Plan An Engagement Party And We'll Reveal The Perfect Wedding Dress

We don't get to choose who we fall in love with, but sometimes - when we're lucky - we fall for someone who feels the same way about us. There's no better feeling than loving and being loved in return, which is why this special connection is worth celebrating. Couples choose to tie the knot every single day. However, getting them to the altar might be the most challenging thing of all. As many of us know, planning a wedding is super stressful and it all starts with the engagement party. Some newly-engaged couples choose to omit the engagement party altogether, choosing to save their funds for their big day or their honeymoon. However, those who enjoy going by the book would never consider this, which is why engagement parties come and go like the sun and moon.

We all want our engagement process to be fun, affordable, and enjoyable, which is why a lot of planning goes into every little detail. Whereas some brides and grooms choose to keep things simple, others go above and beyond to create the ultimate party, all the while knowing that their actual wedding day will have to be even bigger. So, have fun planning an engagement party without having to hash out any details.

Question 1

Pick a season

When planning an engagement party, every little detail has to be considered. And how else could a bride plan the perfect party without knowing the weather? Choosing a season is the first step a newly-engaged couple should take. This way, they'll know how to twerk the decor while being able to book an appropriate venue. Since there are only four seasons to choose from, making a choice and sticking to it should be easy enough. So, which season sounds the best to you?

Question 2

Pick a party favor

We don't expect our guests to come to our engagement parties, give us an envelope, and then leave empty-handed. So, it only makes sense that newly-engaged couples choose to buy party favors for their guests to part with. Buying party favors for a massive crowd of people can be quite expensive, which is why shopping around for the best deal is always a good idea. For the most part, engagement parties consist of very close friends and family members, which can help narrow down the costs.

Question 3

Cash or registry

Back in the day, most couples waited until they got married to move in with each other. But today, this process has been altered more often than not. In fact, a good amount of couples choose to live together for a few years before tying the knot. This way, they'll know if they're actually compatible before sealing the deal. With this in mind, most newly-engaged couples would rather receive cash instead of presents, because they're probably all set up at home anyways.

Question 4

Pick an outfit for the event

We don't expect future brides to dress up with a white gown on the day of their engagement party, but alas, some still choose to. There is no right way to dress up for your engagement party, but surely there's a wrong way. The following four outfits all seem appropriate, but you can be the judge of that. And hey, if wearing a white gown in your prerogative, who's going to tell you to do otherwise? The bride gets what the bride wants in the end!

Question 5

Choose some footwear

Most women have chosen to wear a pair of high heels during an important event and lived to regret it. We all know how it feels to have foot pain, which is why many of us have never repeated the same mistake twice. It's vital to break-in your heels before wearing them for long amounts of time. And even then, they can still find a way to put a damper on your evening. So, bringing a pair of flats is never a bad idea.

Question 6

Describe the dance floor

You know your guests are having a good time when they're pulling each other to the dance floor and leaving their shoes behind. We all want this for our engagement parties because let's face it - if no one's dancing the party ain't popping. While many of us have relatives that are unable to bust a move, this has never stopped the younger crowd from dancing the night away. So, close your eyes and imagine the dance floor. Now, tell us what you see.

Question 7

Choose a hairstyle

While we all want to look our best, it's best to save the theatrics for the actual wedding. In the end, we want to look better on our wedding day than we do during our engagement party. With so many hairstyles to choose from, it can be a wonder to find one and stick with it. Many brides want to keep their hair looking natural and sophisticated. This way, they won't look too different than what they usually look like. Pick a style - any style!

Question 8

Pick a makeup look

It goes without saying that many future brides choose to hire a makeup artist for their big day. However, the same can't be said about their engagement party. While looking like a million bucks is always a good thing, finding a natural look for one's engagement party might be rewarding. After all, engagement parties are meant for close friends and family members. So, why go above and beyond in the makeup department? But hey, if makeup is something you love, go all out!

