Pick Your Team To Survive The Apocalypse And We'll Tell You If You Make It

"This is it, the apocalypse!" Well...not quite yet. But for the last decade or so, the amount of apocalyptic fiction has skyrocketed. The future that was looked upon by our ancestors as bright and utopian is now seen as hopeless, violent, and bleak. Shows and movies like The Walking Dead, The Handmaid's Tale, and Hunger Games have been both critical and financial successes; though the genre has existed for decades (1984 anyone?), recently anything that comes out involving the future looks on it negatively. The days of Tomorrowland are long gone, replaced by visions of Mad Max-like horrors.

We don't know when the apocalypse will occur, or what it will entail, but if you want to survive you're going to need a team! Sure, you could try to make it out there in the dangerous world all on your own, but we've seen too many times how that usually ends up. In the words of Sansa Stark, "The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives." It's time to assemble your legendary (or not so legendary) group that you think will help lead you through the end of the world. Step right up and do your best Nick Fury impression: Pick your team to survive the apocalypse and we'll tell you if you make it!

Question 1

Choose a Marvel Superhero

If you're going to go through the end times, it's best to have a superhero at your side. And Marvel has no shortage of legendary heroes to choose from! Top off your team with one of these amazing Marvel characters:

Question 2

Who makes your gadgets?

Even in a world ravaged by the apocalypse, there will be some elements of technology that will survive. And those who have the power to harness it will be the ones to make it the longest! Who would be your gadget maker?

Question 3

Choose a Survivalist

This is like, apocalypse 101: You need to have somebody who knows the way of the land, who can scavenge for food and build shelters out of nothing but their surroundings. Which of the following survivalist characters would you want on your team?

Question 4

Choose a DC Superhero

You've already chosen your Marvel superhero, now it's time to choose one from DC! The rival company has just as strong of a cast of characters to choose from, ranging from the invulnerable Kryptonian to an Amazon princess to a over-prepared rich guy. Who do you want on your team?

Question 5

Pick a Leader

If you want to stand any chance of surviving the apocalypse, you're going to need to start with a good leader! This is the person who will decide where to make camp, where to scavenge supplies, and who to let in/kick out of the group. Choose wisely:

Question 6

Choose a Zombie Killer:

When talking about the end of the world, you have to bring up zombies. It's like, the most popular version of apocalyptic fiction out there! This means that when picking your team, you will have a lot of people out there who have experience killing the undead. Who do you want?

Question 7

Who is your "Bad Boy?"

Every group needs a bad boy. This is the character that is so cool they get their own following, sometimes even outside of regular fans of the franchise! They are the guy that everybody wants to be; they're smooth, suave, and usually can hold their own against anything that comes at them.

Question 8

Pick an Expert Marksman

Depending on the type of apocalypse you're experiencing, you may or may night need an expert at shooting things! These guys are generally the best it is at what they do, which is hitting a small target from any distance. Who's got your back?

Question 9

Pick a Speedster:

In order to get around to different places without being spotted, you need to fast in addition to being stealthy! If you're being chased by enemies, a few seconds may be the difference between life and death! Who would be your speedster on your team?

Question 10

Which Power Ranger Would You Take for Your Team?

Go, go, Power Rangers! The hit '90s show was popular with children across the globe, mostly because there was a character for everyone to relate to! If the apocalypse happened tomorrow, which of the teenagers with attitude would you want to join you?

Question 11

Who would betray your group?

In every apocalyptic story, you have that one person who is shady from the very beginning. They don't like to listen to the leader and show that they will do anything to keep themselves alive. This often ends with them betraying the group in dramatic fashion. Who betrays your team?

Question 12

Which Member of the TMNT Should be on Your Team?

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around since the '80s, and show no signs of going away any time soon! There have been three different animated shows featuring the teenage brothers, and a fourth is on the way this year! Which one would be your go-to Turtle in this scenario?

Question 13

Who is your navigator?

In a post-apocalyptic world, there are no GPS navigation systems. This being the case, you're going to need somebody who can read maps and lead you away from dangerous terrain. Who is the navigator on your team?

Question 14

Which Jedi Knight would be on your team?

Even if you're not a huge fan of Star Wars, you have to be familiar with the Jedi. They are the heroes of the series, who fight against the Sith. Or, if that's too complicated, they're the guys who fight the guys with the red lightsabers! Which Jedi do you want on your team?

Question 15

Who is your comic relief?

Even when humanity has crumbled and all hope seems lost, people will take solace in the funny person of the group. They give the team a heartly laugh in their darkest moments as well as break up some of the tension that comes along with the territory. Who is your comic relief?

Question 16

Who is the kid of your group?

Every group that goes through the apocalypse has a child in it. If there wasn't one, there would be no future worth fighting for! Depending on the series, this kid could be absolutely worthless or one of the standout heroes. Who would be the kid in your group?

