Plan A Wedding To Reveal The Groom's Celebrity Look Alike

This quiz is all about planning a wedding to find out who the groom's celebrity look alike is. Great, unforgettable weddings don't just happen on their own. We know that planning the wedding of one's dreams is not only costly, but also complex and time consuming. The best advice is to enjoy the ride, and just take it one thing at a time. Some couples prefer to hire a wedding planner to help take some strain off the bridal couple. If there's loads of time to plan before the big day, it leaves time for an engagement party, bachelorettes and even saving for a romantic honeymoon!

Of course, one can also decide which season is best suited for the theme and colors chosen. For example, a fall wedding will be complemented by warmer, earthy tones. A spring wedding may be best suited with brighter colors. A winter wedding may be ideal with more subtle, pastel colors. Summer is also open to interpretation. There are no rules when is comes to selecting the perfect time of year to exchange vows! Speaking of vows, this is another vital part of the wedding ceremony, so don't forget to add it to the 'to-do list'!

Question 1

Engagement party

So, let's get picking on planning this wedding! The items listed are in no particular order so don't worry about missing a step or forgetting to add something. We're certain that this is going to be the most amazing day ever! Engagement parties are a great way to celebrate the beginning of this journey. It is also a chance to get a taste for planning events and for the family to mingle. Hopefully this will also allow for some time to remember that a wedding shouldn't be about everyone else, just the bride and groom!

Question 2


A bride and groom’s wedding day is something magical and something to remember forever. So why not capture the wonder and awe of the event with a photographer who knows what to do? These packages can often be a little bit costly, but so worthwhile! One day, loved ones and friends will look back at these pictures in awe of what transpired that day. This will also be a great memento for the children and grandchildren to enjoy and reflect on.

Question 3

Wedding cake

Cake makes everything better. This is true for any day of the week, and any time of day! When it comes to wedding cakes, there are so many choices one needs to make. This includes what flavors to have, or if more than one flavor is best. Also, should the cake have one tier, two or maybe three? And should the design be plain and simple, or should it be elegant but over-the-top? Should it have real flowers or fresh flowers? So many choices…

Question 4

Wedding shoes

There is no denying that one's wedding day is always amazing, but it is a really long day. There is hair, make-up, the ceremony, the speeches, lots of dancing, food to eat and fun to be had. So a bride needs to comfy because those feet are going to start aching! One could always wear gorgeous heels for the ceremony and slip into something more comfortable for the reception. Otherwise wearing comfy shoes all day might be best option to consider.

Question 5


Selecting one's hairstyle for the big day can also be tricky. Sometimes an 'up' style is best because with all the moving around it can get a bit warm under all that hair. Some brides would prefer their long locks to hang down during this special day. That being said, there is also the option to have half up and half down. With this style one can enjoy the best of both worlds. Don't forget to consider straight or curly hair too...

Question 6


Some brides have many bridesmaids, some have one and others have none. This really is personal preference and there is no right or wrong number of bridesmaids to have. Keep in mind though; most brides have to fit the bill for their bridesmaid’s dresses, hair, make-up, nails, bouquets and more! This can become an expensive event if one has many bridesmaids as part of the bridal party. Bridesmaids usually consist of the bride’s friends or family members. Sometimes it could be the sister-in-law as well.

Question 7

Venue for the ceremony

Traditionally, couples used to get married in a church or chapel and then have their reception in a hall on the same grounds. Today, things have changed a bit. It is not uncommon to find that the ceremony is at a different venue to the reception. More modern couples have also moved away from having their ceremonies in churches and chapels altogether. As seen in this picture, the couple is getting married in a secret garden – a bit risky considering weather is unpredictable.

Question 8

Seating plan

Now this is another tricky topic deal with. Believe it or not, where guests are seated can influence the atmosphere of a room. This can either dampen the mood or lift it. Usually, the tables closest to the main table are family and the further the table is, the further removed the guest is (for example work peers). Grouping guests with similar interests may help to keep the conversation flowing. Of course, guests can be left to find their own seats too.

Question 9

Wedding reception

The wedding reception is where the speeches, dances and eating will happen. More time is spent here than opposed to where the ceremony happens. Sometimes these venues are big enough to seat a few hundred people, while others are a little smaller. A great deal of time is spent decorating this hall. A reception also doesn't need to be done indoors. It could even be out in a garden, provided the weather is good and there is no real wind to blow guests away.

Question 10


Selecting the perfect music for the big event can also be a bit complex. Chances are that there will be a variety of people at the wedding reception. Each of them will have their own unique taste and style in music. Ideally, everyone should be catered for. By doing this everyone can enjoy themselves and spend some time on the dance floor. Music also helps to set the tone and mood for the reception, and can help as background sound too.

