Plan A Wedding To Reveal The Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

Planning a wedding might just be one of the most interesting things ever. There are so many little details to consider! Even the smallest touch can drastically change a wedding. This can really make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. Of course, the big decisions matter was well. So whether we're picking different types of flowers or the wedding dress, every decision matters. When we actually think about how much planning and work goes into each wedding, the job of a wedding planner seems like a near impossible task.

But we've got news for all our readers. This time, the job title of wedding planner is up for grabs. Each of our readers is going to have to plan out their very own wedding. And not a single little detail is left uncovered. Each of our readers will have free reign over this wedding. But with great power comes great responsibility. If anything goes wrong, the blame is completely on the shoulders of the wedding planner. So think very carefully about each decision! As we said previously, every little choice matters. In the end, we trust all of our readers to create the best wedding ever. Ready to get started?

Question 1

Closed Toe Or Open Toe Wedding Shoes?

What's the most important thing about any outfit? That's right - the shoes! And considering the fact that a wedding outfit is probably the most important outfit any woman will wear, the wedding shoes are probably the most important pair of shoes a woman will ever wear as well! There are actually quite a few options when it comes to wedding shoes. No one says a bride must wear heels. But perhaps the biggest decision is whether to go open toed, or closed toe.

Question 2

How Much Time Should Be Spent Planning A Wedding?

This is perhaps the biggest question of all. How much time should be spent planning the wedding? It's easy to go all out and let a wedding completely take up every minute of your time. But how much is too much? Is a wedding really worth months and months of planning? Or can you easily get away with just a few weeks of planning? Of course, it all depends on how big or complex the wedding needs to be. More expensive and elaborate weddings obviously demand more time and planning.

Question 3

For An Engagement Ring, What Color Should The Gold Be?

For many women out there, the engagement ring is one of the most important features of any wedding. Most of the time, this is the first thing women see that signals the possibility of marriage. Women all over the world dream for years and years about their ideal engagement ring. Some women have every little detail of their engagement ring planned out in detail - before they even see it. Of course, women don't actually get to choose their engagement ring (usually).

Question 4

What Type Of Diamond Should Be Used For The Ring?

Another feature of the engagement ring is the diamond. This precious stone is highly symbolic, and signals that the wedding is going to be "forever." This is because diamonds are some of the most durable materials on Earth, and usually don't ever get destroyed or tarnished. But contrary to popular opinion, diamonds aren't actually that rare. In fact, the Earth is positively filled with these minerals. And that's just on this planet. Even the darkest regions of space are filled with asteroids that are laden with diamonds.

Question 5

Hire A Professional Photographer, Or Just Take Selfies With A Phone?

If there's one occasion where it's important to take pictures, it's a wedding. Couples should be able to look back on wedding photos with joy and tearful memories. But that's just not possible if the photos aren't up to par. However, is it really necessary to hire a professional photographer? After all, the cameras on our phones have recently become extremely sophisticated and advanced. More and more wedding couples are just relying on other people taking their own photos and selfies with their smartphones.

Question 6

What Feels Better To Wear, The Wedding Dress Or The Party Dress?

Although some guys might not know this, there isn't always just one wedding dress. Traditionally, a bride wears both a wedding dress and a party dress. The party dress is for after the wedding, during the party (obviously). It's usually a little looser and less formal, so the bride can have fun and party with her friends. The wedding dress is much more formal, and it's considered a more valuable dress. This means that a bride is usually very careful with it.

Question 7

Who Would Give A Better Wedding Speech - Audrey Hepburn Or Meryl Streep?

For guests, one of the best moments of a wedding is the opportunity to give an amazing speech. However, for a lot of people out there, this represents a major source of stress. There's a lot of pressure to give an amazing wedding speech. And that's not always easy for a lot of people. Some people get seriously anxious about public speaking. Many people practice for weeks to get their speech just right. But actors like Audrery Hepburn and Meryl Streep would probably give amazing speeches.

