Plan A Wedding To Reveal The Groom's Celebrity Look Alike

There's something special about marrying a celebrity look-alike, which is why none of them tend to be single for too long. And can we really blame them? If any of us looked like Scarlett Johansson, odds are men would be lining up to tie the knot too. Genetics play a huge part in how a person's facial symmetry will turn out, but sometimes flukes can happen and curious twins can appear. Whereas one look-alike can be of Italian descent, their celebrity counterpart can be one hundred percent Irish for all we know. In the end, we all have doppelgängers somewhere on this planet - it's just a matter of time before we cross paths and say, "Oh my god, that person looks exactly like me!" They say that there are seven people in the world who look exactly alike, but luckily, we tend to be spread apart to avoid major confusion (

Just imagine walking down the street and spotting Zac Efron from afar, only to realize that he's not the famous actor we all know and love. Anyone with any sense in their body would try to lock him down as soon as possible. And, by the end of this quiz, we'll have a better idea of which celebrity to keep an eye out for.

Question 1

Rate this bridesmaids dress:

With so many choices and so little time, it's no wonder that brides ask their friends for advice when selecting their bridesmaids' dresses. Sure, the bride might have the final say on the matter, but that doesn't mean that her friends should dread putting on their outfit come the big wedding day. Although everyone has their individual tastes, finding some common ground is always appreciated. This midnight blue dress is simple yet tasteful. But, that doesn't mean that it'll float everyone's boat.

Question 2

Rate this veil:

To veil or not to veil, that is the question. This bride looks absolutely stunning in this lace-trimmed veil. But, that doesn't mean that everyone is going to love it. Whereas some brides can't imagine getting married without the traditional unveiling, others would rather skip the process altogether. Veils used to be a big deal once upon a time, but today, it's safe to say that traditional marriages are on the back burner. So, does this veiled look get you excited at all?

Question 3

Pick some earrings:

There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding. And no, not all of them have to do with fashion. However, this question puts the bride's jewelry selection under the scope, making it seem a lot more pressing than it is. Before choosing which earrings you're going to rock down the aisle, it's important to select your hairstyle. After all, who would want to spend money on gorgeous earrings only to have them hidden behind their hair all day?

Question 4

Pick something blue, something borrowed, and something new:

We've all heard this timeless saying throughout our lives. However, many of us don't really know why brides should wear something blue, something borrowed, and something new on their wedding day. Well, according to, this old saying comes from an ancient English rhyme. Oddly enough, years have caused the last installment of the saying to fall off the face of the Earth. The rhyme should end with, "A sixpence in your shoe." Together, these four objects aim to bring prosperity to the bride.

Question 5

Tiara or no tiara?

You know a woman is going all out when she chooses to wear a tiara on her big day. Although there's nothing wrong with donning on this royal headpiece, some people find it to be a little over the top. Tiaras are often seen in fairy tales or high-end marriages, but in their defense, they're absolutely exquisite. However, a lot of women would rather stick to the basics when it comes to their wedding. So, who wants to wear a tiara?

Question 6

Rate these wedding bands:

Choosing the perfect wedding bands is something of great importance. After all, the bride and groom will be wearing them for the rest of their lives. So, knowing this, we might as well spend a little extra money to get the model we're in love with. Because well, it pays for itself over the years. This wedding band set is jaw-dropping, which is why many of us wouldn't hesitate to wear it on our finger. So, who's digging this flashy wedding ring set?

Question 7

Describe the perfect wedding bands:

Are we the only ones who've fantasized about the perfect ring? Probably not. From a young age, women tend to dream about their big proposal day, and in the deepest contours of their minds hides the ideal wedding band. Wedding bands are usually a lot more plane than engagement rings, but that's how it should be. After all, having two huge rocks on one finger can be a little extra. The perfect ring exists for every bride and it's up to the groom to pick it out.

Question 8

Pick a wedding dress cover:

In a perfect world, we'd all get married under the sun on a beautiful summer day. But, that's not always how things work out. The weather can be super unpredictable, causing brides to seek out a dress cover for their big day. Booking wedding venues in advance is a must, which is why some couples get stuck tying the knot in the winter. And sometimes, the cost difference can steer someone towards getting married in a colder season. So, which overcoat would you choose?

