Plan A Wedding And We'll Match You With The Perfect Husband

They say that one's wedding day is the most important day of one's life. So it makes sense that most of us start thinking of our special day when we are mere kids. We plan everything. The dress that we'll wear, the venue that we'll hire, and the wedding favors that we'll give our guests after the wedding reception is over. We even plan the way that our future partner is going to propose to us.

Of course, the realities of planning a wedding are far less joyous. Finding that perfect dress more often than not is harder than we thought and choosing the venue of our dreams is usually way more stressful than we though it possible. Choosing a theme, affordable entertainment, and weather-appropriate transport is also a struggle. And our partner is, unfortunately, almost always of little help (mostly because he thinks that no matter the choices we make, it will all turn out fine).

That being said, the struggles that we are forced to overcome are almost always worth it in the end. After all, at the end of the day it's not the wedding that matters most but the person whom we're committing to. If we're lucky, that person will turn out to be the perfect husband.

Question 1

Where will the proposal take place?

Most girls can't help but dream of the day when their partner is going to bend the knee and propose to them. Of course, sometimes the girl will propose to the guy instead or a couple might decide to get married after a long discussion about their future. But that's slightly less romantic. In reality, we all want our partner to kneel on one knee, with a gorgeous ring in his hands. But where would the ideal proposal take place?

Question 2

What's the engagement ring like?

Alright, so now that you've chosen the ideal location for a proposal, let's talk about the ring. Guys tend to pick out the ring themselves which means that the girl has no say in it (unless of course she starts dropping subtle hints as soon as she thinks that it's likely that her partner will propose). Which of the above four options - a traditional ring, anything expensive, something unique, or an antique ring - would, in your opinion, make for an ideal engagement ring?

Question 3

When will the wedding take place?

When planning a wedding, one of the first few things that you have to decide is the date. In other words, will the wedding take place in a few months? Or will you wait a year or two before you walk down the aisle? A large number of factors might influence your decision. One such factor is the availability of your dream venue. Another is your preferred season of the year. If you've always wanted to get married during a snowstorm, for example, you'll doubtlessly want to hold your wedding in winter, even if it means waiting another year before you truly commit to your partner.

Question 4

Hire a wedding planner?

Planning a wedding sounds fun in theory. It is anything but in reality though. Unfortunately, most brides-to-be realize that too late, when they've already decided to prepare for their special day all by themselves. As such, it comes as no surprise that so many brides end up having a mental breakdown close to their big day. That being said, some brides thrive when it comes to organizing the event. They're in their element. Would you rather plan everything yourself or would you prefer to hire a professional?

Question 5

What's the budget?

When planning a wedding, it is necessary to take the budget into account. Indeed, your budget will determine how lavish or how simple your wedding will be. Some people spend thousands of dollars on their special day. In other words, they go all out. Their reasoning for spending so much money on one single day is pretty simple. If it's the most special day of your life, wouldn't you want it to be perfect? Even if it meant spending your savings? Others, on the other hand, prefer to spend as little as possible on their wedding and use the remaining money to go on an exciting honeymoon.

Question 6

Choose a theme.

Not all weddings have themes. However, choosing a theme can really help you (or a professional wedding planner) plan the wedding. For example, if you choose to make your wedding Disney themed, you'll be able to narrow down your options significantly when it'll come to choosing wedding invitations, table centerpieces, and wedding favors. Furthermore, themed weddings are usually way more fun than non-themed weddings. That being said, it is not always easy to find a theme that appeals both to you and your partner.

Question 7

Choose a color scheme.

When it comes to planning a wedding, you want to make the whole process as simple as possible, not more complicated than it should be. That's why so many people choose a color scheme. Having a color scheme makes the planning process simpler. For example, if your chosen color scheme is purple and white and you're trying to decide between different flowers for a table centerpiece, you only need to look at white flowers and purple flowers. However, some people don't like to be constricted by a color scheme.

Question 8

How many guests?

The number of guests that you choose to invite to your wedding depends solely on your personal preference (although your partner should have a say in it too). Some people want their wedding to be as private as possible, hence why they don't invite anyone bar the witnesses (they probably wouldn't even invite them if they could, but you can't really get married without witnesses) whereas others invite only their parents or those closest to them. Then there are those who choose to invite everyone that they know (even those they don't know all that well).

Question 9

Yes or no to furry guests?