Question 17

Pick a Brawler

If stuff starts to go down, you're going to want a good fighter on your team. This is the person who is ready to throw down at any time of the day, and most likely is jacked beyond all belief! They can sometimes be a little ill-tempered and be a little TOO eager to fight...

Question 18

Who would be your cook?

Swedish Chef

There's no good in finding or hunting for food if you don't have anybody to cook it! Surprisingly, chefs in fiction are not really that common. You may not have a ton of options to choose from, but there's a few diamonds in the rough here! Who is your chef?

Question 19

Who is your "Femme Fatale?"

A "Femme Fatale" is a type of character that was popularized by the noir genre. These are women who are seductive, yet extremely dangerous (hence the "fatale!"). If you had to pick one of the man Femme Fatales over the years, who would you pick for your team?

Question 20

Choose a Super Spy

Since the '60s, the super spy genre has been a huge money-maker. The genre has been done all sorts of ways, from the satire of Austin Powers to the realism of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Which of the following Super Spies would you want at your back in the apocalypse?

Question 21

Who is your group's radical?

In every work of fiction involving a team, there's always one guy who takes his opinions to the extreme. Sometimes it's because he wants to oust the group's leader, or other times it is because he just wants to see other suffer. Who would be the radical in your group?

Question 22

Pick a Sneaky Person:

One of the key ways to avoid getting detected by creatures or other human groups in a post-apocalyptic world is to be stealthy. This isn't something that comes naturally to most, so your group will need their own "sneaker" to go around and do covert missions. Who is yours?

Question 23

Pick a Weapons Expert:

If you're going through an apocalypse, you're going to need some weapons. Now, we don't know about you, but we don't really utilize these sort of tools in our everyday life. There are those, however, that do. If it really hits the fan, what weapons expert do you want in your group?

Question 24

Choose a "Pretty Boy:"

To compliment your "bad boy" of the group, you need a "pretty boy." This is the member of the team that always goes out of their way to make sure their hair is done and that they look their best. Often times, they are invaluable to the group, so everybody looks past this. Who is your group's "pretty boy?"

Question 25

Pick Somebody to be Your Eyes and Ears:

You aren't going to get very far in the apocalypse if you don't have somebody standing guard over the camp every single night. For this choice, you need somebody who is always alert and who never strays from their duties no matter what. Who do you pick?

Question 26

Who is Your Rival Team's Leader?

If you're running around during the apocalypse, you're going to be fighting with other groups for resources. That's just how it goes. A post-apocalyptic team can only be as good as its main rival- Who is leading the team that gives your guys a headache?

Question 27

What's the Love Triangle Like in Your Group?

When there are only a handful of people left alive in the world, there's going to be some romantic tension. This, of course, leads to infamous love triangles throughout the group. If your team was going to suffer through a love triangle, which one would it be?

Question 28

Choose a Dystopian Future Character for Your Team:

If it's not zombies or a virus, chances are that technology is what leads to society's downfall. We've seen computers completely take over in movies like Terminator, and we've seen people become so addicted to their technology that it ruins their lives in Black Mirror. Which character from the dystopian society do you want?

Question 29

Who is your demolition/destruction guy?

If the apocalypse has happened, things are already going to be in a pretty rough state. But that doesn't mean that there still isn't stuff out there to destroy! A good demolitions expert is integral to your team, as they can help get you out of tricky situations. Pick one:

Question 30

Choose a famous "Fast Girl" from the horror genre:

If you're not familiar with this trope, you should be! The "final girl" is the last person alive in a horror movie (usually the most innocent girl of the group). They can either escape their terrifying situation, or they can be killed off at the last minute as the movie is ending. Which "last girl" is the toughest?

Question 31

Who is the "loose cannon" in your group?

The "loose cannon" is probably the most overused trope in all of fiction. There's always that one member of a group that cannot play by the rules, and takes matters into their own hands when they shouldn't. Often, they are a force of Chaotic Neutral. Who is your "loose cannon?"

Question 32

Choose a Video Game Character

Video games have given us some of the coolest stories and fictional worlds in all of history. Some series have entries in the double digits, and boast a lore so massive that it puts Tolkien to shame! If you needed a gaming character by your side during the end of the world, who would you want?

Question 33

Who is your Driver?

Drive Ryan Gosling

Even though it is the end of the world and society has completely broken down, you still need to be able to go from place to place quickly. Unless you're planning on taming a bunch of wild horses, this means you have to have a driver or some sort. Who is going to be your getaway?

Question 34

What Comic Book Villain Would You Team Up With?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. When push comes to shove and you're trying to survive in the apocalyptic wasteland, you probably won't be snobby about who you have to work with. You may even have to team up with a person who has done unspeakable things in the past...Which comic book villain would you team up with?

Question 35

When at War, Who is Your General?

So this is it...You're down to your last few supplies, and your greatest enemy and his army have arrived at your doorstep to take away what little you have. You know the odds are stacked against you, but you have to make a stand. Who do you put in charge of leading your troops?

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