Question 9

Rate this bridesmaids dress:

We want our best gals to look stunning on our wedding day, which is why we tend to pick out a dress that'll flatter all of their shapes. This red wine dress is on the modest side but it's not boring. Its lace bodice brings some flair to the otherwise plain dress, making it look sophisticated and alluring at the same time. Lace isn't for everyone though, so this dress might not appeal to the masses. So, how would you rate this dress?

Question 10

Pick the perfect bouquet:

With so many things to plan and so little time to waste, getting everything down in writing can become a priority. Brides often forget how stressful planning a wedding can be, which is why they'll opt against hiring a wedding planner. But, sooner than later, they'll realize that hashing out every little detail isn't worth their energy. Did you know that there are dozens of bouquet-tying techniques? Well, now you do. And, for the time being, you only have to choose between four of them.

Question 11

Choose a venue:

Most of us don't even know where wedding receptions are located before searching for them. So, it's only normal for brides to be surprised at how many venues their city holds. Choosing the perfect venue isn't something that should be done overnight, because it's important to make sure that the venue meets every single point on your checklist. All of these venues are lovely, but some of them require brides and grooms to hire their own caterers and minister. Choose a venue:

Question 12

Pick a date:

As soon as a couple gets engaged, their loved ones will start asking them if they've set a date. And, although some couples enjoy basking in the glow of a long engagement, others lock down a date as soon as possible. Whether you get married in spring, summer, fall, or winter, know that every single season has its perks. So, while most people think that getting married in the summer is a must, the constant sun can sometimes be overbearing. Pick a date, any date!

Question 13

Pick a wedding invitation:

Choosing the perfect wedding invitations might not sound like a big deal, but it becomes one after getting engaged. With so many styles to choose from, it's a wonder that brides and grooms end up agreeing on a certain model. Royal elegance invitations usually come with paper lace, while gold glam ones are shiny and alluring. Nature inspired cards are more down to Earth and friendly, while vintage invitations give the notion of a traditional wedding. So, which one of these styles hits home?

Question 14

Pick a father-daughter-dance song:

Most brides look forward to dancing with their husband on their wedding night, making them forget about the most important man in their life. Fathers come in all different shapes and sizes. And, although we all have our history when it comes to parents, there's nothing more darling than sharing a dance with our dads. All of these songs are sweet and emotional, which could make any father-daughter duo burst into tears while sharing their special dance. So, which song would you choose?

Question 15

Pick a first-dance song:

The day you marry the love of your life will be a day you never forget, which is why choosing the perfect first-dance song is a must. Selecting a song that rings true with your relationship and personality can make the special moment that much more emotional. Back in the day, couples got married shortly after they were formed. But today, couples can take their time to find the love of their life before tying the knot. So, which special song gets your vote?

Question 16

Describe the perfect ambiance:

We all want our wedding to be fun and spectacular, which is why we put so much effort into planning it. Setting the mood is something that money can't buy though, so having an expert on hand is always a good idea. Things like decor, lighting, nature, music, and guests can affect the atmosphere. So, planning ahead is always recommended. Describe the ideal ambiance for your big day using all but one word. All of these moods seem to fit a wedding ceremony.

Question 17

Describe the guest-list:

Planning a wedding can be tough for a handful of reasons, one of them being the invitations. Both the groom and the bride know tons of people, but inviting every single last one of them isn't always a possibility. Inviting some people and not others can also cause emotions to get hurt. So, it's always a good idea to invite people you don't want to ward off for good. In the end, most guests end up paying for their plates, so the more the merrier, right?

Question 18

Wedding planner or no wedding planner?

It's no secret that weddings are expensive, which is why couples tend to look for ways to cut down on costs. And, one of the most obvious ways to do this is to not hire a wedding planner. However, there are two sides to a coin, and wedding planners can be well worth the extra money we spend. This is especially true because they take on the stress instead of letting it get to the newly engaged couple. So, what's it going to be?

