Plan A Dream Wedding And We'll Reveal The Perfect Engagement Ring

It's that time again, ladies! We are officially heading into wedding season! It does not matter whether we are actually getting married, or simply just love discussing all things weddings, this quiz is here to help with the planning and to entertain anyone who's come down with a touch of wedding fever.

In this quiz, we will be asking all kinds of questions on all of the different aspects that go into planning a wedding. We will talk outfits, decor, favors, and so much more. Once everyone here has put together their dream wedding day, we will pass out some truly gorgeous engagement rings! Our relationship status does not matter for this one, we will all be leaving with here with a sparkling engagement ring anyway!

Question 1

Wedding planner?

Hiring a wedding planner can have both its ups and its downs. If a big wedding is in the cards, obviously a little help with the planning could go a long way, but then again, it could be fun to sit back and make the plans with our partner. Thoughts?

Question 2

How will the wedding photos be taken?

This one all depends on how important the wedding photos are to a couple. If they are going to be in frames all throughout their home, maybe a professional would be a good choice. If anyone is a big fan of candid photos though, why not put some disposables on the tables for the guests to use?

Question 3

Pick a wedding favor

Wedding favors are just a cute way of saying thank you to everyone who showed up for the special day. While Jordan almonds used to be all the rage, these days a lot of couples have decided to get a little creative with their party favors. Here are a few adorable ideas!

Question 4

How many guests will be invited?

Since the planning done in this quiz won't actually break anyone's bank, let's pretend money is no object in this question. Even with money and space not being an issue, would we still want to invite everyone we know? Perhaps some would prefer to keep it small and romantic anyway?

Question 5

Will guests be allowed to use their phones?

Here is a question for the modern day bride. Some couples have actually asked guests to check their phones at the door before entering their wedding, as a way to avoid them being distracted during the ceremony. On the other hand though, guests having their phones, could lead to some pretty cute surprise pictures!

Question 6

Disneyland wedding?

When it comes to a Disneyland wedding, many people have strong opinions about it. Some people think it is the most romantic place for a wedding ever, while others tend to think of it as tacky and overdone. We guess this one comes down to how big a Disney fan everyone happens to be!

Question 7

Will kids be allowed to attend?

This one usually varies a lot depending on the couple. Even though plenty of couples have used the "lack of space" argument to justify this decision in the past, we would have to assume the idea comes from not wanting kids running around and screaming all throughout the event. Then again, what's cuter than a little flower girl, right?

Question 8

Pick a song for the first dance

Some people could argue that this is the absolute biggest decision to make when planning a wedding. There is no escaping it, all eyes will be on the couple when the first dance goes down. Would we want to pick a popular song, or one that means something to us and our partner? Pick the best option out of the four!

Question 9

Pick a song for the father/daughter dance

As emotional as the first dance can be, the father/daughter dance is usually the one that gets the room crying. What would be the best song choice for this kind of moment? Would we want to double up with an extra sad song, or lighten things up with something upbeat?

Question 10

Pick the perfect honeymoon

Once all of the planning has been done, and we are officially married to our partner, it is finally time to do a little relaxing. That's right, we are talking honeymoon time! We have listed four possible honeymooning options, so everyone can pick the one that sounds best to them!

Question 11

Will there be a gift registry?

Once upon a time, creating a registry was the only way to go about accepting wedding gifts. However, these days many couples have decided to drop the tradition. If the couple would prefer cash gifts, this is a way to avoid people buying actual items. That being said, not everyone is comfortable asking for money.

Question 12

Pick a meal for the wedding day

Here is an interesting question. When we are picking out a meal for the big day, should go with something we happen to love ourselves, or should we be trying to make all of the guests happy? If the couple happens to be vegetarian, should they ask everyone to eat vegetarian as well?

Question 13

Pick a flavor for the wedding cake

We know that it is not every couple who does the whole wedding cake thing anymore, but for tradition's sake, let's pretend we have all ordered a lovely tiered cake for the big day. Which of these four flavors sounds the most delicious to everyone here? Are we going simple, or extravagant?

Question 14

Bachelorette party?

Even though bachelor parties have always been a popular thing, the bachelorette parties have only recently become a big part of the wedding plans. It seems the brides have been feeling left out all this time! How does everyone here feel about saying goodbye to the single life, by throwing a party with their best gals?

Question 15

Outdoor wedding?

When contemplating an outdoor wedding, the biggest factor is usually weather. For this question, let's say our wedding just happens to be planned for the most beautiful day of the year. Would we want it to take place outside, or would we still prefer it to be an indoor event?

Question 16

Pick a wedding season

Many brides have an idea of which season they would choose for their wedding, way before they even get a ring. While weather may be a contributing factor, this one really comes down to our color scheme and decor choices. Which season would everyone here pick for their big day?

Question 17

Will dogs be allowed to attend?

