Plan A Dream Wedding And We'll Guess Your Sign

Who hasn't given tons of thought to their dream wedding?

Whether that wedding is a local celebration with tons of friends and family or a smaller event on a local beach somewhere, there really is no wrong way to say "I do"! Of course there are plenty of details to iron out no matter where the dream wedding is held, like the question of what season the wedding will take place during and how big the guest list will be. Will out of town guests be invited? Where will they stay? Will the wedding have a fun and memorable theme, or will it be a classic event that will be the last word in sophistication and romance? What kind of food will be served? What will the cake look like?

There are so many questions and really- there is no right answer to any of them! Each wedding is different and beautifully unique in its own way! It's time to let us know what your perfect wedding would look like and give us a chance to guess your sign! Simply tell us how the wedding will look from start to finish and we will let everyone know where they belong in the sky!

Question 1

What does the engagement ring look like?

Let's start off with one of the most crucial questions- the engagement ring. That little piece of jewelry sets the whole rest of the wedding into motion, so it is really important to let us know what the most swoon-worthy type of ring is. Check out the four options listed with this question and select the one that sounds the most fabulous! Everyone is different and there are no right or wrong answers, so simply select on and we'll reveal your sign!

Question 2

What season does the wedding occur during?

Okay- let's say that we have our engagement ring on our finger and are ready to walk down the aisle (if that is the type of wedding that you want). We need to figure out what time of the year would be best for saying the big "I dos"! This is one of the most important questions to answer when planning out the wedding of our dreams, so think long and hard about what season would be best and let us know!

Question 3

How big will the guest list be?

Let's talk about the people who will make the wedding absolutely divine. No... we are not referring to the bride and groom, although without them there would be no wedding in the first place. We are talking about the wedding guests who will assemble to cheer along the happy couple as they make it official. How big the official guest list will be is a matter of personal preference, so simply let us know which one sounds best to you!

Question 4

Will out of town guests be invited?

Speaking of the guests, let's talk about the ones who will have to pack up their suitcases and travel to join in on the festivities. These folks might not be physically close to us, but they are certainly near and dear in our hearts. Will there be out of town guests at the dream wedding? Let us know if out-of-towners will be joining you and your soulmate for the festivities by selecting the most appropriate choice from the four listed.

Question 5

Which color works best for the wedding?

Let's talk about what the wedding itself will look like. We all have a color scheme in our minds for what our best girls will be dressed in. Everyone is different- and frankly- it might depend on what season the wedding is taking place during also. We have listed a few fave wedding colors and want everyone to take a look and select the one that they like the best. From sophisticated grey to pretty pasted pink, there's something for everyone!

Question 6

What is the best theme for the wedding?

Let's be honest here- some of the best weddings around have awesome themes to go along with them. We all want to be memorable, right? Sometimes, a super clever theme like Masked Romance and 1930s Flapper Glamour can really invoke a sense of romance that won't be duplicated anywhere else! Under The Sea lets us play with different costumes and really fun decorations, and Star Wars is just awesome. Who does not love Star Wars? Select a theme from those listed.

Question 7

Which far-away destination is the most romantic?

Let's say that for this wedding we are going to pack up our bags and go somewhere exotic and beautiful to say our "I dos". Where would be the perfect location? Destination weddings are growing in popularity all of the time, so think about which one sounds the best. Who wants to visit the sun drenched beaches of Thailand or Hawaii? Who would prefer the romance of Ireland or the cosmopolitan flair of Vienna, Austria? Choose the best option now.

Question 8

What is the best way to keep track of all wedding inspirations?

Weddings take a lot of work, and there are so many different things to keep in mind. How can we keep track of all of them? Everyone has a different system, and there is no right answer (like many of the other questions on this list), so just choose the one that is the most practical, inspirational and fits best with the way that you do things. Who will keep it all in their head? Who prefers a scrapbook or other method?

Question 9

What type of engagement party is best?

Let's dial it back a little bit from the wedding itself and talk about the engagement party. The engagement party is the big get together that lets everyone know that you and your soulmate are about to tie the knot. It is a great way to get everyone together to celebrate before the wedding. Let's talk about what the ideal engagement party would look like. Would it be a whimsical brunch or a fancy dinner? How about a small cocktail party or BBQ?

