Plan A Celebrity Wedding And We'll Reveal Who Your Special Guest Would Be

Ever dreamed of planning the ultimate wedding; where nothing was too expensive or outrageous? Well, now you can!

You've finally made it. You've hit the big time, you're a star and best of all, you're about to get hitched! So now it's time to plan your dream celebrity wedding and everything needs to be perfect. And now that you've got all the resources at your disposal it's going to be as easy as snapping your fingers!

This is your day and yours alone. If you want to arrive in a Vera Wang gown with ten bridesmaids and leave in a hot-air-balloon - you can do it. If you'd rather get married barefoot on the beach and party all night with a live performance by Coldplay - you can make it happen. You make all the rules and all the choices, it's as easy as that. It can be as low-key or as over-the-top as you like because it's your special day.

Based on the plans for your ultimate wedding, we'll reveal who your special celebrity guest would be! Will Jay-Z and Beyonce make an appearance? Will you spot Taylor Swift making her way through the crowd? Just play to find out!

Question 1

Choose a season for your wedding:

When is the perfect season for your wedding? Do you want to have a bright and airy outdoor wedding in Spring? A summer wedding party, that goes on late into the night? Or are you dreaming of a snowy winter wedding?

Question 2

Choose your dream location for the ceremony:

Remember that when it comes to planning this wedding, there is no expense too rich for your budget! This is a celebrity wedding, so if you've always dreamed of getting married in a castle, you can! Where is your dream wedding location?

Question 3

Choose your theme:

Have you always fantasized about having a traditional wedding, complete with a white dress and all the trimmings? Or do you want a modern theme like black and white? Maybe you'd prefer everyone barefoot in a whimsical beach wedding?

Question 4

How many guests are you inviting?

Everyone is talking about your wedding. You haven't even sent out the invites yet and it's already trending on Twitter! You can invite as many or as few guests as you wish, there are no limits here! How many people are going to join you for your big day?

Question 5

Who is designing the wedding dress?

You only (hopefully, fingers-crossed) get one chance to be a beautiful bride and in order to do that you need to have the perfect dress. You can call on any of these world-famous designers to design your wedding frock - who will you choose?

Question 6

Choose a font for your invitations:

When it comes to weddings the choices are endless, aren't they? It's easy to see why brides often need wedding planners to help them coordinate all the different aspects of the day. Which of these fonts do you like best for your invitations?

Question 7

Pick a theme for the bachelorette party:

Who says that boys are the only ones who can have a ball at their bachelor parties? No way! These days girls know how to have just much fun as the guys so bring it on! Which of these themes would you choose for the bachelorette party?

Question 8

Pick a theme for the bachelor party:

The bachelor party is a rite of passage and every man deserves a one last night of crazy fun. As long as you don't go too overboard and end up with a Hangover-type situation! With of these themes would you choose for the bachelor party?

Question 9

The top item on your 'Big Present' list is...

This is a celebrity wedding so it goes without saying that most of the guests will not be the type of people who struggle with money. So when it comes to your gift registry - go wild! What will your main 'big ticket' item be?

Question 10

Choose a dress color for your bridesmaids:

More choices! Okay so you've chosen your theme, and your colors, and your dress but now it's time to think about the bridesmaids (who you've already chosen, right?) What style would you like their dresses and more importantly - what color?

Question 11

Choose a color for your wedding dress:

This is your moment to shine. The moment when you stand in front of your true love and pledge your life, with everyone watching you. You have a world-class designer ready to make your dress, now all you need to do is decide on a color...

Question 12

What time of the day will the ceremony take place?

What time of the day would you like the actual wedding ceremony to take place? In the morning? Perhaps later in the afternoon so that the party can start in the evening? Or maybe you'd like a night wedding, under the stars...

Question 13

How do you arrive at the wedding?

How are you planning to arrive at your wedding venue? Would you like to keep things traditional with a vintage open-topped car or maybe a classy limo? Perhaps you'd like to ride in on the back of a horse? Tell us!

Question 14

What will your "something old" be?

According to an old English rhyme, each bride should have "Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue". Something old is usually something worn by another member of the family on their wedding day. What will yours be?

Question 15

What will your "something new" be?

According to an old English rhyme, each bride should have "Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue". Something new could be a new perfume or a monogrammed sash with the bride's new initials. What will yours be?

Question 16

What will your "something borrowed" be?

