Plan A Trip To Paris And We'll Reveal Which City To Visit Next

It has gone by many different names and many different pronunciations over the years. Pear riss, Pear ree, the city of love, however one wants to pronounce it, and whatever one wants to call it, Paris is one of the leading destinations for tourists in the world! It is a city of culture, a city of love, a city of lights, and much, much more. No matter one's taste in art, music, architecture, food, etc., it is easy for everyone to find something to love. That is before we even address the melting pot that is the city, allowing for many people across the world to communicate and find others that speak their language. Needless to say, Paris is a very special place, and we would like to take you there. Figuratively of course, not literally!

Anyhow, in this quiz, all players will be tasked to plan a perfect vacation to the city! First, like all good trips, they will have to pack and deal with the flight over. After all of this is done, they are free to explore (and not explore) a number of locations in Paris, as well as some different foods and styles. All of these answers will help us determine the city that should be visited next. All that being said, Bon Voyage!

Question 1

Pick a suitcase!

Like all good journeys, it all starts with the simple pick of a perfect suitcase! A lot can be determined about a person based on the suitcase they pick, so be sure to choose carefully and wisely. Will you pick the blue one, the black one or the silver one!

Question 2

Pick a seat on the airplane!

You have picked a suitcase and made your way to the airport. Now, a special opportunity has come your way: the first pick of the seats! Will you take the aisle, the window or the middle? It can be a tough choice, so be sure to weigh your options carefully and choose wisely!

Question 3

Pick a genre of in-flight movie!

As we all know, it can be exhausting to travel from one place to another. Dependant on where one is from, it can take ages to get to Paris. Thankfully, this is where in-flight movies come in handy! With them, we can kill time easier, and maybe even find a new favorite. The question is, which genre is the best?

Question 4

Pick an arrondissement!

Congratulations on making it to Paris! The flight may have been grueling, but we promise that it is worth it. The first task at hand is to pick an arrondissement. An arrondissement is a district in Paris with a unique identity. There are twenty of them in total! Pick one!

Question 5

Choose a breakfast!

Now, your stomach is starting to rumble, and it just might be time for the most important meal of the day. In France, there are a number of unique breakfasts that can be delightfully delicious, and the majority of them are beloved around the world. Let's pick one, shall we?

Question 6

Escargot or Escar-no!

Escargot is a delicacy, made of cooked land snails. It can be chewy, but quite savory, and many people around the world are fond of the dish. However, for some, the mere idea of eating snails is off-putting. Is it worth an order, or are you better off leaving them for others?

Question 7

How touristy should the trip be?

For some, being a tourist in Paris is about being able to see all of the major landmarks and places. Others, however, desire a more subtle trip to Paris, living like a local and visiting places that are considered off the beaten path. The question is, where do you lie? Do you want the greatest hits, to discover on your own, or a little of both?

Question 8

What is the best way to get around town?

One of the major advantages of visiting Paris is that it is a world-class city. There are countless ways to get around town, from walking to the subway and of course, taxis. Walking takes the longest but costs the least, taxis vice-versa and the subway lands somewhere in the middle. All three are viable modes of transportation.

Question 9

Is Versailles worth a visit?

Versailles is one of the nicest destinations outside of Paris itself. It is a town of royalty, of deception, of greed and of beauty. It is rich in history, and is a worthwhile part of any visit, especially those interested in the former monarchy of France! Add it to the list?

Question 10

What about Chartres?

Chartres is a small town just an hour or so outside of Paris. However, it is rich in history as well as things to see and do. It is quieter than the big city, but still worth a visit, especially during the summer where they light up their historical buildings in an awe-inspiring, nightly light show. Add it to the list?

Question 11

Disneyland Paris?

Despite its name, this Disney theme park is actually found just outside of Paris. It has had a rocky history, and has been faced with closure many times, but was ultimately accepted and even embraced by both tourists as well as the locals. Is it worth adding to the itinerary?

Question 12

What to see first at the Louvre?

The Louvre is one of the largest museums in the world. It is so large and expansive, properly exploring it cannot be done in one day. It cannot even be done in a week. However, there is plenty to see to make the most of the time, such as the Venus De Milo and the Mona Lisa. What should be seen first?

Question 13

Are the Louvre pyramids genius or cheesy?

Outside of the Louvre, a number of glass pyramids can be found. Below them, a large and expansive collection of shops, restaurants and more. Some greatly dislike these pyramids, considering them eyesores. Others feel that they are charming and an iconic part of the museum. What is your stance on the matter?

Question 14

Pick a shop along the Champs Elysees.

Oh, Champs Elysees. It is one of the most fashionable stretches of land found within the world. It is full of so many shops for everyone's tastes. Firstly, there is fnac, a store that specializes in the sale of entertainment and electronics (much like Best Buy). There is also the fashion retailer Abercrombie. These are just two of many.

Question 15

Historic or Modern?

This debate is present not just in Paris, but in the rest of the world as well. For some, historical buildings are far better than modernist ones and need to be protected at all costs. For others, modern design is essential in moving forward as a society. Thoughts on the matter?

Question 16

Pick a French cheese!

