Plan Your Own Wedding And We'll Reveal Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Wedding planning is no joke.

There are so many details that need attending to that as soon as the moment arrives where we think that everything has been sorted out, we realize that we have completely overlooked something and now the guests have nowhere to eat!

Every future bride has reached that moment where they realized that their dozens of detailed Pinterest boards have not addressed everything that needs to be sorted before the big day. And we all know how much time prospective brides spend on Pinterest. Most of us have a few wedding idea boards saved without even being engaged or in a relationship at all.

There are plenty of brides-to-be seeking to make the planning process as smooth and stress-free as possible. This is the precise reason why this quiz was created. This quiz sorts through several typical, minuscule, and necessary decisions that need to be made during the wedding planning process in order to make the journey to the big day as smooth of a process as possible. Simply click 'yes' or 'no' on the following questions and this quiz will not only help make the planning process as smooth as possible, but it will also provide quiz takers with the perfect dress for their perfect day.

Question 1

Is this all-black wedding perfect?

Though the song "White Wedding" by Billy Idol is an utter classic and white weddings are the traditional go-to, sometimes that colour palette is not the right choice for the couple nor the occasion. Sometimes the untraditional way is the way to go. Though black is usually reserved for glum occasions in western society, the rest of the world does not share that tradition. So why should the modern bride? There is no law that says that a wedding must be white, traditional, and by-the-book. Especially if such things do not reflect the tastes nor style of the couple getting married.

Question 2

Should the guests bring gifts?

Though it is traditional for guests to bring gifts to a wedding, modern couples are opting for other ways to show affection. In a time period where couples did not live together before marrying and were often still living at home before the wedding, the gifts were used as a way to help the young couple start their adult lives on the right foot. Gifts often included homeware, linens, kitchen equipment, food, and other items to help the couple fill their new home. But now that people are getting married later in life as well as living together before hand, such gifts no longer make sense and many couples have decided against gifts altogether.

Question 3

Smear the cake on the bride: yes or no?

In recent weddings, the tradition of smearing the cake on the brides face rather than feeding it to her gently has gained a bit of traction and become a trend. Some brides find this a fun and silly way of sharing that first bite of the cake, while others are not a fan of the tradition, to say the least. And this writer understands that hesitancy. Wedding dresses are expensive. As is the hair and make-up chosen for the day (if the bride chooses to get these things done professionally) and messing those up for the rest of the night does not sound like fun.

Question 4

Bridesmaids in black: yes or no?

Maybe a black wedding dress is a bit too much for the modern bride as it is quite a statement, but she still wants a way to include this deep shade on her special day. A wonderful way to marry those two ideas of keeping things a bit traditional while still injecting a bit of the bride's personal style into the day can be by dressing one's bridesmaids in black gowns/dresses. This writer has planned to do so with her own bridesmaids as she feels that it is a great way to add a bit of a twist to the wedding party without it being distracting or overwhelming.

Question 5

Should guests bring their kids?

One of the biggest decisions a couple must make before sending out their wedding invitations is to decide whether or not their guests will be allowed to bring their children to the event. Some weddings are a laid back, relaxed, family day in which children will be completely welcome. But other weddings are a more adult environment due to the party-like atmosphere of the reception and the presence of an open bar. Some people may prefer a certain style of music or speeches that would not be allowed if children were present. And some people just don't like kids. It is an important choice to make and stand by.

Question 6

A vintage style for the groomsmen: yes or no?

For formal occasions, most men are put in suits or tuxedos. And though these outfits can look rather dashing, they can also be rather boring and even clash with the theme or the decor of the wedding. If one is going for a vintage, rustic, or bohemian style wedding then having the groomsmen show up in James Bond style tuxes might clash with the established theme. A sense of cohesion, to whatever degree, is important to achieve within the wedding party in order to ensure that the photos end up being both harmonious and aesthetically pleasing in the end.

Question 7

Handwritten vows: yes or no?

Another big choice that the prospective couple needs to make while planning the wedding is the decision of whether or not to write one's own vows or to use one of the standard vows provided by the officiant. Does the couple want to share a few personal words that they wrote themselves or would they rather exchange private letters before the ceremony and stick to the more traditional vows? Do they want to weave song lyrics or cute inside jokes into their speeches? Do they want to go for something truly heartfelt or keep things light and humorous throughout the ceremony?