According to an old English rhyme, each bride should have "Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue". Something borrowed might be a family heirloom, a veil, or even a piece of jewelry. What will your "something borrowed" be?

Question 17

What will your "something blue" be?

According to an old English rhyme, each bride should have "Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue". Wearing blue shoes is a popular way to add blue to your wedding day. What will your "something blue" be?

Question 18

Who walks you down the aisle?

It's a big decision; choosing the person who is going to walk you down the aisle and give you away. Sometimes it's a sad decision especially if the person you'd love to have by your side has already passed on...

Question 19

Choose a bouquet:

The right flowers can make or break a wedding and because you know everyone will be talking about your florals, what kind of arrangement are you going to choose to carry with you and later, throw to all the single ladies?

Question 20

Will you have confetti or an alternative?

Confetti is generally used at weddings to throw on the newly-married couples as they pass by. But some couples don't like the idea of the mess it creates. Will you have traditional confetti or something like bubbles or butterflies instead?

Question 21

What happens after the ceremony?

Okay, the most nerve-wracking part of the day is behind you; the ceremony is over and you are now married! Congratulations! You'll be heading off for photos now and then it will be time for the reception. What will that be like?

Question 22

Are children allowed at your wedding?

It's your day and you can choose exactly how you want it to be. If you don't want any children, except those in the wedding party, to attend your special day, then so be it. Will your big day be child-friendly or adults/teens only?

Question 23

What is your first dance song going to be?

We hope you've been practicing because the moment has arrived for you to enjoy your first dance as a married couple. With everyone watching you, you approach the dance floor. Which of these songs are you going to dance to?

Question 24

What kind of entertainment will there be?

This is a celebrity wedding so your guests do expect to be entertained. What kind of the surprises have you got planned for them? Dancers? Fireworks? You need to make an impression because everyone will be talking about this!

Question 25

There is going to be a live band! Who's playing?

You've pulled out all the stops for this wedding reception and already your guests are impressed by your attention to detail. But they won't believe who is waiting in the wings, ready to take the stage. There's a live band and it's...

Question 26

Choose a flavor for the cake:

One of the hardest choices you had to make for this wedding wasn't the dress or even the venue. It was the flavor for that spectacular multi-tier wedding cake. It looks incredible and you know that it tastes even better. What flavor is it?

Question 27

Who would you love your celeb MC to be?

So because this is a celebrity wedding (with celebrity guests) you were able to pull a few strings and make a few calls and you've managed to secure an incredible MC. You're sure that he's going to keep everyone entertained! Who is it?

Question 28

Do you want live music, a DJ, or both?

How do you picture the music at your wedding reception? Does everyone dance to the sounds of the live band all night or does a DJ take over later on? Perhaps you don't even want a live band? Tell us what you want.

Question 29

Do you want round or square tables for the reception?

You need to try and imagine yourself as a guest at your own wedding in order to make it enjoyable for them. Paying attention to small details such as tables, chairs, and seating arrangements can go a long way in ensuring everyone has a good time.

Question 30

What kind of centerpieces will you have?

Everyone is going to be looking at your centerpieces when they walk into the reception (and talking about them afterward). What kind of centerpieces do you want? Roses? Traditional flowers? Or maybe something fun, like an edible display for guests to munch on?

Question 31

What drinks will you serve as guests arrive?

After the wedding ceremony your guests are thirsty so when they arrive at the reception you better make sure that there are some refreshments waiting for them! What are you going to be serving as the start arriving?

Question 32

What party favors will you give the guests?

Your guests have all had an amazing time at your wedding and they are now starting to leave. What will you give them to take home so that they can remember this special day? Something flashy and expensive or maybe something to eat?

Question 33

How do you leave for the honeymoon?

The night has flown by and you've had the best time but now it's time to leave for your honeymoon! After you've said goodnight to everyone and left them to enjoy the party how will you make a memorable exit? All eyes will be on you!

Question 34

Where is your first honeymoon destination?

That's right, we said your 'first' honeymoon destination! For the first leg of this romantic vacation, you're heading off to an island for some fun in the sun with the love of your life. We hope you packed your swimming costume!

Question 35

Where is your second honeymoon destination?

It's time to embark on the second part of your honeymoon. Time to pack up and jet off celebrity-style. Which of these dreamy destinations would you choose for your second honeymoon? Romantic Paris perhaps? Or maybe Greece?

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