Ah, cheese. What else can truly be said about it? You either love it or you hate it, but it is agreed by all that the French have a great understanding of it. Take into account the soft cheese Brie, that is deliciously spreadable. Comté is another French cheese, a deliciously hard yet sharp one. What is the best French cheese?

Question 17

Pick a French bread.

France is also known for a wide variety of delicious varieties of bread. Firstly, there is the baguette, a hardened bread that is best served with cheese or butter. The second is croissants, a breakfast pastry bread that can be found around the world in a number of bakeries. There are many more as well... but which is the best?

Question 18

Visit a Cemetery?

There are a number of different cemeteries to visit in Paris rich in history and people to see. It can be very somber, as well as sobering, but those enamored with history will find a number of people buried in the city such as Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf and many more. Is it worth adding to the itinerary?

Question 19

What about the Catacombs?

The catacombs are a bit different than the typical burial sites. It is a mass grave, filled with many un-identified, stacked in a number of unique ways. It shows just how grave the situation was back in the day. It is an important historical site, as well as a popular tourist destination, but is certainly not for the faint of heart. Worth a visit?

Question 20

Make time for the Arc de Triomphe?

The Arc de Triomphe or the Arch of Triumph in English is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Paris. It is a marvel of architecture, sculpture and is very photogenic, making the perfect background for a number of selfies. That being said, it can get crowded. Is it worth adding to the schedule?

Question 21

Is Duck worth a try?

Let's test how adventurous one's palate is, shall we? In France, duck is a very popular dish, often served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. The leg or confit of the duck is the most popular serving size, but others such as the breast are also served. Is it worth a try or is the thought of eating duck too off-putting?

Question 22

Go for a walk in the park?

There are a number of different parks both in and around Paris that provide some greenery and fresh air. Some of them are small havens while others are sprawling, with a vast area to explore. There are also some minor attractions that can be found in some Parks, such as rides. Is it worth setting time aside for a walk in the park?

Question 23

Hotel, Hostel or Apartment?

There are three main ways as a tourist to stay in Paris: visit a hotel, rent an apartment or board in a hostel. Hotels are the fanciest but carry the steepest price-tag. Apartments are in the middle if providers are used. Hostels are not the fanciest but are cheaper to accommodate. What is the best option for you?

Question 24

Berets: Classy or Cliché?

Berets are a stereotypical, but still a beloved part of Parisian culture. They can be fashionable and are sold at a number of clothing stores and gift shops. Some feel they are classy and important, others cliche and kitschy. Where do you lie on the great beret debate? Classy or cliché?

Question 25

Pick a fast food restaurant.

It happens! Sometimes we are low on money, sometimes times don't work out, sometimes it is the only option, but we find ourselves in line at a fast food restaurant. Three big ones in Paris are McDonald's, Subway and the local burger chain Quick. Which of these sounds the most appetizing?

Question 26

Pick a train station.

In Paris, there are a number of large and expansive train stations. We will name a few. The first of these is the Gare de Lyon, a historic station with a number of shops and beloved restaurants within. The other is the Gare Montparnasse, a massive and modern station with a lot to see and do. There are many others as well if you already have another favorite.

Question 27

Monoprix or Carrefour?

When in Paris, we need to buy groceries. This is just a fact of life. Given how different the city can be, we sometimes need to cook for ourselves, especially when adjusting. Two major grocery stores are Monoprix and Carrefour. Which of these two grocery stores sounds the most appealing?

Question 28

Stay up or stay in?

As we mentioned in the last question, for some, grocery shopping is a necessity. This is one of the reasons why: Paris is populated by a number of night owls. For them, dinner is a late night occasion, around 8pm or later. Is it worth staying up, or are you better off preparing your own food? The choice is yours!

Question 29

Macarons or Madeleines?

Ah sweets! It seems that most people have a soft spot for them. It is no different in Paris. Two pastries, in particular, have been satisfying sweet tooths. The first are macarons, filled crunchy pastries. The other are madeleines, light, fluffy and delicious snack size cakes. Which of these two sounds the most appealing?

Question 30

Is Parc Astérix worth a visit?

Disneyland Paris is not the only game in town when it comes to amusement parks. Parc Astérix is another major player. It is modeled after the Astérix and Obelix series of comic books/graphic novels that are beloved in France, and the park features more thrill rides than Disney. Is it worth adding to the itinerary?

Question 31

What about Notre-Dame?

Notre-Dame de Paris is one of the most iconic churches all over the world. Its history can be traced back to Medieval times and is a stunning example of Gothic architecture. The stained glass windows, in particular, need to be seen in person. Is it worth adding to the list or skipping for another destination?

Question 32

The Orangerie?

The Orangerie is a green house in which oranges are grown... just kidding! That is only what it was, and the name still reflects the building's history. Today, it is a museum that houses a number of stunning works of art and sculpture, including a number of paintings by Monet. Is it worth adding to the itinerary?

Question 33

What about the Musée d'Orsay?

The Musée d'Orsay is another iconic museum found in the city of Paris (they seem to have a number of them!). Much like the museum in the last question was built in an old greenhouse, this one is built in an old decommissioned train station. Many important pieces of art and history are held here, including Starry Night. Worth a visit?

