Plan A Wedding To Find Out If You're Tacky Or Tasteful

First comes love, then comes marriage! Well, usually. At least the marriage part. If there's anything people love today it's a good wedding. Don't believe us? We have yet to hear two more romantic words than "open bar." Just kidding! We mean "I do" (we'll take either option, though). We can only imagine that your wedding is going to be perfect, right? Right!

You've got the perfect partner, your family loves them, you're happily in love - and now it's time to make it official! Nothing says official quite like a wedding cake. Nothing. And the rings! The dress? The tux? Music? Where will it take place? How many cake tiers do you need? How much are you spending on your special day? There are so many decision to consider when planning your big day. Why else would there be so many bridal magazines and wedding reality television shows? Planning matters! Whether you're a low key couple or totally over the top - we want to know about it!

But what kind of wedding will it be? Timeless and tasteful? Super tacky? Classy and on trend? Tell us about your dream wedding below and we will tell you what people will really think about it.

Question 1

What wedding colour scheme would you choose?

Let's start with something easy - the colours. Everyone and their grandma has a favourite colour, but this decision making can help set the entire tone for the wedding or act as just an minor accent. Wedding colours also make an excellent topic for small talk for your guests - especially for your third cousins, your sister's boyfriend's mom, and that weird uncle you never really talk to anymore.

Question 2

Who will be your ring bearer?

A ring bearer is a great way to include more family in the wedding party, get the job done, and make a sentimental statement. Keep in mind that the ringer bearer has a very important responsibility: getting the ring down the aisle! Is your ring bearer going to handle the pressure?

Question 3

What wedding dress will you wear?

It's probably the most iconic symbol to represent any wedding ever: the dress. There are countless magazines, television shows, and Instagram accounts dedicated to, and only to, the wedding dress. What you choose to wear on your day obviously has a lot to say about you.

Question 4

How many guests are you inviting?

This can be the deal breaker to a fantastic wedding reception. Too many guests and you don't get to celebrate with half of them, not enough and you could all end up going back to your hotel early. Of course, these might be scenarios you actually prefer... especially if you're trying to avoid your over dramatic mother-in-law. You also have to consider things like budget and dinner menus. What if all of your single friends from college bring their Tinder matches? Endless possibilities!

Question 5

Who do you pick to be your maid of honour?

There is no greater honour than being asked to be someone's maid of honour. There is also nothing more stressful, expensive, and overwhelming, but that's really anything to due with weddings. Your maid of honour plans your bachelorette party, weighs in on dress decisions, and will most importantly be there and by your side on one of the most important days of your life.

Question 6

What kind of food are you serving?

Maybe you're into something cheep and cheerful, like a DIY Pizza Bar, or perhaps you're interested in something more formal, like a fancy five-course feast. Whatever you choose, you have to please everyone. But then again... it's your day! Do what makes you (and your taste buds) happy.

Question 7

How much are you spending on your wedding ring?

Is your partner going to surprise you with a one of a kind creation? Or maybe you would prefer something a bit more classic from a high end jewelry store. The wedding ring usually takes up quite a bit of the wedding budget. For something so small it can be quite an extravagant purchase. How much are you spending?

Question 8

Which season is the best wedding season?

Love is usually in the air all year long, but maybe you have a preference as to when you’re going to have your special day. It can determine a lot of factors such as your dress, your food, or even the venue. Of course this all depends on your wedding location, but it can be a huge deal breaker for some. Outdoor wedding in the winter in San Francisco? Hard pass. But maybe for the right couple…

Question 9

Pick some entertainment for your wedding.

The guests are over the small talk. They’ve finished their meals. Now what are they going to do? Befriend your psycho mother in law? No one wants to do that! Guests need to be entertained. Whether it’s short and sweet to break up the events, or some groovy tunes all night long, the entertainment is something all wedding guests look forward to (and greatly appreciate).

Question 10

Where will you have your gift registry set up?

If people get married because they’re in love, we can bet you they’re planning the wedding for the gift registry. Who doesn’t love gifts? The couple who just dropped $35k on a ceremony with a salmon dinner loves gifts! Appliances for the new love nest… designer dishware… the list goes on. The key is the pick the gift registry locations wisely (typically to avoid ending up with seven of the same casserole dish).

Question 11

What kind of invitations will you use?

What’s the point of planning an extravagant wedding if you forget to invite people? Talk about drama! It’s always important to give your guests plenty of notice so they don’t double book your big day (especially if there’s an open bar). The invitations are key – you can include the important information (and drop some major hints on your favourite stores with gift registry). Spread the word!

Question 12

Where are you going for your honeymoon?