If you are a pet owner you might want your pet to participate in the wedding ceremony too. After all, pets are part of the family, right? You might even take this a step further and encourage your guests to bring along their pets too. On the other hand, if you are not a pet owner yourself you probably will not want furry guests attending your wedding. That makes sense. Pets can be messy and annoying. The last thing you want is to step in dog poop on your big day.

Question 10

Choose the invitations.

Once you decide on the wedding date and make a list of all the people that you want to invite, it's time to choose the invitations. The invitations should reflect the overall theme or feel of the wedding. Consequently, you should take your time choosing the invites. Don't rush and have a look at a couple of different options (and of course, consult your partner too). Popular options include minimalist, elegant, rustic, and quirky. Which option sounds the best to you?

Question 11

Will there be a photo booth?

Photo booths are a fun addition to any event so it makes sense that so many couples choose to have one on their wedding day. If you have a photo booth you might not even need to hire a professional photographer. Besides, guests will have lots of fun with it. Both you and your guests will end up with plenty of photos from the special day. What's more, photo booth photos are usually way more fun than random snaps taken by guests (or indeed even photos taken by a professional photographer).

Question 12

What's the venue?

Choosing a venue is without a doubt one of the most important decisions that you (and your partner) have to make when planning a wedding. The venue that you decide to go for will depend entirely on your personality and personal preferences. Popular venues include luxurious hotels, ancient castles (that still function), beaches, and botanical gardens. Which one of these four options sounds the most appealing to you? Keep in mind that the more popular the wedding venue, the longer the waiting list!

Question 13

Choose the dress.

Forget the venue, the entertainment, and the wedding favors. The most important thing that any bride has to make her mind up on prior to the wedding is the wedding dress. Some girls know what their dream wedding dress looks like already, others will spend weeks, if not months, trying to hunt down the perfect outfit to walk down the aisle in. There are plenty of options to choose from. You can take the traditional route and don a long, princess-like gown. Or you could choose something a little more modern (or alternatively, vintage). You could even opt to wear something else entirely, such as a playsuit or a suit.

Question 14

Choose the shoes.

The wedding dress is without a doubt very important, but so are the shoes. Neglect to choose the proper footwear and your outfit will go from gorgeous to ridiculous in seconds. When it comes to shoes, you want to make sure that they're not only pleasing to the eye but also comfortable. After all, there is no way you can make the most of your special day if you are in pain. So, which of the above four shoe options sounds the best to you?

Question 15

Choose the jewelry.

Almost every bride accessorizes her outfit with jewelry. That makes perfect sense. After all, a tasteful necklace or a luxurious bracelet can really elevate an outfit. If you had to choose a piece of jewelry from the four options - statement earrings, pearl necklace, diamond bracelet, or rhinestone tiara - available to you above, which one would you go for? You might want to choose a couple of pieces but for the purpose of this quiz you have to go with just one.

Question 16

Veil or no veil?

When most of us think of a traditional wedding ceremony, we can't help but picture a gorgeous bride that is wearing a long, white wedding veil. Wedding veils have been around for seemingly forever. According to Easy Weddings, in Ancient Greece brides wore red veils as protection against malevolent spirits whereas in biblical times followers of Judaism placed a veil over their bride's head right before the ceremony to signify that they were marrying her for her inner, not outer beauty.

Question 17

Choose the flowers for the bouquet.

Most girls will probably agree that a bridal bouquet is an essential part of a bride's outfit. While there's no denying that flowers add visual beauty and even a touch of romance to the wedding ceremony, there are many other reasons why bridal bouquets are a thing. According to Modern Wedding, in ancient Rome brides carried flower garlands as a way to symbolize new beginnings and fidelity whereas in the Middle Ages, strong smelling herbs were believed to repel vengeful spirits. However, it was Queen Victoria who popularized the modern version of the bridal bouquet.

Question 18

Choose a hairstyle.

Most of us pay little attention to our hair on a daily basis. Sure, we make sure to wash it and condition it regularly and we brush through it every single morning too. Indeed, some of us might even straighten it or curl it, depending on our mood. But we don't go out of our way to style it unless we're going out with our friends or attending a special event. But what could be more special than our wedding day?

Question 19

Choose the makeup.

Few brides walk down the aisle bare-faced, even if they don't wear makeup on a daily basis. While we don't necessarily need makeup to look good, the fact of the matter is that it gives us a boost of confidence and makes us feel amazing in our own skin. Consequently, all brides pay special attention to their makeup on their big day. Some brides opt for an elegant makeup look whereas others want to look super glamorous. There are also those who want to experiment with romantic or sultry makeup looks.

