Plan A Wedding And We'll Reveal The Perfect Wedding Date

What does the perfect wedding date mean? Well, it's the day you'll get married, of course, so keep an eye out for the perfect groom. The perfect wedding date, as in a plus one, is a whole different ballgame.

If you're already engaged, this is the perfect time to practice some wedding planning. Sure, a wedding planner is helpful, but they're too busy to take fun quizzes online. Plus this can help narrow down the wedding date for those save the dates. You don't want anyone to miss out on the wedding because of indecisiveness. Can't pick between a spring or fall wedding? We're here to help.

Don't worry if there's no rock on the finger, or if there's no rock in sight. This quiz is for anyone who plans on getting married one day (or who just wants to play wedding planner). Some people have planned their wedding since learning what marriage is. Hopefully the groom hasn't saved clippings from wedding magazine from the age of ten too, or else there are going to be some problems.

Have a seat and think about the perfect wedding, then we can reveal the perfect wedding date!

Question 1

Pick an engagement ring

It is not uncommon for couples to discuss engagement before the big question. Your partner may be completely out of their element when picking jewelry, so give them a hint with this quiz. The engagement ring is the first ring you wear before the wedding day, and features at least one diamond.

Question 2

Pick a dream proposal

The perfect wedding date starts with the perfect proposal. Even if engagement isn't discussed prior to the question, your partner should have at least a vague idea of what not to do. Getting proposed to on the big screen at a major league baseball game would be a nightmare for an introvert.

Question 3

How long is the engagement?

Some people start planning their wedding right away while others may wait to set the big day. Either is fine, it's all about you, your partner, and what works best for the two of you. Can an engagement be too long though? Think about Pam and Roy from The Office, but maybe it's a good thing that wedding was a slow process.

Question 4

Pick an engagement announcement

Now that the love of your life has popped the question in the perfect scenario with the perfect ring, it's time to let everyone know you are engaged! What's the point of that beautiful ring if there is no showing it off. If the two of you have been together a while, people almost wait for that engagement announcement online.

Question 5

Hire a wedding planner

Wedding planners make a living off two people devoting to eternal love. How romantic! It's the job of a wedding planner to help the bride and groom plan their big day. This is the person making the calls to the florist or picking our venues, if you didn't have one in mind. This specialized event planner will get you to the alter and beyond.

Question 6

Pick a season to get married

We're here choosing the perfect date, so pick the perfect season to be married in. Most weddings fall during the spring and summer months, but there's no reason you can't go against the grain. Winter weddings are super romantic (mostly because of keeping each other warm) and fall is such a beautiful time of year.

Question 7

Pick a venue

Choose a location to say to your partner how much you love them. The venue will be where everyone gathers for your wedding. Wedding guests have opinions about everything, and they will definitely be talking about the venue. Is this a backyard wedding or are we splurging on a coveted and expensive hall or hotel?

Question 8

Choose a theme

At the end of the day, a wedding is a celebration, and most celebrations or parties, have some kind of theme that brings it all together. We're not talking about a kid's birthday party kind of a theme, but there's definitely something for everyone. Themes make it easier to pick decorations or create a personal style.

Question 9

Who's invited?

Invite all of your friends and family to celebrate tying the knot...or don't. Some people choose to have a small, intimate wedding but with some families, there's no choice but to have a large wedding. Even so, it's your special day so do what will make you and your partner happy. Even if that means not inviting distant relatives.

Question 10

Pick some invitations

After the save the dates get sent, the next step is to send invitations to formally invite people to your wedding. They’re usually simple folded cards or post cards with the basic details of the wedding, ie: who, what, when, where. It’s popular now to have a wedding website with further details, and the invitation will have the instructions to find the website.

Question 11

Who is the maid of honor?

In the 2008 romantic comedy, Made of Honor, Patrick Dempsey (you know McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy) is chosen to be the maid (man) of honor at his female best friend’s wedding. He’s actually in love with her, and she almost marries the wrong guy. A maid of honor is someone close to the bride that helps with the planning of the wedding.

Question 12

Is there a wedding website?

It’s a popular trend now with weddings to provide guests with a wedding website. This site provides all of the information that can’t be fitted on an invitation. This easy access to information also eliminates the number of questions people have for you like, where are you registered, or is there parking at the venue?

Question 13

Pick a wedding trend

Trends are everything nowadays. Show everyone how up to date you are, and your Pinterest skills, by adding a trendy touch to your wedding. Of course, trends do come and go, so maybe make sure the trend you choose will not look too silly for years to come.

Question 14

Chose a cake flavor

It’s not unpopular for couples to have a cake tasting with a perspective baker. This way, an expensive cake for fifty guests is a crowd pleaser, and most importantly, you like it. There will probably be leftovers to freeze for later as well so make sure it’s something you will enjoy for years to come.

Question 15

Pick a cake design

Now that we have chosen a flavor of cake, it’s time to think about the execution. Wedding cakes are usually multi tiered cakes with white icing. However, everyone has different tastes with it comes to wedding cake. Some may think a cake that large is wasteful for a smaller wedding.

Question 16

Choose some flowers

These are the flowers that will be at the wedding venue and reception space. We’ll be picking bouquet flowers later. Flowers are a beautiful part of wedding décor, but they’re also one of the most pricy things for just being pretty for a couple days. Some couples will choose to donate wedding flowers to people who could use some cheer.

