Plan A Wedding To Reveal Your True Love's Sign

Weddings: the most magical and special day for a couple to have. They’re a way for the couple to express their love to the world by tying the knot. However, there are a lot of things that go into planning a wedding, most of which people don’t even think about until they begin planning their own wedding. Well, except for maybe an actual wedding planner, but it’s their job to know everything and anything about weddings. Just think of Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner with her emergency kit and flawless speeches prepared for the best man.

Although not everyone can be as organized as her, and there is a lot of planning that happens between the couple. Some of the big things that are decided quite early on are the guest list, date and time, location, and venue. All of these things are important because, without them, other things cannot be planned or discussed. For example, there isn’t really a point in deciding a menu when the couple hasn’t even figured out who or how many people they’re inviting, or even the time of year they’re planning to be married.

Take this quiz to plan the perfect wedding and get your soulmate’s sign!

Question 1

Pick an engagement ring:

There can be no wedding without a proposal of some kind - even if it is really low key. For the most part, one of the important things with a proposal is the offering of an engagement ring. This can also be one of the most difficult things to purchase because of the fact that there are hundreds of styles, cuts, and even colors to choose from. Does the bride-to-be want a classic ring such as a princess cut? Or something more unique like an antique teardrop ring with colorful jewels instead?

Question 2

Pick a theme:

Weddings can be so tough to plan because there are so many elements that go into that special day. Menu, venue, guest list, time of the year and time of day, decorations, the list goes on. Some of these things cannot be decided upon if the theme of the wedding has not been chosen yet. For example, if the couple chooses to have a Disney themed wedding, their decor, designs, and the overall atmosphere would have to be matched accordingly.

Question 3

Pick a season to be married in:

After the initial engagement, the bride and groom quickly begin planning the many aspects of the wedding. One of the first things that the couple must decide on before they go any further is when they want to be married - whether this is six months down the road, a year, or even further. Sometimes if they have a specific venue in mind, they’ll have no choice but to work around that venues timeline to ensure they can get a spot.

Question 4

Pick a dress style:

This is another really big decision that the bride has to make, and it can oftentimes be a really hard and even stressful choice. Some brides-to-be have their wedding dress already picked out before they’ve even gotten engaged, others have no idea what they want or what they’ll even look good in. This is such a popular thing among the wedding industry that there are entire network shows dedicated to women searching for that perfect dress to walk down the aisle in.

Question 5

Pick a genre of music:

The ceremony of a wedding is always beautiful, special, and a perfect way for the couple to declare their love in front of their friends and family. Shortly after the couple says their vows and their “I dos,” the wedding party has a break to do photographs and the rest of the guests make their way to the reception. Sometimes this can be held at the same location, other times it's at a new place entirely. Whatever the case, it’s at the reception where the real party begins.

Question 6

Pick a venue style:

This is another example of a big thing that has to be decided by the couple quite early on in the engagement. Similar to the time of year in which the couple wants to be married, the type of venue is something that must be decided in order to go forward with everything else. For example, if the couple decides to have a winter wedding in a chapel their decorations would not reflect a beachy theme held in the summertime.

Question 7

Pick a stationery font:

Stationery font is one of the things that the couple will decide on after all of the big stuff has already been decided. It is, for the most part, one of the easier decisions to be made because it usually coincides with the theme choice. For example, for a more elegant, formal, or antique wedding, the bride and groom might opt for a cursive or calligraphy-style font. Things that require stationery font are invitations, menus, guest lists at the entrance, and other decor related items.

Question 8

Pick a shoe style:

Shoe style is something which is likely chosen along with the dress and accessories. The bride likely gets all of this organized all at the same time because she would want everything to match accordingly. Even if the dress covers the shoes, they’re still important. One of the major factors that might go into selecting a shoe is the venue as well as the time of year. For example, a bride wouldn’t go for heels if they’re aisle is a sandy beach in the middle of the Bahamas.

Question 9

Pick a number of guests to invite:

This is another one of the first things that a couple will most likely decide on early on in the engagement and when they begin planning for the wedding. The guest list is something that is probably decided before the venue is selected and booked because of the fact that some venues might only be able to hold a certain number of guests to begin with. It would be unfortunate for a bride and groom to have to pick another venue when they learn the one they picked won’t fit everyone they’ve invited.

