Plan The Perfect Valentine's Date And We'll Guess Your Sign

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and we all know what that means- it's time for some seriously romantic couple's time! Whether that means a fancy dinner with candles and soft music, or a friendly competition playing Doubles Tennis- romance means different things to different people. We know that everyone has an idea of their ideal perfect Valentine's date and we want to hear yours!

Now is the chance to map out the perfect date, including where you meet your soulmate and when the date will actually happen. Let us know your perfect outfit and what's on the menu for the amazing Valentine's Day dinner! Tell us how this Valentine's Day date will top all others. We want to know what makes everyone's heart skip a beat- and what would make this Valentine's Day one to totally remember, so map out your ideal Valentine's Day in the following fifty questions and we will reveal your sign! Who is ready to get all romantic, warm and fuzzy? Tell us what makes your Valentine's Day date so completely epic and let us guess your sign. Let's have some fun and plan out our ideal fantasy date. Who is ready to get started?

Question 1

What is the best place to meet an amazing Valentine's Day sweetheart?

First things first. We need to meet our romantic Valentine’s Day date. There are plenty of places to find true love these days, so check out the options listed here and let us know where you will meet a swoon-worthy Valentine. Will they be a recycled ex that is coming back for Round 2 (or 3, or 4)? Will a friend introduce them to you, or will they be haunting a favorite coffee shop? Maybe they’re waiting on one of the dating apps.

Question 2

Does the date happen right on Valentines Day?

There are some Valentine’s Day purists that think the most romantic dates occur on the big day itself- while others think that meeting up the weekend before or after Valentine’s Day is even better. There are perks to celebrating not on Valentine’s Day- like a better chance to get restaurant reservations and flowers and candy at normal prices. Who thinks that celebrating on Valentine’s Day itself is totally mandatory? Who would prefer to have their date outside of the official day?

Question 3

Which celebrity crush would make an amazing Valentine's Day date?

Since we are letting everyone engineer their own ideal Valentine’s Day date, we might as well go for the gold and give everyone the option to choose their Valentine celebrity crush! Check out the four smokin’ gorgeous options listed here and let us know which one would be on your arm during the most epic Valentine’s Day date ever. Will it be Chris Hemsworth, Zac Efron, or Ryan Gosling? Maybe Leo DiCaprio has the keys to everyone’s heart? Choose now!

Question 4

Which celebrity has the best Valentine's Day date look?

Now let’s get to the good stuff. We know that everyone wants to look completely glamorous for their big date, so why not look to the stars for a little inspiration? Plenty of celebrities have gorgeous and flawless looks that would be amazing to emulate. Which one is your fave? Does Jennifer Lawrence have the most epic makeup look? How about Beyonce or Megan Fox? Perhaps Taylor Swift’s signature look is the one that you want to copy. Choose now.

Question 5

Which quality is the most irresistible in a Valentine's Day date?

Looks are super important but it’s personality that makes us fall in love! Everyone is different- and we all have those qualities that we look for in our significant others. Whether it’s someone who has a fantastic sense of humor and can turn any situation into hilarity or someone who shows strangers a lot of kindness, there’s that one positive quality that we gravitate towards. Check out the options listed and choose your absolute fave. Pick one option listed now.

Question 6

Which profession does the Valentine's Day date have?

We all have to go to work, but some jobs are a little cooler than others. It’s okay to think about the desired profession of our future soulmates, so check out the options listed and let us know which one sounds the best. Is your dream man a teacher or architect? Maybe he’s a successful salesman, or a doctor? Let us know which one sounds most appealing and give us a chance to guess everyone’s sign. Pick your fave now.

Question 7

Which quirky quality is the most endearing?

There are great qualities like kindness to strangers and an amazing sense of humor- and then there are qualities that we love because they are a little on the quirky side. Who doesn’t love those qualities that are a little off-the-wall like a little bit of a geeky side, a love of shoes, or the ability to break dance. Maybe one of those quirky qualities isn’t a talent, but something that they were born with like double-jointed thumbs. Choose now.

Question 8

Which outfit is a perfect fit for Valentine's Day?

In order to have the best Valentine’s Day date you will want to look your best and that means wearing clothes that look and feel amazing. We all have different styles, so simply pick the look that fits best with your personality. Who is a jeans and comfy tee kind of person? Who shines in flowy sundresses and pretty flats? Who loves the look of cute leggings and an over-sized sweater, or a sparkly mini-dress with some amazing looking heels?

