Pick Your Preggo Cravings And We'll Name The New Baby

When you are pregnant, let’s be honest, you get hungry. Well, you are eating for two after all. You can not just get by eating your typical meals like you used to eat. You really have to up the ante when it comes to eating. You also have to factor in that there will be cravings while you are pregnant. Some women have some pretty normal cravings, like maybe spaghetti and meatballs or ice cream, but other women might crave things that are a little more off the wall like tea or pickles. Everyone is different and so are everyone’s cravings. Even every pregnancy could have different cravings.

What cravings do you have while you are pregnant? Do you reach for the more salty things like potato chips, or do you like sweet things like milk shakes? Perhaps you like hearty meals like hamburgers or hot dogs? Maybe you like snacky foods that will not fill you up at all, but will satisfy your sweet tooth like gummy bears. Maybe you even like more ethnic food like Pad Thai or egg rolls. Take our quiz and pick all of your favorite preggo cravings and we will tell you what the name of your kid is.

Question 1

Potato chips

Oh yes, potato chips. Pretty much everyone gets a craving for them, you do not necessarily have to be pregnant to pop them by the handful. The crazy part is picking which one to really satisfy your craving. there is sour cream and onion, sea salt and vinegar, you name it.

Question 2

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is a healthy snack to have when you are pregnant. Yes, you know you are going to put on some pounds while you are pregnant, but that does not mean you have to gain it through unhealthy snacks all of the time. Cottage cheese can be a healthy alternative.

Question 3


This is like a pregnancy 101 craving. For some reason, pregnant women love their pickles. The fun thing about pickles is they actually are not that hard to do on your own, but if you would rather pick them up there are many kinds that you can get as well.

Question 4


Nutella is great to spread on bread and make a sandwich out of, but you can also dip fruit in it or make a crepe and put it in it as well. It is not a snack on its own (well, maybe it could be if you just dunk a spoon in the jar), but it pairs well with many other things.

Question 5

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is typically a snack that is eaten in the United States. yeah, many other countries are pretty grossed out about it actually as odd as that may sound to any American. However, this snack is great on celery sticks or on bread with some jelly.

Question 6


Well, you can not have any decent coffee, but you can have some legit tea. White tea, red tea, and herbal tea does not have any caffeine in it, which means all you pregnant ladies can have at it! There are many different flavors you can have as well, so get creative.

Question 7

Mashed potatoes

Oh yeah. Creamy mashed potatoes. They are such a flexible dish too. Sure you can do the typical butter, salt, and pepper thing, but you can also go crazy and add sour cream, chives, bacon, rosemary, cheese, you name it. Plus, who does not like mashed potatoes?

Question 8

Spaghetti and meatballs

Pretty much everyone gets a craving for spaghetti and meatballs from time to time, but if you are a pregnant woman looking for a fast comfort meal this is the one for you. All you have to do is boil up some noodles, add some sauce, and make up some meatballs.

Question 9


Did you know that without that liquid movie butter, air-popped popcorn is actually one of the healthiest snacks you could eat? Yeah, who knew? It is when you add all of the flavors and butter that it becomes unhealthy. However, you have to live a little too so white cheddar and caramel aren't too bad, right?

Question 10

Fried rice

Oh yum, fried rice is almost the center piece of every Asian meal (in Western countries). Did you know that fried rice actually is not an Asian dish at all? it was adopted for Western diners so they would be more apt to try Asian cuisine. Same with the fortune cookie.

Question 11


Jell-o is a dessert like dish that actually has the option of having no calories if you get the sugar free variety. Some people opt for that because it is a little snack between meals that will not give them any empty calories. However, a pregnant woman might want the sugar.

Question 12


Lollipops are a sugary treat that obviously are not a meal, but could last for quite a while depending on their size. Some are a one time serving and can be filled with a Tootsie Roll or a little bit of gum. but some can be huge and last you a really long time.

Question 13


Cheese is a great snack that will fill you up if you are really looking for something between meals. It also has that fat in it that the baby needs during pregnancy. Cheese has so many varieties too. You can get anything from creamy, to sharp, to pungent, to nutty.

Question 14


Milkshakes are awesome, point blanc. They come in so many varieties and they are served so many different places as well. Every different place has a different take on a milk shake, and they usually have their own signature milk shake as well. Get creative with yours.

Question 15


Meatloaf is a dish that your grandma used to make. It is so comforting and yummy. Not to mention that it will warm up your soul no matter what. Serve it with some corn and mashed potatoes and you are pretty much all set. It is pretty easy to make as well, which makes it all the more awesome to eat.

Question 16

Mac n cheese

Mac n cheese is a great dish on a cold day, but it really works for any day really. There are so many different ways to make it. You can make it on the stove top, you can bake it, or you can get a mix from a box. You can also mix toppings in it like bacon, jalapeños, or onions.

