Plan A Heist And Find Out If You're Michael, Franklin, Or Trevor


The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been around for twenty years now but really didn't pick up steam until Grand Theft Auto III released in 2001. The original title was a top-down adventure that featured funky controls and simple graphics. The change to 3D third-person allowed developers to create an open-world experience that would ignite a worldwide phenomenon.

Gamers fell in love with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ushered in a new age of open-world madness. In 2013, Rockstar unveiled Grand Theft Auto V to hungry fans. The rest is history. It's been four years since this iconic classic released and fans are still logging-on daily to adventure through San Andreas. All of GTA V's elements are fantastic, from the story and the gameplay, to the character design and the visuals.

Yet, there is one particular part of the game that people cherish above all else. This is the first Grand Theft Auto title to feature heists. You'll spend a lot of the main storyline working towards these penultimate missions. You can steal jewels from a high-end shop, rob a bank, or swindle a private security firm.

This quiz will take a look at your decision-making process regarding heists. We've set up a series of questions that will help you decide who you're most like. Are you cold and uncaring like Trevor, youthful and optimistic like Franklin, or calculated and experience like Michael? Answer these questions and find out!

Question 1

How important is the planning stage?

We might as well start with this question. Heist planning plays a big part in the Grand Theft Auto 5 storyline. You'll find yourself completing missions and gathering intel on a variety of locations throughout your adventure. In order to get an idea of which GTA 5 character you most resemble, we need to know how important the planning stage is to you.

Question 2

What's the best method of escape?

This question is more of a preference thing. It's important to plan when, where, and how, you're going to get away with all that loot. If you have the resources, there are a variety of ways you can enact your escape. For this particular question, imagine money is no object. If you had your way, how would you escape from the police?

Question 3

Which heist area appeals to you most?

Heisting is like the real estate game. It's all about location, location, location. There is nothing more important than a well thought-out escape plan, and the area in which your escaping is a rather big detail. It's not enough to simply see a store or bank that you want to rob, you'll also need to envision getting away, offloading the goods, and escaping police. If given the choice, where does your heist take place?

Question 4

What are you planning to steal?

When we hear the word "heist" we immediately think about bank robberies. The truth is, heists are used to steal a variety of things. Some prefer to rob jewelry stores, while others take weapons and ammunition. As long as it's valuable (and has good resale value) it's in play. If you were planning a heist, which of these items would you target?

Question 5

Why are you stealing the goods?

Everyone has a reason for pulling a heist. To be fair, all of the reasons are pretty questionable. After all, you're stealing from someone. Sure, you can try to sugarcoat it with a Robin Hood-like complex, but that doesn't change the moral dilemma. If you found yourself sitting in the driver's seat for a big time heist, what would motivate you? At the end of the day, why would you want to escape with the goods?

Question 6

What type of vehicle would you use for the getaway?

What's the point in all that planning and execution if you end up getting nabbed by the police anyway? It's not enough to get in and grab the goods. You've got to get out clean, which is never easy. Rest assured that the local police force will throw everything it has at you. That's why a getaway vehicle is so important. For this particular heist, what are you escaping in?

Question 7

How do you acquire your vehicle?

Once you know what kind of vehicle you want, you'll need to venture out and get it. In the city of Los Santos, there are a variety of ways this can be done. Maybe you're better off buying a stolen vehicle on the cheap, or maybe it's smarter just to steal it yourself. When it comes time to secure your getaway car, how do you plan on acquiring it?

Question 8

How do you hide your identity?

The last thing you need is the cops searching every nook and cranny of the city for you. In order to be successful, you'll need to be fast, discreet, and most importantly, anonymous. One of the easiest ways to hide your identity is with the use of a mask. What type of facial adornment will you use to keep your identity safe?

Question 9

You'll need an inside man for this heist, how do you persuade him?

For this particular heist, you're going to need someone on the inside. This can be quite the burden since you won't be sure if you can really trust this individual or not. However, there are some tricks you can use to help persuade this person into keeping their word. How would you make sure the inside man stays on your side?

Question 10

How do you deal with civilians?

No matter what you plan on stealing, you're going to have to deal with civilians. Hostages can get in the way and sometimes it's difficult to plan for the sudden arrival of random citizens. To give yourself the best opportunity for success, you'll need some kind of civilian contingency plan. What do you do if any unwanted distractions show up?

Question 11

You need a hacker, what kind do you hire?