Question 9

What is the perfect hairstyle for the date?

Okay- let’s talk about the perfect hair. We all know that our crowning glory is a big part of how the overall look will come together. While different outfits call for different hairstyles, there are a few tried-and-true faves that look amazing with just about any type of outfit. Who loves the look of a sleek pixie cut? Who prefers sophisticated box braids, or long flowing waves. Messy buns are not only easy to do- they also look good on everyone.

Question 10

Which makeup look is most luscious?

Once we have our ideal hair and wardrobe down pat, it’s time to talk about makeup. There are a bunch of different types of looks to choose from- from minimalist and sleek makeup to winged liner with matte lips. There are some that think that Valentine’s Day calls for statement lips or bright and bold eyes. Which one sounds best to you? Check out the options and tell us how everyone will be decorating themselves for the big V Day.

Question 11

Which signature piece of jewelry is most alluring?

There aren’t too many things that can express our personalities better than some signature jewelry. These pieces let everyone know who we are and how we love to shine! The options listed here are the best of the best- jewelry that will stop the room in its tracks when the wearer walks in. Which one sounds the most glamorous? Who loves a chic pearl brooch that is as classic as it is romantic? How about a gold necklace, vintage ring or statement earrings?

Question 12

Which signature scent sounds yummiest?

Looking good is one thing, but smelling good takes it to the next level. There are certain scents that make us absolutely enchanting, like Lacoste Pour Femme or Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Philosophy’s Amazing Grace is one of the company’s signature scents for good reason. It is a completely refreshing blend that makes the wearer smell and feel incredible. Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter takes things to the next level with a creamy body butter that smells just like coconut cake!

Question 13

Which shoes are the most crushworthy?

Shoes totally make the outfit- right? We love a great pair of shoes; flats, heels, strappy sandals, boots or even cute ‘lil Converse sneakers. There is nothing that makes us feel better than to slip on some cute shoes and head out. We know that everyone will want to wear the cutest shoes possible on their perfect Valentine’s Day date, so let’s talk about them. Check out the options that we’ve listed and choose the one that sounds the most fabulous.

Question 14

Which romantic detail will make the outfit complete?

It’s all in the details, right? There are plenty of ways to put together the most stunning outfit ever, but there’s always that one little detail that takes it over the top and elevates it from ordinary to totally extraordinary! Yup, we love little romantic details and we bet plenty of other people do too! We’ve listed a few romantic details that would take any outfit to the next level. Who loves ruby red heels? How about a vintage heart pin?

Question 15

What time of the day would the date occur?

Although most people default right to an evening date- that’s not necessarily the best way to go about things. There are plenty of fun activities to do during the day, and grabbing a romantic brunch or a cup of delicious coffee with your soulmate can be just as incredible. Of course, there’s always the option for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner also. Check out the options listed here and let us know which one sounds the most appealing! Choose now.

Question 16

What is the perfect daytime activity?

Let’s pretend that the perfect Valentine’s Day date is happening while the sun is up and shining. There are plenty of fun and romantic things that we can do during the day like heading out to the carnival or visiting the zoo. Who would prefer to check out a movie matinee or get some fresh air with a long hike in the woods? Let us know what fun daytime Valentine’s Date sounds the best and we will reveal your sign!

Question 17

Which location would be perfect for a romantic picnic?

There’s nothing that spells romance quite like a quiet picnic in a breathtakingly scenic place. There is something magical about spreading out that picnic blanket and taking out a delicious spread of food just for two. Whether your romantic picnic is on a secluded beach, high in the mountains, or anywhere else- it’s hard to argue that a picnic is anything but totally divine. Let us know where you would choose to have your ideal romantic picnic. Select one now.

Question 18

What is the one item that belongs in the romantic picnic basket?

Now that we have the location set for our romantic picnic, let’s talk about what belongs in the basket. Everyone’s tastes are different so just check out the options listed and let us know which one sounds the most delicious. Does a fluffy and sweet chocolate souffle belong in the basket? How about a fresh tropical fruit salad or a tray of cheeses from all around the world? Maybe some tasty creamy pate and toast points are in the basket?