Question 34

Care to see the Eiffel Tower?

It sure took us a while to get to this question, didn't it! Yes, don't worry, we didn't forget, but what else can be said about it? It's the Eiffel freaking Tower, a masterwork of architecture and one of the most popular buildings in the world. It is worth a visit unless you want to venture off the beaten path!

Question 35

What about Luxembourg Gardens?

In an earlier question in this quiz, we asked if players were up for a walk in the park. Now, we take you to Luxembourg Gardens, a paradise of greenery with plenty to see and do. It is large, expansive, and stuffed with activities such as boat sailing. Is it worth a visit or better off skipping?

Question 36

Go on a river cruise?

One of the ways that one can see Paris is through a guided river cruise. While this can include planned river cruises (such as the one pictured), it can also include smaller tour boats that traverse the River Seine and provide commentary on the various landmarks. Is it a worthwhile experience going on one?

Question 37

What about a ghost tour?

If you thought the catacombs and the cemetery were spooky, you don't know anything yet! On ghost tours, a professional guide takes a tour group throughout the city, telling disturbing stories and exploring the darker history of the city. Again, it is not for the faint of heart, but it is a worthwhile experience for those who crave a good scare! Worth it?

Question 38

A double-decker bus?

A double-decker tour bus may be more synonymous with London than Paris, but they are certainly present in the city too. They have a few advantages over the other tours listed, such as being able to cover more ground and often featuring multiple languages. Many are also hop-on, hop-off, meaning they can fit most schedules. Worth adding to the itinerary?

Question 39

Visit Moulin Rouge?

It is an iconic part of Paris history and is well known throughout the world. It was even featured heavily in a rather well-known musical movie. That being said, we can't avoid the elephant in the room, it is NOT for kids, and is pretty risquée. So... keep that in mind, ok?!

Question 40

What about the Musée Rodin?

Did we mention that there are a lot of museums in Paris... because there truly are. This is far from a bad thing, in contrast, it adds more options. Take, for example, the Musée Rodin. It is dedicated to sculptor Auguste Rodin and features many of his most beloved sculptures, such as The Thinker. Is it worth a visit?

Question 41

Musée Grévin?

This museum is certainly like none of the others in this quiz. It is a wax museum, filled with a number of sometimes eerily realistic figures. It is pop-culture oriented, with most every celebrity found within its confines in one way or another. Is it worth a visit, or are you better off sticking to Madame Tussauds?

Question 42

Go to the top of Tour Montparnasse?

The Tour Montparnasse, or Montparnasse Tower in English, is one of the tallest and most modern buildings in Paris. It is younger than many other locations on this list but is far from useless. It is an iconic building with an absolutely spectacular view that is unrivalled. Is it worth adding to the list or better off skipped?

Question 43

Scale the dome of Sacre Coeur?

Sacre Coeur is another iconic church found within the city of Paris. It has an elegant design, that uses an eye-catching combination of white and gold. The main dome is adorned both outside and in, and for those willing to step up to the challenge, can be scaled. It is safe, but not for those with a fear of heights. Worth it?

Question 44

Take in a PSG game?

PSG or Paris Saint-Germaine FC is the main football club in Paris. Mind you, we are talking about football in terms of soccer, not the NFL. Regardless, PSG is one of the best teams out there with a large, loyal following. Is it worth making the trek to see one of their games?

Question 45

Visit Sainte Chapelle?

Sainte Chapelle is one of the most beautiful churches in Paris. It is adorned with a number of stunning stained glass windows, as well as ornate decorations. It also holds a great deal of historical value. Is it worth adding to the itinerary or are you better off skipping it?

Question 46

What about Place de la Concorde?

Place de la Concorde or Concord Place in English is one of the more popular destinations in Paris. It is a square with a large, iconic obelisk in the middle. It simply cannot be missed once within a field of vision. That being said, is it worth going out of the way to visit here?

Question 47


Montmarte is a rather large hill that can be found within the 18th arrondissement, as well as the name of the nearby district. The views from the top are stunning, and the district is home to a number of great restaurants and talented artists. Is it worth making the visit?

Question 48

How well is French known?

Here is one of the bigger questions we must ask: just how well do you know French? We aren't trying to embarrass anyone, knowing little to no French is fine. Paris is a melting pot with a number of different languages spoken, and many speak some English. That being said, the more French known, the easier it is to get by! So... how well do you know the language?

Question 49

Pick a street musician to listen to!

It seems that street musicians can be found in almost every major city. Paris is no exception to this, with many great musicians found playing a variety of instruments such as the accordion, the piano, and even their own singing voice. They can be found in parks, on subways and, of course, on the streets. Pick one from the list below!

Question 50

Should crepes be sweet or savory?

For our last question, we call some light to this massive debate: should crepes be sweet or savory? The answer is, of course, both, but if you had to pick, which type is better? Savory crepes feature such fillings as meat, cheese, and fungi. Sweet crepes are filled with ingredients such as Nutella, sugar, caramel, and fruit. Again, which type is better?

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