takes place somewhere far from where the couple typically lives. Would you have one?

Question 16

Wear heels or flats?

Picking the perfect shoes for your big day is something that's really important but that many brides-to-be may overlook when it comes to planning their wedding. Picking shoes is definitely key because a bride-to-be wants to pick out a pair that look nice with their dress but also aren't super uncomfortable. No one wants to be standing around all day or trying to dance and have a good time in shoes that hurt! Would you rather wear a pair of heels or flats at your wedding?

Question 17

Have the makeup be natural or bold?

For people who like to wear makeup on a regular basis, having it look its best is important every day. But whether you're someone that puts on a full face of makeup every day or just puts on a little for a special occasion, you'll know that having it look just right for whatever the occasion is really important. Some brides choose to keep their makeup really natural and toned down while others like to make a statement with theirs.

Question 18

Fake flowers or fresh flowers?

Decorations are a pretty big part of really setting the scene for a wedding. For many brides-to-be, picking out flowers to have decorating the venue where they're getting married is a pretty big deal. Anyone who has had to buy flowers for any occasion will know one thing, though: flowers can be pretty pricey. When it comes to all the flowers needed for a wedding, it's definitely not a low cost. Because of this, some couples choose to go for fake flowers instead.

Question 19

How many bridesmaids?

Even though a wedding is definitely focused on the bride and groom, there are other people in the wedding party that are also pretty important. These people are really close to the bride and groom and stand up beside them while they're exchanging their vows. Some people have a large bridal party with quite a few bridesmaids and groomsmen while other people keep it small and just have those closest to them. How many bridesmaids would be at your dream wedding?

Question 20

Pick or pass on this wedding hair.

Picking a hairstyle for a wedding can be pretty tough. It's important to pick one that the bride-to-be is really into and that fits the mood of their wedding and looks good with their dress. This hairstyle is one that blends the hair being up with it being down. It has a long, straight part of the hair on the bottom while the top is in two loose braids that go all the way around the head. Is this the perfect wedding hair or a total miss?

Question 21

Pick a color scheme.

When it comes to decorating for a wedding, there are a lot of things to consider and little tiny details that need to be planned out to ensure that the happy couple's big day will be everything that they had hoped it would be. In order to really make sure that this happens, picking a color scheme that everything fits is definitely important. Picking a color scheme will ensure that everything will flow together and look totally perfect! Pick one of these color schemes.

Question 22

Serve cupcakes instead of cake?

Although having a wedding cake is definitely the traditional choice and what many brides choose to go for when it comes to a sweet treat for their wedding, having a typical wedding cake isn't right for every wedding! Instead, there are quite a few brides that choose to forego the typical wedding cake for something a little more unique. Some weddings have cupcakes instead of a regular cake. Cupcakes are super delicious and can be decorated to fit the decor of any wedding.

Question 23

Pick a heart-shaped wedding food.

Weddings are so romantic. It's a whole event dedicated to celebrating the love between two people and it can be so sweet to witness even for the guests. What's more romantic for a wedding than some deliciously adorable heart-shaped food? Although it's definitely less traditional, having at least some kind of treat in the shape of a heart at your reception can be a really adorable touch that your guests will definitely be talking about. Pick a heart-shaped food for the wedding!

Question 24

Pick a hair accessory.

Perfecting your bridal look is definitely an important part of making sure that your wedding goes off without a hitch. Being confident in how you look and being happy with how your dress fits and how your hair and makeup were done is an important part of that! If you love all that, you'll be able to focus on the more important parts of your big day. Picking out the perfect hair accessory can really complete any bridal look. Pick one of these for yours!

Question 25

Have the reception inside or outside?

After the actual wedding is finished and the happy couple has traded vows with one another, it's time to get to the reception! The reception is the time in the wedding when everyone gets to come together to party, eat, and have a good time. It's so much fun to enjoy some food, dance, and spend time with your loved ones. Having the perfect venue for the wedding reception is the key to making sure this goes smoothly! One important factor is to decide whether it's inside or outside.