Question 9

Pick some appetizers

The last thing we want is for our guests to go hungry, which is why serving appetizers is always a good idea. Since most guests expect to eat and drink when they arrive to a venue, they tend to abstain from doing so before going to the event. So, it's only normal for them to be hungry when they step through the door. Having some appetizers warm and ready for them to pick at can prevent them from getting a headache or feeling faint.

Question 10

Choose an engagement party activity

You would think that serving food, playing music, and offering drinks would be enough to keep a crowd of people entertained. But somehow, it's not. For this reason, many future newlyweds end up setting up a few games to play throughout the night. Engagement party activities can make or break a relationship. So, make sure you know everything about your partner before playing a game in front of your family. Guests like to be entertained, but most of all, they want to participate.

Question 11

Describe the groom-to-be

If only we could sculpt our future husbands from clay and ask Zeus to strike them to life. Well, too bad so sad, because these things only happen in movies like "Wonder Woman." Choosing to get married is a huge step, which is why we need to know our partners like the back of our hand. Whether you're in a relationship or not makes little difference, as you can choose the combination that your heart desires. So, describe the groom.

Question 12

Describe the proposal

A good amount of women have dreamed about getting married since they were a little kid. However, engagements don't always happen like we want them to. In the end, planning the engagement is the man's job, so we have little say in how it goes down. We've put down some of the most typical engagements there are, so choose one and we'll do the rest. How do you think your significant other would pop the big question?

Question 13

Pick a main course

Everyone likes to eat tasty food, which is why many of us choose to drool over the Food Network whenever we have nothing else to do. The last thing a couple wants is for their family and friends to grimace as they take a bite of the main course. So, a lot of preparation goes into making the main dish. It's typical to offer some tender meats as the main course. So, choose the dish your guests would probably go gaga over.

Question 14

Describe the drink situation

Although many of us don't like to admit it, there's nothing like a couple of drinks to get our juices flowing. And since dancing is an act that requires a lot of confidence, most guests like to wet their beaks before shimmying to the dance floor. Although some couples are content with offering their guests a bar menu, others feel inclined to pay for an open-bar option. This way, people don't have to think about grabbing their purses and wallets throughout the night.

Question 15

DJ or live band

Most of us would love to pay for a live band, but hey, doing so can cost a pretty penny. Although we all want to ensure that our guests are having the best time possible, we can't spend more than we have to cater to others. In the end, paying for a DJ may be more cost-effective. And besides, who said that DJs weren't a good time? If money wasn't an issue though, what would you choose; a DJ or a live band?

Question 16

Pick an engagement present from the bride for the groom

You would think that being the best bride ever was a present in itself, but it's not. And besides, it's nice to give our future husbands a little gift before tying the knot. Men can be hard to shop for, especially since they tend to buy whatever it is they need. However, their significant other should be able to come up with a great idea or two. We've listed some ideas below. So, go ahead and choose which present you would give to your future hubby.

Question 17

Pick an engagement gift for the bride-to-be

If you're buying your fiancé a present, it's only normal for him to do the same. And since women are easier to shop for, we can only imagine that they'll come up with something great. Having a little puppy at home can make a newly-engaged couple feel like a family for the first time, which is why a dog is always an excellent gift. So, which one of these presents would you rather receive during your engagement party?

Question 18

Pick a time-frame between the engagement party and the wedding

Some people are happy with a long engagement, and there's nothing wrong with that. Saving up for a wedding can take time which is why some people choose to wait a few years before actually tying the knot. But, in the meantime, they can plan an engagement party to tide their families over. Although some couples are okay with this, others want to speed up the process and get things officialized in the blink of an eye. How long would you wait?

Question 19

Pick someone to give a speech

Have you ever had to give a speech at a special event? Well, we hope not, because doing so can be super nerve-wracking. Not only is writing a speech a big deal but delivering it to a crowd is another thing entirely. During an engagement party, it's normal for brides and grooms to say a few words about their future spouses. However, some friends and family members might want to throw their two cents in too. So, who would give a speech?

