Plan Your Dream Wedding And We'll Tell You The Perfect Honeymoon Spot

Alright ladies, time to get the wedding plans rolling! Whether we are freshly engaged, in a new blossoming relationship, or simply single and dreaming of the day we find our soulmate, wedding details are always a fun thing to look at. As kids, many of us loved to fantasize about our big day, and while some of these childhood dreams may have changed along the way, many women still have wedding details in their head, way before an engagement ring gets involved. Today we get the chance to put some of these details into action, and see exactly how our own weddings would play out.

In this quiz, we will be asking questions based on all kinds of different aspects that go into planning a wedding. We will be covering flowers, food, dresses, cakes and so much more! Everyone is free to answer each question however they please, as there really are no wrong answers when it comes to planning our weddings. Once everyone has made their best selections, we will match everyone to their perfect honeymoon destination! Honestly, has there ever been a more entertaining way to spend 5 minutes? We do not think so! Get ready girls, the bouquet is about to be tossed!

Question 1

Will kids be allowed?

While to some people avoiding kids at their wedding may seem impossible, other couples have recently started leaving the toddlers off of the guest list. While we are sure nobody has any bad feelings towards the little ones, it just allows the wedding to be a more grown-up event. Of course, this one may depend on how many kids the actual couple knows as well! How does everyone here feel about having a kids table set up at their wedding?

Question 2

Will dogs be allowed?

Just like how some have now started saying no to children, some couples have now actually started saying yes to dogs at their wedding! This is a somewhat new trend, that allows guests to bring their furry companions along with them to the big event. This would be a logical choice if the couple has pooches of their own, and of course, the wedding has been planned as an outdoor event. How is everyone feeling about dogs at the wedding?

Question 3

Pick a wedding season

Here is one of the first decisions a couple must make when planning out their big day. Some may have already known the answer to this one since they were just a child, but there are a few factors one must consider when making this choice. It is not all about decor, but also location, accommodations, attire, and so many other aspects as well. Does everyone here know which season they would select for their wedding day? We can only pick one!

Question 4

How big will the guest list be?

Every couple approaches the guest list a bit differently. While cost is normally a big factor in making this decision, for the sake of this quiz, let's pretend that money is no object. With cost pushed aside, would we automatically want to invite every person we have ever met in our lives? Or perhaps, we would still choose to have just our closest friends and family there with us to celebrate? How is everyone feeling about this one? Big or small?

Question 5

Pick an engagement ring

Now this one is an interesting question. It is not every bride that actually gets a say in her engagement ring. Once engaged, the bride will obviously have a voice in the wedding planning, but before the proposal, the groom may be on his own picking out this ever so important piece of jewelry. Hopefully, he will either have good taste, or think to ask around. It is always smart to make sure our friends and family members have an idea of what we want!

Question 6

Beach wedding?

Depending on where the couple lives, a beach wedding may not necessarily mean a destination wedding. Imagine having a beautiful beach in the neighborhood already? Would this incline anyone to have a beach wedding? Even if the beach was not far from the couple and their guests, some may not like the idea of a sandy ceremony. This one will really come down to everyone's own preference. How is everyone here feeling about a beach themed wedding? Yes or no?

Question 7

Will phones be allowed at the ceremony?

This is a question that only really became relevant in recent years. Some couples have started asking guests to not use phones during the actual ceremony part of the wedding. Others have gone as far as to ask that all phones be handed over before the ceremony even begins. This could be to either ensure only professional photos are being taken, or to make sure everyone's attention is where it should be. Regardless of the reason, how does everyone here feel about phones at the ceremony?

Question 8

Pick a color scheme

There are just about a million different color schemes out there that a couple can choose for their wedding. Some may not want to add color into the decor at all. However, for the sake of this quiz, everyone will have to choose one of the four listed options. Choosing the right color scheme will come after a couple has already picked the wedding season, and most likely the location. Which of these color combinations is standing out most to everyone?

Question 9

Gift registry?

The whole gift thing can be a bit awkward for some people. Asking guests to bring a gift, or even money, is not something everyone is comfortable with. That being said, most guests are going to bring something either way. Having a gift registry set up is a sure fire way to ensure guests are not wasting their money on things the couple may already own, but it will also lead people down the gift route instead of the envelope of cash one.

Question 10

Will there be a bachelorette party?