Question 19

Choose a wedding favor:

Giving your guests a wedding favor before they go home is somewhat customary these days. So, it's only normal for newlywed couples to have a little something prepared. And, since everyone's budget is different, a variety of presents can be chosen. While some couples will choose to handcraft their gifts and spend hours creating adorable do-it-yourself crafts. Others will choose to buy a standard trinket from a catalogue. Whatever their choice may be, it'll surely bring a smile to their guests' faces.

Question 20

Describe the entertainment:

The last thing a newlywed couple wants is for their dance floor to have tumbleweeds rolling across it. So, the logical thing to do is to invest in some stellar entertainment. Whether a wedding party has a DJ, a live band, a singer, or an orchestra makes little difference as long as it gets everyone up and dancing. Seeing friends and family get together on the dance floor is what creates an album of unforgettable memories. So, what type of entertainment would you select?

Question 21

Rate this wedding cake:

Wedding cakes should be more beautiful than they are delicious, which is why it's okay to compromise taste for beauty when selecting a masterpiece like the one in this picture. However, you don't want the cake to be inedible. So, choosing an experienced cake artist is always a good way to go. Having extra cake to take home isn't a bad thing either, so might as well opt for a bigger size to ensure that everyone - including yourself- will have all the cake they want.

Question 22

Pick a wedding dress color:

Who says that your wedding dress has to be as white as a sheet of paper? No one, that's who! So, don't hesitate to get creative when shopping around for a wedding dress. In the end, you want to walk down the aisle feeling incredible. So, follow your instincts and get the dress that catches your eye. There are many colors to choose from. However, most brides enjoy wearing pale-colored gowns on their special day. Which one of these colors steals the show?

Question 23

Describe the food situation:

There are many ways to ensure that your guests are fed with delicious food on your special day. But, this doesn't make locking down the food situation any easier. Every wedding is different, but a successful wedding has three important factors; good food, good music, and plenty of refreshments. So, as long as your wedding has these three things, it's bound to be a great success. So, would you opt for a buffet to make things easier on everyone? Or should your guests be catered to?

Question 24

Pick a honeymoon destination:

Planning an entire wedding can be super tiring, which is why newlywed couples deserve a nice vacation after sealing the deal. Whereas some couples dream about flying South and taking a dip in the ocean, others dream about backpacking through Europe. A popular honeymoon destination is Hawaii, which is its beaches are often loaded with newlywed couples. While planning the wedding, it's nice to have a vacation to look forward to, which is why planning in advance is always a fun thing to do.

Question 25

Pick a shoe:

Depending on the length of your gown, your shoes may hardly make an appearance. But, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't wear the nicest shoes you've ever worn in your life. You never know! You might end up popping them out of your dress when the camera man comes looking for a candid shot or two. Wearing high heels may seem like a good choice in the moment. However, it's important to bring a back-up pair in case your feet start throbbing midway throughout the ceremony.

Question 26

Pick a transportation method:

Is there anything better than marrying the one you love? Probably not. But, riding in a horse-drawn carriage doesn't seem too bad either. Some brides want to feel like a princess on their big day, which is why they choose to opt for a more daring means of transportation. A good thing to keep in mind is that renting a limousine for the wedding party can help everyone get to the reception and back home without much trouble. So, which one will it be?

Question 27

Pick a hairstyle for the groom:

Although it's important to be attracted to your future husband, looks aren't the most important thing in life. Nevertheless, everyone wants to look good on their wedding day. So, it's usually a good idea to get your hair cut a few days before the reception occurs. While some messy hairstyles might look good for day to day activities, brides want their grooms to look as sharp as a tack on their wedding day. So, which one of these hairstyles would you prefer?

Question 28

Pick a necklace:

There are so many factors that go into choosing your wedding day jewelry, which is why getting a good friend's advice won't hurt you. But, a good thing to keep in mind is that the bride can benefit from buying her dress before anything else. This way, she can make sure that her wedding day jewelry matches her gown and hairstyle. Wedding dresses that have an open-back concept look amazing with a pendant necklace, don't you agree? So, which one of these styles tickles your fancy?

Question 29

Pick a maid of honor:

We all have that one person that our mind jumps to whenever the words 'maid of honor' are spoken. But, if you don't happen to make this liaison, having a close sibling or cousin can make your choice an easy one. Best friends don't come around often. So, it's important to cherish our friendships every single day. Your maid of honor will be your partner in crime throughout the entire ordeal. So, choose someone who has the time to help a sister out.