Question 8

Will there be traditional reception games?

When playing the role of host, people often resort to different types of traditional party games in order to keep things fun and memorable. But some young couples are not fans of the traditional reception games that are often played at weddings. Things like fetching the garter, tossing the bouquet, and other such games can be fun to some couples but an absolute nightmare to others. On a personal note, this writer has chosen to not have any of the traditional reception games due to their own levels of discomfort with such activities. But it is important that each couple makes this decision on their own.

Question 9

Honeymoon: go big or stay home?

The honeymoon is a chance to go on a wonderful and fun vacation without feeling any guilt over taking time off of work or the money which will be spent on the trip. Some couples pick grand and luxurious resorts for their honeymoons. Others opt out of gifts at the reception and, instead, ask the family to chip in for their honeymoon as such vacations may be a little bit out of their budget. And other couples have chosen less traditional and more charming vacations such as camping trips, road trips, or the cost-effective and romantic "staycation" where the couple takes the time off work to explore and enjoy their hometown together.

Question 10

Is this Alice in Wonderland themed wedding perfect?

For couples who enjoy/prefer their adventures to be of a literary nature, a wedding themed after a classic book that both parties share a deep love for can be the perfect choice. In this writer's humble opinion, the wedding (its decor, the theme, and all things surrounding it) should be emblematic of the couple itself. The wedding should reflect the couple getting married. Guests should arrive at the event and see traces of the couple, their interests, and passions scattered throughout. The best wedding is a wedding that could only be had by the couple having it. A perfect representation of their love.

Question 11

Traditional dinner or rustic BBQ?

One of the biggest decisions one has to make while planning their wedding is choosing what kind of dinner will be served at the reception. Will the couple opt for a more traditional served dinner with caterers and waiters? Is a buffet the better option? What about a potluck? Or is a rustic and family-style BBQ the best way to go? What about dietary restrictions and allergies? Will guests get an option of meal that they can choose at the event or will such things be decided at the reception itself? Planning the wedding dinner is a big yet necessary decision.

Question 12

Is this Potter-themed cake perfect?

In the past, wedding cakes were the height of luxury. The ingredients needed to create one were exceptionally expensive so being able to afford to make a cake was a huge show of wealth; which is what receptions used to be (and often times, continue to be) centered around. A cake, a dinner, decor, and a white dress (popularized by Queen Victoria) were expensive and being able to afford such things was a bit of a bragging token. A lot of modern traditions sprung from the idea of weddings being a show of the families wealth which is why a lot of modern brides have chosen to ignore such things and do things their own way. Like with this Potter-themed cake.

Question 13

Should the bride buy the bridal party gifts?

In modern times, weddings can be extraordinarily expensive events that can cost upwards of 30K. The idea of spending that much money on a single night is beyond this writer but to each their own. And in the spirit of adding new costly "traditions" to the wedding world in order to continually increase their price, some wedding magazines have declared that all brides must now buy the bridesmaids, groomsmen, their parents, and their new in-laws gifts. Though showing one's appreciation for the people who helped them celebrate their big day sounds wonderful, very few people can afford to not only throw a wedding but also give gifts to all who attend.

Question 14

Rainbow bridesmaid dresses: yes or no?

Though it has not been officially confirmed, the tradition of dressing one's bridesmaids in the same dress which comes in the same colour as one another was rumoured to have begun in attempt to prevent those who seek to stop the wedding from removing the bride from the event altogether. These people would seek an exchange that would require the brides family to pay them in order to ensure that she was returned. In modern times, the tradition continues as a way of creating visual harmony and cohesion in the bridal party. But some modern brides have discarded this tradition entirely and have chosen to dress their bridesmaids in unique and personalized looks.

Question 15

Is there going to be a strict budget?

Let's be honest here, weddings can get incredibly expensive very quickly. It has actually been proven that many places will place an additional charge upon their services for people seeking them for their wedding. And with the debt and lower income status that affects most people in today's world, costly and extravagant weddings are just not the ideal anymore. Some people do go all out for their wedding because they see it as a once in a lifetime celebration; while others prefer a budget-friendly and low-key event. So long as the cost of the wedding does not affect one's daily life, either choice is valid.