Question 10

What is the best place to register for the engagement party?

Keeping on the engagement party theme here- what would be the best place to register for the big day before the big day? Most engagement parties have a gift-giving aspect, where the happy couple is treated with items for their brand new life. We have listed several different companies that would all be amazing to register with. Which one sounds the best to you? Choose between Target, Crate & Barrel, Wayfair or Amazon. Select the best one for you now!

Question 11

What's on the menu at the engagement party?

Let's talk about food. The engagement party is one of the big festivities that leads up to the ultimate event- the wedding itself. Of course, the menu needs to be totally on point, right? There are several dishes that totally shine on any menu like decadent surf and turf or miniature vegetable quiches. There are old favorites like crepes and Nutella or the ever-amazing avocado toast. It is tough to miss with any of them. Which one is the best?

Question 12

Is there a bachelorette party?

The choice to have a bachelorette party or not have one is completely personal. Some think that a big event with all of our besties before the big day is exactly the best way to celebrate a new chapter in our lives. Others think that it is not necessary to have a big bacheloerette party. Who knows what the right anwer is? It is all totally personal! Check out the four options listed and choose the best one for you.

Question 13

Which bachelorette party sounds best?

Okay- we can talk all day about the wedding but one of the biggest celebrations has got to be the bachelorette party! Who does not love getting together with all of their besties and having a huge pre-wedding celebration that will end all other celebrations. What makes the most epic bachelorette party? Well, that choice is totally personal but we have listed a few options to choose from. Check out the four choices that we have laid out and choose one.

Question 14

What does the ideal venue look like?

Let's get back to the wedding. Each venue is different and all of them have thier own particular charms and beauties. There is no one venue that is perfect for everyone, so it is time to let us know what would make your ideal wedding venue so special. What does it look like? Who loves a bright and airy venue, or something a little smaller and cozier? Who likes a sophisticated and ornate venue? Who would prefer sleek and modern?

Question 15

Will the venue be indoors or outdoors?

Just as important as what the venue will look like is whether it is outdoors or indoors. There are certain charms to each option- so this all comes down to a matter of personal preference. Who loves the feel of a cozy indoor venue? Who thinks that romance is best celebarated outside with the glory of nature? Who would prefer a venue that celebrated the best of both worlds? Would it depend on the weather? Let us know right now!

Question 16

Who will take the perfect photographs?

The wedding will live on forever in our memories, but sometimes it is even better to have photographs that we can reflect on for the rest of our lives. Wedding photographers are in high demand for good reason- they provide the bride and groom with the perfect snapshot (pun totally intended) of the beginning of their lives together. Who would be the best person to take photographs at your dream wedding? Tell us the right answer from the four listed.

Question 17

Will elements of the wedding be videotaped?

Sometimes still photos are not enough and it is even better to have a video record of all of the festivities. For times like this, it is best to hire a videographer who can get all of the tender moments on camera! Who thinks that certain elements of the wedding need to be videotaped for posterity and cherishing forever? Who would prefer not to have the wedding videotaped? It is time to choose the most appropriate answer from the choices.

Question 18

Which type of lighting is the most romantic?

Let's talk about aestetics! There are certain types of lighting that just seem way more romantic than other ones- but like just about everything else on this list, it is all a matter of personal preference. Which option from the ones listed here sounds the best? Who thinks candles would set the mood best? Who prefers track lighting or minimalistic exposed bulbs? Who would like to have a soft chandelier to light up the venue? Choose the best one now!

Question 19

What kind of feel does the reception décor invoke?

Every great venue and event has a certain look and feel- and your wedding is no exception. There are certain types of decorations that make us think of tiimes in our lives, or have specific feelings. Perhaps they invoke a sense of nostalgia or provide a whimsical touch to the overall experience. Maybe the wedding is designed to make people feel overly romantic or extremely happy. Which one suits you the best? Choose the right feel from the four listed.

Question 20

Which party favors are the cutest?