For a long time the bachelors were the ones known for their wild parties right before the actual wedding day, but these days, the ladies have been giving them a run for their money. It may not be every bride that wants to indulge in this kind of event, but we know for sure that there are some out there who cannot wait for the day they can plan a bachelorette with their best ladies! How does everyone here feel?

Question 11

What kind of bachelorette party sounds best?

Alright, so this one's for the brides who do in fact have a bachelorette party in mind. We have kept an option to pass up a bachelorette all together, but we have three possible party plans listed for those who do want to throw one of these parties. Vegas is sure to be a wild night, but a nice relaxing weekend at a cottage may be a great way to unwind before the big day. A dinner party is always a classic as well!

Question 12

Pick an engagement party meal

An engagement party is a great way to announce the happy news. This is a tradition that began before we were simply able to inform people by posting a picture of the ring. Even though getting the word out may be simpler nowadays, many are still opting to throw engagement parties anyway. Usually being a smaller event than the wedding reception itself, we have listed four fun meal possibilities for the party! Which one is sounding best to everyone here?

Question 13

Pick a meal for the reception

Now this one is a very important decision to make. Everyone knows that the food is what will be talked about in the weeks following the wedding. After guests have sat through the ceremony, and posed for photos, we need to be sure we are feeding them a good meal before all of the reception festivities begin! Some may like the classic chicken or fish option, but others may be feeling like it is a tad overdone. Everybody pick a meal!

Question 14

Pick a dessert

Alright everyone, time to talk dessert! For whatever reason, the wedding cake has become one of the biggest decisions couples have to make. While the classic tiered cake has been a favorite for decades, modern couples have recently begun changing things up a bit. A cupcake tower has proven to be quite popular, but how cute would personal mini pies be at everyone's seat? Looking at these four wedding dessert options, which of them sounds the best to everyone here?

Question 15

Outdoor wedding?

Everyone pictures their wedding ceremony differently. Many have always envisioned themselves in a big beautiful church, and obviously, this makes sense for religious reasons as well. However, many others have always dreamed of standing outside surrounded by lush greenery and florals while they say their vows. Let's pretend that the weather does not play a role here for a moment. Who would choose to have their ceremony take place outside, and who would prefer to be indoors for the event?

Question 16

Who is taking the photos?

The wedding photos mean a lot to many couples. After the day has passed and the honeymoon is over, the photos are the best way of remembering every magical moment of that very special day. Because of this, many couples spend big money on professional photographers. However, many couples love the idea of having their guests take the photos instead. Some believe that this will make them more candid and less posed. How does everyone here feel about this important matter?

Question 17

Pick flowers for the bouquet

The question of flowers is pretty unavoidable when discussing wedding plans. They are a big part of most decor options, though it is not everyone who chooses to cover their entire wedding in romantic roses. For now, we are only talking about the bunch of flowers that go into the bride's bouquet. Roses are certainly a classic option, though tulips would be lovely for a springtime wedding. For those who do not care for flowers, maybe an arrangement of succulents would be better?

Question 18

Pick a centerpiece style

The centerpieces are just one way to help set the mood for the reception. Depending on the guest list size and general size of the venue, something small and simple may look the best. However, in a big open space, something tall and glamorous may be just the ticket! Feathers may not be everyone's style, but on the other hand, burlap doesn't exactly fit into all decors either. Which of these options suits everyone's personal style the best? We can only pick one!

Question 19

Pick a wedding favor

The wedding favor is an adorable way to say thank you to everyone who took the time to come out and celebrate with us on our big day. Since budget is no issue in this quiz, we should base our decision solely off of which options seems like the cutest idea. Jordan almonds have been a crowd favorite for years, but something homemade could add a really nice sentimental touch to the gifts. Looking at these options, which sounds the best?

Question 20

Reception cocktails?

Ah, the cocktail question. This choice all comes down to whether or not the couple enjoys sipping cocktails themselves. Even if they don't, it is possible they may want to have a few options around for the guests who do, but an all-out open bar would be a bit senseless unless everyone was actually going to be using it. The decision on cocktails will certainly play a part in just how rowdy the reception party gets as well. Thoughts?

Question 21

Pick a late-night snack

A late-night snack is something many couples choose to have towards the end of the reception party. If the guests have been dancing for hours, it would make sense for everyone to start feeling hungry again even after the dinner and dessert from earlier. The late-night snack is a great way to have something a bit more fun for people to eat. Looking at these four possible snacking options, which sounds the most like something you would choose to serve?