Question 20

Set the date

We're not asking you to set your wedding date, but rather, to pick a date for your engagement party. So, if you plan on having a summer wedding, make sure to space out the months accordingly. Most people don't want to throw a significant event during the winter season - and for a good reason too! After all, no one wants to freeze while going out for some air. We've put together some pretty decent dates. Choose the one that jumps out to you the most.

Question 21

Set the scene

Choosing a theme is always a good idea when planning a big event like an engagement party. This is because it stops our minds from running scared when it sees all of the decor possibilities. Setting the scene can simplify a great deal of stuff, which is why we've chosen some pretty outstanding themes. So, take a look at the four options below and choose the one that resonates with you the most. Who wouldn't want "A Night in Paris" party?

Question 22

Pick an engagement-day surprise

There are few things better than a good old-fashioned surprise to keep your guests on their toes. Some newly-engaged couples choose to tell their guests a little secret once they've all arrived. We've seen things like gender reveals, and pregnancy reveals take place, all of which have caused a ruckus. We've chosen four engagement-day surprises. Now, it's up to you to pick the one that fits your current situation. If none do, pick the one you would like the most.

Question 23

Set the table

Although engagement parties are not as grandiose as weddings, guests still expect to see something remarkable when they walk through the door. With this in mind, many newly-engaged couples choose to go all out when decorating their tables. It's common for a table to be decorated with gorgeous flower arrangements. But, in case you want to do something different, we've added some more new-age ideas. All of these options would add beauty to a room. So, pick the one you like best.

Question 24

Who’s paying for the engagement party

Customs have gone out the window, which is why today, most couples are forced to pay for their own engagement parties and weddings. However, from time to time, parents step forward to offer their services. Paying for a portion of your kid's wedding used to be customary. But now, a lot of parents don't have the funds for this, and that's totally okay. In the end, the only thing that matters is that our parent show up to these events with a big smile on their face.

Question 25

Describe the couple’s living situation during the engagement process

Anyone with old-school parents and grandparents might get scolded for moving out of the house before getting married. However, the new age is upon us, and there's nothing wrong with moving out of the nest. Although some people like to keep things traditional, others want to start their lives as soon as possible. So tell us, what would your ideal living situation be during the engagement process? And don't worry, nana and grandad aren't here to judge your answer.

Question 26

Set the musical mood

It's no secret that people like to dance, which is why most epic venues will have a dance floor present. So, with this in mind, newly-engaged couples have to consider the musical mood of their event. In the end, we don't want poor nana swaying to a Frank Sinatra song only to get booted off the dance floor when some trap music comes on. So, consistency is key. Choosing a musical vibe for the evening can help the hired DJ stay on track.

Question 27

Describe the guests’ reaction to the engagement

The last thing a person wants to hear after announcing their engagement are the words, "Are you sure about this?" Since we all know that getting married is a big deal, saying yes to your significant other should be done without any doubts. So, if your family and close friends are doubting your decision, maybe you should take your relationship and put it under the scope. How would your guests react to the engagement announcement? We hope to see the "happy" box checked.

Question 28

Pick some yummy desserts

It's customary for weddings to serve pieces of a 3-tier cake at the end of the reception. However, the same can't be said about engagement parties. To separate the events from one another, it's a good idea to create a different menu for guests to indulge in. And, what better way to do this than to offer cute miniature versions of tasty desserts? We've pooled together some yummy treats that most people would have a hard time refusing.

Question 29

Describe the help

We all need help every once in a while, and luckily for us, we can hire some without lifting a finger. The internet is swarming with on-call waiters, caterers, and party planners. So, why go through the efforts of renting a venue that includes their own help? Couples who already live in a house can easily throw their engagement party in their own backyard. But, being a host and the person of the hour simply isn't an option.