Question 19

Which additional item belongs in the basket?

So now we have the perfect place for our picnic and one of the items in the basket- let’s talk about what else belongs in there. We have listed some yummy foods that would make everyone’s romantic picnic totally complete. What would round off the perfect picnic? Would it be a fresh and tasty garden salad or some delectable mini meatballs? How about a variety of open-faced sandwiches with different spreads, or some healthy carrots and tasty fresh hummus?

Question 20

Which game is best for bringing people closer?

Let’s talk about a little bit of entertainment! We all know that some friendly competition really brings people together, so which game would be best to play with your soulmate? Who wants to get a little silly with some fun charades, or test their mental abilities with Trivial Pursuit? Wordsmiths will want to play a rousing game of Scrabble and card sharks will love testing their skills at Poker. Which one sounds the best? Choose the most interesting option listed.

Question 21

Which quirky date appeals most?

There are plenty of standard Valentine’s Day dates- like having a fun dinner date or checking out a movie, but what about those off-the-wall dates that really bring people closer together? Sometimes we need to get outside of our comfort zones to get a little bit closer to our soulmates. Who agrees with us? Check out the options for unique dates and select the one that sounds the best. Who loves a game of horseshoes? How about fly fishing or bungee jumping?

Question 22

Are adventurous dates the best kind of dates?

This question comes down to a matter of personal preference. There are some people who love dates that have a little side of adventure to them. They think that the more excitement the better! Why not spend Valentine’s Day on an epic adventure- going sea kayaking or rock climbing? Others prefer to do more low-key or traditional activities. There is no right answer or wrong answer! Just let us know if an adventuresome date is in the cards on this V Day!

Question 23

Which intellectual date activity sounds amazing?

Let’s be honest- there are very few things more attractive than intelligence! We love to engage with people who are smart and charming, and nothing allows us to flex our mental muscles like a romantic intellectual Valentine’s Day date. Whether it is seeing an arty movie or listening to a history podcast- we love to expand our horizons with those who we really love! Maybe the ideal date is visiting a museum or even attending a lecture on a fun topic.

Question 24

What challenge would make the date super fun?

Who doesn’t love a challenge? We all like to think that our soulmates are matched with us perfectly when it come to wits, brains and physical aptitude! There are plenty of amazing challenges that will test some skills and make your Valentine’s Day date a super special experience to remember forever. Smarty-pantses will love to test their skills at Jeopardy and athletes will love a little improptu race to really set the date off on a great track. Choose now.

Question 25

Time to take a break! Which beverage sounds most refreshing?

Time to chill out and take a break with your Valentine’s Day date. We’ve listed a few different delicious beverages and want everyone to pick the one that sounds the tastiest to them! Who loves a tall, frosty glass of refreshing iced tea? How about a chilled mocha latte with just the right amount of sweetness- or a papaya smoothie that tastes just like the tropics? Who prefers to go with old-fashioned water with a little twist of tart lime?

Question 26

What scenario sounds the least pleasant?

Nobody likes when bad things happen to them- and this unpleasant scenario is made even less pleasant when it happens in the middle of a big date. D’oh! There are a few things that nobody wants to have happen to them when they’re trying to impress someone else- like forgetting to put on deodorant or spilling food all over their outfit. What about a medical situation like an allergic reaction to some shellfish, or not being able to make it at all?

Question 27

What is the best place to watch the sunset?

Is there anything in the world that is more romantic than a gorgeous sunset? When the sky bursts into dramatic colors, nothing is better than snuggling with our soulmate and enjoying the glory of nature together. All sunsets are beautiful- but some are just a little bit more scenic. Location totally matters, so check out the options listed and choose the location that sounds the most divine. Is it a beautiful beach or somewhere high above the big city?

Question 28

What is the most romantic thing that he could say?

No matter how romantic the date is, what really matters is how amazing the conversation between you and your soulmate develops over the time that the two of you spend together. We all have different definitions of what the most romantic thing someone could say is, so check out the options listed here and choose the one that sounds the most endearing. Is it most romantic to offer the last piece of pizza or reveal a secret special Hogwarts affiliation?

Question 29

How long does the date last?