Question 22

Pick a wedding band style

Often times, the wedding band is a lot simpler than the engagement ring itself. It is meant more to symbolize the marriage, than to be a large stand-out piece of jewelry. However, the big time bling fans out there, may like the idea of still having the band covered in diamonds. These days, there has even been some more adventurous couples, who have chosen to get tattoos instead of rings altogether. Now that is what we call commitment! Thoughts?

Question 23

Matching bridesmaids?

Once upon a time, having the bridesmaids match was the only way to go. While the dresses may have been cut slightly different, for the most part, the bridal party was very much matching. That being said, some brides have started to feel like they would prefer their best ladies to feel comfortable in whatever it is they will be wearing on the big day. These brides will usually select a general color for their bridesmaids to pick a dress in, though the actual style and fit will be theirs to choose.

Question 24

Groomsmen in tuxedos?

Some may feel like allowing the groomsmen to choose their own outfit, would be far too risky. If there happens to be any rascals in the bunch, who knows what they will do if given that kind of freedom. However, to have all the groomsmen wearing tuxedos, does mean the wedding is going to be a pretty fancy event. Does anyone here think their wedding is going to be elegant enough to merit the tuxedo option, or are suits a better choice?

Question 25

Pick a wedding dress style

Forget about what everyone else is going to be wearing, because when it comes to wedding clothing, the only thing that matters, in the end, is the bride's dress. It may not be every bride who cares all that much about the dress they wear, but that does not change the fact that guests are going to be looking at the outfit when she walks down that aisle. We already know most have thought about the style, so pick whichever seems closest!

Question 26

Second outfit for the reception?

Some brides are not content with only having one outfit for their big day. Some will goes as far as having multiple outfit changes throughout the evening. For this question, we are simply asking who would bring a second outfit for the reception. This could be because the bride wants to show off a second style, but it could also just mean that the bride wants to be more comfortable while dancing. That being said, we know some brides will want to stay in their big gown for as long as possible.

Question 27

Pick the reception music

Alright everyone, time to move on over to the dance floor! The music we choose to play at the reception, will definitely decide how the night is going to flow. If the couple and their guests are not big dancers, maybe a karaoke option would be a fun way to get people interacting? A live band or a D.J though, would certainly be great for anyone who does indeed plan on cutting a rug on their big night. What do we think?

Question 28

Pick a song for the groom's dance

At this point, it is almost inevitable that the groom will put together some form of dance with his groomsmen. We have all seen the videos, so every bride should prepare themselves for the very real fact that this may happen to them on their big day. If our groom and his men were to put together a choreographed number, which of these songs would be the best choice for the routine? Try not to laugh too hard while imagining it!

Question 29

Pick a song for the first dance

It would be impossible to have everyone's first dance song listed here today. Since this is such an important and sentimental choice for most people, we understand the significance behind picking the song that best represents the couple in question. However, we have listed four popular song selections, so everyone can just pick the one they like best out of the four. Would we rather go with something mainstream, or an old school classic? Man, this one's a tough choice!

Question 30

Wedding party size?

Deciding exactly who is going to be part of the wedding party, is no easy decision. Not only is it common for couples to want even numbers on both sides, but they surely would not want to upset anyone by leaving them out either. Would it be better to just pick everyone who happens to be close to us, or to limit the number to something small so as not to make anyone feel as though they are the only one left out?

Question 31

Disney wedding?

This one should be an easy pick for everyone, regardless of which way we would want to go. To some, there has never been a more magical place to hold a wedding. However, to others, the idea may seem super tacky. No two couples are alike, so this one is sure to split up the room quite a bit. Who here loves the idea of getting hitched in front of Mickey, and who would pass up this opportunity in a heartbeat?

Question 32

Pick a hairstyle

Next to picking the dress, the hairstyle is probably one of the biggest decisions the bride has to make about her appearance on the day. For the women who regularly get their hair done in glamorous styles for just a random Saturday night out, they would probably want something really fancy for the big day. That being said, for the women who usually just toss their hair into a ponytail, something more understated may make for a better choice. Thoughts?

Question 33


The veil is a very old school tradition. Some brides still hold this tradition very close to their hearts even today, so veils are still just as popular now as ever. A veil gives a really romantic look, and can be used for some pretty epic pictures. However, they can be cumbersome, and if a bride enjoys a simpler look, the veil is something that can easily be left out of the equation. How does everyone here feel about veils?