Question 8

Who Is A More Important Attendee, An Amazing Friend Or A Treasured Family Member?

Figuring out who to invite to a wedding is probably one of the hardest decisions ever. However, it could also be one of the easiest choices. Many women want a small wedding, and they only want to invite their closest friends and family. Others want to have huge weddings, inviting everyone who ever crossed their paths. But it's not always that easy. Even the biggest weddings have limits. Sometimes, we have to make difficult decisions. Sometimes, we have to choose between close friends and family members.

Question 9

Is It Better To Have A Calm And Peaceful Wedding, Or A Loud, Exciting Wedding?

We can discover a lot about a person's personality depending on what kind of wedding they choose to throw. Some people choose to have wild, crazy and loud parties. These people often choose to invite lots of people, and love the social element of throwing a massive wedding. Others choose instead to have a smaller, more low-key wedding. These people might prefer to keep everything rather respectable, and nothing ever gets too out of control. But which option is the better choice?

Question 10

Live Music Or Fireworks?

Even if someone is throwing a small wedding, entertainment is always important. After all, nobody likes a boring wedding. To a certain extent, it's the responsibility of the wedding planners to make sure that everyone has fun. And in that respect, there are tons of options for entertainment. Two of the most popular options are either live music or fireworks. Both are pretty spectacular, and both are almost guaranteed to make people pretty happy. But which option is actually the best choice?

Question 11

Is It Better For A Groom To Break Down And Cry, Or Not Have Enough Emotion During The Wedding?

A wedding is always going to be an emotional time. That much is pretty unavoidable. Whether it's the guests, the bride, or even the priest - someone is going to cry. But what about the groom? It's actually more common than some might think. Guys do break down and cry, and it's often a really touching scene. However, there are definitely grooms out there who show pretty much no emotion during the wedding. They might be feeling a lot of emotions on the inside, but they don't show it.

Question 12

Is It Better To Have Kids Before Or After The Wedding?

This is probably a huge question that opens up a whole can of beans. There's all kinds of judgement people make when they find out that a bride and a groom have had kids before their wedding date. But in 2019, it's really not that bad. It's actually pretty common to see little kids running around during a wedding, and some might be the offspring of the bride and groom. However, some might think it's better to wait until after marriage, and there's definitely benefits to this logic as well.

Question 13

Beach Wedding Or Church Wedding?

Traditionally, weddings pretty much always took place in a church. But today, couples are getting much more adventurous when it comes to where they tie the knot. The possibilities are endless. Couples might choose to get married on the slopes of the Swiss alps, or in the middle of the forest. But perhaps one of the most popular locations for an outdoor wedding is on a beach. This definitely produces all kinds of amazing vibes, and it just feels... right. However, is this really better than getting married at a church.

Question 14

Invite Just A Few Close Friends And Family, Or Invite Hundreds Of People?

Is it really better to have a huge wedding? There's definitely a lot of benefits. With a big wedding, it's clear that there are tons of people who care about the wedding. It means that whoever is getting married has tons of friends and family. But with so many people, it can get to be a little much. It also might feel less personal. If these sound like valid concerns, then it might be a better choice to get married with a smaller guest list. This feels much more personal, and the couple can actually interact deeply with each person in attendance.

Question 15

Veil Or No Veil?

When it comes to the bride's outfit, there are almost endless possibilities. With the new developments in the fashion world today, bride outfits are constantly changing. Women don't have to feel like they need to adhere to any of the traditional rules. But on the other hand, many women might really get excited about some of the more traditional elements of a bride's outfit. One of these traditional elements is a veil. Veils are an interesting way to add that sense of mystery and excitement to a bride. It's a cool addition, but not all women are into it.

Question 16

What's Worse, Having A Wardrobe Malfunction With The Wedding Dress, Or Having Someone Else Wear White?