When we’re spending time with the person we really care about- time seems to speed up and we can’t get enough of them. Having said that, we all have a different idea of how long the ideal date would be. We want to know where everyone stands on this critical issue, so check out the options listed and choose the one that sounds most appropriate! There is no wrong answer- so simply select the best one and we’ll reveal everyone’s sign.

Question 30

Who wants to take a break to freshen up before dinner?

After a day out with our Valentine’s Day date we might be feeling a little bit less than fresh! Many people want to take a break before heading back out and spend a little bit of time primping and preparing for the evening ahead. Who here is one of those people? Who would prefer to power through the rest of their date as not to miss a single minute with the soulmate of their dreams. Let us know where you stand!

Question 31

Is it better to go out for a romantic meal or stay in?

Now that we’re all fresh and ready for our dinner date, let’s talk about the two options that we have- going out for dinner or staying in. Both of them have their plusses and minuses, so this one is truly a matter of personal preference. Who would prefer to have a romantic dinner out on the town? Who is a little bit more of a homebody? There are no wrong answers so simply select the one that sounds the best!

Question 32

Let's say we're going out. Which appetizer would set the mood?

The appetizer definitely sets the tone for the entire meal- so we should try to pick one that’s really spectacular. There are plenty of different types of foods to sample in the options that we have listed here- from sumptuous shrimp scampi to a refreshing and classic Caesar salad. Perhaps Valentine’s Day calls for some crunchy and filling egg roles or some delicious bacon wrapped dates served on toothpicks. Which one sounds the absolute best? It’s time to pick a fave.

Question 33

Which entree sounds the most delicious?

Now for the main course! On Valentine’s Day love is always on the menu, but it helps to have a little bit of food available too. We have listed a few delicious main courses that will tempt just about everyone’s taste buds. Who loves a delicate and flavorful piece of grilled salmon? How about lamb chops with a dollop of mint jelly or some springtime inspired pasta primavera that is bursting with tons of vegetables. Maybe steak and pepper sauce is on the menu?

Question 34

What would be the best dinner conversation ever?

Let’s talk about… talking. Great dinner conversation is sometimes a little tricky to come by but this is an epic Valentine’s Day date so we know that the topics are going to be completely on point. There are plenty of things for lovebirds to discuss over a delicious meal, so just pick your fave. Is dinner a great time to chat about Netflix favorites or sports predictions/ Maybe we go a little deeper with some philosophy or compare the exes?

Question 35

Which dessert sounds most luscious?

Now it’s time for the best course of the meal. Of course, we are talking about dessert! Our dessert preferences are totally personal, but one thing is for certain- those with a sweet tooth will have a strong opinion on which tasty treat deserves to be on their table. Who loves decadent chocolate raspberry cake? How about a pile of delicious tiramisu with a light coffee glaze, or a stately crème brulee that is as tasty as it is beautiful?

Question 36

Is it ever a good idea to talk about exes on a date?

Here’s a question that will totally polarize the readers of this quiz! There are some people who think that it is a good idea to bring up exes right away on the first date. There are others who think that it is a not good idea to discuss the past- and instead focus on the future. We want to know who falls into each camp. Check out the options listed here and let usu know which one sounds the best.

Question 37

Is it ever a good idea to discuss the future on the first date?

Let’s not talk about the past- but how about the future? Let’s be honest- we all want to make sure that our partner wants what we do, otherwise what’s the point? Still- some people think that bringing up the future on the first date is not such a smart idea. We want to know what everyone thinks, so choose the answer that sounds the best and we will reveal everyone’s sign. It’s time to answer- so select the right one.

Question 38

Which gorgeous flowers would really set the mood?

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Flowers are so super romantic, they look pretty and they smell fantastic. What’s not to love about a beautiful bunch of blooms on the most special day of the year? Which ones sound the best? Who loves gorgeous orchids? How about delicate lilies or fragrant roses that could totally set the mood. Maybe you want to go old school with a bouquet of pretty carnations. Tell us the fave now!

Question 39

Which is the most ideal way to get from Point A to Point B?

With all of the fun that we’re having on the date we almost forgot about one of the most important things- the transportation needed to get from Point A to Point B! It’s Valentine’s Day so we want to be traveling in style. Check out the options listed and choose the best one for your transportation needs. Who wants to hop on a motorcycle or tuk-tuk? How about a classy town car or a good reliable Uber? Choose one now.

Question 40

Which genre of movie is best for a romantic date?