Question 20

Will the bridesmaids wear matching dresses?

If you've ever attended a wedding (or indeed, seen a romantic comedy that revolves around a wedding) then you probably know that some brides insist that their bridesmaids wear matching dresses. Sometimes these dresses are beautiful. More often than not though they are pretty ugly. Still, the bridesmaids have to pretend that they love the dress so as not to upset the bride. Will you get matching dresses for your bridesmaids or will you allow them to wear whatever it is they want?

Question 21

Choose the groom's outfit.

The bride spends weeks, and sometimes even months, picking out her bridal outfit. The groom, on the other hand, chooses his outfit in about a day, although he usually gets help from the bride-to-be. At times, the bride even chooses the groom's outfit entirely by herself (and to be honest, most grooms are relieved, not annoyed). Assuming you're one of those brides who want to have a say in everything relating to the special day, which of the above outfits would you want the groom to wear?

Question 22

Will the groomsmen wear matching suits?

Brides often ask their bridesmaids to wear the exact same dress. Grooms, on the other hand, are usually less interested in the details and thus rarely, if ever, ask their groomsmen to wear matching outfits (usually suits). Indeed, if groomsmen do find themselves wearing the same attire, you can almost always be certain that the bride had something to do with it. So, would you ask groomsmen to wear matching suits on your big day? Or would you give them the option to wear whatever they wanted?

Question 23

Choose the manicure.

Every bride wants to look as attractive as possible on her wedding day. To do that she must pay close attention not only to her attire, her hairstyle, and her makeup but also to her nails. It might seem like no one is going to notice your nails. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Besides, the groom will see your nails when he's putting a wedding ring on your finger, so make sure that you take time out of your day to get a proper manicure.

Question 24

Cash or registry?

Weddings are expensive. So it only makes sense that guests come bearing gifts. Sometimes these gifts come in the form of cash. Newlyweds love to receive cash because then they can use the money to buy whatever it is that they want (or they might choose to save it instead). Other times, couples make a wedding registry at their favorite shop, thus communicating their gift preferences to their guests. After all, no one likes to receive three practically identical cutlery sets.

Question 25

Will there be a bouquet throw?

The bouquet throw is a popular wedding tradition during which the bride throws her flower bouquet to the female guests behind her. Whoever catches the bouquet will supposedly get married next! According to Info Please, this tradition originated in England. Apparently, back in the day, guests would tear at the bride's dress and flower bouquet in an attempt to obtain some of her good fortune. To please the rowdy crowd, the bride would toss them her bridal bouquet and make her escape.

Question 26

Choose the transport.

When the wedding reception is over, the newlywed couple tends to leave in hired transport. The transport in question is usually something luxurious or quirky. For example, some couples hire a white limousine whereas others opt for a horse-drawn carriage. Couples that are a little more edgy might decide to ride off into the sunset on a motorbike. And finally, couples that like to turn heads might go with a highly unusual option, such as a classic Volkswagen bus (that can even fit all, or most, of the guests inside it should the couple decide to extend the celebration elsewhere).

Question 27

Choose the entertainment.

No wedding reception would be complete without entertainment. Luckily, there are plenty of options that couples can choose from when it comes to keeping their guests amused and happy. For example, some couples might choose to go with a DJ whereas others might prefer to hire a jazz band. Still others might opt to liven up their special day with a choir. Finally, some couples might go down the easy route of pre-recorded music. Which of the four options sounds most appealing to you?

Question 28

Choose a first dance song.

The first dance is a popular element of a modern wedding reception, according to Wikipedia. The newly married couple are treated as guest of honors at a dance and therefore they get to open it. The style of dance that the couple chooses depends entirely on their own personalities and dancing skills. Some couples stun their guests with rehearsed, choreographed dance moves whereas others wing it. In addition to deciding whether they want to prepare a special dance or not, the couple also has to pick a first dance song.

Question 29

Choose the appetizer.

Let's be honest: we all love appetizers. There is something about small food that is simply irresistible. Most of us would happily snack on appetizers the entire evening, foregoing the main meal if we had to. But choosing an appetizer that will appeal to everyone is harder than it seems, especially if some of our friends have food allergies or are vegan. Which of the above four appetizers - spicy mini bacon cheeseballs, bacon cheddar deviled eggs, crab-stuffed mushroom, and toasted garlic bread - would you like to serve on your big day?

Question 30

Choose the main meal.