Weddings are very important to-dos. Because of this, there's a lot of potential for things to go wrong. There's so much pressure for everything to go perfectly. And when everyone's under so much pressure, it's easy for things to get a little crazy. One of the things that most brides worry about is a wardrobe malfunction. The wedding dress isn't exactly a straightforward outfit. All it takes is one mistake, and the outfit could become pretty embarrassing. On the other hand, what if someone wears white? That could be embarrassing too.

Question 17

Would You Rather Attend The Wedding In "The Little Mermaid" Or The Monica's Wedding From "Friends?"

Hollywood might have set some pretty unrealistic expectations for us. This applies to pretty much all aspects of life, but weddings are one area where this is especially true. We've seen some pretty picture perfect weddings in various movies. But Disney is one franchise that seems to always portray weddings as completely perfect in every way. However, there are also tons of other examples, such as the wedding from "Friends," where Monica and Chandler get married. Which one would be better to attend?

Question 18

When Choosing A Maid Of Honor, What's More Important: A Sense Of Humor Or A Sense Of Dignity?

Choosing a Maid of Honor might be one of the toughest decisions a bride must make. However, it could also be one of the easiest. For some brides, the choice is obvious. They have that one special friend that's always there for them - that they've known for years, and they can trust. But for other brides, the choice might be a little bit more difficult. They might have two or three friends that are equally important to them. When this is the case, they might choose friends due to specific qualities.

Question 19

What's More Important When Choosing A Best Man: A Great Speaker, Or A Great Sense Of Style?

On the flip side of the equation, choosing the best man is also another important decision. The best man usually has a lot of responsibilities, such as giving an amazing speech. But at the end of the day, the groom is always going to choose his most trusted friend. This might be his best friend, or another guy who he's trusted for many years. It's an important decision, and some grooms think long and hard about what kind of guy they want to pick.

Question 20

Chocolate Cake Or Angel Cake?

Who could forget about one of the most important parts of any wedding. That's right, we're talking about the cake! The wedding cake is probably one of the main attractions, especially for the guests. Everyone wants a piece of the cake, especially if it looks amazingly delicious. A cake is something that almost everyone likes. But what flavor cake is best? This is a very hard decision, and wedding planners must think long and hard about it. For example, is it better to choose Angel Cake or Chocolate Cake?

Question 21

What's Better, A Wedding Brunch Or A Wedding Lunch?

There are plenty of different options when it comes to planning a wedding. People might choose to have elaborate brunches, or they might choose to stick with the traditional lunch. Of course, there are benefits and drawbacks to each one. Brunches might feel a tad more informal - although you can definitely glam it up if you want to. A lunch is also a pretty cool idea, and there are few drawbacks associated with that. In the end, it depends totally on personal choice.

Question 22

For The Main Course Of A Wedding Dinner, Is It Better To Serve Steak Or Salmon?

Aside from the lunches and the brunches, another important decision has to do with the main course of the dinner. The dinner might just be the most important part of a wedding, and the food choices are crucial. Typically, wedding planners like to go all out when it comes to dinners. Luxurious, gourmet meals are often preferred, such as steak or salmon. Both these choices are equally delicious, but certain people might have strong opinions about choosing one over the other.

Question 23

Fresh Fruit Or Mini Waffles For Appetizers?

Sometimes, the smallest details are the ones that really matter. And wedding planners know that when it comes to weddings, there is no shortage of small, minute decisions that need to be made. Something as simple as an appetizer can take a lot of planning and preparation. An appetizer can be the difference between a great wedding and a mediocre one. There are quite a few popular choices when it comes to wedding appetizers, but two favorites include mini waffles and fresh fruit.

Question 24

On The Snack Table, Is It Better To Serve Coffee Or Ice Cream Sandwiches?

Believe it or not, there's a food item that is even lower down on the food chain than appetizers. Most weddings have what's known as a snack table. This snack table serves various things, and there are almost limitless choices when it comes to what to serve on that snack table. Some people prefer small but delicious food items, while others prefer to stick with things like coffee and other hot drinks. It really comes down to the wedding planner, and their unique personality.