Question 16

Groomsmen in Converse: yes or no?

For couples who are not comfortable with overtly formal occasions, the prospect of having a wedding can be a tad overwhelming and unappealing. But there is no rule book that dedicates the things that one must and must not include in their wedding. So many couples who find themselves put off by the formal nature of traditional weddings have been seeking ways to inject a bit of individuality into the wedding and create a more casual vibe for the event. One way that many brides are doing this is by giving their bridal party a more casual and laidback choice of footwear.

Question 17

Big weddings or small weddings?

If we ignore the budgetary needs and requirements and focus solely on the wants of the couple themselves, the choice between a big or a small wedding becomes much easier. If one wants a big wedding, even if it is out of budget, there can be ways to achieve such things without breaking the bank. And if a couple prefers a small event (regardless of whether or not they could afford a more extravagant event) then a smaller wedding is perfect for them and no one should give them any guff over their decision. The decision should come down to what the couple wants and nothing else.

Question 18

Rustic weddings: yes or no?

There are millions of ways to celebrate a wedding because there are millions of unique people coming together to celebrate them. A wedding should be unique to the personality and taste of those celebrating it. A goth couple who like to spend their days living out their personal Tim Burton film would, most likely, not want to celebrate their marriage with an opulent event filled with pristine white satin napkins and gold furnishings. A quiet and low-key couple would be much more comfortable with a small event and would feel out of place if their wedding became a huge one.

Question 19

Is there going to be a spontaneous dance number?

Some modern weddings have decided that the best way to liven things up is to include a spontaneous and social media worthy dance or musical number in the reception that follows the ceremony. As a relatively shy person who does not like to be the centre of attention (which may not be the best quality to have in a future bride,) such things sound like this writer's personal version of The Bad Place. But to those who love to perform and find such things exciting/amusing, a spontaneous musical or dance number could be the perfect addition to a traditional reception.

Question 20

Posed photos or candids?

Wedding photos are some of the few things that people keep for the rest of their lives. Longer than that as people often pass down said photos to their children who pass them down to their children and so on and so forth. But what style of photos are the best photos with which to remember a wedding? Is it the posed photos that occur after the ceremony with the new couple and the bridal party in tow? Or are they the candids that take place throughout the night while the couple is enjoying their first moments as a married unit?

Question 21

Will the bridesmaids pick their own dresses?

Some brides prefer to dress their bridesmaids in the same dress in order to create a sense of cohesion and harmony within the bridal party in order to match the decor and to create the most aesthetically pleasing photos. While other brides feel like their party should get to choose their own clothes (within a certain set of guidelines) in order to create a more dynamic look in their wedding party. There are pros and cons to both options but it is important to note that letting them choose their own dresses is both budget-friendly and will help them feel a bit more comfortable on the big day.

Question 22

Will the guests give speeches?

Wedding speeches may be one of the best decisions of all time, then again, they might not be. No one's speech is as funny as they think it is going to be, most of them are incredibly awkward, and the pressure to make a good speech can be overwhelming on those expected to deliver them. Not to mention the stress placed upon the couple on whether or not their guests will embarrass them with stories that may not be appropriate for the event at hand that could make the rest of the evening a bit awkward for all involved. But can they truly be prevented?

Question 23

Will the groom wear a suit?

Depending on the theme of the wedding, a suit may or may not be the appropriate choice for the groom. If one is opting for a more traditional wedding, then a suit would be the perfect choice for the person in the role of the groom (be them male, female, or anything and everything in between.) But if someone is looking to create a more rustic, relaxed, and laid-back wedding, a suit may not be the right choice. At the end of the day, the choice to suit or not to suit is one that can only be made by the couple themselves.

Question 24

Can guests propose to their partners at the reception?

Many people have very strong opinions about other people making announcements or doing big and attention-grabbing things at another persons' wedding so it is important to know whether or not such things would be cool with the couple whose wedding one is in attendance of before making such announcements and/or grand gestures. Not everyone wants to share their special day and proposing to one's partner at someone else's wedding can often be seen as being done in bad taste especially if it has not been discussed with the bride/couple beforehand. Make sure everyone is cool with the plan beforehand.