When it comes to choosing the main meal for your wedding reception, you want to make sure that you pick something simple yet tasty. Pizzas, burgers, steaks, and sushi are all solid options. If you had to choose one, which would you go for? Remember to take you guests' dietary restrictions into consideration too. Better yet, if you opt for something like pizza, have a couple of options that people can choose from (for example, a meaty pizza and a vegetarian pizza).

Question 31

Choose the dessert.

The wedding cake is always at the center of attention during the wedding reception but that doesn't mean that you can't serve your guests other treats too. Indeed, the more desserts, the better! You might even want to have a dessert station (trust us, your guests will love you for that!) But let's say you can choose only one additional dessert. Which of the above four options - mini donuts, cake pops, macarons, or gourmet-flavored marshmallows - would you go for?

Question 32

Choose the flavor of the cake.

Couples spend hours upon hours trying to choose a wedding cake. They go to wedding cake tastings where they try out a variety of different cake flavors but more often than not, they still find the thought of choosing the ideal cake that will appeal to everyone daunting. Those who want to play it safe choose classic flavors such as vanilla or chocolate. Those who want something a little more luxurious (but still classic) opt to serve their guests a red velvet cake. And those who don't mind experimenting might go for a spice-flavored cake.

Question 33

How big is the cake?

Most wedding cakes are huge. That makes sense though seeing how most weddings are big celebrations involving hundreds of people. You want to make sure that everyone gets a slice of cake (and even a second helping of it if they so wish). On the other hand, those who host small, private weddings often choose a much smaller cake. They know that otherwise, it will just go to waste (no matter how much you like sweet treats, there are just so many days in a row you can have wedding cake for dessert).

Question 34

Choose a drink.

Most newlywed couples treat their guests to a wide variety of drinks. In other words, those who like beer are treated to pints, those who love wine are guaranteed at least a couple of glasses of Merlot, and those who don't drink can have tea or coffee. But most couples also choose to have a signature drink. Out of the four drink options above - rosé, frozen avocado cocktail, grapefruit, ginger, and lemongrass sake, and white cosmo - which one would you serve as your signature drink?

Question 35

Choose the wedding favors.

Wedding favors are small gifts that the bride and the groom give their guests at the end of the wedding reception. They're an ideal way to thank your loved ones and your friends for being there for you on the most special day of your life. Wedding favors can be either purchased in store or handcrafted by the newlywed couple themselves. Examples of wedding favors include handmade gourmet lollipops, scratch cards, hangover kits (these are especially popular), and mini succulents.

Question 36

Choose the honeymoon destination.

As pretty much everyone is well aware, a honeymoon is a holiday that newlyweds take immediately after their wedding as a way to celebrate their marriage (after all, no one wants to slide back to reality right after they tie the knot). Today, most newlywed couples choose to holiday in exotic or romantic places, such as Morocco, France, or Italy. If you had to choose between the four options above as your honeymoon destination, which one would you opt for?

Question 37

Choose the wedding rings.

During the wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom exchange wedding rings. A wedding ring indicates that the wearer is married. Most spouses rarely, if ever, remove their wedding ring from their finger. Indeed, most people wear their wedding rings day and night which causes an indentation in the skin. Often, this indentation is visible even after the ring is removed. According to Wikipedia, it's bad luck to remove your wedding ring from your finger so you want to think long and hard before you settle on the perfect wedding rings (or ring tattoos!)

Question 38

Choose the cake topper.

Most wedding cakes are adorned with a special cake topper to make them look even more luxurious. There are plenty of cake toppers to choose from. For example, you could go with a rabbit cake topper, a Mr. and Mrs. cake topper, a heart-shaped topper, or a traditional bride and groom topper. Many newlyweds choose to keep the cake topper as a souvenir (i.e., something to remember their special day by). Which one of the above four cake topper options appeals to you the most?

Question 39

Will there be a professional photographer?

Your wedding day is arguably the most memorable and special day of your life. As such, it only makes sense that most people go out of their way to document it properly. While you could ask your guests to take snaps of you and the groom throughout the day, there is no arguing that a professional photographer will do a better job. That being said, not every couple is willing to shell out hundreds of dollars on a professional wedding photographer.

Question 40

Will there be a bachelorette party?

A bachelorette party, sometimes known as a hen party or a hen do, is a party that is held for the bride-to-be. According to Wikipedia, the bachelorette party is modeled after the popular bachelor party (hence the name), which is a dinner that the bridegroom gives his friends right before his wedding. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are often associated with debauchery. In reality, however, they are usually pretty tame and are celebrated in a style common to that specific social circle.