Question 26

Pick or pass on this floral cake.

This wedding cake is one that's fairly traditional in the world of wedding cakes. It's totally white on the outside with a pretty thick layer of icing that really hides the cake underneath. On the very top of the cake and the top of the bottom layer are covered in really colorful and totally gorgeous fondant flowers. The cake itself is covered in dots of icing that add some texture and detail to the cake itself and make it look super unique.

Question 27

Will the bridesmaid dresses be the same or different colors?

Bridesmaids are the people that stand near the altar during the wedding and are by the bride's side. Bridesmaids wear dresses, typically ones that match in some way, and are really set apart from the rest of the guests at the wedding. Bridesmaid dresses are often either the same style or similar styles and can either all be in the same color or be in different colors that match the wedding's decor. Do you prefer matching colored bridesmaid dresses or different colored ones?

Question 28

Hire a makeup artist?

Having the perfect makeup on the big day is definitely something that's important for many brides-to-be. Looking perfect on the big day is really important and even for a bride that does her makeup on a daily basis, doing makeup for a wedding can be a lot of pressure because of the fact that it has to be exactly perfect and ready for a huge day. Because of that, many brides choose to hire a makeup artist who can do their makeup for them!

Question 29

Serve churros at the reception?

Churros are a delicious, sweet dessert food made by frying the batter they're made of and then rolling them in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Churros are often served at theme parks and fairs and can be served alongside chocolate or another dipping sauce to add a little extra sweetness to the treat. Having some kind of unique snack at a wedding is always a good way to keep the event memorable. Would you serve churros at your wedding reception?

Question 30

Pick a favor for the guests.

Even though a wedding is totally focused on the happy couple getting married and preparing to spend the rest of their lives together, there are a lot of things that the couple can do to show their appreciation for the people who took time to come to the wedding and celebrate with the happy couple. Giving a small party favor to the guests that come as a way to thank them for coming and give them something to remember the wedding by is one way to do that!

Question 31

Have succulents for decor instead of flowers?

Flowers are the traditional decoration for many weddings but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're what every bride-to-be uses. These days, succulents and cacti are so popular that many people love to use them as decorations in their home. And these plants aren't just used as home decor these days, they're also often used as the decorations in really trendy weddings! They're often placed as centerpieces in the wedding to really bring a unique feeling to the decor of the wedding.

Question 32

Pick or pass on this engagement ring.

This engagement ring is a super unique one because of the shape and the way that the band is shaped. This ring has a rose gold band that's pretty simple until you reach the front of the ring. There, the ring doesn't come together to touch like many other rings. Instead, there are gems in the shape of a heart on one side and on the other side of this cuff-style ring, there's a single diamond. Pick or pass on this interesting ring!

Question 33

Pick or pass on this cake.

This wedding cake is a really unique one and is perfect for a couple that likes to be a little whimsical and really loves the outdoors. This wedding has white icing on the side and is covered in flowers to really bring that romantic wedding feeling forward. But, this cake is super unique because of the fact that it's iced to look like a tree! The icing is carved away in spots to look like bark and has the initials of the couple carved into it like a tree.

Question 34

Pick a time of day to get married.

Weddings can take place at any time of day. Some couples choose to have their wedding really early in the morning and have all their guests come bright and early and then have the reception afterward in the afternoon. Meanwhile, other couples get married in the afternoon and have all night to enjoy their reception. The time of day that someone has their wedding is definitely up to personal preference. Would you rather have your wedding early in the day or late in the evening?

Question 35

Pick a lipstick color.

There are so many different colors of lipstick out there in the makeup world. Anyone who is a fan of makeup will know that there are all kinds of shades of lipstick, meaning that there's definitely one that would look perfect with just about any makeup look that someone might want to do. When it comes to someone's wedding day, finding the right shade of lipstick is definitely important. It's going to be in photos and videos and one the bride will remember forever!

