Plan The Perfect Bachelorette Party To See Who's Getting Married Next

We all know that one of the best things about having friends who get married is getting to go to the Bachelorette Party! Sure, the wedding is beautiful and the reception is always super fun, but there is something really uniquely special about the Bachelorette Party. Maybe it is having some well-needed girl time before the bride ties the knot. Maybe it is an excuse to get dressed up and celebrate our gal pals. Maybe it is just a fun way to have a great party! Whatever reason, Bachelorette Parties are here to stay! But, what can they tell us about who will be walking down the aisle next?

In this quiz we ask everyone to plan their perfect Bachelorette Party. From the music to the food, to the destinations- personalize away! Based on the answers given we can accurately reveal who is in line to catch the bouquet next! It's a surefire way to find out if the bride's little sis, best friend, childhood friend or college roommate will be walking down an aisle of her very own.  Who wants to put their planning skills to the test and get a glimpse into the future? Let's get started now!

Question 1

Pick the best kind of Bachelorette party:

Each Bachelorette Party is created awesome, so there is no right or wrong answer to this question. To set the proper vibe we need to understand what kind of mood the bride is going for. Is it going to be a wild and crazy night, sophisticated, nostalgic times with friends or just totally chilled out? Again, there is no wrong answer. Select below.

Question 2

Local or a destination event?

Some people love to whisk their soulmate and besties off to an exotic location for a destination wedding and a Bachelorette Party in paradise. Others prefer to stay closer to home, or have a weekend trip with just the girlies. Is the heart best close to home or will the bride grab her best girls for some sun and fun?

Question 3

What's the guest list like?

We have said it before and we will say it again- each Bachelorette is different and uniquely amazing. A big part of what makes each one so awesome are those who come to celebrate the upcoming marriage. Who is on the guest list? Is everyone the bride has known since Kindergarten included, or is the list far smaller and select?

Question 4

Pick the perfect party season:

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall- we love them all, but maybe there is one that stands out as the most ideal season to have a Bachelorette Party. Each season brings a whole new type of magic to the Bachelorette party- whether it is the balmy fun of a summer beach get-together or a cozy winter ski lodge. What season is best?

Question 5

How are the guests invited?

These days, we can extend invitations on a whole bunch of different types of platforms. Whether it is the informal text, a social media message, email, phone call or even a mailed invitation. How will people hear about the Bachelorette Party? Tell us how the bride’s besties will be invited to her final bash as a single lady by choosing below.

Question 6

Pick a dress code:

The phrase “dress code” sounds very formal, so let us break it down. We’re referring to the overall style and mood of the Bachelorette Party. Is it a formal affair, a stylishly casual soiree, a semi-formal party or a chance to put one’s hair up in a sloppy ponytail and break out the best sweatpants? There is no wrong answer!

Question 7

Choose a city to hold the most perfect party

Location. Location. Location. What is the best location for the Bachelorette Party to top all others? Pick a chic and cosmopolitan city to host the party of the bride’s dreams. Will it be New York City, the city that never sleeps? How about sophisticated and classic London, or romantic Paris? Maybe Toronto, the gem of Ontario, is the best spot.

Question 8

The perfect decorations are:

Some people love to deck out their parties will all of the best and brightest balloons, streamers and party favors. Others prefer a more minimalistic and sleek look. There is no wrong answer (we are sensing a theme here!) so let us know how much or little décor will be laid out for this particular get together. Choose one below.

Question 9

How will people know it's a Bachelorette Party?

So… when we are out with our girl group, looking good and having a great time, how will people know that we are not just a group of besties out for a fun night- but a Bachelorette Party? Should the guests at the party broadcast it, or is it just not that important? What are the bride and girls wearing?

Question 10

Party games?

Some Bachelorette Parties are totally choreographed from start to finish, including a bunch of epic games that allow the bride and guests to have a bunch of fun throughout the night. Whether it is a crowd fave like a Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt or a game of poker before the girls put on their dancing shoes, games rule! Who agrees?

