Pick Your Favorite WWE Divas And Find Out Which One’s Your New Girlfriend

Divas have been essential to the success of the WWE for the past few decades with the female roster growing stronger by the year. Women's wrestling made major strides and continues to progress to new levels, as evident by the main event of WrestleMania 35 featuring Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey. The term Diva became popular in the wrestling world thanks to names like Sunny who embraced the moniker and made the most out of it.

During the Attitude Era, there was a huge demand for Divas by the audience which brought a wave of new faces such as Trish Stratus, Lita and Torrie Wilson - all of whom were among the most popular Superstars for several years. There were many more notable Divas that came afterwards who got very over with the WWE Universe to keep the division alive even during the roughest periods.

After having neglected the female talent for some years, WWE shifted its focus towards putting them in the best position to succeed with more opportunities than ever before. WWE has employed close to hundred of Divas throughout its history, some of whom were more memorable than the rest. Take today's quiz by picking your favorite WWE Divas and find out which one's your new girlfriend!

Question 1

Pick or Pass: Carmella

As the previous manager of Enzo Amore and Big Cass, Carmella wasn't expected to carve out a major role for the WWE. But as soon as she began her solo journey, the company gave her a big push out of the gate with Carmella winning the Money in the Bank, and later on the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship. Outside of the WWE, Carmella has also developed a fanbase thanks to her appearances as a member of the Total Divas cast.

Question 2

Pick or Pass: Natalya

Since her arrival to the main roster in 2008, Natalya has been among the most featured female wrestlers on WWE programming. With a WWE Diva Championship and WWE SmackDown Women's Championship reigns on her resume, Natalya has been a very valuable member of the roster even if she may not be getting a push these days. More recently, Natalya has been crucial in integrating new talents behind the scenes, while also helping them sharpen their skills inside the squared circle.

Question 3

Pick or Pass: Alicia Fox

With the longest run as a Superstar out of all female wrestlers, Alicia Fox has been involved in WWE programming for over a decade now. Having witnessed a few different eras, as well as the transition from Divas to the current state of the division, Fox's experience makes her a notable figure even if she may not appear on television on weekly basis. Considering that she has been around for so long, one would think that Fox is more accomplished although she has only reigned once as the Divas Champion.

Question 4

Pick or Pass: Alexa Bliss

Following a lengthy title run as the Raw Women's Champion, Alexa Bliss had to watch from the sidelines while she recovered from some injuries. She was pushed as the face of the brand prior to the arrival of Ronda Rousey, and still holds an important role on the roster. Bliss is considered among the biggest standouts in the women division due to her mic skills. She played the role of a heel to perfection, which not only put her over, but also elevated the competition as well.

Question 5

Pick or Pass: Kairi Sane

Fans were thrilled to learn that Kairi Sane had made it to the WWE's radar in 2016 after she was offered a contract. Her NXT stint only increased the buzz surrounding Sane who constantly put on impressive showings. Now that she has been moved to SmackDown, there are major expectations for Sane to become a key player in the women division for many more to come. Her main roster journey is off to a smooth start after joining forces with Asuka and Paige.

Question 6

Pick or Pass: Beth Phoenix

The WWE Universe was introduced to Beth Phoenix at a time when the division desperately needed new faces as Trish Stratus and Lita were preparing to exit. Not only did she manage to lead the way, but Phoenix had an impressive run that earned her a recent induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. The Glamazon also came out of retirement to team up with longtime friend Natalya, reminding fans at WrestleMania 35 as to why she was such a dominant figure.

Question 7

Pick or Pass: Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose is well on her way towards stardom if she remains on the same trajectory. Many reports have suggested that Vince McMahon wants to make her the next big star on SmackDown, and that seems to be the case now that she has been featured in the Money in the Bank match. Aside from her WWE fame, Mandy Rose has developed a huge following on social media with 1.8 million followers - many of whom aren't fans of professional wrestling.

Question 8

Pick or Pass: Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks has been missing in action since WrestleMania 35 following a major disagreement that ensued with the WWE creative team, but there is no doubt that she has been one of the faces of the women's division since making the jump to the main roster. With one of the biggest followings, Banks has earned plenty of admirers due to her in-ring ability and passion towards the wrestling industry. The question remains whether she will be back into the storyline fold anytime soon.

Question 9

Pick or Pass: Candice LeRae

Having made a name for herself on the independent circuit, Candice LeRae's arrival to the WWE was highly anticipated. With the potential to become a pillar in the division, it's no wonder that fans have been buzzing about LeRae's showings on NXT. The reigning NXT Women's Champion will likely move to the main roster by next year's draft as she is more than ready to mix it up with the very best. Based on her all-around ability, LeRae is a name to keep an eye on for the foreseeable future.