Question 25

Brides with coloured hair: yes or no?

Most brides strive to look their best on their wedding day but it is also important for them to still look like themselves. Many modern brides are doing away with the strictly traditional look and are finding ways to doll themselves up to the nines without creating a look that is so outside their aesthetic that it feels alien to them. And, for many brides, this balance can include bright and unnaturally coloured hair. Some more traditional folk feel as though that these bright colours do not suit formal events while others believe that they can look beautiful and bring a fun pop of colour to the brides look.

Question 26

Professional makeup artist: yes or no?

There is a lot pressure placed upon brides to look and be their best on their wedding day. This pressure can exist in both external and internal spaces and many brides can feel a tad intimidated when trying to create their perfect wedding look. Diets, a fresh hair cut and/or colour, and a professional makeup artist can be some of the tools that a bride uses in order to achieve her perfect look. But not everyone craves such things and some prefer a more personal touch. Some brides are opting to do their own makeup on the big day while others prefer a professional to be on site in order to ensure that everything turns out perfectly.

Question 27

Can the bridesmaids wear suits?

Not everyone is comfortable in a dress and it is important to note that some bridesmaids might feel more comfortable in a suit. As a bride, the choice of whether or not to place the bridesmaids in dresses, suits, or anything else is up to them. However, it can be important to keep what makes each girl comfortable in mind while choosing their uniform for the big day. After all, it can be fun to dress up one's friends like dolls but one does not want their friends to feel uncomfortable or frustrated with their outfits on a day where happiness is key.

Question 28

Are these hidden superheroes perfect?

Another fun way to inject a bit of personality into a more traditional type of wedding environment is to allow the groomsmen to hide a little something up their sleeves...or rather, under their button-downs. Many couples have chosen to dress their bridal party up in hidden nerdy or geeky clothes which are to be revealed during the post-ceremony posed photo session. This keeps a more formal look for the ceremony and a majority of the photos while also creating a few special, silly, cute, and memorable photos to frame and keep on the shelves/walls of one's home for years to come.

Question 29

Do we love this candy buffet?

Let's be honest here, weddings are long events. They are typically several hours long and if a wedding includes set meal times, guests can find themselves getting rather hungry before the food is even served. Having a buffet of treats and appetizers set up during the reception can be a wonderful way for guests to feed themselves outside of the set meal times. They can be free to snack before the meal as well as afterwards when the focus is primarily on the party aspect of the event and the evening. Few things are worse than dancing and drinking on an empty stomach.

Question 30

Rings or no rings?

We all know that diamonds are relatively worthless stones whose prices are artificially inflated by an industry that created the concept of the engagement ring in order to make a quick buck (who also created the rule that a ring must cost three months pay) and that the diamonds tend to have rather unfavorable roots and/or histories. (Note: this writer is not a cynical person. They are actually quite soft and optimistic, they are just not a fan of companies scamming people for a quick buck.) But some people just love the idea of having a ring, and that is okay.

Question 31

Frosting-free cakes: yes or no?

As much as it pains this writer to say, some people are not fans of cake frosting. In my humble opinion, few things are as delicious as a fully frosted, creamy, and fluffy cake. But not everyone feels that way. When choosing the perfect cake for a wedding, it is important to pick something that is not only loved by the newly married couple but is also appealing to the guests as well. Dietary restrictions, flavors, and even aesthetics are all important things that need to be considered when picking the perfect cake. Should it be multi-tiered or is petite better? Frosting or no frosting?

Question 32

Do wedding superstitions have any validity?

There are a lot of traditions around weddings that we born out of superstition or to ward off unfavorable things. Wearing white, carrying a bouquet, having the bridesmaids wear the same gown, wearing a veil, having a best man, not seeing the bride before the ceremony, tossing the garter, etc. The majority of these traditions were born out of the attempt to prevent bad things from happening and though these meanings and beliefs have fallen out of vogue, many brides still continue to perform them either out of tradition or just in case their superstitious ancestors were right about the consequences.

Question 33

Is this vintage-themed wedding party perfect?

