Plan A Wedding And We'll Reveal What Your Groom Will Look Like

Whether you’re happily single, dropping hints at every possible moment or already sporting some dazzling bling on your ring finger, you’re definitely going to have tons of fun planning your ideal wedding. We’ve got you covered with everything from the flowers and theme to the food and drinks, all you need to do is sit back, relax and select your favorite options.

Once you’ve selected those details it’s time to get down to business and reveal what your handsome future hubby will look like. Will he be a sophisticated gentleman or a strong, rugged adventurer? Is he adorably huggable or a passionate bad boy? With so many irresistible options, it’s going to be a win-win all around so why not get planning to reveal your enchanting groom? Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Question 1

Is there a Pinterest wedding board?

Whether you’ve dreamed of your wedding day since you were riding with training wheels or haven’t really given it much thought, you probably have some idea of what you’d like at your celebration. And, if you’re like most of the rest of the world, we’re guessing you have a special Pinterest board to match.

Question 2

Who's paying for the wedding?

Try as you might there’s no way to avoid the big shiny piggy bank in the room. Unfortunately, budgeting for your big day is something you have to think about very early in the wedding planning process. So what will it be? Are we breaking the bank or saving for a rainy day?

Question 3

Pick a dream wedding theme

What better way to share your personality with your wedding guests than via a unique wedding theme? You get to choose your favorite things to help create your perfect day while your guests get to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this is one of those themes they don’t have to find a matching outfit for.

Question 4

What's the color scheme?

Your wedding color scheme goes a long way in setting the mood for your big day. Do you prefer cool earthy tones that remind you of peaceful days in your back garden? Perhaps you’re more of a romantic and gravitate towards traditional shades of red and white. Whatever your preferences, there’s a perfect color scheme for you.

Question 5

When's the big day?

When it comes to the weather, there’s a season for everyone. Some prefer the colorful freshness of Spring while others love the changing leaves of Autumn. Winter is often a favorite with its warm indoors and breezy outdoors while many love the never-ending sunshine of Summer. When will your wedding take place?

Question 6

Indoors or outdoors?

Before you get into the finer details of planning your wedding (cake tasting, wedding dress shopping and well, cake tasting), you have to choose either an indoor or outdoor venue. Indoor venues can be more romantic and you won’t have to worry about anything raining on your parade, literally. Outdoors, on the other hand, will almost always guarantee the best scenery and photos.

Question 7

Pick a dream venue

Close your eyes and imagine the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Where is it happening? These days, the possibilities for wedding venues are endless. To help you decide, we’ve chosen our four favorites guaranteed to make your big day unforgettable. So tell us, where do you see yourself tying the knot?

Question 8

Who will help plan the wedding?

Planning a wedding is hard work and the list of things to get done often seems endless. It's likely that even though you want to be involved every step of the way, at some point you’re just going to need a little help. When that time comes, who will be helping you plan one of the biggest days of your life?

Question 9

Who's invited?

Is your family super tight-knit or do you see them once or twice a year? Do you keep your work relationships separate from your personal ones and are your friends your closest allies? While your big day is truly about you and your groom, it’s also a day when you share your love story with the people who are most important to you. Who will you be sharing your day with?

Question 10

What's the dress code?

We’ve all been there before. Frantically searching our wardrobe for something that qualifies as black tie or googling just how casual ‘casual’ really is. The wedding dress code is not simply about the clothes we wear - it also filters down to the general ambience of the day and dictates the style of your wedding photos. What will your guests wear?

Question 11

How will meals be served?

The formalities are over and it's time to feast. Will you let guests serve themselves so that Uncle Phil can get his carb fix when his wife’s not looking or would you rather your guests have a traditional sit-down dinner? Do you want a trendy retro food truck to provide the meals or will it be appetizers only?

Question 12

What about wedding gifts?

The topic of gifts is often a sensitive one. To eliminate confusion, it’s always best to simply indicate what your gift preference is. If you want guests to donate to a charity or not get gifts at all, that’s amazing, but it’s also great if you’d like them to help you build your life by shopping via a registry or giving you cash.

Question 13


When you’re dancing the night away, will you be doing it accompanied by a live band or a DJ? The music selection can make or break your big day (think Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer) and goes a long way in setting the overall tone of your wedding. As with everything else on your list, it’s also dependent on what you can afford.

Question 14

Pick a wedding dress style

Despite the venue, guest list, music and food choices, every girl knows that it’s really the dress that tops the list. Whether you’re going for fantasy or comfort, ballgown or vintage, you know that you want to look and feel like a princess on your big day. What kind of wedding dress will you be wearing?

Question 15


Whether you prefer a gorgeous pair of heels or your tried and trusted sneakers, your choice of wedding footwear is one of the best ways for you to show off a bit of your personality on your special day. What type of shoe will you choose to complete your wedding look?

Question 16

Pick a wedding hairstyle

Your hair’s been through it all - from those questionable bangs in high school to that time your stylist overestimated your request for "just a little trim". Whatever your relationship with your hair, there’s no doubt that choosing your wedding hairstyle is a pretty big decision. So, what will it be?

Question 17

What's the groom's tuxedo style?