Question 10

Pick or Pass: Nia Jax

Nia Jax has been a staple in the division as of the past three years as the strongest woman on the WWE roster. Despite her success as a performer, including a stint as the Raw Women's Champion, there have been plenty of fans critical of Jax's wrestling style due to the many injuries suffered by her opponents. Given how big WWE management appears to be on Jax, she's likely here to stick around with the company for the foreseeable future.

Question 11

Pick or Pass: Jessamyn Duke

It was only a matter of time before many mixed martial artists followed the footsteps of Ronda Rousey into the WWE. Jessamyn Duke had great interest in becoming a professional wrestler, and has fully devoted herself to make it on her own merit. Currently a member of the NXT roster, Duke has been developing as a performer and learning the ropes along the way. As her role in NXT increases every month, Duke will only grow a bigger following from now on.

Question 12

Pick or Pass: Lacey Evans

Major plans are in place for Lacey Evans who recently made the jump from NXT to the main roster. She made an immediate impression on the fans by attacking Becky Lynch following the recent Superstar Shake-up that sent her to Raw. Evans had been slowly integrated into WWE programming by appearing in random settings, and now she has finally found a home on the red brand. Given the ongoing angle between Evans and Lynch, she may become the next big Superstar on Raw.

Question 13

Pick or Pass: Shayna Baszler

It's been evident since Shayna Baszler joined NXT that she would be a force to be reckoned with in the ring. Thanks to her MMA background, she didn't have plenty of trouble transitioning into the WWE and that's among the many factors behind Baszler's dominant run in the brand as the only wrestler to win the NXT Women's Championship twice. Fans are now understandably looking forward to her call up to the main roster as she would be a major addition to either brand.

Question 14

Pick or Pass: Naomi

The women's revolution has done wonders for many female wrestlers in past years, including Naomi who enjoyed two runs as the WWE SmackDown Women's Champion. For some time, Naomi acted as the face of the SmackDown division following her victory at WrestleMania 33 against Alexa Bliss. The recent move sending her to Raw could get her back on track as Naomi could use some new faces to compete against. Now that she is on a winning streak, it appears that she is well on her way back to the top.

Question 15

Pick or Pass: Sarah Logan

NXT has been credited for launching the careers of many promising Superstars, among them is Sarah Logan who has been apart of the WWE main roster as of 2017. Joining forces with Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan to create The Riott Squad, Logan has been one of the most consistent heels in recent memory. Things are looking up for Logan who appears to be headed on a solo run with a big push on the way based on her latest showings.

Question 16

Pick or Pass: Lana

Since her arrival to the WWE, Lana has been one of the top managers around. In an era in which managers aren't very valuable, Lana has always managed to stand out. Whether she is by Rusev's side or appearing on Total Divas, Lana is guaranteed to always get the spotlight. She has also attempted to turn into a full-time wrestler, but given how stacked the division is at the moment, it's no wonder that Lana was re-booked as a manager.

Question 17

Pick or Pass: Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon has never been a full-time Diva, although she has been a prominent figure on WWE television for two decades now. From her days as a valet to general manager, Stephanie always finds herself in the spotlight even when she is simply cutting a promo on the crowd. And while in-ring competition may not be her area of expertise, she has been a part of some memorable matches over the years, including the tag team bout with Triple H against Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey.

Question 18

Pick or Pass: Peyton Royce

It was clear from the get-go that Peyton Royce had all the potential in the world to become a popular name. Many saw her thriving as a face but that couldn't have have been further from the truth as she has become a heel in every sense of the word, thanks to her association with Billie Kay as The IIconics. Having secured the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania 35, Royce's stock continues to grow by the day.

Question 19

Pick or Pass: Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green boasted an impressive resume outside of the WWE as she competed on the independent circuit for a number of years before making the big jump. From her time with Impact Wrestling to Lucha Underground, it was evident that it was only a matter of time before Green made it to the WWE's radar. Now a member of NXT, Green is expected to reach major heights with the WWE as long as she continues to perform at the same level.

Question 20

Pick or Pass: Bayley

When it comes to faces, Bayley is among the first names that always comes to mind. From her character to personality, it's easy to see why so many fans got behind Bayley early on as she became the WWE Raw Women's Champion. More recently, Bayley formed a team with Sasha Banks to become the first WWE Women's Tag Team Champions. And while her buzz may have slowed down in the past two years, Bayley is still constantly used on television.

Question 21

Pick or Pass: Torrie Wilson

As one of the newest additions to the WWE Hall of Fame, Torrie Wilson had quite an impact on the division that earned her a place in the history books. She wasn't the most gifted worker inside the ring, but Wilson always knew how to deliver an entertaining show to fans, which is as valuable of a skill as it gets for a Superstar. Her appearances on SmackDown and later on Raw made Wilson one of the most beloved Divas of her generation.