You planned the wedding. You had the wedding. You survived one too many macarena dances with your psycho mother in law. Now it’s time the relax and enjoy your elevated level of love with your partner! But where? You already dropped an easy $20k on your big day, what’s another few thousand dollars on a deluxe honeymoon? Yes? No? You be the judge and let us know what your big plans are!

Question 13

How are you getting to your wedding?

If Cinderella didn’t have a pumpkin, how on earth do you think she would have gotten to the ball and met Prince Charming? Some people might find this detail a little unimportant in their wedding planning, but some couples are all about the grand entrance (talk about first impressions)! What about you? Are you fussy about your wedding transportation? Have you even thought about it? What will you choose?

Question 14

What kind of cake will you have?

Let them eat cake! Said Marie Antoinette… and every normal wedding couple ever. The flavor can say a lot about you and there’s no doubt it’s a big decision to make. People have cake tasting events completely devoted to the whole decision. Layers? Fondant? Décor? The list goes on when picking out the perfect wedding cake.

Question 15

What kind of wedding favours will you have?

Nothing says “thank you for coming to my wedding” like a little personal something from the wedding couple. Whether it's a small decorative token to remind your guests of your special day, or a tasty little sweet treat that perfectly matches your theme, wedding favours are always a topic of conversation. The cost of these trinkets can run high (especially if you're having a larger wedding) so that might be something to keep in mind.

Question 16

What song do you choose for your first dance?

You're guaranteed to find at least a dozen people crying during the first dance. Was it because the wedding was so expensive and over budget it hurts? Probably! But it's also probably because the couple look just so absolutely beautiful dancing to the first song of the night. It's romantic and it gives the rest of the wedding guests a chance to sit down and check their phones (we mean... take photos of the lovely couple...).

Question 17

Will there be drinks at your wedding?

Listen, if there's any sweeter words after a long day of wedding shenanigans than "open bar" we would like to hear them. Some people do have strong opinions on alcohol though and we totally respect that! There's a lot to consider when planning alcoholic beverages such as the guests, the bride and groom, the budget, family traditions... the list goes on! And so does the line to the cash bar.

Question 18

What kind of bachelorette party will you have?

Or bachelor party! We don't judge. Just think of the shenanigans that can ensure before the happy couple ties themselves down forever. Did your wedding party do their job and make sure you had the best night ever? Are there embarrassing photos on social media?

Question 19

Pick one of the following wedding accessory traditions:

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Some people probably find this tradition archaic and want nothing to do with it, but if you're having a super modern wedding this might be a nice way to keep some sort of "classic" tradition in your big day. There are so many different ways to get creative with it and sometimes even the smallest personal touches leave the most impact on wedding guests.

Question 20

What kind of flowers will you have at your wedding?

Floral arrangements can be one of the more costly expenses when planning a wedding. Considering fresh flowers don't last forever it can be a bit of a financial deal breaker when it comes to the budget. But do they make a mouth dropping statement? Yes. And not to mention the natural fragrance that can totally set the tone of your special day. And what about the bridesmaids (if you have any)? Will they be carrying bouquets down the isle or something completely different?

Question 21

Who will officiate your wedding?

Couples in the past may have traditionally used a church minister or something like that when officiating their big day, but these days almost everyone can pronounce the lovely couple married! Most people can become ordained online in about ten minutes if you want to do it officially which means the options are endless when you do have to make a decision.

Question 22

Who is planning your wedding?

If wedding planning isn't your natural talent (even though you may love the idea of it), hiring a wedding planner is always a smart decision. Considering it's their entire career you know they're going to make some of the best decisions for your best day (with your guidance of course). Or maybe you will rely on the help from some friends and family to help you create the wedding of your dreams. Either way, teamwork makes the dream work - so start planning!

Question 23

How much are you spending on your wedding?

We've probably talked a lot about budgets (and how they play a big part in the wedding planning process), but what is your budget anyway? There are so many television shows and magazines based on this very idea, so what will it be? Quaint and simple? Over the top and glittery? It really is the deal breaker for a lot of items you may have dreamed about having in your wedding (by that we mean if you can afford them or not), but we're sure you can get creative with it, too!

Question 24

Who is paying for your wedding?

Okay, so we've figured out the budget - better late than never right? But maybe your budget is what it is because you're not the one paying for it. Sure, some people might even use their entire life savings for their special day, but some people might use their parents' life savings... or maybe even ask for help from family and friends. Regardless, a budget only exists when someone has the money to show for it. Cash or cheque?

Question 25

Pick a fun accessory for the wedding party:

Who says the couple have to have all the fun? We know the wedding party must have already forked over a lot of money just to participate in your special day (dresses? bachelor parties?) so they should be allowed to have a little fun and excitement of their own. Whether it's in a small, inside joke sort of way, or a huge display of personality at the reception, we know wedding guests love a good surprise (and we're sure you do, too)!

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