There is just something so wonderful about seeing one's friends in formal wear. Seeing what makeup they choose to accent what they feel are their best features and seeing how they do their hair when seeking to look fancy can just be such a lovely experience. There is nothing funnier than seeing one's most chaotic mess of a friend in a suit and tie with neat hair and a clean face. Weddings feel like playing dress-up on a grand scale and there is just something so fun and exciting about the prospect of that idea. Bring on the dress up party.

Question 34

DJs: yes or no?

Let's be honest here. Weddings would be exceptionally boring without music. They would just be really long, awkward, and silent dinners. In fact, most people would be likely to leave shortly after the speeches and formalities as there would be no point to the reception without some sort of social/party-like atmosphere or environment. But what is the best way to deliver said music to the guests? Is a DJ the best choice? There are some pros and cons to this choice. On the plus side, one can hear their favourite music throughout the night in true form rather than as a cover.

Question 35

Can guests serve themselves at the reception?

Will the dinner be served by waiters or will guests be able to serve themselves? As a guest of a wedding whose food was not served until a long time after the reception began, allowing guests access to food is of the utmost importance for my own wedding. Few things are worse than sitting through a lengthy ceremony and then having to wait around a reception hall with nothing to eat and/or drink until dinner begins hours later. We were exceptionally close to leaving the reception and heading to the local McDonald's while we waited for dinner to be served.

Question 36

Is this black wedding dress perfect?

For those who are seeking for an alternative style, this black gown may be the perfect choice for their upcoming nuptials. White dresses can be beautiful but they are not for everyone and sometimes it can be fun to do things one's own way. To heck with traditions, expectations, and a classic colour scheme. If those things are not something that will bring a prospective bride joy then there is no need to have them on her special day. That day is about her and her soon-to-be spouse and should reflect both them as individuals and who they are as a couple.

Question 37

Can the groom see the bride before the ceremony?

One of the most honoured traditions in modern weddings is the fact that the groom is not supposed to see the bride before the ceremony. Originally done (allegedly) so that the groom could not back out of the transaction (as that was what marriages were until very recently) if he did not like the look of the bride, this tradition has transformed over time and become nothing more than a sweet and romantic moment. The look on the grooms face when they see their bride for the first time is one of the greatest things about weddings and makes the tradition oh so worth it.

Question 38

Open bar: yes or no?

First, one must decide if they are comfortable having adult beverages at their reception. If one decides that this is a good idea and something that they want, they must next decide if they are going to limit said drinks or allow guests to regulate and limit themselves by providing them with an open bar. Though guests may prefer the latter option, it is important to note that the cost will be much higher and that some guests may go a little too far if given the chance. If these are both something that the couple is okay with, then it could be a good choice for their event.

Question 39

Should one be married before having kids?

The set path of "job, and then marriage, and then children" is not for everyone and that is okay. There are as many ways to live a life as there are people living them and no one has the right to tell someone that what they want to do and the order in which they want to do it in is wrong. Some people like the idea of being married before they have kids, some people are not too particular in what order these two milestones occur, and some have made the decision to abstain from having children entirely.

Question 40

Are these vintage-inspired bridesmaids dresses amazing?

Having a theme for one's wedding is not a requirement. However, if someone wants to have a theme at their wedding it is important to be aware of said theme when making big decisions concerning decor and the outfits in which the members of the bridal party will be dressed. If a theme is established, then one should choose the dresses (or suits) for their bridesmaids accordingly. Though it is not a requirement to do so, it is an important thing to consider if one wants to ensure a sense of cohesion and avoid the potential for things to clash with one another.

Question 41

Can the guests request their favourite songs?

If one is opting to provide music for the reception via a live band or a DJ, will they provide the guests with the option to be able to customize the playlist by requesting their favourite songs or will the playlist be set in stone beforehand with no room for adjustments? There are pros and cons to both decisions' however, it is important to note that if guests are given the option to request their own songs, they might skip over some songs the couple wants to hear and could play songs that are just not appropriate for the event.

Question 42

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue: yes or no?