Question 11

Wear a tiara

Every bride should feel, and look, like a queen on their special day. What better way to embrace this than to wear a gorgeous tiara? Here, one can go all out with something big and flashy, or consider something a little smaller and elegant. If a tiara isn't really on the cards then there is no reason to push the topic. It really is the bride's choice to make after all. Either way, we are certain that she'll look stunning!

Question 12


It is highly unlikely that a bride will walk down the aisle with no make-up on at all. It is not to say that a bride needs this to look beautiful, but rather to enhance her natural beauty. This also helps to make photos more effective. Here, a bride can go all out with bright, bold colors such as pink and red. Alternatively, a bride can even have earthier, natural colors with warmer tones. The choice is hers to make.

Question 13

Thank You gifts

‘Thank You’ gifts are not a requirement, but rather a 'nice to have'. These gifts can be something simple, like a bag of mints and a card saying 'Mint to be'. Some couples like to go all out and do big, lavish gifts for each guest. We have even seen some couples giving cupcakes as a 'Thank You' gift as well. The options for this are endless, and there are many cute, inexpensive ideas that one can make on their own.

Question 14

Wedding dress

When it comes to a bride's wedding dress, there are thousands of options to choose from. Some dresses can even be custom made to suit the bride's ideas and make her dreams a reality. With the dress, a bride can choose if they want to wear white, ivory, beige or even a brighter color for the dress. They can even select lace, silk, cotton and so much more. Even the length of the dress is completely up to the bride.

Question 15

Gift table

It is true that some guests are in the habit of giving wedding gifts as a way of saying ‘congratulations’ to the new happy couple. Not all guests can afford to give a gift though, and that’s OK. That being said, not all bridal couples expect, or even want, a wedding gift. Some couples are just starting out, and would prefer monetary gifts to add towards household items etc. A gift table may even be set up at the reception.

Question 16

Wedding invitations

Wedding invitations are a lovely way to set the tone for the big day. Often the color scheme and theme is present in these invitations. Some bridal couples have the capacity to do all their invites by hand. Other couples prefer to select a design and have them printed out by a professional. Either way, best make sure the details are correct as once they've been done it is a long and tedious process to correct any mistakes! No one has time for that!

Question 17


The bouquet is the bunch of flowers that the bride will carry with her as she walks down the aisle. Ever wondered why a bride even has a bouquet to begin with? Well, it is said to be a symbol of new beginnings and even of fidelity. Every type of flower also means something different. Roses are a symbol of eternal love. Stephanotises are a symbol of good luck. Luckily the bride could always have a variety of flowers too.

Question 18


Traditionally, the bride will wear a garter, on her thigh, which her new husband will remove during the reception. This is then thrown to a crowd of single men. It is believed that whoever catches it is said to be getting married next. Some grooms remove this by hand, while others remove it with their teeth - it depends how brave they are! Some brides also keep a garter as a memento and a second garter is the one they throw.

Question 19

Dance floor

Not every wedding reception has a dance floor. There are some weddings where this is impractical. These weddings may include a picnic wedding or a champagne wedding. These are usually morning weddings and are just a simple, elegant celebration and ceremony. If a big 'sit-down' meal is not on the cards, there usually isn't a bar for adult beverages etc. However, if this is an evening wedding then maybe a dance floor would be a good idea so folks can boogie!

Question 20

Main table

Let’s keep in mind that the main table is not for every bridal couple. Usually, the bride and groom will sit at this table, and on either side would be their parents. This can get tricky when the parents are divorced or absent parents. To avoid any conflict some couples may choose to not have anyone other than themselves at the table. Alternatively they may opt for not having a main table and they just seat themselves amongst the guests.

Question 21

Table decorations

Table decor is vital. This helps to set the tone, and it is where guests will also see the color scheme and theme coming through. Some great ideas include having Orchids and pearls draped in the middle of the table. Some ideas may include some floating candles and an array of flowers. Of course, if flowers are not ideal then a wedding planner can pitch some other, more suitable ideas. Remember - there's no right or wrong way to do this!

Question 22


The theme of a wedding can add lots of character too. This can be something that means a lot for the bridal couple, or it could even be a symbol of some kind. For example, dragon flies only find one partner throughout their lifespan, they never move on. So this would be a great symbol of eternal love and fidelity to one's partner. It will also serve as a reminder to other couples attending the wedding about their own commitments.

Question 23

Groom's suit

This is an opportunity that allows the groom to express himself in his own way. He can choose to wear a standard black suit or tuxedo, which is more traditional. Or he could decide to wear a different color altogether. Some grooms allow their brides to select this outfit, without asking any questions. We're sure that no matter who chooses the outfit, he is going to look amazing and the bride will fall in love with him all over again!