Question 17

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a comfort food dish in many Eastern countries, but it has made its way over to the Western world as well. Many Asian restaurants have this dish, especially Thai restaurants. There are so many flavors going on in this dish, there is sweet, sour, earthy, and fresh.

Question 18

Ice cream

Ice cream is a great treat for pretty much anyone. You could get pretty much any flavor you want. You could keep it pretty straight forward with vanilla, or you could go kind of crazy with something like taro root. You could also get any topping you want as well.

Question 19


There are a ton of ways to make tacos. You could use a ton of different types of meat like barbaqoa, your can use carnitas, or you can use pollo as well. You could also make vegetarian tacos with tofu or potato tacos as well. You can pile them high with sour cream, salsa, and guac too.

Question 20

Cotton candy

Cotton candy is not very filling, but it is a fun snack to have. Typically, there are two different flavors...or colors...which is pink and blue. Essentially, cotton candy is spun sugar and that is about it. Many people do not know that you can actually buy it in the store too.

Question 21


There is a big debate when it comes to chili. Are there beans in chili or are there no beans in chili? Many people believe that chili only consists on meat and spices, and that is about it. However, many other people believe that beans must be added for it to be chili.

Question 22

Creamed corn

Creamed corn is usually served around the holidays, but it could also be served with an awesome meat dish. Heck, it can also be eaten with a heaping bowl of mashed potatoes as well. Creamed corn is a nice filling side that could even be satisfying on its own really.

Question 23

Lettuce wraps

Lettuce wraps are a healthier dish because let's face it, you are not wrapping the meat in carbs. You are using lettuce instead. Usually there is meat (or tofu) carrots, bean sprouts, peanuts, and some kind of sauce that you put inside of these little lettuce cups.

Question 24


Burgers are awesome during a summer barbecue, but it is a great meal that will really stick with you any time. Get your hubby to grill up a great burger patty, get your favorite cheese, and grab some fresh veggies then pile them up on a sesame seed bun.

Question 25


Falafel might be one of the most awesome things on a Greek menu. It is essentially a ball made of chick peas, herbs, and spices. You can put it in a fresh Greek salad or in a pita wrap, either way you typically eat it with tahini and man is it ever good.

Question 26

Chicken noodle soup

Chicken noodle soup might be one of the best foods for a pregnant mama. It is said to have healing powers, especially if it is made with bone broth. The best chicken noodle soup has homemade broth and fresh veggies in it. it is great to eat when you are feeling under the weather.

Question 27

Gummy bears

Gummy bears are super cute, but they are not super nourishing. Yes, they are easy to eat by the handful, and it is nice to get different mixtures of flavors, but they really do not do much for your diet. They also will not keep you full until the next meal either.

Question 28


Nachos are a great meal to share. Who eats them all by themselves? What is awesome too is that they come in layers. There are super cheesy layers with salsa, and guacamole, then there are layers of beans, meat, and jalapeños. It has everything you could ever want.

Question 29

Root beer float

A root beer float combines two pretty awesome things—root beer and ice cream. Sure, you could just drink a bottle of root beer, but if you add a scoop of ice cream there is a layer of froth that is just so great that is part of this drink. Not to mention the soda becomes so creamy.

Question 30

Apple slices

Apple slices are a nice, healthy snack that will give your baby some awesome nutrition especially if you eat it on the regular. Here is the thing though, you can make this dish wildly unhealthy if you add dipping sauces like caramel or hot fudge though.

Question 31


Who is not in love with pizza? there are so many ways to eat pizza that it is hard not to be in love with the stuff. You can get thin crust, Chicago style, New York style, and you could get a ton of toppings on it. You could go vegetarian, you could get meat lovers, or just have plain cheese.

Question 32

Hot dogs

Like burgers, hot dogs are pretty easy to whip up on the grill. Just get the hubby to fire up that grill and go to town on them. Depending on which region you are in is what you likely want to pile them high with too. Chicagoans like to put a ton of toppings on them, but other regions just like mustard.

Question 33

Egg rolls

Egg rolls are great to eat along with your Asian (usually Chinese meal). However, like fried rice, egg rolls actually are not Chinese food at all. They were adapted for American audiences so Westerners would turn to Chinese food over other options. Pretty smart movie.

Question 34


Pudding comes in a sugary variety but also a sugar free variety much like Jell-o. You can also get many different flavors in this day and age as well. It used to be that you could only get chocolate and vanilla, but today you can get banana cream pie or even key lime pie.

Question 35


Hummus is a healthy snack that will keep you full until your next meal. Protein filled chick peas really satisfy your hunger as you are noshing on this snack. You can also eat it with either pita chips, which will fill you up even more, or vegetables which keep this snack even healthier.

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