Plan The Perfect Engagement Party And We'll Reveal Your Celebrity Hubby

Who doesn't want to know who their celebrity hubby would be?

There are so many crushworthy celebs out there, that it is difficult to pick just one. Fortunately for everyone, we're able to look at your personal plans for a perfect engagement party and let everyone know who their destined celebrity match is! All everyone needs to do is plan the ideal engagement party from start to finish and let us do the rest!

Everyone will get to plan every single detail of their ideal engagement party- from the season that the party would occur during to how big the guest list would be. Everyone can pick the perfect spread of food that would delight their guests, plus some beautiful blooms to decorate the room! Will there be themed drinks? That is up to personal preference and there are no wrong answers- only the perfect celebrity match for everyone!

It's time to plan out the engagement party of everyone's dreams and find out who the perfect celebrity husband would be. Who is ready to gaze into the crystal ball and find out some amazing facts about the romance that their future holds? Plan a party and see what exciting things are in store.

Question 1

What season will the engagement party occur during?

Let’s start off with one of the most important questions on this whole quiz- what season will the perfect engagement party take place during? We know that each season comes with its plusses and minuses, so let us know whether the perfect engagement party is a wonderful winter celebration or a fun in the sun summer party. Perhaps it takes place during the fall or when the first flowers start to appear at the beginning of spring. Choose one now.

Question 2

How long before the wedding is the engagement party?

Here’s another critical question, and one that comes down to the feelings of each and every bride-to-be. We all know that planning a wedding and engagement party are Herculean tasks that take up so much of our time and energy so many people don’t want the two of them close together. They prefer to spread them out. Others like to schedule the engagement party and wedding really close together to keep the momentum and excitement going. Which is the best?

Question 3

How big is the guest list?

Anyone who plans a wedding knows that getting the guest list together is one of the most difficult things to do. How can we plan something that monumental without inviting everyone under the sun? How is it possible to make sure that everyone gets along? Sorry to say- planning the engagement party is just the same. The guest list is one of the trickiest elements of getting it all together, starting with how big the list will be in the first place!

Question 4

Will there be out of town guests?

Let’s stay on the topic of the guest list, shall we? This question comes down to whether the guests will be totally local or if there will be people from out of town. Let’s be honest- most of us don’t need to invite everyone that we have ever known since Kindergarten (or do we??) but many of us need to have one or two out of town guests attending the festivities. Will your guest list include out of town guests?

Question 5

What is the venue like?

Now that we have our guest list sorted out, let’s talk about the venue. Like everything else- the venue is a highly personal choice and will really be reflective of the bride’s tastes. There are some who love a nice, airy casual space that is rustic and laid back. Others like a sophisticated and elegant feel, or a minimalist and sleek kind of look. Who falls into which category? Check out the options and choose the one that sounds best. like?

Question 6

Is the venue outdoor or indoor?

Is the perfect venue an indoor or outdoor party? Depending on the season, this could be a really important question and one that will dictate how your guests will act at the party. Many people like to have a venue that supports both indoor and outdoor facilities, but there are others who choose one or the other. Like just about everything else on this list- there are no wrong options! Simply let us know which particular option is most appealing.

Question 7

Pick a theme for the engagement party

Theme parties are the most fun! Who doesn’t love getting all dressed up for a fancy engagement party? There are some who really like the look of a traditional party- and we say, good for them, but if you love theme parties as much as we do this question is for you! We have listed four great options for a theme party to remember- romantic masquerade, love under the sea, Disney, and amor around the world. Which one sounds best?

Question 8

What kind of lighting does the venue have?

What kind of lighting Let’s get down to logistics. Lighting is an important part of any venue- and it really helps set the mood. The best lighting will give everyone a romantic feeling and really make the party one of celebration and fellowship! Like everything else, lighting is a deeply personal decision. Who loves the look of mini disco balls or candlelight? Who prefers soft ambient light or even some modern light fixtures. Let us know which one sounds the absolute best. Choose now:

Question 9

What are the theme colors of the party?