Question 10

Pick a flower:

Flowers are another one of those things that are not necessarily chosen until some of the bigger things have been decided upon. Again, it’s a decision that needs to be made once the wedding has come together more. For example, certain flowers might not even be in season or available depending on the time of year the couple wants to get married. The flowers also might not necessarily go with the theme either. Some couples even choose to have fake flowers instead of real ones.

Question 11

Pick a bridesmaids dress:

There are only three important categories for outfits when it comes to a wedding: the bride’s dress, of course, the groom and his groomsmen, and of course the bridesmaids' dresses. Just like there are wedding dresses, there are hundreds of different options for a bride to pick for her bridesmaids' dresses. There is also great difficulty in doing so as well, being that they have to take into consideration all of the body types and taste of those in her wedding party.

Question 12

Pick a makeup style:

This is something important of course in terms of the bride’s style, however, isn’t really something that one might stress over in comparison to other things. For example, it’s not like a bride trying to hunt down the perfect dress and having to try on hundreds of gowns. Of course, there are many options when it comes to makeup that a bride will have to consider such as lip color, eyeshadow, etc, but these are all things that can be experimented with on her own time.

Question 13

Pick the something blue:

There is a tradition with weddings that is derived from an old rhyme and the saying goes like this: “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” These four things are meant to be symbols of good luck and should be incorporated into the bride’s look, or she should at least carry something in each of these categories on her wedding day. Some brides are clever and combine objects, such as a blue brooch that was a family heirloom which crosses of the something old and blue.

Question 14

Pick a color scheme:

The color scheme is something that goes along with the theme and the overall aesthetic of the wedding. Quite similar to many of the other things featured in this quiz, it’s something that will determine the overall look of the wedding decor in both the ceremony and reception. For example, if a bride chooses red and blue, she might have her bridesmaid dresses red, the groomsmen may wear navy blue tuxedos, the flowers could be a traditional red rose, and the decor would match accordingly.

Question 15

Pick a time of day to say "I Do":

Picking the time of day might either be up to the bride and groom, or it could be something that is completely out of their hands depending on the venue they’ve selected. For example, if they’ve chosen a venue at a winery, barn, or something similar to this, those facilities might only host weddings in the early afternoon or evening, so having a morning wedding might then be off the table. For the most part, weddings normally take place in the afternoon, with the reception and dinner in the evening.

Question 16

Pick a main course:

The food is another major element that goes into wedding planning which requires quite an amount of decision making. First off, like many of the other things featured in this quiz, the type of cuisine the couple may want depends on the type of year (this is in terms of prices). Also, deciding how the food will be served is another important thing to consider. Will it be served as a buffet style? Or will the meals be plated and there is a limited choice in what the guests can have?

Question 17

Pick a first dance song:

As mentioned previously in this quiz, music is an important part of the reception because it is essentially a giant party for the guests. There is food, dancing, and it’s a way to celebrate the newlyweds with their friends and family. At the beginning of said reception, the wedding party traditionally enters in similar to how they would the ceremony, followed by the bride and groom hand-in-hand. Then they have their first dance together to a song that holds significance to them.

Question 18

Pick a cake flavor:

Cake flavors are one of those things that are not the main focused when a couple begins planning for their wedding. It’s likely a decision that is made towards the end, or at least in between all of the bigger things such as venue, date and time, wedding dress, etc. However, the traditional white wedding cake is somewhat something of the past now, and more modern weddings have opted for different dessert choices such as an array of selections the guests can choose from.

Question 19

Pick a wedding planner:

This is a little bit of a unique question because not every couple decides to hire a wedding planner, but simply choose to do everything themselves. Wedding planners can be a little pricey which is to be expected in the amount of work that goes into a wedding. As a result, the duties of said wedding planner could fall to a relative of a friend of the bride and groom instead to take some of the stress off of the couple.