For some, traditions are a wonderful thing that they look forward to being a part of. They love the idea of being a part of something that everyone in their family did before them and will continue to do afterwards. They can be beautiful little rituals that unite generations. But to others, the same traditions can feel boring, restrictive, and stodgy. To some who values individuality and setting their own course in life, the idea of doing things by the book can be alienating and otherwise off-putting, to say the least. Deciding which traditions to partake in is an important choice.

Question 43

Venue: church or backyard?

The most important decision, next to the decision to get married in the first place, is the choice of which venue in which to hold both the reception and the ceremony. Some people prefer the more traditional church locale for their ceremony and choose to have the reception at a banquet hall or the even church community hall itself. While others prefer a more low-key (and free) alternative and choose to hold their nuptials in their own backyard (or in a relatives backyard.) This writer chose the later for their upcoming nuptials and is very excited to celebrate at their family farm.

Question 44

Should bridesmaids cover their visible tattoos?

One of the more topical issues in the wedding planning community is centred around the idea of just how much control does a bride have over her bridesmaids. It is common for the bride to choose her party's hair, makeup, dress, shoes, and accessories though some modern brides have chosen to let their bridesmaids sort out these details on their own within a set of guidelines. While some brides have gone as far as to ask their bridesmaids to dye their brightly coloured hair to a more natural shade and have even asked bridesmaids to cover up their tattoos and remove their piercings. Do brides have the right to ask their party to change their appearance?

Question 45

Live band: yes or no?

If a DJ is not the right choice for one's upcoming nuptials, there are other ways to bring a bit of music and fun to one's reception. Some choose to pick the budget-friendly option and elect to create a playlist on their mobile device which is cast to a Bluetooth speaker in their chosen venue while others opt for live music. A live band can be a pricey choice but some prefer the unique and personal nature of the music to the played tracks. Though, if one is choosing a live band, it is important to give them breaks and food throughout the night.

Question 46

Should the groom be involved in planning?

It is traditional for brides to undertake the task of planning the wedding themselves as doing so if often seen as a feminine thing that men have no interest in. But modern couples are breaking those old and tired stereotypes and in all honesty, planning a wedding is very difficult and the responsibility should not fall entirely upon one party. The wedding is not solely for the bride, it is for the couple and both parties should have a say in their perfect day. However, some people are natural planners while others dislike organizing in any shape or form, so they abstain from participating.

Question 47

What is more exciting: the wedding itself or the marriage that follows?

For some people, their wedding is something that they have been looking forward to their entire lives and they are seeking to make this special day the highlight of their existence. And some people believe that it is just a party and that the real excitement comes from the marriage that follows. Both ways of thinking are perfectly valid and neither is superior to the other. Different things excite different people. Some people are very excited by the prospect of a celebration dedicated to their love, the memories of which they can cherish for years to come, while others seek the promise of eternity that lies beyond it.

Question 48

Mason jars: yes or no

Since Pinterest took off as the go-to place to plan one's wedding, certain DIY decor trends have become staples in modern weddings. One of these trends is mason jars. Many see mason jars as wonderful tools to add a rustic and creative look to a wedding while others feel like they look tacky and cheap. One downside to Pinterest is that things can go from unique to overdone to tired before the wedding planning process has even completed. Trends change too quickly for one to plan events around and if keeping up to date on trends is important to a bride, this is something that they might want to be aware of.

Question 49

Is this classic wedding theme perfect?

Some people crave individuality and feel the need to break traditions in order to pave their own way; while others find comfort and joy in a more traditional and classic way of doing things. Both choices and styles are valid and up to the bride in question. This classic and traditional wedding theme is perfect for the brides of the world that seek to achieve a more elegant look to their special day. These beloved classic and traditional themes include the uses of chiffon and satin fabric in the decor as well as a more subdued and white-based colour palette.

Question 50

Fairy lights: yes or no

Fairy lights are one of the best things about 21st-century decor trends, wedding or not. They are a wonderful way to both light and decorate a reception venue, especially an outdoor/backyard wedding. They can even make bulky and awkward tents look soft and sweet. Fairy lights are the best way to sweeten and soften any venue from an old church to a dusty family barn. There is just something so warm, soft, and ethereal about them. They bring a soft touch to every event, especially a wedding. But some people are not a fan of them. To each their own.

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