Pick Your Perfect House And We'll Tell You What Kind Of Ghost You'll Be


Pretty much everyone has thought about their dream house, right? Whether you spend your time on Pinterest looking at interior design pictures of houses that are absolutely #GOALS or you just think sometimes about how nice it would be to live somewhere with a pool in the backyard, everyone has put a little bit of thought into it at some point. That's nothing to be ashamed of! It's a lot of fun to dream and those pictures are enough to make anyone wish they lived in that house.

One thing most people probably haven't thought about is what kind of ghost they'll be! Maybe it's because you don't believe in ghosts or you just never put any thought to it, but it's definitely not something that you can simply look on Pinterest for. Anyone who has seen more than a couple ghost movies knows that ghosts can come in all kinds of forms. They can be friendly, evil, helpful, or just about anything else!

It's time to put your daydreaming to work! This quiz will finally give you a reason to think about where you wish you could live. Design your dream home with these questions and we'll tell you exactly the kind of ghost you'll be.

Question 1

Where do you want to live?

Location is everything. It can be the difference between living somewhere where it's warm all the time or cold for most of the year. It can also be the difference between living with neighbors who are right next to you or living pretty far away from your nearest neighbor. Which of these locations is the most appealing?

Question 2

How close will your nearest neighbor be?

The physical location of a house is important, but so is thinking about your neighbors. Are you a sociable person who wants to live in a lively neighborhood? Or do you want to have a quiet life where you befriend your neighbors, but don't have to talk to them too much? Or do you want to live in a secluded area by yourself?

Question 3

What will the front look like?

The front of a house can really say a lot about not only what's inside of it but who lives there. If it looks super creepy and run down, people are probably going to be scared of it and assume that it's probably creepy inside, too. If it looks like all the rest of the houses in the neighborhood, it won't stand out. How will yours look?

Question 4

What's the first room that you walk into?

When you first walk up to the house and open the door, what room do you walk into? Is it an entryway to put your shoes and your coat down, are you straight into the living room with a comfortable couch and possibly a TV, or is it another room entirely?

Question 5

What's the living room like?

Checking out the living room of a new house is always important. For a lot of people, it's where most of their time is spent! It is called a living room, after all. It can really set the vibe for the entire house, whether it's cozy or creepy or something else entirely. What's the living room in your dream house like?

Question 6

Where will the TV go?

Imagine your furniture in your dream house. Will you have a TV? Several TVs? Or will you decide not to have one at all? If you decide to have a TV (or maybe a few), you need to decide what room it's going in. Will you put it in the living room for all your guests to watch or keep it to yourself in the bedroom?

Question 7

What will the kitchen be like?

Time to move on to the kitchen! If you like to cook (or maybe even just like to eat), it can be one of the happiest rooms in the house! It's a place to make food, entertain friends, and spend time cooking with or for your loved ones. If you're not into cooking, it's just a room where you have to go make food sometimes. What's your dream kitchen going to be like?

Question 8

Will you have a bathtub or a shower?

Everyone has to stay clean. Whether you're obsessed with bath bombs and could spend all day relaxing in the tub or you like to get in and out of the shower as fast as possible, it's a necessity. So, will you have a shower or a bathtub in your bathroom?

Question 9

How many bathrooms will you have?

Bathrooms are definitely not the most exciting room in the house. Unless, of course, you're really into taking long showers or relaxing in the bath after a long day, in which case having a nice bathroom is probably pretty important. It's also important to make sure you have enough bathrooms for everyone who will be living with or visiting you. How many will your dream house have?

Question 10

How many bedrooms will you have?

Time to think about the bedrooms! Every house needs somewhere that you can go at night and lay your head when it's time to sleep. Maybe you like to spend other time in there too, whether it's reading, watching Netflix, or scrolling through social media. How many bedrooms will your house have? Just one for you or enough for a ton of guests?

Question 11

What's the view out of your bedroom going to be like?