Question 30

Rate this centerpiece:

Just when you thought that you were almost done planning your wedding, you realize that your tables are empty. Sure, you might have chosen the plates, the cups, and the cutlery, but what about the centerpieces? Choosing the perfect centerpiece doesn't happen overnight. But, with the help of some do-it-yourself blogs, you might stumble across a beautiful and inexpensive centerpiece that everyone can enjoy. When selecting this item, make sure to take size into account. After all, you want your guests to be able to socialize, right?

Question 31

Rate this decor:

Are we the only ones who love an outdoor wedding? Well, we hardly think so. After all, nearly every single wedding that's showcased in movies and TV show happens outside. But, choosing to go this route is a gamble due to the weather, which can obviously put a damper on the festivities. The wedding decor that we see in this image is beyond beautiful. In fact, some might say that it's breathtaking. Would you want something similar on your big day?

Question 32

How did the bride and groom meet?

Every couple has their classic love story, which is what makes them all so special. We have the chance to meet our soulmate during many different events. But, sometimes we meet them in the most unlikely of places. Many millennial relationships come from online dating, which is the new-age way of doing things. But, that doesn't mean that couples can't meet the old fashioned way. So, before you go and marry your celebrity look-alike, why don't you tell us how you guys met?

Question 33

Describe the groom’s facial hair situation:

It's a well known fact that women like beards. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that they want their groom's facial hair to walk them up the aisle. Whereas some women prefer a freshly-shaved face, others can't help but get excited at the sight of scruff. Women have a lot to think about when getting ready for their wedding, but so do men, which is why they often get their beards done professionally. So, what kind of facial hair would he be rocking?

Question 34

Pick a theme:

Choosing to have a themed wedding can make putting the puzzle together a little easier. This is because some themes have specific rules to follow, which can cut down a couples' choices by more than half. However, themed wedding aren't for everyone. So, finding common ground with your future husband is always a good idea. Harry Potter enthusiast often try to mimic the series' classic look, which can make the reception a whole lot of fun. So, which theme stands out to you?

Question 35

Pick a wedding cake flavor:

There are some things that married couples will never forget, and their wedding day is one of them. So, it's only normal for them to want every little detail to be more than perfect. One of the most important things to select is a wedding cake, which is why going to tastings is a must. This way, couples can choose a wedding cake flavor that appeals to everyone. Knowing this, few brides choose to side with acquired tastes like key-lime.

Question 36

Rate this wedding dress:

Few occasions in life will be all about you, which is why seizing the moment is a must. Knowing this, brides tend to go over the top when selecting their wedding gowns. Finding the perfect dress is something of great importance. So, it's never really too early to start shopping around. The wedding dress in this picture is downright beautiful, which is why the average groom will seize up when they see their bride walking down the aisle in it.

Question 37

Describe the welcome bag:

Right now, you might be asking yourself, "What is a welcome bag?" And, if this is the case, allow us to explain. The welcome bag doesn't negate the need for a party favor. But, it's a nice and friendly way for couples to tend to their guests' needs right off the bat. Most welcome bags have a few fun items in them. However, these aren't always extravagant. Most of the time, welcome bags come with nice pens, Advil, sweets, and cute and personalized trinkets.

Question 38

Describe the lighting:

Every little detail has to be considered when planning a wedding, which is why a lot of people choose to hire a wedding planner to hash out the details. Lighting might not seem like the most important thing at first, but it tends to be necessary when setting a mood. Having too much lighting can make a wedding up close and personal. Whereas having too little light can send your guests to bed early. So, finding middle ground might prove to be useful.

Question 39

Rate this wedding dress:

It's not uncommon for brides to want to look like a princess on their big day, which is why big and puffy dresses are commonly sold. But, don't get us wrong, a big and puffy dress isn't necessarily a bad thing. When done right, a princess-styled gown can steal the show, making everyone's jaw hit the floor as soon as the bride steps out. This lovely dress is a sight for sore eyes, and many of us would be happy to get married in it, right?