Question 11

Pick a stylish ride:

Most Bachelorette Parties involve getting from Point A to Point B using some kind of transportation, so it is an important part of the night. Who wants to go with a classic limo? How about a rowdy party bus? Sophisticated guests might opt for an old timey town car or we could just go with an old fave like Uber.

Question 12

Pick a spa treatment to get ready for the party

Let’s dial is back a little bit. Pretend as if it is a few days before the big day- and by big day we mean Bachelorette Party, not the wedding. Everyone wants to look their best, and there is no greater way of doing that then planning a luxe and amazing spa treatment that will have everyone looking and feeling fine.

Question 13

Choose a fabulous pedicure color

While we are at the spa we might as well get a pedicure! There are plenty of colors and styles to choose from and today- the sky is the limit. Pick the one that sounds the best, whether it is a bright classic red, romantic deep purple, delicate pastel pink or the ultimate French manicure. Let’s get those tootsies glam!

Question 14

Pick a restaurant to dine at before the festivities

Everyone knows that before the fun starts it’s best to eat a big meal. Fortunately, dining out with the bride and her besties is not a chore at all! There are plenty of dining options available from a hearty, pasta filled Italian Feast to a sophisticated French Bistro. Perhaps the bride and her girls are into Cafes or Tapas Bars.

Question 15

How should the bride-to-be dress?

If there is one girl who will be the center of attention at the Bachelorette Party, it is the bride. This lovely lady will be in all of her single glory during the fun night out. Think about her style. What will the bride be wearing? Is she a girl who goes for glam, or someone who is more comfy in jeans and a tee?

Question 16

Pick a novelty decoration

Chances are, anyone who has been friends for a long time have a whole list of inside jokes that other people don’t get. Whether it is the sock money she named in the second grade (and still has on her bed) or a dazzling tiara to appeal to her inner diva- there is sure to be a novelty decoration at the Bachelorette Party.

Question 17

Pick a theme song to start off the party

It’s time to really get the party started with a jam to set the tone for the whole night. Make sure to pick one that accurately sets the mood and gets everyone pumped up for a fun night ahead. Who opts for a classic like “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” or “…Baby One More Time”? Or does Pharrell Williams or Ariana Grande set the tone best?

Question 18

Choose a chilled out first destination

Okay… so we’ve got some food in our tummies, got our theme song ready and it is time to hit the road for the first destination. The big question is, where is it? Who goes big with a Rooftop Bar? Who starts relaxed with a Neighborhood Pub or BFF’s house? Who splits the difference with a calm and chilled-out Beach Bar?

Question 19

Karaoke time! What is the first song up?

What do you sing?Who wants more music? This time the bride and her girls are up at the mic for some epic karaoke! There are so many great songs to choose from and we’ve given four choices below. Is it all about Beyonce or Kelis, or will the party kick it a little old school with Chaka Khan? Maybe that ultimate Black Eyed Peas party hit?

Question 20

Time for some munchies. What’s on the menu?

All that singing has got us hungry! Thankfully, it is time for a snack. Who reaches for the chips and hummus to keep those munchies at bay? Who is all about the popcorn or a salty plate of French fries? Who has a sweet tooth that is craving some cute and filling cupcakes? Pick the treat that sounds the yummiest.

Question 21

Pick a fun game to play on the way to the next destination

Game time! Since we’re on the way to the next destination it is a great time to break out a party game that will have everyone laughing and having fun! Will it be party fave Never Have I Ever, or Truth Or Dare? Who wants to go with childhood favorite I Spy? Maybe no games are needed at all! Let us know.

Question 22

Choose an awesome next adventure

Who is up for an adventure?! We know that the bride and all of her awesome girls are always up for some fun, so let’s pick a destination. Who wants to channel their inner kids with a fun trip to shoot hoops at the arcade? How about more karaoke, or some pub trivia? Who wants to cut to the chase and hit up the club?