Question 17

Pick a color scheme

We’ve talked about theme, now what about scheme? Colors are an important part of the theme, but don’t necessarily come with pre package colors. Of course earthy colors make more sense with a rustic wedding than a vintage wedding, but hey - it’s your wedding, have whatever darn colors you wish.

Question 18

How many bridesmaids?

At a wedding, you don’t want your bridesmaids to outnumber the guests, so choose wisely if you’re interested in a smaller wedding. It can be tough to choose a handful of people to walk beside you during your wedding, especially when feelings are involved. However, it’s your wedding, so whatever makes you happy should be okay with everyone.

Question 19

Pick bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid dresses are worn by the brides appointed crew for her wedding day. They are traditionally uniform in color and style, but some modern brides choose the wishes over their friends over their wedding day, and allow variation. We get it, not everyone looks great in the same dress, and who wants to buy a dress they don't look good in?

Question 20

What's the budget for the wedding dress?

Some say it's silly to spend big money on a dress you will wear once, but on the other hand, you'll only be wearing it once - so better make it count. No matter what your opinion of how much to spend on a wedding dress is, there are options for everyone from renting a dress to Vera Wang.

Question 21

Pick a wedding dress style

Now that we've set a budget, it's time to say yes to a dress. Wedding dress styles vary, but they are traditionally white. Historically, this is a symbol of purity for first time brides, but that is a lot less important today. You can remarry as much as you want and still wear a white dress.

Question 22

Choose a makeup look

Grooms pick out a tux, or have a tux chosen for them, while women go though all of the stops for their wedding. We recommend doing makeup for your wedding day, even if it is not your everyday look. This will make the photographs extra special with the extra glam.

Question 23

Who is doing hair/makeup?

If there's ever a day to splurge in hiring professional hair and makeup stylists - it's your wedding. Professionals know what will look good on camera and make sure that your glam doesn't come undone with all of the emotions a wedding brings. Your DIY bun falling mid vows doesn't leave a good impression.

Question 24

Will there be a wedding hashtag?

With the age of social media, some couples will come up with a hashtag for their guests to post on social media with. Usually it's a combination of the married name and a phrase like #Jones4Life or #EatDrinkAndBeJackson. Maybe this pulls away from the wedding and has guests spending too much time on their phones.

Question 25

Pick a bouquet

Okay brides, now it's time to pick your bouquet. It isn't super clear why it's common for brides to carry flowers down the aisle, but there are a couple of historic guesses like to make her smell nice. The bouquet is all your own and can be anything you want, but romantic flowers are the most common.

Question 26

Pick a song to walk down the aisle to

This is the moment women dream about since they know what marriage is - walking down the aisle to join her future husband at the alter. There are plenty of classic songs to choose from, but this is your wedding so why not shake things up. What song do you imagine walking down the aisle to?

Question 27

Talk about the vows

Vows are a change for husband and wife to proclaim promises to uphold during their marriage. The act of doing vows during a ceremony comes from Western Christianity, but is practiced during non Catholic weddings. They can be the traditional vows that are repeated after the officiant, or can be written individually.

Question 28

Hire a photographer

Hire a wedding photographer to remember all of the parts of your wedding that you were busy being married during. An important part of the wedding for the photographer, besides the ceremony, is after for formal pictures. This is when the wedding party steps away for about an hour to take posed pictures while guests snack on appetizers.

Question 29

Pick some appetizers

While you, your new husband, and wedding party take beautiful pictures with your choice photographer, the rest of the guests will be at a cocktail hour. Couples will provide drinks and snacks for their attendees at this time. Pick something you would want to snack on yourself while waiting for dinner.

Question 30

What kind of music is playing at the reception?

As the photography comes to an end, guests are invited into the reception space. There are usually large tables with assigned seats, a dance floor, and band or DJ. Not to mention it's beautifully decorated by your wedding planner. When guests enter the reception space, what kind of music will be playing?

Question 31

Where is the registry?

A wedding registry is a list of gifts that the bride and groom would prefer you purchase instead of whatever comes to mind. Many retailers have programs that makes it easy for couples to make an account for guests to find their lists. Common things to ask for as wedding gifts are housewares so the couple can start their home new.

Question 32

Pick a first dance song

After dinner, it's time for dancing. The bride and groom will be invited to the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife. Sometimes they're choreographed or a certain style, but a sweet slow dance is the most common. After the first dance, parents will dance with their children before everyone else is invited to boogie.

Question 33

Pick a wedding reception tradition

There will be events during the reception after dinner to keep the party going. Most of them are silly and have nothing to do with the wedding itself. A lot of the time, it's about teasing the bride and groom and making them do things like kiss, throw a bouquet or fetch a garter.

Question 34

How long does the reception last?

It's no secret that wedding receptions can get a little crazy. If the wedding was in the evening, expect the party to last until the wee hours of the night. Does the party end when the bride and groom leave? Because they will be awfully tired or even have a plane to catch for their honeymoon.

Question 35

Where is the honeymoon?

After their wedding, newlyweds will often take a vacation together to celebrate. Sometimes the travel plans are right after the wedding, but after planning a wedding, it might be nice to take a couple days off before traveling. Some even wait a couple years after due to life plans. Pick a honeymoon to find the perfect date!

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