Plan A Baby Shower To See If Your New Nursery Will Be Pink Or Blue

Preparing for the big day when a new baby is born can be a pretty stressful time in the life of any mom-to-be. It's definitely exciting to count down the months and days until that due date, but it's also a lot of planning! The nursery has to be all ready, the name has to be picked out, and there are so  many things that a new baby needs like a car seat, a stroller, clothes, diapers, and formula. Phew! It's enough to make us tired just to think about!

Luckily, the happy mom has something else to look forward to: a baby shower! A baby shower is definitely the best way to celebrate the upcoming birth with the mom's friends and family members. It's a great time to spend time together, get gifts to help the mom prepare for the upcoming baby, and to play some fun games together. But all that fun doesn't come without some major planning! Just like everything else to do with the pregnancy, the baby shower needs a lot of planning to make sure everything goes smoothly and the event is a super happy one for everyone involved.

Plan the perfect baby shower and to see if the nursery is going to be pink or blue!

Question 1

Hold the shower before or after the baby arrives?

Traditionally, most mothers to be have their baby showers before the baby comes. It's a fun time to get together and celebrate the upcoming birth of the child and a time to get gifts that can be used for the baby when it arrives. But, some moms are just too busy for that with their pregnancy and choose to have it after the baby comes.

Question 2

How soon before the due date is the party going to take place?

A lot of the details about baby showers are definitely super personal to the mom that's going to be having it. One of the biggest details is how far along in the pregnancy the big event will be taking place! Some moms prefer to have it closer to the due date while others have it a little farther back.

Question 3

Thoughts on joint showers?

For some moms, a baby shower is a totally personal thing that they definitely don't want to share with anyone else. They want all eyes on them! Other moms don't mind sharing the big day with a friend, sister, or other relative who is also pregnant. What are your thoughts on having a two-person baby shower?

Question 4

Who will be planning the party?

Long before the baby shower festivities can get started, the whole party has to be planned! From the theme to the location to the invitations, someone has to plan the big event to make sure everything goes smoothly for the mom-to-be and her guests. Who will be in charge of planning this baby shower?

Question 5

Pick a time of day for the baby shower.

Choosing the time of day for a baby shower is important. If the mom-to-be isn't exactly a morning person, they're not going to want to have an early morning baby shower! They also have to carefully plan it around meals like lunch and dinner since we all know how important food is, especially when you're expecting!

Question 6

Indoors or outdoors?

Picking a location for the baby shower is important but before a location can be chosen, some specifics have to be decided! Deciding whether the shower will be inside or outside will definitely narrow down the possible venues for the baby shower. Will this baby shower be located inside or outside?

Question 7

Where will the baby shower take place?

Location is definitely one of the most important things to consider when it comes to planning a baby shower. Without somewhere to hold the event, you can't have one! Many people have their showers at home or at a friend or family member's house, but having them outside can be a lot of fun too.

Question 8

Buy or DIY the decorations?

Buying decorations for a party can get kind of expensive. Although it's definitely a lot easier to go to the store and pick up everything you need if you're not feeling crafty, it's a big money saver to head to Pinterest and look up tutorials to DIY some party decorations.

Question 9

Pick a phrase for the banner.

Baby shower decorations can get really creative sometimes. One of the cutest things that a lot of moms use at their baby showers are adorable banners that hang on one of the walls that display a cute phrase related to the fact that they're going to be welcoming a new baby into the world.

Question 10

Pick a theme.

When it comes time to start planning a baby shower, the first thing that a person needs to consider is the theme. In order to make everything look totally perfect, a cohesive theme with the food and the decorations is best. Picking a theme to center everything around is an easy way to do that!

Question 11

Pick a main color.

Even after choosing a theme for a baby shower, everything can still be super customized to the taste of the mom-to-be by changing the colors up. Even if a certain theme typically uses a particular set of colors, it can be changed to be exactly how the mom wants them to be! Pick a main color for this baby shower.

Question 12

Pick some balloons.

Balloons are a key part of any party decorations. There are so many different kinds now that you're sure to find some balloons that definitely match the theme of the baby shower you're having. Whether they're regular, round ones that come in colors that match the theme or more fun shapes, you're sure to find the perfect balloons to have floating around the party.

Question 13

How many people are invited?

Time to invite people to the baby shower! Some people love to have huge events with all their friends and family while other people prefer to keep things a little more low key and only have their very closest besties and closest family members. How many people are going to be invited to this baby shower?

Question 14

Real or digital invitations?

Once all the little details of the theme and location for the baby shower are sorted out, it's time to start inviting people! Some people prefer to mail out physical invitations while other people prefer to do digital ones over social media or via email. Either way, it's just important to make sure everyone gets the message.

Question 15

Pick a celebrity mom to be BFFs with.

As much as we would totally love to be besties with our favorite celebrities, it's just not realistic. But we can dream, right? Everyone has a celebrity they would love to be best friends with and do everything with. Which one of these famous moms would you most want to be BFFs with and have attend your baby shower?

Question 16

What's the dress code?

A dress code is an important part of any good party. Whether it's because it has a strict one or because it doesn't have one at all. A dress code can mean that everyone just wears casual clothes, everyone dresses up a little, or everyone wears a certain color. Or, there can be no dress code and everyone wears anything they want!

Question 17

Pick an outfit.