Question 24


The next thing that the bridal couple need to plan is the groomsmen's outfits... Sometimes the groomsmen are dressed to match the groom. Then again, sometimes they don't match the groom at all, and have their own color scheme. This really is up to the bridal couple to decide. Remember - those photographs are going to be permanent, and there is only one chance to get everything perfect. Play around with some ideas to determine which options are best and go with that!

Question 25

Flower girls

Flower girls should not be confused with bridesmaids. Each of them has their own specific role on this big day. According to Wikipedia, a flower girl can symbolize two things. The first is a symbol of the innocent bride as a small girl, almost like a dream come true. The second is a symbol of fertility for the new couple. This will hopefully mean that their marriage will include children to carry on their name. Of course, it doesn’t have to mean anything at all either.

Question 26


Now, let's talk about the food! This is sometimes the best part for the guests - although they'll never admit it to the bridal couple! Usually a three course meal is offered to guests. The first is a starter. This is often a small, yet tasty dish. Options for this can include prawn starters or a soup with a small roll and some butter. The options are endless. Best chat to the caterer for some ideas on what to serve.

Question 27

Buffet or plated main meal?

When it comes to the main meal there are also many options to consider. This is another detail that should be discussed with the caterer. Also, consider the amount of guests that will be attending. If there are lots of people, then maybe a buffet wouldn't be the most cost effective option. If there are many guests, perhaps a plated meal will be better. This will also avoid chaos around the food table. Remember to mention if anyone has food allergies too!

Question 28

Cheesecake or apple pie?

Ah yummy dessert - the best part of any meal! This is a sweet treat that will round off the previous dishes and also the evening. The options in this regard or also endless and completely up to the bridal couple as well. This picture shows a granadilla cheesecake with a chocolate stick. Apple pie is also an option to consider. Or one could just stick to the usual ice-cream and chocolate sauce. What about a variety of bite-size desserts?

Question 29

Transport to the venue

Every bride wants to arrive in style on her big day. The thing is, 'style' means different things for different people. Some brides have been known to arrive at their wedding in an emergency vehicle with lights and sirens blaring. This can make quite an entrance. Some ladies choose to arrive in an older, vintage car. Other brides want to arrive in the latest sports car. We have even seen brides arriving in a horse drawn cart! Which option is the best?

Question 30

Welcome refreshments

On arrival to the big event, guests are sometimes spoilt with tasty welcome refreshments. These can range from adult beverages to beverages that are suitable for all ages. The ideal refreshment could even include some iced tea or a variety of grape juice. There is always the option of sparkling grape juice to add a few extra bubbles. As with everything else about the wedding, the choices remain that of the bridal couple and remember – variety is the spice of life!

Question 31

First dance wedding song

The first dance is the dance that the bride and groom have together. Their very first one as 'Mr and Mrs'. This is a song all about love - usually! It can be one of the newest hits, or something more classical. It could even be a song which symbolizes the time the couple first met or realized that they were in love with one another. This is another choice that has no rules, so get listening to some songs!

Question 32

Groom's hairstyle

We all know that men can be particularly fussy about their hair. They may pretend like they don't really care - but it's not true. Men also want to look and feel good on their big day. Often they will make sure they've grown their hair (or cut it) to the perfect length. They may even want to color or tint it to make sure it's just right. Some brides may be able to influence this choice; it's all about give and take.

Question 33

Louis-Vuitton perfume for Her

Not only should the beautiful bride and handsome groom look fabulous on their special day, but they should also smell amazing. Often the bridal couple will spoil themselves, or each other, with an expensive perfume or cologne. This is usually not an item that one would buy ordinarily, but weddings are an exception. It really is a spoil that will be a reminder of the day’s events and emotions. There are also many different perfumes to pick from, so go get smelling!

Question 34

Polo cologne for Him

As we were saying, the groom also wants to smell amazing. He probably has his own ideas of what cologne he'd like to wear on this big day. No matter what he picks, we're sure the bride will still say 'I Do!’. The great thing about this is that a few years on, when one catches this familiar scent, it will remind them of what an amazing time they had, how they felt about one another and remind them of happy days.

Question 35

Wedding gift for spouse

Some bridal couples also choose to spoil each other with a wedding gift. This isn't a 'must' and is totally personal preference. Instead of buy each other a gift, perhaps buying one big gift for the house might be a better idea? This money could even be put towards a lavish honeymoon or clothing for the honeymoon. There are no hard and fast rules about this, so the choice is the couples to make! Is this an idea worth considering?

Question 36

Budget and save

Getting married is not a cheap event; some couples take out huge loans for this. There's so much to consider, as we've already seen! Some couples save for years before they can enjoy the wedding of their dreams. Other couples don't have to worry about money and can go wild with their ideas. This means that they also don't need to budget for items. What about entering competitions to win a wedding, or at least some of the wedding items?