Question 22

Pick or Pass: Eve Torres

A bright spot during a rough era for the company, Eve Torres was essential in keeping the women division alive. The winner of the 2007 WWE Diva Search contest went on to nab the Diva Championship three times before she hung up the boots in 2013. She has made numerous appearances on WWE television since her official departure as a full-time Superstar, and seems to have fond memories of her time. Torres has also been credited for being among the very few contestants from the Diva Search tournament that sharpened their in-ring ability.

Question 23

Pick or Pass: Asuka

Long before she joined the WWE, Asuka had been established thanks to years of impressive runs for various promotions. By the time she joined NXT, fans were already anxious to see her move on to the main roster. The immense hype has been matched by Asuka's impact thus far with some impressive accolades such as winning the first ever women's Royal Rumble in 2018, and reigning as the SmackDown Women's Champion earlier this year. That's not to mention the undefeated streak that had Asuka running through the roster one by one.

Question 24

Pick or Pass: Trish Stratus

For so many years, Trish Stratus acted as the face of women's wrestling thanks to her in-ring talent, appearance and popularity. She looked like a top model and yet was still able to put on impressive performances in the squared circle. These days, Stratus is seen as an iconic figure who paved the way for many female Superstars. Although she officially hung up the boots in 2006, Stratus still enjoys major pops every time she returns to the WWE in any capacity.

Question 25

Pick or Pass: Ronda Rousey

It is currently unknown whether Ronda Rousey will be returning to in-ring competition this year. Rumors have suggested that Rousey planned to stick around for a year before moving away from the limelight, but an extension with the company could be too hefty to turn down. Some fans weren't keen on having another part time performer holding a title, but Rousey's status was among the main reasons behind the Triple Threat match for the two Women Championships headlining WrestleMania 35.

Question 26

Pick or Pass: Melina

Melina has a strong case for being the most influential Diva from the mid-2000s as she began her journey as a successful valet for MNM before kicking off a memorable solo run. With 3 WWE Women's Championship and 2 WWE Divas Championship reigns to her name, Melina dominated the scene until her eventual exit in 2011. It's been eight years since she was last seen on WWE television and that's unlikely to change anytime soon given the circumstances of Melina's release.

Question 27

Pick or Pass: Maria

The WWE Diva Search was given plenty of air time by the company despite producing very few talents. Maria Kanellis is among the few who managed to last beyond the first season, remaining a member of the roster for six years. Prior to her WWE return in 2017, Maria improved as an all-around performer after having been apart of some important storylines elsewhere. And while her second stint hasn't met expectations, Maria is still beloved by plenty of wrestling fans.

Question 28

Pick or Pass: Emma

Emma has been out of action for a few months now after sustaining a number of injuries that needed time to heal. Since being let go by the WWE, Emma has bounced back with a great opportunity as a member of Ring of Honor. She was expected to receive a big push before the two sides parted ways, especially since WWE officials appeared to be very high on Emma's future as a Superstar given the gimmicks and storylines she was handed.

Question 29

Pick or Pass: Dana Brooke

A few years ago, it seemed like a real possibility that Dana Brooke would become among the top names on the roster. Fast forward to 2019 and that seems unlikely at this point as many women have bypassed her in the pecking order. These days, she is mainly used in tag team matches as well as battle royals. WWE creative team has been open to different ideas when it comes to Brooke, inserting her as a dominant solo performer early on and then a comedic valet later on.

Question 30

Pick or Pass: Ember Moon

The WWE Superstar Shakeup saw SmackDown Live receive Ember Moon as the newest addition to the brand, and fans couldn't have been more thrilled about it. Following an underwhelming stint on Raw, Moon is set to return to the ways that made her thrive in the first place. During her reign as the NXT Women's Champion, Moon proved that she had what it takes to be a leading member of the division due to her immense talent as a performer.

Question 31

Pick or Pass: Lita

At a time when female wrestlers didn't receive plenty of air time, Lita was among the standouts who helped legitimatize the division. Her impact is still felt to this day with many current Superstars crediting her as the biggest influence towards their journey. Lita reached incredible heights at a time when competition was very stiff all around between fellow WWE Superstars. Not many female WWE wrestlers were able to develop a following as big as Lita in her prime years.

Question 32

Pick or Pass: Nikki Cross

Like many fellow NXT stars, Nikki Cross transferred from the brand into the main roster with hopes of replicating the same level of success. It hasn't played out as expected so far with some struggles along the way, but a new chapter on Raw could be exactly what she needs to return to form. Cross has made it no secret that she wishes to be a staple in the division, believing that the best has yet to come as far as her journey is concerned.