Question 25

Is It Better To Get Married For Stability, Or For Passion?

So far, we've focused mostly on little details about a wedding, such as food items or wardrobe choices. But what about the most important detail of marriage? That's right, we're talking about the very REASON people get married in the first place. This is a very personal question, and it's probably different for everyone. But a lot of people out there probably get married for either stability or passion. These are both great reasons to get married - although they might result in a vastly different marriage.

Question 26

Should The Wedding Be Super Traditional, Or More "New Agey"

This is another big question that will drastically change the way a wedding is handled. Are weddings really a traditional thing? Have they changed a lot since the early days? Some people would definitely argue that the overall concept of a wedding has evolved quite a bit over the many decades. Others would argue that weddings are essentially the same as they've always been... Or at least, weddings SHOULD remain essentially the same, and adhere to the same traditions. Which opinion is correct?

Question 27

What's Better, Opening The Presents Or Eating The Cake?

There are plenty of interesting opportunities for amazing moments in every wedding. These are moments that everybody looks forward to. We're not just talking about saying "I do," either. There are plenty of other awesome moments, such as opening presents or taking a bite out of that first slice of cake. Plenty of people will probably bring some amazing presents to every wedding. These are definitely tempting to open up. But for many, the simple delights of food are even greater than material goods.

Question 28

What's Better, A Traditional Wife Or An Independent Wife?

This question is very similar to another question: Whether a traditional wedding is better than a more "new agey" wedding. Chances are, the same people who want a traditional wedding are going to favor a traditional wife. But what does that mean? What even IS a traditional wife? Many people out there probably have different ideas of what this means. But for most, the images that are conjured up are those 50s commercials of the typical stay at home mom, baking cookies and wearing aprons.

Question 29

What's The Best Wedding Movie, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" Or "Mamma Mia?"

There are plenty of awesome wedding movies out there. For many of us, watching these movies definitely gets us inspired about what we want OUR weddings to look like. Sure, Hollywood might be a tad unrealistic in its depictions of weddings. This is definitely true with movies like "Mamma Mia," where people are constantly breaking out in song. But other movies, such as "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" might portray the whole wedding process in a more realistic light. But which movie is better?

Question 30

For The First Dance, Is It Better To Have A Traditional Song, Or A Pop Song?

The first dance is one of those wedding moments that people remember for the rest of their lives. It's a touching moment when the groom and bride take their turn on the dance floor for the first time. This is the very first time that they dance as man and wife. It's an awesome moment, and many couples plan out elaborate dance routines to wow the crowd. Others like to keep it more traditional. The nature of the dance changes a lot based on what kind of song is played.

Question 31

Is Marriage About Partnership, Or It More About Trust?

A lot of people get very excited about marriage, but few of us actually ask ourselves what marriage is all about. What's the real reason we get married? What's the point? Why should we get married in the first place? Some people say marriage is beneficial because it involves partnership. When we're in a marriage, we're working as a team, and everything (hopefully) gets a lot easier. But other people think that marriage is more about trust, and it's about having someone you can really rely on.

Question 32

Is It Better To Have A Strong And Silent Groom, Or One With A Great Sense Of Humor

Most women think long and hard about their ideal man. Some women prefer a guy who's strong and silent. Others prefer a guy with a great sense of humor. Women of all types probably dream about their ideal man. These ideas and expectations probably form all the way back in early childhood. We might think we know what we want - what we need. But life has a habit of surprising us. Sometimes the guy we never considered is actually the best person for us.

Question 33

Should A Wedding Be Cheap And Cheerful, Or Crazy Expensive?

There are tons of different philosophies when it comes to marriages. But at the end of the day, the biggest limitation is probably money. But even if we're rich beyond belief, is it really smart to spend a lot of money on a wedding? After all, it's only one day. And if the bride and groom love each other, they don't really need much to have a memorable day together. All they really need is each other. Others believe that a wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion, and it makes sense to go all out.