Going to the movies and Valentine’s Day go together like peas and carrots- or chocolate and wine! Who doesn’t love checking out a movie with a special someone? There are always plenty to choose from- but for this question we just need everyone to look at the genres listed and choose the best one for the most epic romantic Valentine’s Day date. Does a traditional rom-com do it? How about a suspenseful movie, or a sci-fi flick? Who prefers a period drama?

Question 41

Where is the best place to sit in the theater?

Now that we have our movie tickets, it’s time to pick the best seats in the house. Of course we will want to sit somewhere where we can see the screen- but we also might want to have a little privacy to be with our Valentine’s Day date. Check out the options that we have listed and choose the seats that sound the best. Who wants to sit way up in the front? Who prefers the back? No wrong answers here!

Question 42

What movie snack sounds most appealing?

No movie date is complete without a nice snack to go along with it. Bonus points for sharing with your soulmate- after all- sharing is caring! Let’s talk about the best munchies for the movies. Who loves some tasty minty Junior Mints? How about a fruity burst of flavor in the form of Skittles, or some nachos drizzled with cheese? Maybe you want to go with an old-fashioned favorite like popcorn? Which snack listed sounds the absolute best? Choose one now.

Question 43

Will there be snuggling or no snuggling?

To snuggle or not to snuggle- that is the question. Everyone is different! Some people love snuggling up with their date during the movies and others really value their personal space. Maybe the thought of snuggling is a little too much too soon. Maybe it is the logical next step. There are no wrong answers, so simply select the one that sounds the best- and we will reveal everyone’s sign! Let us know who loves a good snuggle and who will pass.

Question 44

Which unconventional activity would really round off the date?

Let’s say that the date went super well so far and it is about time to say goodnight- but there’s time for one more unconventional, fun activity that would make the date completely memorable. There are plenty of options when it comes to fun stuff to do on dates, and we’ve listed a few that are slightly off the wall. Will the date wind down with some midnight hiking or stargazing? How about some late night bingo or a little clubbing?

Question 45

What useful quality is best in a partner?

We have talked a lot about the qualities that are most desirable in our partners, but what about those skills that are totally useful? There are some people who bring more to the table than others- so let’s talk about it! Is the ideal Valentine’s Day date fluent in different languages? Are they a completely amazing cook or really handy around the house? Maybe they are totally proficient in playing the stock market? Choose the best quality listed here now.

Question 46

Which perfect song is playing on the date?

Let’s be honest- music plays such a huge part in our lives. There are songs that we associate with favorite memories, or those that make us totally nostalgic. There are also songs that put us in the mood for romance, like the ones that we have listed here. Check out the songs and pick the one that would be the most perfect soundtrack for the most epic Valentine’s Day date of all time. Pick a fave musical classic right now.

Question 47

Is it romantic or weird to walk the date to their door?

At the end of the night there are always plenty of questions. Will we see each other again? Will there be a goodnight kiss? Maybe one of the most pressing questions is whether it is weird or romantic to walk the date to their door. Some people find it overbearing and a little strange when their date drops them off on their doorstep. Others think that it is totally cute. There are no incorrect answers, so choose one right now.

Question 48

Is there a goodnight kiss?

This is the most important question of the night- and definitely one that is weighing on the minds of both people on the date. Goodnight kisses are pretty standard, but they are not always a given…. Plus nothing is less romantic than going in for the kiss and getting shut down. Nobody wants that to happen! On the epic Valentine’s Day date of your dreams is there a goodnight kiss? Let us know whether smooching will happen or not now.

Question 49

What is a good amount of time to wait to follow up on a date?

The date is over. It was totally amazing and everything that we always wanted it to be- but now we are in that weird limbo where we want to contact the other person but we also want to play it cool. Why are there so many games in love? For the purposes of this quiz we give everyone the option of choosing the appropriate amount of time to wait to follow up on a date. Check out the options and choose.

Question 50

What would the sweetest follow-up text be?

It is time to follow up- but what will the text say? It needs to be something really clever and cute in order to show that the date went well and another date should be on the menu. It’s not always easy to compose the perfect text so we have offered a few different options. Just select the one that sounds the best and complete the perfect Valentine’s Day date. Will it be the romantic “thinking of you” or the low-key “heyyyyy”?

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