This is not a question we would have asked a few years back, but we have seen a recent trend of couples allowing guests to bring their dogs along with them to their weddings. This of course makes sense if the couple in question happens to have dogs themselves. Which way are we leaning?

Question 18

Pick a midnight snack

The midnight snack portion of the planning, is one where we can afford to have a little fun. By this point in the evening, usually only the younger guests and the ones who have been dancing their hearts out are still around. This means, the snack can probably be a little less traditional than the meal was.

Question 19

Will the bridesmaids be matching?

Here we have a decision that every bride has to make. For the brides who are planning a very traditional wedding, the matching dresses seem to make sense. However, we do know that some brides have prefered to have their girls pick out their own dresses. Should they match, or is it not important?

Question 20

What will the groomsmen be wearing?

Alright grooms, this one's for you! While the dress options for the bridesmaids may be endless, when talking groomsmen, we really only need to decide between tuxedos and suits. The tuxedo route would be appropriate for a fancier setting, but some simple suits could work perfectly for an outdoor event.

Question 21

Pick some music for the reception

Every couple has their own opinions when it comes to planning the music for their reception. If they happen to be big music fans, a live band could be a real treat. However, if they are more interested in having everyone dancing all night, than a DJ would certainly be tough to beat!

Question 22

How big will the wedding parties be?

If we happen to have a long list of best friends, having a larger wedding party could potentially save us from hurting someone's feelings. However, some couples do like the idea of only having a couple people up there with them during the ceremony. How big would everyone's wedding parties be?

Question 23

Pick a wedding dress style

Here we go, the biggest question of them all! Since there are just about a million different styles and fabrics out there, we would simply never be able to include them all in this quiz. Instead, we have listed four general styles, so everyone can just pick the one that sounds prettiest!

Question 24

Pick some bridal shoes

After picking out a dress, the next logical step is the shoes. Since some women insist on wearing heels even just to do the groceries, we are thinking they would never be caught in anything else on their wedding day. That being said, a sneaker girl will always be a sneaker girl at heart!

Question 25

Pick a color scheme

The color scheme options for a wedding are truly endless. Depending on the season we have selected and the general look of our location, we could go with any number of color combinations. We have listed four possible looks, so everyone can pick out the one that seems like the best fit.

Question 26

Will there be cocktails?

While serving cocktails is a pretty traditional thing to do at a wedding, if the couple in question does not drink themselves, it would totally make sense for them to leave the drinks out. That being said, certain couples may want to serve them just for the guests who might want them anyway.

Question 27

Pick a centerpiece style

The centerpieces are one of the biggest decor decision we will make for the wedding. Since they will be placed on every table, they will really help to set the vibe of the room. Centerpieces can also be a great way for us to showcase some of our own personal style!

Question 28

Pick some flowers for the bouquet

Time to pick out the perfect bouquet! These days, many have opted to not include tons of flowers in their wedding decor. However, the bouquet is kind of unavoidable. Even if we do not wish to have flowers all throughout the event, we still need to pick out a few for the bouquet!

Question 29

Beach wedding?

For those who never imagined an outdoor wedding, maybe the option of having it take place on a beautiful sunny beach would be enough to change your minds? A beach wedding may not be for everyone, but we are thinking there are probably a few couples who would jump at the chance!

Question 30

Pick a hairstyle for the wedding day

As important as the dress decision is, the hair style we choose is just as important! We want to look our most beautiful for sure, but we also want to make sure we are comfortable. If we do go with an over-the-top style, we have to keep in mind that we may need to upkeep it throughout the night.

Question 31

Will there be a second outfit for the reception?

Why have one dress, when we could have two?! We are thinking this is how some brides view the option of a second outfit anyway. Not only could this be a chance to purchase a second beautiful dress, but it could also be a great opportunity to pick out something more comfortable for the reception.

Question 32

Will mom be allowed to help with the planning?

Now this one is sure to split up the room a bit. This decision will really come down to everyone's own personal relationship with their mother and or in-laws. If we are set on making all of the decisions ourselves, we may not want to let them have that kind of control.

Question 33

What kind of vows will be used?

Let's forget about the decor, the outfits, and all of the planning for a moment, and focus in on the most important part of the whole day. The vows we make at our wedding, are the entire point event. Would we feel safest using the classics, or would we want to write our own?

Question 34

Pick a bridal makeup style

Picking the perfect bridal makeup may be more important to some brides than to others. If we wear a ton of makeup on a regular basis, we would naturally want to pull out all the stops for our wedding. However, the idea of getting married with no makeup, does sound quite romantic, doesn't it?

Question 35


The veil is a very traditional look. Back in the day, no bride would ever be caught walking down the aisle without one. That being said, a lot of modern brides have completely done away with the tradition. How does everyone here feel about sporting a veil on the big day?

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