Imagine you're in your dream house. You're in your bedroom and you sit up in the morning after your alarm goes off. Time to sit up, stretch, and you immediately look over out the window. What do you see? Do you see your backyard or do you see way beyond it to something else? Or do you not even have windows?

Question 12

What's on the back porch?

The inside of your house is obviously the most important thing. It's going to be where you spend most of your time, between bathing, sleeping, and cooking dinner, among other things. But, it's also important to make sure that the outside of your house is perfect, too. So, what's going to be on your back porch?

Question 13

What's the garage like?

For some people, the garage is a super important part of the house. If you're into cars and want to have somewhere to keep them safe from the elements, a good garage is a must! Otherwise, it's probably not so important to you. So, what will your garage be like?

Question 14

What's your backyard like?

Time to go look at the backyard! What do you have going on back there? Do you take landscaping very seriously or is it just kind of there and doing its own thing? Do you have a pool to relax in on the hot days? Or is the pool totally empty because you don't want to have to clean it?

Question 15

Is there a home gym?

For fitness and health enthusiasts, a home gym is a dream addition to a house! Meanwhile, people who prefer their marathons to take place on Netflix instead of in their running shoes would think that's a total nightmare. Will your house have a home gym? And, more importantly, will it get used?

Question 16

Do you want an entertainment room?

A living room is great, but why not go the extra mile with a second room dedicated to entertaining your friends and having a good time? Your entertainment room could have anything from a huge tv, a bar to a video game console or anything else that you need to have fun! Will you put one in your dream house or is the living room enough?

Question 17

Pick one of these extra rooms.

Now that your dream house has all the basics, pick one of these extra rooms! They're totally not necessary to survive or anything, but they can make your house a little bit more fun to live in and there's nothing wrong with having some fun. Pick one of these extra rooms to add to your house to make it extra special.

Question 18

How long will you live there?

Your dream house is all designed and ready to move into! It's exactly how you imagined it and living there is even better than a dream. But will you stay forever or are you eventually going to move on to other things? How long do you think you're going to live in this dream house for?

Question 19

Would you rather live by the beach or in the mountains?

Obviously your dream house can be literally anywhere you want it to be. It doesn't just have to be by the beach or in the mountains. It can also be underwater, in a cave, by a lake, in a city, or anywhere else you can imagine. But, if you absolutely had to choose between the beach and the mountains, what would you pick?

Question 20

Would you rather live in a tiny house or a huge house?

For a lot of people, a dream house is an absolutely enormous house. One big enough that they might even be at risk of getting lost! Yikes. For other people, the awesome new trend of tiny houses is more their speed. The compact, portable homes are adorable and just what some people want. Which would you rather have?

Question 21

What would you do if you found out your house was haunted?

You found your perfect house! There's only one downside: you found out that it's haunted. Great, that's just what the house was missing. Whether or not you believed in ghosts before this, it's pretty hard to deny when you live with one. What are you going to do about it?

Question 22

Do you believe in ghosts?

Do you believe in ghosts? A lot of people have really strong opinions on their beliefs when it comes to the paranormal, whether they're skeptical or totally believe in them. Whether or not you've seen one, believing or being skeptical is totally up to you. What are your thoughts on all things paranormal?

Question 23

Are houses creepy when they're in the middle of nowhere?

Tons of horror movies are set in houses that are out in the middle of nowhere, away from other people. There's something about being alone in the woods or something in a big empty house that's just terrifying! But, does that mean they're always creepy? Or do the movies just make them seem that way?

Question 24

Will you let your friends stay over?

Once you have your amazing new dream house all ready, you have a big decision to make! Will you be letting your friends stay over? Do you have an extra bedroom for them to stay in or did you imagine the house with only yourself in mind? Maybe it's going to be where you escape from everyone else instead of having people come see you.

Question 25

Who's going to take care of the yard?

The outside of your house is just as important as the inside is! Well, sort of. Mowing the lawn and taking care of the outside parts of your house can be pretty annoying to do, but if you like to keep your house looking nice on the outside, it's super important. Who will be doing the dirty work in the yard?

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