There are certain party favors that really set the stage for romance. Everyone is different and like everything else there are no right or wrong answers- but the perfect wedding will also have some of the most perfect party favors so that guests remember the festivities long after the party ends. Which party favors of the ones listed sound the most enticing? Who loves some etched and gorgeous personalized glasses? How about monogrammed truffles, little plants or heart shaped candles?

Question 21

Which beautiful blooms would decorate the reception hall?

Let's talk about flowers. Who doesn't love some beautiful flowers? They make any space smell totally gorgeous, they are brightly colored and they really spice up the whole atmosphere of the wedding. Flowers for the win! So let's talk about how to best decorate the reception hall with lovely bursts of color. Which flowers would make the wedding the most memorable? Would they be pretty carnations or bursts of lavender? How about delicate tea roses or sweet little calla lilies?

Question 22

Which delicious hors d'oeuvre will be served?

Let's talk a little bit about the food. It is no secret that weddings have some of the best food around. Whenever there is an occassion to serve up some sumptuous and delicious dishes, we are there! Hors d'oeuvres are the first things that your guests will eat, so they should be really fantastic. Which ones sound the best? Who loves scallops with fresh basil or vegetable tempura? Who would prefer sophisticated salmon biliis or tiny brie and apricot tarts?

Question 23

What main course would be the most memorable?

The only thing that should shine brighter at your wedding than the bride herself is the main course of the wedding menu! Many people love wedding food and specifically will talk about it for days or even months to come. Who wants their wedding to be totally memorable? Let's talk about the most incredible food to serve. Who thinks that cashew chicken is a true star? How about some savory sausage gumbo or cedar plank salmon? What about veggie lasagna?

Question 24

Which side would round off the meal perfectly?

There is nothing that makes our main course sing more than a side dish to go along with it. We're thinking about all of the favorites like delicious buttered carrots or a celebration of mixed roasted vegetables. How about sophisticated scalloped potatoes or some comfort food cornbread. There is truly no wrong answer here, so simply choose the one that sounds the most divine. It is time to plan out the wedding meal, so select the best option right now.

Question 25

Will the reception have a buffet or sit-down meal?

Here's one of the biggest questions that everyone will need to determine when planning their perfect wedding. Will the meal be a buffet or a sit-down situtation? There are pros and cons to each to be sure, so this is truly a matter of personal preference. Who likes the idea of having a buffet meal? Who would prefer the guests to sit down and get thier dinners? It's time to round off the perfect wedding so select the one that sounds best.

Question 26

Which wedding cake sounds the most delicious?

Who does not love cake? There is something really special about wedding cake- those tasty and airy confections that are generally buttercream or lemon flavored with thick icing and lots of amazing decorations. Maybe the perfect cake is red velvet or chocolate instead of the traditional yellow- perfect for people with a serious sweet tooth. Some brides even prefer carrot cake. What is your preference? Choose the best option from the four listed here and we'll reveal everyone's star sign.

Question 27

What additional dessert would make the reception complete?

We can't just have one dessert so let's make it two! We all know that romance brings out the best kind of sweet treats from sweet and flavorful vanilla cupcakes to lightly toasted gourmet s'mores and assorted macarons. How about a decadent chocolate fountain surrounded by marshmallows, pieces of cake and fruits from all of the world? The sky is truly the limit. Choose the best secondary dessert from the options listed here and finish up planning the perfect wedding.

Question 28

Who will make the most memorable toast?

Most weddings will feature one or two speeches by those who are nearest and dearest to the bride and groom, so let's talk about who will make the most memorable toast. There are plenty of options like the Maid of Honor or the Best Man, but some more unconventional options also- like the bride's mother or even the flower girl (seriously how cute would that be)? Who would make the most memorable toast at the perfect wedding? Choose one now.

Question 29

What kind of rings would be perfect?

One of the most important and lasting symbols of love are the wedding rings that the bride and groom give to each other. Like many things in this quiz, these rings come down to personal preference and really help shape the overall feel of the wedding itself. It is time to talk about the most important jewelry that you and your soulmate will wear for the rest of your lives. Choose the best option from the four that we have listed.

Question 30

Where will the ceremony be?