Question 20

Pick a honeymoon destination:

This question relates to what comes next after the months of meticulous planning, the worries of things going right or wrong, the happiness of the day finally coming, and the beautiful celebration with friends and family. After all of that is finally over, the newlyweds have the opportunity to spend time as two people who have just tied the knot. Now, some couples leave for the said honeymoon the day after the wedding, and others wait a couple of weeks to settle down after all the planning.

Question 21

Pick a timeline for the wedding:

This is probably the most important thing for the couple to discuss after the proposal has taken place. Of course, getting engaged is a wonderful, magical thing that should be cherished, but there is a lot that goes into planning a wedding, most of which takes time. For example, some highly exclusive venues have year-long waiting lists that makes planning a wedding a time-consuming thing. Also, some people want a fall wedding, so if they get engaged in the winter, they automatically have a timeline in place.

Question 22

Pick an accessory:

Accessories are things which the bride chooses to tie her entire wedding look together. There are so many components to think of for the wedding look - the dress, the shoes, the hair, the makeup, and of course, the additional accessories. The wedding ring and the engagement ring are automatic things to be included, but some others including necklaces or bracelets, perhaps stuff that goes along with the “something old and something new” rhyme. Other accessories include the hairpieces and whether or not the bride wants a veil or even a tiara.

Question 23

Pick a hairstyle:

Similar to the question above, this also pertains to the wedding look of the bride. And as always, there are many, many different options for her to choose from same as the dress, makeup, and shoes. Even length and color are not something that stands in the way because extensions and hair dye are a popular thing now, as are wigs. But, if the bride chooses their natural hair, they can do updos like buns or ponytails, or choose to leave it down either straight, curly, or a bit of both.

Question 24

Pick a favor:

Favors are something that not everyone thinks about when they think of weddings, but the guests do often appreciate the kind gesture from the happy couple. Again, it’s definitely not up there with some of the important decisions that come with wedding planning. However, they often reflect the theme of the wedding in some way. For example, for a boho or vintage wedding, the couple may give away mini photo frames. A rustic themed wedding might have wood coasters as their chosen favor.

Question 25

Pick a wedding location:

This is somewhat similar to an earlier question that asked about the wedding venue style. However, instead of asking about whether someone might want a chapel or a hotel as their selected venue of choice, this is about a specific location. For example, some people might see themselves walking down the aisle in a warm country, thus they want to get married on a beach by the water. Others have a more rustic theme in mind, thus choose something in the countryside.

Question 26

Pick a maid of honor:

The maid of honor plays a very important role when it comes to the wedding. They’re specifically selected by the bride not only because of how important they are in their life but because they know they’re up to the task. The maid of honor has many responsibilities that go far beyond standing beside their loved one at the altar. They’re in charge of organizing the pre-wedding events, deal with the vendors, book appointments, help the bride get ready on the wedding day etc.

Question 27

Pick the something borrowed:

Here is another question that relates to the rhyme mentioned in an earlier question: “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” This question refers to the something borrowed, which is one of the more sentimental things that a bride will hold or wear on their wedding day. For example, the something borrowed might be something their family member passes down to them from their own wedding, such as a pair of earrings or a statement hairpiece they wore.

Question 28

Pick a centerpiece:

This is another example of something that is lower in the spectrum of important things to decide when planning a wedding. Although, it is a main part of the decor for the reception hall. As mentioned before, many couples decide on a certain theme for their decorations to not only make things easier but so that everything matches. The centerpieces most definitely go along with whatever decor choices the bride and groom decide upon. This could be anywhere from flower vases to candles.

Question 29

Pick a headpiece:

This is another addition to the bridal attire/ wedding look that is meticulously planned. Of course, it all begins with the dress, and everything else is selected because it’ll match or compliment the gown. Surprisingly enough there are many options when it comes to headpieces. For example: veils. A bride might go for a long veil that trails along behind her, or simply have one that frames her face. Other brides don’t even bother with a veil at all and pick a decor piece for their hair instead.

Question 30

Pick a wedding dress color:

Most people are under the impression that a wedding dress is one simple color: white. However, there are many different avenues a bride can go when selecting a wedding dress, one that goes beyond silhouettes and fabrics. For example, with white alone, there are shades such as eggshell, pearl, ivory, cotton, porcelain, and cream. More modern brides have opted for a more “out of the box” color such as pink or champagne, or even the complete opposite and decided on black.