The only thing that can hold a candle (ha ha) to lighting is the color scheme of your engagement party. We all know that colors set the mood- and the ones chosen will certainly have an impact on the guests! Is the color scheme a classic black, grey and white? How about bright primary colors that just yell “celebration”? Perhaps the engagement party will look best when decorated in soft pastel hues. Who knows which one listed is the best?

Question 10

What are the ideal decorations like?

When it comes to decorations, everyone has a different idea about what looks best. The decorative theme employed is a matter of taste- whether it is personal and nostalgic, opulent and detailed, quirky and whimsical or simple and meaningful. Everyone is different- so we just want to know which look appeals most to you! It’s time to get crafty and decorate the space with some amazing ornaments. Which style will you choose? Let us know which one sounds the best!

Question 11

Pick a party favor for the guests

What’s a party without some awesome party favors!? The ideal engagement party certainly has a lot of cute and fun ways to entertain the guests, including little goodie bags for them to take home. There are plenty of party favors that would totally fit the bill- and we have included four great options to choose from. Who loves the idea of handing out little scented candles or personalized bottle openers? How about miniature bonsai trees or delicious truffles. Choose now.

Question 12

What kind of flowers will there be?

Nothing sets the mood like flowers-and that is totally true for just about any and every engagement party. Beautiful blooms make guests want to sit and stay for a while- while echoing the romantic feel of the party itself. It’s a total win-win! What kind of lovely flowers would look the best at the ideal engagement party? Who would love some dainty pink roses or purple orchids? How about peonies or even some stately lilies? Choose the best flowers now.

Question 13

Pick a place to register for gifts

The engagement party is an excuse to celebrate the love between two people- and have others shower the two of you with plenty of precious and nostalgic gifts. Who doesn’t love getting a great present? Let’s talk about the best place to register for the engagement party to end all engagement parties. Who wants to register at Ikea? How about Tiffany’s or Amazon? Who would prefer to go with a company like Macys? There are no wrong answers so let us know!

Question 14

Choose a charity to have the guests donate to

Instead of having a registration place, some people like to have their guests send a donation to a charity of their choice. This is another highly personal question and there are no wrong answers- so simply let us know which charity sounds the best. Will the guests be donating to the hero pups at the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind or UNICEF? Perhaps they would prefer to go with Doctors Without Borders or the International Rescue Committee? Choose one.

Question 15

Pick some cute signage for the day

Part of being engaged is getting to tell everyone about it! Some cute signage will elevate anyone’s party from ordinary to extraordinary. Which one sounds the best to you? If the best kind of signage rustic wooden planks that echo the laid-back nature of your relationship, or a chalkboard with some intricate writing on it? Perhaps there are some people who would prefer neon signage or even balloon letters spelling out the news of their romantic engagement! Choose one now.

Question 16

Choose a special movie theme for the engagement party

Let’s get back to the subject of themes- because let’s get real- who does not love a great themed party? There have been tons of influential romantic movies over the course of the last couple years including “Romeo and Juliet” and “The Notebook”. Maybe the period love story of the roaring 1920s and all of the glamour of the era would be the perfect theme for the engagement party? How about the most epic doomed love story of all time?

Question 17

Pick a magical theme for the engagement party

We can’t get enough of themes (obviously) so let’s drill down just a little bit more and talk about what would make one of the best magical themes for an amazing engagement party. There are plenty of magical stories to choose from, including the iconic Harry Potter series and The Lord of the Rings. There are some people who would love to get even a little more magical and whimsical with The Chronicles of Narnia or even The Hunger Games.

Question 18

Choose a quirky theme for the engagement party that nobody will ever forget

Last question on themes we promise (kinda)! Okay, what happens when we want to make our engagement party one that people will never forget? We go totally out of the box with a theme that nobody else would ever do, like a Star Wars themed party or one that celebrates the best decade ever- the 1980s! How about a party with a laid back island vibe, or an old Hollywood party that is all about the sparkly glitz and glamour?

Question 19

Choose a special outfit to wear to the party

Now that we have our venue all squared away- and we know what kind of lighting and decorations that we want, it’s time to talk about what kind of outfit that everyone will be wearing. There are plenty of things that we can wear to stand out, but which one to choose comes down to a matter of personal taste and style. Who loves the look of a floral romper or a cute wrap dress? Who prefers chic leggings and flats?