Question 34

What's Better, A Honeymoon In Hawaii Or Paris?

What's the best part of a wedding? Well, a lot of people would argue that the best part actually comes AFTER the wedding. Yes, we're talking about the honeymoon. Couples always love going away on vacation for the first time as a married pair, and there are all kinds of popular honeymoon destinations. Some people prefer to go somewhere where the weather is hot and luxurious. Others prefer to visit more traditional locations, such as the city of love - Paris, France.

Question 35

There's A Wedding Cover Band. Billy Idol Or Maroon 5?

A wedding isn't really a wedding without a cover band. Of course, not everyone chooses to employ the services of a cover band, but it definitely adds a lot of flavor to the occasion. However, not all cover bands are created equal. Some might disappoint, while others exceed all expectations. There are even dedicated wedding bands, which make their living off performing at weddings. There are a few common cover bands out there, and one is a Billy Idol cover band. Of course, there's always more contemporary choices...

Question 36

What's Better, A Live String Quartet Or A Live Acoustic Performance?

There are all kinds of different options when it comes to wedding entertainment. Yes, you can definitely hire a live band... But that's only the tip of the iceberg. Wedding planners must also figure out exactly what KIND of band they want to hire, and there's tons of options out there. If you want to go more traditional with your music choices, it's always a good plan to go with a live string quartet. However, if you want to add a dash of flavor to your live music, then it's always a good plan to hire a live acoustic guitar player.

Question 37

What's A Better Wedding Gift - A House Or A Yacht?

It's never quite clear what the groom and bride are going to get when they open up their gifts. It could be something as simple as baby clothes, or it could be the keys to a brand new car. The element of surprise is the best part of opening wedding gifts. But what if it was something even more spectacular than we could possibly imagine? What if it was something as crazy as a brand new house, or even a yacht? Obviously, not everyone is going to receive a gift like that. But if we could choose, what would be the better option?

Question 38

Is It Better To Have A Crazy Wedding Party, Or A Respectable One?

It's always tempting to get a little crazy during a wedding. After all, it's a momentous occasion. It's always good to live in the moment, and live life to the fullest. If that means getting a little crazy during a wedding, then so be it, right? At least, that's the logic of a lot of guests. A wedding party can be one of the craziest, most fun parties we can ever attend. But what if we took the other approach? What if instead, we chose to keep the wedding incredibly respectable, and shunned crazy behavior?

Question 39

What's Better, Funny Wedding Vows Or Meaningful Wedding Vows?

Sometimes, the wedding vows themselves are the most interesting part of the wedding. This is the moment when both the groom and bride make their final commitment to each other. After this moment, there's no backing out. Of course, the marriage could still end at a later date. But for all intensive purposes, the wedding vows are meant to be a promise to stick together forever, no matter what. Couples might choose different approaches when it comes to their vows. Some take a comical approach, while others prefer meaningful vows.

Question 40

What's A Better Style For The Groom - Tuxedo Or Lounge Suit?

While the focus of everyone is definitely going to be one the bride, the groom must also look his very best. A suit might not be as elegant and as showy as a dress, but there are definitely a lot of different options when it comes to suit types for the groom. From a Nehru suit to a morning suit, there are many different cuts and styles to choose from. But for the most part, the most popular two options include a tuxedo and a Lounge Suit. But out of these two options, which is the best option?

Question 41

Should The Groom Wear Suspenders Or A Vest?

A groom's outfit might actually be surprisingly nuanced. A suit can come with all kinds of different customization options. A little detail here and there can make a huge difference. When we're talking about style, the devil is in the details. So what style options are available to a groom? One example is the choice of either suspenders or a vest. Guys will know that it's not recommended to wear both of these things at once, since they clash with each other. So which is the best option?

Question 42

Should The Bride Wear Her Hair Up Or Down?