You wouldn't need the services of a computer specialist if you were planning to rob a location prior to the 1990s. In the new age, security systems are complex labyrinths of technology. As a result, hackers are important in Grand Theft Auto 5 heists. For this job, you're going to need a technology buff. What type of hacker do you plan on employing??

Question 12

What type of heat are you packing?

Maybe you're the kind of heister that doesn't want anyone to get hurt. That's admirable, but in the world of Grand Theft Auto 5, packing heat is mandatory. There is a 100 percent chance that you'll end up in a hail of bullets at some point. For this reason, let's just assume that you're going to meet some kind of resistence during this heist. What type of weaponry are you carrying?

Question 13

You need gunners, what type do you hire?

It's not enough to have a bunch of weapons, you also have to have people who know how to use them. The heists in Grand Theft Auto 5 require you to hire gunman for protection. These defenders will be required to keep the heat off your back, but some are more proficient in firearms than others. How important is the gunman to you? Do you prefer to do all the shooting?

Question 14

How do you choose your team?

A heist is a rather complicated thing. In Grand Theft Auto 5, you're given a small group of individuals to choose from. This package grows if you manage to find some "help" in side missions. For this particular question, imagine that you're given free reign to find and hire team members. How do you go about finding potential heisters?

Question 15

How much does experience matter to you?

Your team members can make or break your heist experience. You're going to find a location and hit it hard. This is the big leagues and the decisions you make ride the line between life, death, and imprisonment. You'll want to make sure you have the right kind of muscle on your side. That said, how important is it to have experience team members? Remember more experience means they take a larger cut.

Question 16

How do you disable security cameras?

The place you plan on hitting has live-feed security cameras. In order to keep the police off your back long enough to escape, you're going to need to disable them somehow. If the cameras don't come down, the heist will definitely fail. How are you going to ensure you aren't being watched during the score?

Question 17

How will you get past the vault door?

Whatever you're after, it's stuck behind a seriously large security door. The massive steel entrance is possible to drill through, but it will most likely take some time. You could use explosives, which are a bit faster but will definitely alert passerby. How would you handle getting past this type of obstacle?

Question 18

One of your team members is acting strange, how do you handle it?

It's the big moment, you're all crammed into your vehicle (or vehicles) of choice and headed towards the target. You start to notice that one of your team members is acting a little bit off. Maybe it's nerves, maybe it's something else. You don't have time to replace them and you're minutes away from the location. How do you handle the situation?

Question 19

You need to cut across some water, how do you do it?

During the heist planning, you run into a snag. It looks like one of the easiest ways to arrive/escape will be to cross a large body of water. Unfortunately, it's in restricted air space, so you'll need to be discreet and use a water vehicle. If you had your choice, what type of water-based craft would you commandeer?

Question 20

Someone tipped off the police! What do you do?

This is the worst, someone tipped off the police! All of that planning and effort is gone out the window. The cops know you're coming, and will most likely setup some heavy resistance to stop you. The next decision is important. Do you think it's better to call the whole thing off, or are you convinced you can take the score? Does added police presence frighten you?

Question 21

There's a police blockade ahead, what do you do?

You managed to get away with the goods, but the cops are hot on your trail. In fact, they've set up a blockade less than half a mile away. You'll need to use quick thinking to overcome this obstacle. Is it better to face the problem head-on, or will you try to find a different route? You don't have much time, make a choice!

Question 22

The plan is falling apart, what do you do?

The worst possible scenario has happened. You put as much planning into the heist as possible but your wellmade strategy is falling apart. The cops are hot on your tail and you're slowly being surrounded. This is a very possible scenario during any heist. If things go south, what's your next move?

Question 23

Someone got caught during the heist, what do you do about it?

Even with all the planning, precautions, and effort, someone still got caught. The police booked them and now they'll serve some serious time in a federal prison. The saying goes "a thick as thieves," but how much do you really care about this person? What are you going to do when faced with the news of their incarceration?

Question 24

How do you fence the goods?

You managed to get away with the goods, but Lester isn't around to help you offload the merchandise. You're going to need to handle the sale yourself. You can try to find someone to buy whatever you stole, or you can search around for someone like Lester (who may want a big cut to involve themselves). What's the best way to handle the sale of your loot?

Question 25

What do you do after the heist is over?

Now comes the fun part. You just pulled off a huge heist and lost any police tracking you. Lester notes that the cash will be in your account soon, so all you can do is wait. How do you plan on spending your down time? Perhaps a vacation is in order, or maybe you feel like getting out of the game completely. After the big score, where do you see yourself heading?

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