Question 20

Pick a special makeup look that will totally shine

It’s time to paint our faces up all pretty for the party! Makeup is such a personal choice, but there are a few different styles that look good on just about everyone. It just depends on who is a minimalist and who loves a dramatic makeup look. Who loves a beachy and bronzed vibe? Who prefers vibrant and romantic lips? Who loves a little metallic around the eyes or some statement winged liner? It’s up to you! Choose one now.

Question 21

Choose a hairstyle to rock at the party

There’s nothing that makes us beam from ear to ear like an awesome hairstyle. Real talk- we feel the best when our hair is on point. At your engagement party, you will want stand-out, pretty and perfect hair. It’s time to select the best style. Who wants to wear some pretty and feminine finger waves? Who prefers a side bun or braids? Who would love to rock one of those statement floral hairpieces that turn all of the heads? Pick something:

Question 22

What will the groom wear?

There’s someone that we might be forgetting here and we really need to address him- the groom! We all know that we want to look fabulous for our fantastic engagement party, but what will our soulmate be wearing? Check out the options that we have listed here and let us know which one sounds the most appealing. Will he be looking fine in jeans and a button down shirt, or a nice v-neck sweater? How about a classy suit and tie?

Question 23

Choose some special dresses for the best girls

Just because your best girls will be wearing special dresses at the wedding does not mean that they can’t also at the engagement party. Just like everyone wants to look their best at their engagement party, we want our nearest and dearest to look the best also! Will they be rocking some amazing brightly colored sundresses or cute little eyelet mini-dresses? Will they be dressed in cozy maxi-dresses or will anything with pockets do the trick? Choose one look now.

Question 24

Pick one piece of statement jewelry

They say that jewelry makes the whole outfit shine- and it is tough to argue with that assessment. Statement jewelry can really make anyone stand out, so choose your fave carefully. Who loves the look of an antique brooch or a chunky onyx necklace? How about a stately ruby ring with gold filigree and lots of pretty detailing? Maybe some diamond chandelier earrings are exactly what is needed to take the outfit straight up to the next level! Choose now.

Question 25

Pick one song that needs to be on the party playlist

Let’s talk about the most fabulous music to play at the engagement party. There are plenty of songs to choose from and the choice is totally up to everyone. We have said it before and we will say it again- there are no wrong answers. Tell us which song would set the tone of the engagement party the best. Is it one of Ariana Grande’s classics or something from power rock band Imagine Dragons? Let us know which one is best.

Question 26

Pick a fun song that everyone will want to dance to

Okay- we all know that there are those songs that just get everyone out on the dance floor like no other ones can. Those are the kinds of songs that we hear and just have to jump up and dance to. We have listed four of the most popular songs to get everyone moving in the options here. Who loves a little Madonna? Who prefers to get down to the Cupid Shuffle? How about some old-school Nelly or some Journey?

Question 27

Choose the best song for making a grand entrance at the party

Now let’s get back to the stars of the party- the bride and groom! This is your engagement party so make it count, and one of the best ways to do that is to make an entrance that nobody will ever forget. Choose a song that will knock everyone’s socks off and cement you two as the couple of the century. Which one sounds the best? How about a little Queen or Pink? Who loves some Bruno Mars or classic Etta James?

Question 28

Will there be live music?

While we are talking about music we need to ask a super important question- will there be live music? This is one of the most important elements of the big day and one that will certainly set the tone for the entire event. It’s a personal choice and just about everyone is different, so simply let us know if live music is on the menu for you- or not! Also let us know if the live music depends on the timing.

Question 29

What do the invitations look like?

Let’s dial it back just a little bit. We need invitations to this amazing event, right? The invitations do something really important- they set the mood for the entire event and really let the guests know exactly what they are in for. The style of invitation depends largely on what kind of tastes the bride and groom have. Who loves old fashioned and quaint invitations? Who prefers romantic or modern looking invitations? Will invitations only be sent on social media?

Question 30

Will there be a professional photographer at the party?