Most guys don't have to worry too much about different hairstyles. After all, most guys have relatively short hair, and they can't really do too much in terms of styles. But brides? Now they're a whole different ball game. Brides have the option of almost endless hairstyles, and most brides try to do something totally unique. But at the base level, different hairstyles can be summed up as either up or down. Different brides might have different opinions about which one is better.

Question 43

Is It Better To Drive Away In A Classic Car, Or A Modern Sports Car?

At the very end of the wedding ceremony, one of the most exciting moments is when the bride and groom dash out of the church, and drive into the sunset as a new married couple. Most couples choose to drive away in a car, often with decoration on it, such as a sign that says "just married." However, some couples might choose a car that really makes that moment even more special. We're talking a beautiful classic car, or a modern sports car.

Question 44

Should The Flower Girl Wear White, Or Should She Match The Bridesmaids?

Is there anything cuter than a flower girl at a wedding? This is one little child that everyone points at and says, "Well isn't that cute?" Flower girls always make for a brilliant addition to the wedding, and sometimes planners take a lot of care in planning out this element. Not only is it important to choose which little girl gets this honor, but it's also important to choose what that little girl ends up wearing. Some planners choose to dress the little girl in white, while others choose a color that matches the bridesmaids.

Question 45

For The Ring Bearer, Is It Better To Use A Dog, Or A Small Child?

Another important role in a wedding is that of the ring bearer. The name says it all - this is the person (or animal) that ends up carrying the ring. The ring bearer is present when the married couple say their vows, and they have to hand the ring to the couple which is about to be wed. It's not a hugely important role, but it's one that is pretty central nonetheless. This role is unique because it can be carried out by a wide variety of different people. A dog might even be able to do it!

Question 46

What's The Best Color For Maid Of Honor Dresses? Sage Or Eggplant?

The maid of honor is another important role in any wedding. Sometimes, they have the honor of wearing a different color when compared to the other bridesmaids. This isn't always the case, but some planners choose to give the bridesmaid just a little bit more flair. One has to be careful, however, because the last thing we want is for the bridesmaid to steal the spotlight from the bride. If a bridesmaid does end up getting a uniquely colored dress, then what's the best color?

Question 47

What Style Of Dress Should The Bride Wear? Ballgown Or Mermaid?

Here's another crucial part of the wedding planning process that we haven't mentioned yet. The bride's wedding dress is one of the most important parts of any wedding. When a bride walks down that aisle, everyone should be looking at her. The dress should make everyone's jaws drop right to the ground. This is her special day. But which style of wedding dress is best? This is a question that brides thing about for many weeks before coming to a final decision.

Question 48

Which Flowers Make A Better Wedding Bouquet? Roses Or Iris?

Like we said, every little detail is important when it comes to weddings. This includes something as small as the wedding bouquet. These little touches can make a wedding sink or float. People might not remember why they liked the look of a wedding bouquet, but all these little touches make a difference when they're viewed as a whole. When choosing a wedding bouquet, one of the most important questions is what type of flowers to use. Roses or Iris? That is the question...

Question 49

What Color Should Be The Overall Theme Of The Wedding? Cream Or Olive?

It's always best to go with an overall color theme when planning a major event. This extends to all kinds of things - not just weddings. A uniform color scheme gives an event a feeling that guests really appreciate. This color scheme can extend to pretty much everything. We're talking tablecloths, plates, wall decorations, balloons - the whole nine yards. Even the bridesmaid dresses can fall into the overall theme. But when picking a color scheme, which one is best? It's a tough decision...

Question 50

Is It Better To Invite Tons Of People, Or Keep The Invitation List Small?

This is a question that definitely requires a lot of thought. People have different ideas in their head when it comes to planning out a wedding. Some people dream about massive weddings, where there are hundreds of people all having fun and partying together. But is this really the best choice? Some people would say that the best choice is actually to invite relatively few people, keeping the wedding small and personal. Of course, this is all down to the personal preference of the wedding planner...

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