Speaking of the rings, let's talk about the ceremony itself. The reception gets a lot of credit, but the wedding ceremony is where all of the good stuff is. We all know that there is something really special about two people decalaring their love for one another in front of all of their friends and family, so let's give the ceremony the credit that it deserves. Where will it take place? We have listed four fabulous options so choose one.

Question 31

Which officiant will seal the deal?

When we talk about wedding vows, we need to talk about those who will listen to them and declare the couple official. There are plenty of different types of officiants to choose from and each wedding is different, so simply choose the one that sounds the best for your big day. Will it be the officiant that your mother used, or maybe your best friend? Will the groom select the perfect one, or will there be no officiant at all?

Question 32

Which style of wedding dress sounds the most incredible?

For the perfect day we need the perfect dress, and fortunately there are plenty of them to choose from! The bride needs to have all eyes on her during the wedding and reception, so the best looking show-stopper of a wedding dress is a must. What will it look like? Will it be simple and minimalistic, or vintage and romantic? Will it have an empire waist with a lot of lace decorating it, or will it be a bright red gown?

Question 33

What will the bridesmaids be wearing?

The bridesmaids are some of the most important people in the wedding party because they set the stage for the beautiful bride to say her "I do"! Of course, the girls have to look amazing on this special day. What will they be wearing? Who thinks that they would look best in bright, vibrant green or palest pink? How about muted purple for a sophisticated touch? Perhaps the girls would look totally chic and spectacular in black. Choose one now.

Question 34

What memorable gift is best to give the bridesmaids?

Being asked to be in a wedding is a really important honor and the bridesmaids are happy to put in some heavy lifting for the big day. Still, it is a lot of work to be a bridesmaid. There is a time commitment and often a large financial commitment as well. Many brides like to reward their best girls with a gift from the heart. Who would love to give mini spa kits or personalized tote bags? How about purses?

Question 35

Will there be a maid of honor?

Although it can be difficult to pick just one BFF at the wedding, most of us have a single maid of honor to stay by our side during the ceremony and the reception. Who would prefer to a have a single maid of honor? Who does not think that this is necessary? Who thinks that it would be best to have many different maids of honor and who will leave the decision up to that particular day? Choose one now.

Question 36

How many bridesmaids will be in the wedding party?

While we are on the subject, let's talk about the bridesmaids. These best girls are those who have been with us through thick and thin- and we love having them stand up for us at the wedding. Who wants to have a bunch of bridesmaids at their wedding? Who would prefer to have a smaller wedding party- or even no bridesmaids at all? The choice is totally up to everyone and there are no wrong answers, so simply choose now.

Question 37

What does the bouquet look like?

To many people, the bride's bouquet is almost as important as her dress. It reflects personal taste and a unique color scheme. All blooms are beautiful, but many of us have a preference for a certain type of flower. Who loves a bouquet of lovely pink roses or even purple orchids? Who thinks that a romantic bunch of wildflowers would be perfect for the big day? What about a lovely arrangement of calla lilies instead? Choose the best option now.

Question 38

What do the bridesmaids' bouquets look like?

Let's assume that everyone has some bridesmaids in their perfect wedding. We have already covered what their lovely dresses will look like, so let's talk about what the bouquets would look like. There are plenty of choices to select between including red roses, tiger lillies and carnations. Perhaps the bridesmaid's bouquets match the bride's bouquet perfectly. Which one sounds the best? Choose a fave from the four options listed and let us reveal your sign. It's time to pick one!

Question 39

Which hairstyle is best for the wedding?

We know that no wedding is complete without the perfect hair. There are plenty of different hair styles out there and they all come with their pros and cons. Perfect hair is also a matter of personal taste. What looks good on someone will not look good on everyone. Who thinks that a formal updo is the best look? Who prefers some chic waves or loose romantic waves that look like fairy princess hair? How about a messy but cute bun?

Question 40

What iconic makeup look would be most memorable?

When it comes to having the perfect wedding, your makeup is one of the elements to consider. The best makeup will not melt or run, or fade during the day. It needs to be durable. It also needs to be memorable and stylish. There are plenty of different looks to choose from, like vintage glamour or bright colors. Perhaps a look that is both modern and subdued would be the best, or dramatic lips and eyes instead? Choose one now.

