Plan A Dream Wedding And Get The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Boy, we sure are glad we don't have a social life, otherwise we would never be able to spend hours and hours of our time planning a dream wedding that we will A) never be able to afford and B) will never be having at all if we continue to sit on our bony rear ends in our apartments petting our cats and indulging in matrimonial daydreams. Thanks to the marvels of modern Internet, with a special shout-out to a little site called Pinterest, we have finally constructed our ideal wedding. We mean, we have got this thing down to a T. It's going to be *amazing*. Or, at least, it would be amazing, but, again, it's probably not going to happen.

Money doesn't grow on trees (and neither do good dates, apparently), so we probably won't be planning our fairytale wedding any time soon, but the good news is, daydreaming is free, so we can spend inordinate amounts of time imagining the most special day of our lives, and we can do it as extravagantly as we like, without spending a dime. Come on over here and fantasize with us for a spell. Build a dream wedding, and get the perfect honeymoon destination to visit in return.

Question 1

Choose a location for the ceremony

Weddings don't just spontaneously occur (note: this rule does not apply if you're in Las Vegas). Weddings must be planned. No duh, right? Since this is your ideal wedding, you want to set the right mood, and the best way to do that is by choosing a location. Where will your wedding ceremony take place?

Question 2

Pick a venue

You've got the perfect wedding destination in your sights. Now it's time to zoom in on the right venue. It's all about what kind of ~feeling~ you're trying to achieve. Are you going for formal or informal? Do you want something super romantic or super traditional? It's all up to you, as long as it's one of these four options.

Question 3

How many guests will be attending?

What's the point in all this extravagance if no one sees it? This is your special day, you've got to have the people you love there to watch you tie the knot and to support you and all of that other sentimental stuff. Time to look at the guest list. How many people will be attending the ceremony?

Question 4

What kind of budget are we looking at?

Every wedding, even a fantasy one, has to have a budget. Hey, they may be imaginary dollars, but that doesn't mean they're not affected by the ever-fluctuating economic conditions. They're vulnerable to inflation, too, you know. So, around how much money are we playing with, here? What does your fake wedding budget look like?

Question 5

When does the wedding take place?

Before sending invites or booking the venue, you've got to decide when to get married. Break out your day planner, clear your schedule and take a look at your appointment calendar and prepare to set the date. What sounds like the best time to have a wedding? Which season tickles your fancy?

Question 6

Choose a color scheme

Weddings are just big parties, right? And, yeah, okay, so maybe we've stripped away most of the meaning and the spiritual significance and whatnot, but whatever. Point is, parties should have a color scheme, if not a full on theme, so choose a color palette for the decorations, attire, flowers and other pretties on your special day.

Question 7

Every wedding needs some music

Like we said earlier on, any get-together, whether it's a all-out wedding or a low-key birthday party, needs to have the right atmosphere. You've got to set the right tone, here, and one of the best ways to do that is with music. What kind of music will you choose for your perfect wedding?

Question 8

Choose some bridesmaids dresses

Picking bridesmaids dresses can be grueling, but it's a good exercise because it allows you to practice the art of decision making, a skill you'll definitely need when planning the rest of your wedding. Besides, if you think this is hard, just wait 'til you choose a bridal gown. Anyway, what kind of dresses sound best for your bridesmaids?

Question 9

Pick something for the groom to wear

We don't know how you do things in *your* fantasies, but in *our* head, people wear clothes when they go to weddings, especially the people getting married. So, sorry if that disappoints you. Anyway, what kind of clothes do you think the groom should wear? Should he go formal, or hipster? Decisions, decisions.

Question 10

Choose a gorgeous gown for the bride

Is all of this wardrobe planning giving you a headache? Well, too bad! It's time for the most difficult task of all. Choosing the bride's dress. Should you go strapless, or would you prefer lacy sleeves? And why the heck are there so many shades of white?! Eggshell, cream, ivory. We mean, come on!

Question 11

Decide on a beautiful bouquet

A wedding without flowers is like a banana split without the banana. It's like a PB&J sandwich without the PB. Everything else in a wedding—the food, the attire—it's all secondary stuff, but the one thing you simply *have* to have is flowers. Choose a bouquet for the bride to carry down the aisle.