Engagement parties are almost as important as the wedding itself because they are the first chance for the new bride and groom to show off as a couple! That means that there should be plenty of pictures taken- and the big question is, who will take the pictures? Will there be a professional photographer at the party? Will the guests take their own pictures instead? Maybe some people prefer the party to be a picture-free event! Choose one answer now.

Question 31

Choose an ice-breaker to get everyone in a festive mood

Let’s talk about what kind of entertainment will happen at the party. There are several different types of games to play, but one of the ones that speaks most to everyone is a great ice-breaker. Ice-breakers are an amazing way for the guests to get to know each other and get comfortable at the party! Who loves a great ice-breaker as much as we do? We have listed four of the most popular ice-breakers and want everyone to choose one.

Question 32

Pick some tapas to start things off

Who is hungry? A party is just not the same without some great food- are of course we are talking about tapas! Tapas are those delicious little foods that satisfy the guests but do not totally fill them up so there is still some room for dinner. Who loves some fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil skewers? Who would prefer salty and crispy calamari or tasty little mini-meatballs? How do patatas bravas sound? We know everyone is hungry but only pick one!

Question 33

Pick an delicious appetizer

Appetizer time! All of the guests are sitting around the table and ready to get into dinner. What should they be fed? There are plenty of options to choose from and all of them are tasty- so it really comes down to a matter of personal preference. Who wants to chow down on a tasty trio of hummus? How about some cheesy and delicious quiche or rustic bruschetta? Who loves shrimp wontons? Pick a favorite from the options listed here.

Question 34

Will there be themed drinks?

Let’s get down to the important details- what will the guests be drinking? We want to know if the party will have some special themed drinks to celebrate the romance of both parties involved? There are plenty of types of celebratory drinks to go around, so simply tell us if these drinks will be on the menu. Will the engagement party have themed drinks? Will they be for everyone or only the bride and groom? Will there be an extra charge?

Question 35

Will there be a buffet or will the meal be sit-down style?

Let’s be honest- both buffets and sit-down menus have their perks and downsides. At a buffet people get to choose their own portions and have a wider variety of choices. Sit-down service is often a little bit more on the elegant side. How the guests will eat is a personal choice, so simply let us know which one sounds a little more appealing. Buffet? Sit-down? Only Appetizers? Or does it all depend on what season the party will be in?

Question 36

Pick a type of salad to serve

Everyone loves a nice salad- and it is probably pretty important to get some veggies into the guests before the real party starts, so why not serve them a salad that will totally stand out. There are tons of choices when it comes to an amazing salad, so simply pick the one that sounds the best. How about a nice Farmer’s Market salad, or a chic and crispy Caesar Salad? Who loves a fresh chef salad or a taco salad?

Question 37

Choose a favorite soup to serve

There is nothing that follows the salad course like a hearty soup. There are plenty of options when it comes to serving up the best soup- from roasted tomato to black bean chili. Who loves baked french onion soup with a hearty broth and a big serving of onions? Perhaps minestrone is more aligned with the rest of the meal? Which one sounds the best? Choose from the four options that we have listed here and get a celeb hubby!

Question 38

Pick an entree to serve

Now we get to the meat and potatoes of the quiz (pun totally intended). We want to know which entrees sounds the most mouthwatering out of the choices listed here. There are several options to choose from, like grilled salmon and veggies, vegetarian lasagna, and fried chicken with mac ‘n cheese. Who loves a delicious surf and turf? There are truly no shortage of options when it comes to the perfect entree so simply select the one that sounds the best.

Question 39

Pick a side to serve

What is a tasty entree without a side dish to go along with it? Even though side dishes do not get all of the glory of the main dish, they are still pretty amazing! We have listed some of the most popular side dishes of all time including baked potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, steamed asparagus and roasted vegetables. Which one would go best with the entree of choice? Choose the most mouthwatering side dish and we will give you a soulmate!

Question 40

Pick another side

Why have just one side when we can have two? It is time to choose a second side to round off the meal. Check out the options that we have listed here and select the one that sounds the best. Who loves some glazed carrots or delicious rice pilaf? Who would prefer to eat some pasta with pesto or even chow down on some cornbread? Select the second side that sounds the best from the four options listed. Choose now.