Question 41

Which nails would elevate the bride’s beauty?

From hair and makeup to nails- the bride's nails need to shine and look fabulous, which means that they need to match her overall personality and look. Who loves the look of a subtle and pretty French manicure? How about some pretty pink ombre nails, or ruby red nails? Maybe the nails would look best with an intricate heart motif on them? Who knows which look is the best? It is totally up to each individual person. Choose one now.

Question 42

What statement piece of jewelry would be perfect on the wedding day?

In addition to a beautiful bridal gown, there's also the question of jewelry. There are certain pieces of jewelry that stand out and elevate the bride above all others, like a dramatic necklace studded with gems, or a vintage brooch that is both romantic and classic. Maybe the key piece is some amazing emerald chandelier earrings or delicate gold bangle bracelets. Which one sounds the best? Choose a piece of statement jewelry from the four listed here. Select one now.

Question 43

Which “something blue” would totally stand out?

There is that old saying that the bride should wear something blue for a little extra marital luck. Whether you agree or disagree, it's always nice to incorporate a small pop of color into the outfit. Who loves the look of some blue velvet gloves or vintage heels with lots of detailing? Who thinks that sapphire earrings would really complete the look? How about a little blue detailing on the dress instead? Choose one from the four options listed here.

Question 44

What pair of shoes would work best with the wedding look?

There are plenty of different options when it comes to footwear and like everything else on this quiz it's (surprise) all up to personal taste! Having said that, there are few different types of wedding shoes that stand out more than others. Who loves the look of some sparkly kitten heels or strappy sandals? Who thinks that bridal themed flip flops are the most fabulous choice for a bride? How about some beautiful decorated flats to really elevate the look?

Question 45

Which spa treatment is most ideal before the big day?

It goes without saying that some pampering is in order before the wedding. There are plenty of different spa treatments, so we want to know which one sounds the best to everyone. Who loves a nice deep tissue massage to really relax and loosen up before the wedding? Who thinks that a brand new manicure and pedicure would be best before the big day? Who thinks that a turmeric facial is the best option? How about an algae relaxation wrap?

Question 46

What is the best place to register for the wedding?

There are plenty of amazing places to register for the wedding of our dreams, but we have to choose just one. We have listed four of the most popular places here, so simply check out the options and let us know which one sounds the most fabulous. Who thinks Bed, Bath and Beyond is the best place to get all of the wedding goodies? Who loves Forever 21 or Macys? How about Williams-Sonoma? Choose the best one from those listed now.

Question 47

Which charity would be best to donate to?

Some people prefer to have guests donate to a charity instead of actually giving gifts. Again- the choice is totally personal- but let's say, for the sake of this question, that everyone wants to have their guests donate to a charity of choice instead of giving them traditional gifts. Which charity sounds the best? Who would choose the ASPCA? How about the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders? Who would prefer to go with Oxfam instead? Choose one option now.

Question 48

What kind of music will be featured at the reception?

Back to the reception. Let's talk about the type of music that will really set the mood for the entire event. Who prefers to have a live band for the big day? Who thinks that it is most romantic to have a single cellist? Who wants to get everyone involved with some karaoke or even a D.J.? Let us know what will really get people out on the floor and excited about the wedding. Seleect the rght one for you!

Question 49

What song is best for the couple’s first dance?

Speaking of music, let's talk about the first dance. All couples have that one special song that makes them think of each other- and we definately have not listed the single song that everyone loves here- so simply select the one that sounds the most romantic. Is it an Etta James classic, or maybe a John Legend favorite? How about the musical stylings of Ed Sheeran or Christina Perri? Choose the best option for the perfect wedding from those listed.

Question 50

Which classic song will get everyone on the dance floor?

Finally, let's talk about that one song that will get everyone out on the dance floor. Everyone has musical preferences, but there is always that song that all of our friends want to dance to. We have listed a few options- so choose the one that makes the most sense to you. Is it Taylor Swift's famous classic, or Beyonce? Who loves a little Neil Diamond? How about Journey? Choose the best option from those listed and we'll reveal your sign!

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