Question 31

Pick a decor style:

This question pertains to the decor that would be found at the reception following the ceremony. Of course, there are decor items found at the ceremony, such as aisle runners or banners and such, but without a doubt, the reception is where the most decor will be found. Table pieces, chair linens, table setup, and other pieces which tie the whole room together in a perfect bow. Often times the decor style will coincide with the theme selected by the bride and groom.

Question 32

Pick a famous guest to attend:

This is a fun, more hypothetical question when it comes to planning a wedding. Guest lists are something not to be taken lightly, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding venue. As discussed above, it would be unfortunate to settle on a place only to discover it doesn’t accommodate everyone invited. Friends and family aside, who would be the perfect celebrity/famous person to invite to the wedding? Perhaps someone that has been a role of inspiration for a long time.

Question 33

Pick the perfect wedding weather:

The weather is something that no one can control for their wedding. Although picking the season is a hopeful way to decide if the weather will be desirable, there is no telling it will rain or be sunny until the day comes. If the bride and groom are looking for a wedding filled with white snow, having a wedding at the end of the year or the beginning of the year is a good place to start. If sunshine and blue skies are the goal, summer months is the best route.

Question 34

Pick an important pre-wedding event:

Although the wedding planning consists of mostly things that are intended for the actual wedding day, there are things that are needed for the pre-wedding event. Now, there are several events and days that take place between the proposal and the ceremony. The first is likely the engagement party, which is basically a celebration of the newly engaged couple with close friends and family. Other events include bachelor and bachelorette parties, Stag and Doe/Jack and Jills, or bridal showers. Choose one:

Question 35

Pick a dinner style:

This type of question was briefly discussed earlier in the quiz when asking about the main course meal. As it was said then, the type of food and the style in which the bride and groom wish to serve it are both important things to consider. For example, serving steak is something more likely to be a plated meal, whereas tacos are something that would be best served as a buffet style. Whatever the meal might be, the dinner style will probably be the second decision.

Question 36

Pick an age to be married:

This is something that most people start to consider when they get into their 20s and are in a serious relationship. It is something that depends on the person and is likely discussed between the two in the relationship. Some might get engaged when they’ve only been dating for a year or two, others wait for four, five, even six years and even longer than that. Again, it’s something that depends on each couple and if they feel they’re ready for the next step or not.

Question 37

Pick a movie wedding:

The biggest wedding stereotypes without a doubt take place in movies. They’re usually big, flashy, sometimes interrupted, or the bride and/or groom decide that the person they’re about to marry is not the person they’re actually in love with (think The Wedding Planner). The wedding in movies are often times very serious (which is fair because in real life they’re serious too), and cause a great amount of stress on the couple engaged. There are definitely some iconic movie weddings that’ll never be forgotten.

Question 38

Pick a country to get married in:

This is an idea or concept most couples often discuss and dream about, but never actually consider. This is mainly due to the fact that weddings are very expensive, and to have not only the ceremony, reception and everything else in another country, but to have friends and relatives pay to travel to the said country is usually out of the question. Although, destination weddings have become a bit of a thing for a small number of guests only. It usually consists of a beach wedding and only immediate family attend.

Question 39

Pick a celebrity husband:

This is also another thing that most women wonder about, although mostly in their younger years when they had celebrity crushes. This question, however, pertains to those celebrities that are actually husbands. Perhaps it’s a favorite actor, whether it be because of their actual personality or the types of characters they play in movies/television. It’s quite possible that it was unknown these select few were even husbands to begin with! Whatever the case, pick the ideal celebrity husband from the list.

Question 40

Pick a wedding party size:

The wedding party size is something that is very important and is probably one of the first things that the couple will decide together. For the most part, the wedding party will consist of a maid of honor and a best man, as well as a couple of bridesmaids and groomsmen as well. The numbers are usually the same for both sides just so things are even and fluid for the ceremony. There is also no limit to who a bride/groom will choose to be in their wedding, whether it be family or friend.

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