Question 36

Have a buffet?

The food is always a pretty great part of any wedding. Part of planning a wedding is planning out the perfect menu that's going to be available for the guests to choose from when they send back their RSVP. For some couples, they opt to have a buffet at their wedding and let guests just walk through and pick out the food items they want instead of checking off their order when they agree to come and having a waiter bring it to their table.

Question 37

Pick or pass on mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

Although many brides opt to have bridesmaid dresses that totally match and are all the same color or style or sometimes even both, there are some brides that just aren't into that look! Instead, they choose to have the bridesmaids wear dresses that are all totally mismatched but have the same general feel. They typically all pick out a dress that fits the colors of the wedding but aren't bound to a single shade or style of dress. Is this style cute or not for you?

Question 38

Let the groom see the dress ahead of time?

There are a lot of traditions that come with weddings. Some of them, the bride and groom choose to totally take part in and keep as part of their own wedding. Meanwhile, there are other traditions that some couples are just not into and choose not to keep as part of their happy day. One tradition that many couples choose to follow is not letting the groom see the bride in her dress before the big day. Is this a tradition you'll get rid of at your perfect wedding?

Question 39

Serve macarons at the reception?

A macaron is a dessert that has a meringue base and is made by baking two cookie discs until they're crispy on the outside and have risen slightly to have a small "foot" on the bottom and a dome on the top. Then, the cookies are taken and put together with some kind of filling in the center like icing, jam, or ganache. Macarons can be made in a ton of different flavors and are a delicious, trendy treat that would fit any wedding reception.

Question 40

Pick a first dance song.

Weddings are so romantic. From the moment the bride walks down the aisle to the moment that the reception ends, the whole event is focused on celebrating the love between the happy couple. One really romantic part of the wedding is the first dance that the happy couple has during their reception. Many couples pick a song that is special to them while others just pick a romantic song that they really love. Either way, the song used as a couple's first dance will be one they never forget.

Question 41

Say "yes" to this dress?

This wedding dress is one that's really different from many other dresses because of the fact that it's not simply a white dress. This dress is white on the top and has short sleeves on the really delicate, lacy top half of the dress. Meanwhile, the bottom half of the dress is made from a light and airy blue fabric that flows down the length of the dress. This dress is perfect for a bride that really wants to make a statement.

Question 42

Pick something blue.

When it comes to wedding traditions, there are a ton that couples have to decide whether or not they're going to follow. One tradition involves a rhyming list of things that a bride is supposed to have on her during her wedding in order to ensure luck and happiness on their wedding and for the rest of their lives together. One of them is having something blue as part of their outfit. Pick one of these blue things or decide to cut this tradition out of your dream wedding.

Question 43

Pick a honeymoon destination.

After the wedding, it's time for the honeymoon! Many couples choose to go on a honeymoon after they get married in order to spend some time away from their regular lives in a new destination. It gives them time to be together and enjoy being freshly married and is just so romantic. There are so many different honeymoon destinations around the world that a happy couple can choose from, but many people have an idea of where they'd be taking their dream honeymoon.

Question 44

Pick or pass on this engagement ring.

This engagement ring is one that's pretty unique and definitely sure to make a statement on the finger of any bride-to-be. This ring has a gold band and the center stone that is really featured front and center on this ring is a shiny, multi-faceted, and really unique-looking moonstone. Around that main stone, there are three diamonds on each side that are set at different angles to give the ring a really unique shape. Is this an engagement ring you'd say 'yes' to?

Question 45

How long will the honeymoon be?

Going on a honeymoon is something that many couples do after their wedding. A lot of couples choose to take their honeymoon to a place that is far away from their everyday lives and they spend that time having time alone together. It's a great time for the couple to spend time together after getting married and enjoy some time away after the hectic period in which they were planning their wedding. How long would you spend on your dream honeymoon?

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