Question 30

Pick some engagement party flowers

Traditionally, newly-engaged couples are made to choose a bouquet of flowers for their wedding day. However, flowers aren't pigeonholed to one area alone, which is why couples also want to have arrangements made for their engagement party. Flowers are beautiful plants that bring smiles to the faces of many, which is why we'd like to know which flowers tickle your fancy the most. So, pick a flower from the options below, and we'll use this answer to present you with the ideal wedding dress.

Question 31

Choose some engagement party jewels

Women were meant to wear diamonds whenever the occasion arises. For this reason, many of us own a pair of gorgeous earrings that got passed down from generation to generation. We all want to look sophisticated and beautiful on our wedding day. But, what about our engagement party day? Here are some super popular jewels that women enjoy wearing throughout their day-to-day lives. Pick the ornament that resembles you the most, or the one that you'd rather wear.

Question 32

Set the time of the engagement party

When it comes to planning an engagement party, there really aren't any rules. So basically, newly-engaged couples can do as they please. That means that they can opt for the early bird special, or plan a nighttime fiesta for all to enjoy. Engagement parties can be small and formal, which is why some people choose to plan a fun brunch where toasts can be made. So, what time would you rather throw your engagement party at? There's no bad answer here!

Question 33

Pick a way to thank the guests

Friends and family want the best for you, which is why they tend to go out of their way to make you happy. So, by default, you should do the same for them. It's customary for guests to leave an envelope with some cash in it when they attend an engagement party, which is why thanking them should be in order. Back in the day, sending a thank you note in the mail was the right thing to do.

Question 34

Weekend or weekday

We want our guests to let go and have a good time, which is why we tend to plan our parties during the weekends. This way, if they party a little too hard, they'll have time to recuperate before going back to work. However, some couples are busy enough as it is, which can lead them to plan a simple supper during the week. So, the choice is yours to make, would you rather throw your engagement party on a weekday or the weekend?

Question 35

Pick a host

While most of us choose to host our own engagement parties, some people don't want to be bothered with these trivial things. So, we decide to hire a host or appoint a good friend as one. Hosts can help things run smoothly, which can make them a necessity. Who else would welcome the guests, collect their envelopes, and ensure that they are comfortable throughout the event? So, tell us, would you hire a host or let things run their course?

Question 36

Pick a maid of honor

The last thing a person wants is to insult their good friends by not welcoming them into the wedding party. However, only one maid of honor can be chosen. So, by default, brides and grooms will ask their best friends to step in as their go-to pals. We all have friends, acquaintances, and family members who would be happy to take on the task. But, the choice is the newly-engaged individual's to make. Who would be appointed as your maid of honor?

Question 37

Choose some bridesmaids

Have you ever seen a bride with more bridesmaids than she could count? Well, we have, and we don't feel bad saying that this can complicate things. After all, we want our wedding party to be able to fit inside one single limousine at the end of the day. Choosing which friends will become your bridesmaids is a big deal, so it's a good idea to choose wisely. In the end, we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings now do we?

Question 38

Pick an engagement party game

Keeping things interesting is something of great importance, which is why many newly-engaged couples choose to plan some fun pass-time activities. This way, guests will feel like they're involved in the action, which can cause them to feel important and loved. Selecting some fun engagement party games can keep the party going strong, which is the end-goal. We've pieced together some fun and easy games for guests to participate in. Which one of these events would you rather partake in?

Question 39

Choose an accessory

Women want to stand out during the most special events of their life, which is why selecting an appropriate accessory can be a big deal. Since wearing a large veil to one's event might come off as hasty, future brides tend to compromise in this department. Much like diamonds, accessories are a girl's best friend, so it's important for them to find one that they like. Here are some stellar choices that could make any bride grin from ear to ear.

Question 40

Pick a means of transportation

We've seen future brides and grooms be hauled to their wedding in horse-drawn carriages. However, we hardly ever see this happen for their engagement party. In the end, engagement parties aren't supposed to be huge and expensive ordeals, but everyone is different. While most couples are content with driving themselves to this special event, others want to hire a chauffeur for the night. So, which one of these transportation vessels would you indulge in for the engagement party?