Question 12

Choose a hairdo for the bride

Choosing a bridal gown is only half the battle, we're afraid. Next, you have to consider hair and makeup. We'll do you a favor and leave the makeup bit out, and narrow it down to just the 'do. Which hairstyle sounds best for the bride on this, the day of your most perfect wedding?

Question 13

How will the guests be seated?

Alright! That's enough of the wardrobe stuff for right now. Let's put all that dress and hairdo decision making aside and start thinking about the seating arrangements. What's the deal? How would you like your guests to be seated? Will you be organizing everything, or will you be super flexible about seating?

Question 14

Who is the flower girl?

Without a flower girl, who else would throw rose petals on the ground for the bride to step on, huh? Having a precious little maiden sprinkle flower petals on the ground before the bride makes her grand entrance may not be necessary, but it ads a level of whimsical cuteness to a wedding, and why wouldn't you want that? So, who's your flower girl?

Question 15

Pick a ring bearer

Every wedding needs a ring bearer. What, are you suggesting we have a fantasy wedding with *no one* to bear the rings? Have you gone mad?! Somebody needs to hang onto those pretty wedding bands until its time to put them on the newlyweds' fingers, so, who is it going to be?

Question 16

Choose a pair of wedding bands

The Ancient Egyptians and Romans exchanged wedding rings, so, naturally, we should, too. 'Course, we don't do it for the historical aspect, this tradition has a deeper meaning. Wedding bands are more than fancy pieces of metal, they symbolize a couple's dedication, loyalty, commitment and eternal love for each other. *Sniffs* We're not crying, you're crying!

Question 17

Will the bride and/or groom be writing their own vows?

Okay, this is it. *Breathes into paper bag* Things are getting real, now. *Uses inhaler* The big moment is finally here. It's time to say the "I do's". No pressure though, no pressure because, remember, this is all hypothetical and just for fun. *Wipes sweat off forehead* Uh...okay, so what's the deal with the vows?

Question 18

Choose some centerpieces

Decorating for a wedding can be a little tricky. Too over-the-top, and it's going to look like you're hosting a graduation party. Too understated, and it'll look like the half-hearted going-away party our coworkers at the temp agency threw for us ten years back. An easy way to liven up the place is with centerpieces. Which ones sound best?

Question 19

Pick some appetizers

Your family and friends love you, so they would come to your wedding no matter what. But even you have to admit, no party, not even your dream wedding, would be much fun without snacks. Appetizers are always welcome at any shindig, so pick the perfect hors d'oeuvres for your dream ceremony.

Question 20

How is the food being served?

How the food is being served to your guests is almost as important as the food itself. The appetizers aren't so tricky, you can just leave them out for your guests to snack on at their leisure. But the main courses, the cake...that stuff's more expensive. It's up to you to choose how your guests should get their food.

Question 21

Choose a drink to serve to guests

Snacks are an excellent starting point, but, dang it, that's just not enough! This is your dream wedding, it's go big or go home. So, why not? Pull out your fake wallet and slam some more imaginary dollars on the bar tender's counter. Pick a fancy pants drink to serve your guests.

Question 22

What's the main course?

All that walking down the aisle you've been doing, and all of that watching your guests have been doing. It sounds easy, but it's a lot more taxing than one might realize. Wedding ceremonies have a way of making you work up quite the appetite, so pick a delicious dinner to dine on.

Question 23

Choose a wedding cake flavor

The cake is the show stopper of the wedding reception. It can be a humongous eye-catcher, or it can be a subtle piece of understated elegance. How you decorate your cake is completely up to you, but let's talk flavor. Which of the following sounds like the most delicious slice to slice into with your new husband/wife?

Question 24

Pick a song for the new couple's first dance

There are lots of dances new couples can choose from for their first dance. They could go with a racy tango, or a classy waltz—or, they could do what we would do, and perplex everyone by pulling off one of the most spectacular chicken dances the world's ever seen. Whatever dance you choose, you've gotta have the right tune.

Question 25

Give the guests a parting gift

It's time to tell your guests goodbye. They took a day off to come and see you, you know, and on top of that, they spent their own money to buy the formal attire, to pay to get here, and to...look, you should just get them something nice to thank them for coming, that's all.

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