Plan The Perfect Wedding And We'll Match You To A Movie Hunk

Alright ladies, the time has finally come! Most of us have been dreaming about our wedding days since before we actually knew what a marriage was, and now we finally get to put some of our ideas into action! Don't have a groom yet? Not a problem, by the end of this quiz, everybody is going to get matched to the movie hunk of their dreams!

In this quiz, we will be asking all kinds of questions revolving around wedding details. We will discuss the cake, the music, the guests, and of course, the dress. Once everyone has put together a beautiful event, we will then be able to pair everybody up to their perfect movie man! Who's ready to start living their very own fairytale?

Question 1

A chocolate fountain at the reception?

Question 2

How big will the wedding parties be?

Question 3

Your Maid of Honor looks better than you, what to do?

Question 4

Will kids be invited?

Question 5

Pick some bridal shoes

Question 6

What kind of cocktails will be served?

Question 7

Pick a song for the first dance

Question 8

A photobooth at the reception?

Question 9

Pick a bridal hairstyle

Question 10

Do your own makeup or hire a professional?

Question 11

Pick a wedding dress style

Question 12

Tuxedo or suit for the groom?

Question 13

Will the bridesmaids be matching?

Question 14

Hiring a wedding planner?

Question 15

Pick a decorative accent

Question 16

The best man just made an embarrassing speech, what to do?

Question 17

Pick a color scheme

Question 18

Pick a main meal

Question 19

Pick a midnight snack

Question 20

Seeing the groom before the ceremony?

Question 21

Will the groom be allowed to have a bachelor party?

Question 22

Pick a flavor for the wedding cake

Question 23

Pick a theme for the wedding

Question 24

Pick a wedding season

Question 25

Wearing a garter?

Question 26

Pick a song to walk down the aisle to

Question 27

Pick a bachelorette party

Question 28

Will there be a bridal shower?

Question 29

What kind of gifts would be best?

Question 30

Having a friend officiate the wedding?

Question 31

Indoor or outdoor ceremony?

Question 32

A destination wedding?

Question 33

Pick a honeymoon

Question 34

Will pets be invited?

Question 35

Pick an engagement ring style

Question 36

What kind of proposal would be best?

Question 37

Pick a wedding band style

Question 38

The flowers didn't show up on time, what to do?

Question 39

Pick some music for the reception

Question 40

Hiring an MC for the evening?

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