Question 34

Pick a makeup style

Forget about brides, makeup is something every single woman out there feels very differently about. That being said, when it is time for a woman to pick her bridal makeup, her general feeling towards the stuff is going to play a huge role. To some, a wedding would be the perfect occasion to go crazy on all of their favorite makeup products. To others though, getting married looking as natural as possible, may seem like the most romantic way to go.

Question 35

Handwritten vows?

We have all heard the classic wedding vows. The whole "in sickness and in health" thing may seem like the most classic way to promise ourselves to our mate. However, in recent years, many couples have started writing out their own vows. This will definitely make the ceremony more personal and heartfelt, but it is not everyone that really knows how to put their words and thoughts onto paper. Sometimes sticking to the classics is the best way to go.

Question 36

Pick a "something blue"

Time to talk traditions. Sure, not everyone believes in all the superstitions surrounding weddings, but why not play it safe, right? When it comes to "something blue", an accessory really does seem like the easiest way to incorporate the color. We have listed four possible accessories that could be an easy, yet stunning way to have the color blue featured in a bridal look. Which of these options sounds the most like one you would choose to have on your wedding day?

Question 37

Pick a "something borrowed"

A "something borrowed" is a great way to pay tribute to a loved one in a bridal look. Maybe wearing someone else's dress isn't the right choice for everyone, but there are many ways we can take a borrowed item and include it in the wedding somewhere. Borrowing a veil can be a very romantic notion, but then again, if we know someone with an amazing cake recipe, why not opt for that instead? Which of these sounds like the best borrowed item?

Question 38

Pick a "something new"

This is by far the most fun one we get to pick! There is no denying that many of a bride's things will be new. Usually the dress and other accessories have been bought specifically for the event. However, if we were to be borrowing certain items for the big day, which would we insist on having new no matter what? Would it be the dress automatically, or would a fresh new piece of jewelry be enough for us? Pick one!

Question 39

Pick some bridal shoes

Let's talk shoes. We know for a fact that many women look at this decision very differently. High heels are no doubt the most popular option. That being said, not every woman is comfortable in heels, nor is every woman actually capable of walking in them. Having the wedding on a beach, would also make heels pretty difficult to pull off. Looking at these four bridal shoe possibilities, can anyone here decide on the perfect pair for their own big day?

Question 40

How long will the planning take?

Everyone has a different approach when it comes to planning their wedding. If we are planning on having a huge wedding with many guests, the planning is naturally going to take quite a bit longer. If we are thinking of just throwing a casual party with a few friends and family members present, well then maybe we would not need too much time to get the plans in order. Which of these options sounds the most realistic for everyone's wedding plans?

Question 41

Wedding planner?

If we are in fact looking to plan an over-the-top wedding, having the help of a wedding planner could make all the difference. Even for the couples who are planning a smaller event, they may not want the stress of calling vendors and other such tasks. All of that being said, some couples may actually enjoy making all of the plans together themselves, so this decision will definitely vary depending on the couple making the choice! Who wants a wedding planner?

Question 42

What will be the dress code for guests?

Obviously, this one will depend on the size of our wedding and where we plan on having it take place. It wouldn't be kind to ask guests to dress for a black tie event, if the wedding will actually be taking place in the hot sun on a beach somewhere. Though, if we do have a large church and venue booked for the day, asking guests to dress appropriately would not be outlandish at all. Which dress code sounds best?

Question 43

What happens if someone else shows up in white?

Here is something we all must prepare for. It does not often happen, but we should be ready for the chance of a guest showing up in a white outfit. While it is common knowledge that wearing white to a wedding is a big no-no, we must account for the possibility that some may not be aware or even care about the rule. How would everyone here handle this scenario? Would we send them home, or allow them to stay?

Question 44

Pick the best fictional couple

Now here is a pretty fun question! Not that it will really help with the wedding plans at all, but after we have been with our partner for a while, it is hard not to compare ourselves to one of our beloved fictional couples. We have listed four popular television couples, and everyone here just has to pick their favorite one. Does Ross and Rachel's on and off again relationship feel familiar to anyone, or perhaps Corey and Topanga's lifelong romance hits the spot more?

Question 45

Pick a dream honeymoon

Okay, since the whole idea behind this quiz is, in fact, to match everyone to their dream honeymoon spot, we feel obliged to ask which kind of trip sounds best to everyone here. For the adventurous couples, an outdoorsy trip may be perfect. For the couples who enjoy cocktails and relaxation though, maybe a beach resort would be the best way for them to spend their first week as a married couple. Looking at these four options, which sounds the best for everyone?

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