Question 23

Pick a song that perfectly defines the bride

Everyone knows that the bride is a fierce and fabulous woman, but who can tell us what song best defines her? Let’s be honest, every girl has a song that was written just for her, one that speaks to her great qualities- so simply check out the four options below and tell us which one was written, composed and sung with the bride in mind.

Question 24

Pick a sweet treat

Who loves sugar? We love sugar! It is that time of the night, where everyone’s sweet tooth is acting up. Let’s give into our sugar cravings with a crispy and creamy macaron or some adorable petit fours. How about a creamy scoop of artisanal gelato or a tart and sweet mini fruit tart? Choose the option that sounds the most divine below.

Question 25

Photo op time! Strike a pose!

Everyone will want to document this special, fun and cherished night with tons of pictures- but let’s not settle for standard candid shots. How about we do something a little bit more adventurous and fun with a group photo that shows off some real personality? How will the bride and her lovely ladies be posing? Choose an option from the four below.

Question 26

Pick a fun accessory

Accessories are the spice of life- and there is no occasion that calls for a little bling more than a Bachelorette Party! The party is the perfect time to let loose and break out that statement ring, those sparkly flats, the pearl necklace from grandma or a fantastic feather boa. Pick a fashion accessory that will glam up the look below.

Question 27

Choose a great next destination

Time to head off to another fabulous destination! This time, let’s up the ante just a little bit with a fun party that perfectly sets off the theme of the Bachelorette Party. Who wants to head off to an epic poolside party? How about a sophisticated rooftop bar or a rockin live music bar? Maybe the beach club is where it is at?

Question 28

Boys allowed?

The Bachelorette Party is all about the girls, but what happens if the boys want to crash? These days it is common for Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties to come together at some point in the night. Is it more fun with everyone included, or should the Bachelorette Party be strictly women only? Choose the best option from the choices below.

Question 29

Pick the perfect song to jam out to

The night is winding down but it is time to grab a second wind. What better way to do it than to jam out some great music? We’ve compiled four great girl songs in the options below. Choose one to inject a little life into the party. Will it be the Queen of Soul? How about indie fave Ani DiFranco?

Question 30

Time for another round of munchies, choose one!

It’s snack time! It is that time in the night when some greasy, salty, sweet foods are calling our names. Who wants to grab a pile of cheesy, meaty and sour-creamy nachos? How about a warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie? Is there a slice of cake in the future or some good old-fashioned potato chips? Choose one option below.

Question 31

Surprise! The bride runs into her high school crush. Who is he?

The Bachelorette Party might be girls only, but there happens to be one crasher and he is well known to the bride. Yep, we are talking about her most serious high school crush! Lucky for the bride and her girls, everyone is looking fine and fabulous. Tell us a little bit about the ex-man of the bride’s dreams? Choose below.

Question 32

It’s the final destination- and therefore the most fabulous. Where is the party heading?

The night is almost over but there are a few more surprises, including one last stop for a final round of partying. This stop has got to be as epic as the bride herself so make sure to choose accordingly. Is it dancing at the club or a huge beach party? Maybe everyone is heading to a rooftop with live music?

Question 33

It’s time to toast to the bride. Who gives the speech?

Before the night is over the bride needs to know how special she is, and that means giving a speech! This speech can be a little bit more relaxed than the one at the wedding, and it has the chance to be even more heartfelt. Who in the crew of girls is up to the challenge of delivering this epic speech?

Question 34

Pick one more final jam

Who can go home before rocking out to one final song? There are just too many perfect party songs for us not to include one last option! This song will cap off the whole night so make sure to choose wisely. Will it be Maroon 5’s sweet and catchy ode to women around the world, a little Cardi B or something else?

Question 35

It’s time to wind down the night with one final delicious snack. What is it?

Because we can’t get enough food, here is one last question that tempts the taste buds! The night is just about over but it is time for one last snack before saying goodnight. Will it be a tasty gyro wrapped in pita, stuffed peppers, chili cheese fries or the momma of all sandwiches- the philly cheese steak? Choose one below.

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