Is your future groom a self-proclaimed style aficionado or has been known to go three days wearing the same shirt? No matter his feelings about his style, what he wears on your wedding day is really important. If you could have the final say, what would you want your groom’s wedding style to be?

Question 18

Bridesmaid dresses?

Your bridesmaids are your confidants, your BFFs, your family. Now it’s time to make sure that they are gorgeous on your day - I mean, those wedding pics are going to live on forever. You could go with traditional matching bridesmaids dresses or ask them to choose their own - your options are endless.

Question 19

What about the wedding ring?

Whether you’re a lover of jewelry or not, chances are that you’ll glance at your ring finger at least 1000 times in that first week after your wedding. Before a style of ring is even chosen, it’s important to nail down what type of material you want your ring to be made of.

Question 20


You’ve seen it in the movies a hundred times - the bride rushing to her wedding in her dad’s trusted old family-mobile or gracefully rolling up to the venue in a sleek, stylish limousine. We’ve selected some options to get you to your wedding venue, you just have to choose your favorite.

Question 21


Whether it’s nail-biting Jenga tournaments, a crash course in Checkers or a friendly game of ring toss, wedding games can definitely add spice to any party. They’re a great way for guests to let loose and mingle. That being said, perhaps you’d prefer that your guests chat over a glass of champagne instead?

Question 22

What about communication?

Are you a lover of sleek, modern wedding websites and do you randomly follow wedding hashtags just to see what everyone’s doing on their big day? Do you love the feel of romantic old-timey newspaper announcements or do you simply trust your guests to share important details between themselves? How will you spread the word about your wedding?

Question 23

Invitation style?

We know you’re going to file away your wedding invitation so that you can show it to your kids one day and reminisce on one of the best days of your life. These days, there are countless options for wedding invitation designs - what type of design will make you smile every time you glance at it?

Question 24

Pick bridesmaid gifts

Bridesmaid gifts are the perfect way to celebrate the ladies in your life and thank them for always having your back. You know your bridesmaids better than we do so it’s definitely up to you to choose unique gifts that they will truly appreciate. We’ve rounded up four excellent ideas for possible gifts - which will you be getting?

Question 25

Pick a honeymoon destination

When the dust has settled on your epic wedding celebration, where will you and your love be setting off to? Will you be soaking up the romance in Paris or seeing the unforgettable sights in Cape Town? Are you more of a fan of sunbathing on the beaches of the Maldives or experiencing the life-changing beauty of Machu Picchu? Take your pick.

Question 26

What about the bouquet?

Did you know that carrying a wedding bouquet is an age-old tradition that spans hundreds of years? These days, your choice of a wedding bouquet is a reflection of your personality and is often tied into the overall wedding theme. Many brides choose their favorite flowers, while others opt for different flowers in their favorite colors.

Question 27

What kind of cake?

Let there be cake! Everyone’s got to have that one unforgettable photo of their wedding cake before it’s time to share it with the guests. Will you be thinking outside the box with funky cake pops or do you prefer the elegance of traditional wedding cakes? Are you keeping with the times with a simple modern cake or do you prefer the rustic unfrosted cakes that are all the rage right now?

Question 28

What about snacks?

When the wedding ceremony is winding down and the guests have started to get the nibbles, what snacks will be available to them? The practice of providing guests with unique snacks at weddings has become increasingly popular in recent years, both for the snack choices and the fun photo opportunities.

Question 29

Pick a bachelorette party

With the number of options available today it’s easy to get flustered when trying to decide on a fun bachelorette party. The responsibility of planning the party is often left to those closest to you but we think that it’s important to throw in a few hints of what you’d like. Both an elegant high tea at a fancy hotel and a crazy weekend away sound like a good time and it’s really dependent on what you’d like to do.

Question 30

Signature drink?

While signature wedding cocktails are popular right now, we think it's safer to stick to the basics. There’s nothing quite like one of these solid drinks to make a statement. You can allow guests to mix and match your selected drink with various mixers to ensure that you cater to as many tastes as possible.

Question 31

Pick a first dance song

Whether it’s at the movies or on your favorite TV show, we’ve all been witness to that magical moment during the chaos of a wedding when the lights are turned down low and it’s just the bride and groom gliding across the dancefloor while a beautiful love song plays. What will your song be?

Question 32

Watch a movie the night before

What better way to get into the spirit of things and unwind than by watching an epic wedding movie? While there are too many classics to name, we thought you’d need a little laugh to de-stress before your big day. We’ve chosen four of our favorite comedy movie choices for you to pick from.

Question 33

What about the day before?

It’s almost time for the moment your months of planning have been leading up to. Now that everything has been taken care of, all the checkboxes have been ticked and you can finally breathe a huge sigh of relief, how and with who will you choose to spend the day before your wedding?

Question 34

Who's giving the toast?

After the formalities are over and you finally get the chance to rest your feet, it’s time for the wedding toast, a tradition that most couples look forward to. Who you choose to give your wedding toast will determine whether yours is sentimental, hilarious or a little bit of both.

Question 35

Party favors for guests?

Party favors are an excellent way for you to thank your guests for sharing in your special day. These days, the more unique the gift the better and with our choices, no matter what you decide to gift your guests, there’s no doubt that it will be a one-of-a-kind gift that they are sure to love.

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