Question 37


Picking the perfect date for one’s wedding can be of great importance. It is a date that will be celebrated every year thereafter. Some couples, who may want an outdoor wedding, will need to consider the season they are getting married in. Winter weddings can be freezing cold and unpleasant to be outside. Summer weddings can be rather warm and uncomfortable. If this is something that the bridal couple is fussy about, best be sure to consider the dates carefully.

Question 38

Groom's shoes

Just as the bride is selective about her shoes, so is the groom. He should be able to pick a shoe that he is comfortable with and that speaks to his own fashion sense. Of course, he does need to consider that it should match the outfit he is wearing and it should also compliment his bride. We have seen some folks who choose to get married in cowboy boots and even All Stars. Which option is better for him?

Question 39

Color scheme

We have already presented ideas of themes and so on. Now it is time to consider a color scheme. Colors can also carry meaning, mostly for the bridal couple. Sometimes is doesn't have to mean anything and can simply be a color the bridal couple loves. That being said, it doesn't need to be just one color either. Often a combination of different colors can be considered. For this question though, would lovely lavender or amazing aqua be the best?

Question 40

Wedding march

The traditional wedding march was written back in 1850! That's a really long time for the same song to be played over and over again. In today's modern society, just like other wedding traditions, this expectation is being broken around the world. Brides are choosing to use different, newer songs as their wedding march song. It's also a symbol of who they are and what their relationship is like, or what their marriage is going to be like as well.

Question 41

Wedding officiant

The officiant is the person who actually has the power vested in them to legally marry two people. This could be a pastor, a reverend or just someone who is qualified to do this. Sometimes it can be a friend or family member who has this legal authority. Other couples can just hire someone to help them out for the day. This person may need to meet with the couple once or twice just to go over the finer details.

Question 42

Wedding rings

Wedding rings are usually exchanged as a symbol of the love each person has for the other. It is also a sign to the rest of the world that the person wearing this ring is promised to someone else. Some couples choose to have new rings designed, often using metal from a ring passed through generations. Other couples may choose to go ahead and buy a ring from a jeweller. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

Question 43


A videographer is not the same as a photographer, although their functions are similar. A photographer will capture every moment in a picture. These are often printed and put on display or in a photo album. These can be edited and enhanced as needed. A videographer records moments as they happen. At the end of the event this is made into a movie, with sound and some music too. This is a great way to capture the moment in motion.

Question 44

Gift registry

This is basically a list of items that the bride and groom would like as gifts from their guests. They go to a shop, open the registry and send this information out to the guests. This is ideal when starting out as a couple and if they're looking to get items to use in the house. Alternatively, if they already have everything they need then perhaps a gift voucher or a monetary gift would be best suited for this occasion.

Question 45

Wedding website

Wedding websites are not very popular in the smaller communities, but they are becoming a trending idea. Some couples like to plot and plan everything online, giving friends and family (from far and wide) the option to follow along with every detail. Of course, a bride and groom won't post things like the exact dress or hairstyle because some things do need to be a surprise too. Is a wedding website worth all the effort? Maybe some hired help could manage this?

Question 46

Save the dates

After the perfect proposal and enchanting engagement party, the bridal couple will probably consider a date to exchange their vows and officially tie the knot. A 'save the date' is just a brief message (email or card etc.) literally telling guests to reserve a specific date for the big wedding day. This isn't completely necessary but can be practical for some couples. After these are sent out, a few months later, the actual wedding invitations are also sent to guests.

Question 47


After all the waiting and hard work is over, it is only fair that the newlyweds take some time to just be together. This is a much needed break that will connect the couple and where they will make many memories together. Some like to enjoy their honeymoon overseas, travelling the world and exploring new cultures. Other couples may prefer something a little closer to home, and take a road trip somewhere local. Our own countries have unseen gems to discover!

Question 48

Wedding nails

Of course, every single bride deserves a set of wedding nails that are elegant and absolutely perfect! Often ladies may choose something simple, such as a French Manicure. The latest trend is to do this in an ombré fashion. Some ladies even like to add a little sparkle with glitter or pretty gem stones. Those who are feeling a little more ambitious or brave have even been seen with some color on their nails - usually matching the wedding colors.

Question 49

Wedding vows

Ah, the wedding vows! This is one of the most important parts of the whole event. It is the part where partners exchange their promises to one another. There is also the giving and receiving of rings. Couples can choose to use the traditional vows, often provided by the officiant. Or they may even choose to come up with their own vows for this special day. Either way is fine, there are no steadfast rules that need to be followed.

Question 50


Once everything is set, and perfectly in place, it is time for the big rehearsal. This is usually only with the vital role players. In other words, everyone except the guests. This is really just to practice who does what, who stands where etc. Once the formalities are over, the evening is usually ended with a dinner to allow everyone to unwind before the big day arrives. All the planning should be done and it is time to watch the magic happen!

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