Question 40

Choose some cake toppers:

There's nothing more adorable than cake toppers, which is why couples who are about to tie the knot tend to shop around for the perfect one. In this picture, we see a hilarious cake topper that showcases the bride's willingness to get married and her groom's reluctance to commit. This funny cake topper is sure to get a laugh out of everyone. But, that doesn't mean that every couple will choose it. So, what type of cake topper calls your name?

Question 41

Rate this wedding china:

Depending on the venue you choose to book for your wedding day, you might be asked to bring some of your own stuff to the reception. In fact, it's very common for couples to have to rent their own tables, chairs, cutlery, glasses, and plate sets. However, if this seems like way too much work. You can always choose a venue that offers these services included in their booking fee. So, how do you feel about this gorgeous set of wedding china?

Question 42

Pick a fun activity:

You want your guests to have the freedom to do whatever they wish during your wedding party. However, you don't want them to look bored. So, with this in mind, many couples pick out some fun activities that their guests can entertain themselves with. It's not uncommon for weddings to have photo booths, giant-sized games, contests, or talk-show games that come with prizes. So, what kind of activities would you organize to ensure that your guests are stimulated and happy?

Question 43

Describe the ideal photo booth:

Back in the day, weddings didn't always have photo booths. In fact, most of them had Polaroid cameras or a hired photographer. Today, however, people enjoy taking funny pictures and posting them on social media platforms. So, it's not a bad idea to organize a photo booth and load it up with hilarious props that everyone can enjoy. Whether it's a feathered scarf, an over-sized pair of glasses, or a fake mustache, your guests will love the concept of a photo booth.

Question 44

Pick an engagement ring:

Most women know exactly what they want out of an engagement ring. But, telling their partners what they want sort of takes away from the surprise. Sure, you can drop a hint or two along the way. But, your future fiancé won't get the tip unless he's thinking about popping the big question. Jewelry is a very personal thing, which is why shopping for someone else is never easy. So, if you could choose your own ring, which style would it be?

Question 45

Pick a wedding hashtag:

Some people know nothing about hashtags, and some know a little too much. Either way, it's always a good move to choose a wedding day hashtag that your friends can post about. This way, all of your guests will have a platform where they can post pictures of your wedding for all to see. There are many hashtags to choose from. But, it's a good idea to select a unique one that won't be recycled over and over again. So, take your pick.

Question 46

Pick a home-base to get ready at:

It's bad luck to see your groom before the wedding ceremony, which is why most couples split up at the begging of the day. And, in order to prevent themselves from crossing paths, they choose a separate home-base to get ready in. It's common for grooms and brides to get ready at their parents' house. However, some people choose to go to a salon or invite people to their own house. So, where would you beautify yourself on your wedding day?

Question 47

Rate this wedding dress:

There's nothing like putting on your wedding dress and seeing yourself come to life in the mirror. Many of us have dreamt about the dress we will one day wear. So, when you finally find it, there's going to be fireworks. This stunning dress has an open-back concept that is hard to ignore and easy to accessorize. On top of that, its skirt is long and graceful, making the bride inside it glow with beauty and sophistication. So, what do you think?

Question 48

Pick a way to thank the guests:

Believe it or not, but you might get emotional the day after your wedding - especially if everything went exactly as planned. Despite taking months or years to plan, a wedding goes by in the blink of an eye causing many newlywed couples to feel giddy with happiness. Thanking your guests is something you'll want to do sooner than later, which is why sending out thank-you notes is sort of a pressing matter. So, how would you give thanks to your guests?

Question 49

Describe the vows:

Being the center of attention might be something you're good at, but not everyone is comfortable having all eyes on them. This can make saying your vows in front of a jam-packed room more than a little intimidating. Saying your vows out loud can be super emotional as well. So, be prepared to cry a little or a lot. Although most of us don't think that we're going to choke up, anything can happen. But hey, you probably won't be the only crying so don't worry about it!

Question 50

Pick something special to offer the guests:

There are so many ways to show your guests that you're happy to receive them. But, many couples have trouble finding something special to offer them. Whereas some will opt for a popcorn counter, a cotton candy stand, or a photo booth, others will pay for a midnight buffet table. A good service to offer your guests is a daycare center where their children can be looked after throughout the reception. This way, parents can sit back and enjoy their night.

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