Question 41

Pick a hairpiece

We all have a unique look to us, which is what makes us all so special. However, when it comes to important events, many of us choose to alter the original state of our hair. So, what better way to do this than to accessorize our mane's with gorgeous pieces? Whereas some of us will just keep things simple, others will choose to decorate our heads with special pieces. Flower crowns are basic, but that doesn't make them any less beautiful.

Question 42

How long between the engagement and the engagement party

Some men choose to organize a party and then pop the special question to their future-bride in front of her entire friends and family. However, this can make things awkward if her answer is no. So, with this in mind, most men will pop the question when they're alone with their lover. After the engagement has been accepted, the couple will announce their happiness and plan a date for their engagement party. How long would you wait between these two events?

Question 43

Where does he propose

Asking someone to marry you might just be the most nerve-wracking thing of all. After all, you're putting your heart out on the line and giving your significant other the chance to snip it free. It's essential for this gesture to be romantic and sincere, which is why men tend to plan this event months before actually asking for their girl's hand in marriage. Choosing a time and place to ask this question is a good place to start. So, where should the proposal go down?

Question 44

What does the engagement ring look like

Every woman has an image in mind when it comes to the look of their engagement ring. For this reason, they might feel let down if the actual ring doesn't match their initial vision. With this in mind, men tend to ask their girl's mom or best friend's advice when choosing the ring. This way, they'll have someone else to blame if their bride isn't happy with the style. Being in love with your wedding ring is essential. After all, you'll be wearing it for the rest of your life.

Question 45

Pick the guest list size

Some couples end up inviting their entire wedding list to the engagement party, which can be quite expensive. So, traditionally, only close friends and relatives are invited to this special event. So whereas your wedding guest list might exceed one hundred people, your engagement party guest list might only consist of twenty-something individuals. We don't want to insult anyone by not inviting them to this party, but in the end, we're not responsible for how people choose to perceive things.

Question 46

Choose the ideal invites

Wedding invitations are a big deal, which can lead us to believe that engagement party invitations should follow suit. However, times are changing, and people are going paperless. So, don't be surprised if you get invited to such a party via e-mail. Although it's more personal to send invites by mail, that doesn't make it a necessity. So, if you were recently engaged, how would you want to invite your guests to the big event? Choose an option from the list below.

Question 47

Pick a party planner

Life is busy enough as it is, which is why many of us recoil at the promise of more intensity. Since planning a wedding is no picnic in the park, many couples will choose to hire a party planner for their big day and the events that come before it. While it's true that paying for a party planner might cost a pretty penny, planning everything yourself might not be the most cost-effective decision either - especially if things go south.

Question 48

Choose a theme

Choosing a theme for your wedding can simplify the decor schemes. Knowing this, many party planners ask their clients about their likes and dislikes. This way, they know what to recommend and what to stay away from. The same rule goes for engagement parties, which is why we're going to ask you to choose a theme from the options below. While you might choose something entirely different for your engagement party, this will help us reunite you with the ideal wedding gown.

Question 49

Pick a dress code

You know what's fun and not too expensive; Asking your guests to dress up in a specific way for your engagement party. Whereas some couples might throw their party on Halloween night and get into costume. Others will choose a dress code - like the '50s or '80s - and tell their guests to come in character. In the end, however, doing this isn't obliged, so opting for a black-tie event is always an option. What would you choose?

Question 50

Pick some prizes

Since most couples choose to engage their guests by planning some fun engagement games, giving prizes to the winners is a must. This way, friends and family members will feel more inclined to participate. Having a set amount of prizes to give out can make things more interesting, which is why we've allocated some easy prizes to this question. Who wouldn't want to win some movie tickets and gift cards? So, which one of these prizes would you choose to give to your guests?

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