Question 41

Will there be an open or cash bar?

Let’s talk about the libations! Just like the wedding itself there are plenty of different options when it comes to the open bar. Who wants to opt for an open bar? Who thinks that cash bars are the best? Who thinks that people should only have to pay cash for the good stuff or have limitations on how long the bar should be open for? There are so many different options. Which one is the best? Choose one option now.

Question 42

Choose some cute desserts

Let’s get to the sweetest part of the quiz. Of course, we are talking about desserts! For the engagement party to be as fabulous as possible the desserts need to be totally on point. That means that they have to be as delicious and unique as possible. Who wants to try some tasty raspberry macarons or individual fruit tarts? Who would prefer to dig into some delicious chocolate petit fours or mini vanilla crème brulees? There are so many tasty choices!

Question 43

Who will make the toast?

Who will make the toasts?What kind of engagement party is complete without an amazing toast by one of the nearest and dearest in the bridal party or groom’s party? There are many people who can make a toast to the love of the bride and groom, but who would be best? Would it be the bride’s mom? How about the Bride’s best friend or the best man? Is it just up to whoever wants to do it most? Choose the best person to make the toast.

Question 44

Pick the perfect party cake

Even if there is already a dessert on the menu, there should be another cake also. Engagement cakes might not be as popular as wedding cakes, but they are generally just as tasty. Plus, if you have a professional photographer on site, the cake cutting is a great chance for them to be able to get some amazing pictures. Which cake sounds the best? Who loves a luxurious vanilla buttercream or a marble with chocolate ganache? Who loves a fresh summer fruit cake?

Question 45

Does the cake have a topper?

We all know that wedding cakes have some spectacular toppers- but the engagement cake needs a little love too! Engagement cakes can be topped with just about anything that wedding cakes can be topped with (including Batman!) Who thinks that their engagement cake needs a special little topper to make it just that much more divine? Who will pass on this one? Let us know if the engagement cake should be crowned with a perfect topper by selecting a choice here.

Question 46

Should the toast be reviewed and approved by the bride prior to the party?

Let’s get back to that toast. Should it be reviewed and approved by the bride before happening- or is it okay to let the toastmaker just wing it? This question comes down to a matter of personal preference. Who thinks that they need to go through every line of the toast to make sure that everything is perfect? Who thinks that it is okay to just let the nearest and dearest say what they need to say? Let us know!

Question 47

Choose a quirky special touch

There are those special touches that just make the event so much more memorable. When it comes to planning the perfect engagement party a special touch will elevate the event to the next level. There are plenty of ways to do it, like having a special photo booth or a silly hat contest. There’s also the classic party game of giving out puppies to everyone or having a traditional three-legged sack race. Which one sounds the most appealing? Choose now.

Question 48

Pick the perfect spa treatment to have prior to the engagement party

What is an engagement party without getting all dolled up beforehand? We love to look our best for big occasions and the engagement party certainly qualifies as one of those! There are plenty of different spa treatments that will be able to elevate any look to the next level and have us feeling pretty and perfect for the big day. Which one sounds the most appealing? Who wants a soothing face mask or a nice pedicure? Who would prefer a citrus soak?

Question 49

Choose the perfect nails to compliment the engagement party look

Nails! Who does not feel much better when their nails are on point? We love the look of some fresh and pretty painted nails, whether the manicure is classic or a little more ornate. Who loves the look of a classic and chic french manicure? Who prefers to go the romantic route with a pale pink look, or a perfectly red manicure that just signals romance? Who likes the look of more modern cat’s eyes? Let us know which one is best!

Question 50

Pick one vintage item to wear at the party

Finally, let’s talk about vintage chic. There are plenty of ways to stand out and having a classic vintage style is just one of them. What look sounds the best? Who loves the look of some classy cat’s eye sunglasses or retro flats? Who likes a fabulous swing coat? Who thinks that an antique pin would elevate the look to the next level? Choose the best look out of the four options that we have listed. Pick a fave now.

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