Question 41

Choose the table centerpiece.

Often, table centerpieces are an afterthought when it comes to planning a wedding. However, more often than not it's the minor details that help pull the whole thing together which is why table centerpieces should not be overlooked. Table centerpieces are a handy way to show off your personal style and indeed even to impress your guests. Which one of the above four table centerpieces - flower arrangements, balloons, mason jars filled with fairy lights, or mason jars filled with candy - would you like to go for at your wedding?

Question 42

Choose the lighting.

It is all too easy to overlook the lighting when it comes to planning the perfect wedding. But lighting is far more important than it might seem at first glance. Indeed, lighting sets the overall mood of the event so make sure that you spend enough time choosing between the different options available. Some of the most popular lighting options are without a doubt fairy lights, chandeliers (if the wedding reception is hosted indoors), lanterns, and last but certainly not least, candles.

Question 43

Choose "something blue."

You might have heard people say that you need something blue for your wedding day. Having something blue on your wedding day is a tradition that comes from an Old English rhyme. According to The Knot, wearing something blue on your special day (such as a blue garter underneath your dress) was once upon at a time thought to repel malicious spirits. But that's not all. The color blue is also said to symbolize purity, love, and fidelity. Something blue doesn't necessarily have to be a clothing item either. It could also be a hair comb, a hair ribbon or even eyeshadow.

Question 44

Choose the ring bearer.

We probably don't need to explain the duties of a ring bearer. After all, the name says it all: a ring bearer is someone who carries the wedding rings up to the bride and groom. According to Wikipedia, the role of a ring bearer is almost always purely symbolic. A ring bearer usually carries a wedding ring cushion with imitation rings sewn into it. The real wedding bands are more often than not in the hands of the best man.

Question 45

Choose "something borrowed."

Many brides choose to wear something borrowed on their wedding day, a tradition that stems from an Old English rhyme. According to The Knot, wearing something borrowed on your wedding day is said to bring good fortune. That being said, it's important that you borrow something from a happily married relative or friend, and not someone who is single, divorced, or unhappy. In the past, most brides borrowed undergarments. Today it is common to borrow things such as wedding dresses, cake recipes, first dance songs, and objects of sentimental value, such as your grandma's gloves.

Question 46

How long will it take to plan this dream wedding?

In general, the more complicated and luxurious the wedding, the longer it will take to plan it. Some people spend months or even years preparing for their special day. They want everything to be absolutely perfect. After all, if you're lucky, you only walk down the aisle once. However, some couples don't care much for big weddings. They care about committing to one another, not about showing off in front of their loved ones and friends which is why it usually takes them a minimal amount of time to plan a wedding.

Question 47

Yes or no to handwritten vows?

Marriage vows are promises that the bride and the groom make to each other during a wedding ceremony. According to Wikipedia, you don't necessarily need marriage vows to get married. However, many couples choose to say marriage vows to show their true commitment to one another (besides, there is something truly romantic about marriage vows). Some couples take it a step further and write their own vows instead of making a simple pledge. Would you like to write your own vows?

Question 48

See the groom before the wedding?

Some people get very nervous before the wedding ceremony but seeing their significant other usually helps calm their nerves. That being said, not everyone agrees with seeing the groom before the wedding. After all, according to an old superstition, seeing the groom in your wedding dress before the ceremony almost certainly guarantees bad luck. But does it really? According to Bridal Guide, this superstition originated when arranged marriages were custom. Back in the day, the couple wouldn't see each other before the wedding at all as the father of the bride-to-be was afraid that the groom might change his mind upon seeing his future wife.

Question 49

Yes or no to carrying the bride?

Another old wedding tradition that many newlyweds practice to this day (although it is going out of fashion) is the carrying of the bride over the threshold. According to How Stuff Works, back in the day superstitious Europeans thought that if a bride tripped over the threshold of her new home, she'd bring irreversible bad luck not only to the home but also to her marriage. That's why the groom would carry her over the threshold (it was obviously assumed that men were less clumsy than women).

Question 50

How long will the honeymoon last?

When the wedding reception is over, most newlyweds leave for their honeymoon either straight away or the following day. They usually go either somewhere romantic or somewhere exotic and they spend their entire holiday enjoying each other's company. The duration of their honeymoon depends on a number of factors, including their budget, the number of days they got off work, and their own personalities (for example, how adventurous they are). If you could choose any one of the four options above, which one would you go for?

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