No matter what the theme of the baby shower might be, picking out a super comfortable outfit is definitely one of the most important parts! Being pregnant isn't easy and being comfortable during the big event is definitely a major priority for any mom-to-be.

Question 18

Will the baby's dad be invited?

Some people don't like to invite the baby's dad to their baby shower. They prefer for it to be a girls' only event with their sisters, besties, mother, and even their mother-in-law. Meanwhile, some other people don't leave the guys out and let the baby's dad come to the party as well!

Question 19

Hire a photographer for the baby shower?

It's no secret that parents love to track every step of their baby's life. From the pregnancy all the way through the life of their child, parents are totally all about taking pictures and putting them all over social media to really help share the memories. Will you hire a photographer for the big event or rely on your phone's camera?

Question 20

Pick a food to serve.

No matter what time of day a baby shower is served at, one of the best parts of the entire thing is having some delicious food. It's great to spend time with friends and family and celebrate the upcoming baby but sitting down to a super tasty meal is a great part of the whole event.

Question 21

Pick a sweet treat.

While eating a meal at the big event is definitely something that any mom and any party-goers will be looking forward to, who doesn't love to have some delicious, sweet treats? No baby shower would be complete without some sweets to snack on. Pick one of these delicious sweet treats to serve.

Question 22

Pick a pregnancy craving to serve.

Let's be honest, pregnancy cravings can be pretty wacky. Anyone who isn't or has never been pregnant just won't be able to understand some of the unusual combinations that expecting mothers decide taste delicious. Along with the regular food, pick one of these unexpected combinations to serve to your guests.

Question 23

Pick another sweet treat.

Who could pick just one sweet snack to have while at the baby shower? It's so hard to pick just one, especially for a mom-to-be with all kinds of cravings going on throughout the pregnancy. A table loaded up with a ton of different sweet treats sounds so much better. Pick another one!

Question 24

Pick a game to play.

Baby showers are a fun time to get together with friends and family and celebrate the upcoming birth of a new baby. While it's a great time to talk, snack, and open gifts, it's also a fun time to play some really creative, baby and pregnancy-themed games! Pick one of these fun games to entertain guests.

Question 25

Tell people if it's a boy or a girl at the shower?

For some people, whether they're having a boy or a girl really isn't a big deal. In fact, some people choose to not even find out until it's time to actually have the baby! Meanwhile, other people can't wait to find out and are ready to tell everyone what they're having. Will you keep it to yourself or tell everyone whether it's a boy or a girl?

Question 26

Pick a party favor to hand out.

Although the mom-to-be is definitely the one on the receiving end of most of the gifts at a baby shower, anyone who's ever planned a big event like this will definitely know that giving a small party favor as a thanks to all the guests for coming is important too! They're often something small and can be customized to fit the theme.

Question 27

Pick a store for the registry.

A great way to ensure that the mom-to-be gets all the necessities for their new bundle of joy that they're eagerly awaiting as gifts at the baby shower is to make sure they have a registry set up at a store. That way, guests can pick something to bring in as a gift and know for sure it's exactly what the mom wants and needs.

Question 28

Pick a game to totally avoid.

Pinterest has so many party ideas for baby showers. Just a quick search on the app or the website will bring up countless games that moms to be and their guests can play at a baby shower. While a lot of those games are a ton of fun, there are some we just wouldn't want to play. Pick one of these games to NOT have at your shower.

Question 29

Pick something to put on the registry.

When it comes to a mom-to-be's baby registry, there are some things that are absolute necessities. A new baby can get really expensive really fast because all the newborn essentials are so pricey! Luckily, the registry helps the guests to know what the expecting couple needs and bring the perfect gift.

Question 30

Pick something to leave off the registry.

When putting things on the registry, there are some things that the mom-to-be is definitely going to leave off. Whether it's because they just don't want it or already bought one, there are some things that aren't gonna make the cut and hopefully won't be in any of those wrapped up boxes. Pick something to leave off the registry.

Question 31

Pick a baby name.

One of the hardest parts of having a baby is picking out the perfect name. There are so many names for babies that are totally adorable and perfect for an upcoming baby, it can be tough to pick out the right one! Pick your favorite of these adorable baby names.

Question 32

Pick a name to say "no thanks" to.

While it can be difficult to pick out a name that's perfect for a new baby, a lot of parents definitely know names that they're not exactly fans of. While they're still nice names, they're just not names that parents want to give to their kids. Pick one of these names that you don't love.

Question 33

Show off the nursery?

Some moms to be are totally prepared by the time their baby shower comes around. The nursery is ready to be shown off and they're totally excited to let everyone see where their little bundle of joy is going to be sleeping. Other parents don't quite have it ready or just don't want to show it off yet.

Question 34

Open the gifts at the shower or after?

Baby showers are a lot of fun. Sometimes, the mom-to-be gets so wrapped up in all the fun of being at the baby shower with her closest friends and family members that the time really just flies and opening the guests gets pushed to the back of her mind! Will you open your gifts at the shower or wait until everyone is gone?

Question 35

Pick a thank you card.

Everyone knows that it's polite to send out thank you notes after a big party or after receiving gifts. Although it's definitely a hectic time for new parents after their baby is born, it's still important to take a second to send out some kind of a thank you card, note, or even email to the guests that attended the baby shower.

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