Question 33

Pick or Pass: Tamina

Tamina is currently the oldest female competitor on the WWE roster, and while she isn't involved in high profile matches or storylines by any means, she's a valuable veteran behind the scenes. This past year, she has been booked as Nia Jax's tag team partner while the remaining of her matches tend to be against younger wrestlers whom she puts over. Every division needs an experienced name like Tamina who still finds herself employed by the WWE after all these years.

Question 34

Pick or Pass: Brie Bella

Much like her twin sister, Brie Bella was quick to earn a push in the WWE. The Bella Twins were fortunate to arrive to the company at a time when wrestling skill wasn't as valued just yet. And while they may be a notch below the current performers, there is no doubt that The Bellas were successful in getting over with fans. Following a short-lived return, Brie decided to step down from performing as she plans to have a second child in the near future.

Question 35

Pick or Pass: Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly was never one to steal the show due to her in-ring ability, although she did steal the limelight through every appearance. Introduced in 2006 to the ECW brand, Kelly would go on to last six years with the company that resulted in a WWE Divas Championship reign. Since then, Kelly turned her attention away from the wrestling industry to focus on her ventures as a model and actress. She did return to the WWE in 2018 by featuring in the Women's Royal Rumble.

Question 36

Pick or Pass: Charlotte Flair

Expectations were always going to be major for Charlotte as the daughter of Ric Flair. Not only did she manage to meet them, but Charlotte has created her very own legacy as one of the most accomplished Superstars in modern history. Having been at the forefront of the division since the women's revolution began taking place, Charlotte is as valuable as any Superstar today. She also has many years left in the tank to leave an even bigger mark on the industry.

Question 37

Pick or Pass: Liv Morgan

A longtime wrestling fan, Liv Morgan dreamed of becoming a WWE Superstar one day. As a kid, she idolized Lita and wanted to grow up to be just like her. Two years since Morgan made it to the main roster, it's evident that she could be doing far better if booked properly. Perhaps it was time for Morgan to move on from The Riott Squad, which seems to be the case now that she was most recently drafted to SmackDown.

Question 38

Pick or Pass: Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai had to pay her dues prior to making it to the big stage. After wrestling around the world for a decade, Kai finally made it to the WWE in 2016 when she was brought to be apart of the Mae Young Classic. A year later, she joined NXT where she remains active as of now although a move to SmackDown or Raw could very well be on the horizon. With Kai currently sidelined due to an injury, it will be interesting to see how she's used once the company clears her.

Question 39

Pick or Pass: Maryse

Ever since Maryse became a mother, her WWE appearances have been significantly reduced with most of her time spent away from the road. During her prime years, Maryse made quite the impression on the WWE Universe that made her climb through the ladder at a very quick pace. In her first year with the company, Maryse won the WWE Divas Championship twice. She transitioned into a valet later on with real life husband The Miz being her most notable client.

Question 40

Pick or Pass: Mickie James

One of the most accomplished Superstars of the 2000s, Mickie James arrived at the WWE when the division was running very stale. And for quite some time, James was arguably the most popular name out of all Divas, picking up the WWE Women's Championship five times, as well as the Divas Championship. Now on to her second run with the WWE, Mickie James has switched roles over the years to become a veteran who helps younger Superstars learn the ropes.

Question 41

Pick or Pass: Gail Kim

Whether in the WWE, TNA or any other promotion, Gail Kim always stood out on her own to become one of the best female wrestlers of the 2000s. Kim wasn't fond of both WWE stints despite earning the Women's Championship along the way, and that's why she hasn't returned in any capacity since 2011. There is no doubt that she would have fared much better in today's WWE as the company is finally giving its women Superstar the opportunity to truly shine.

Question 42

Pick or Pass: Ruby Riott

The leader of the Riott Squad has been on a mission to take over the division, although the group has fallen short every time. Ruby Riott had a decent run with NXT but expectations were always persistent that she would improve as a performer once she made it to the roster. She has been lagging behind some of her peers who have undoubtedly accomplished more in the same time frame, but time is still on her side to make a lasting impact in the WWE.

Question 43

Pick or Pass: AJ Lee

The Women's Revolution was much needed for the WWE after having gone through an underwhelming period for the division. But even during the lowest times, AJ Lee still managed to hold it down for the division with some of the better performances that WWE Universe had seen. Lee's time with the company was relatively short at only 4 years and yet she still won the WWE Divas Championship three times. To this day, fans continue clamoring for Lee's comeback to the squared circle as she would instantly improve the scene.

Question 44

Pick or Pass: Sonya Deville

WWE fans seem to agree that Sonya Deville is underrated as a talent and could be doing far bigger things right now. The current direction leaves plenty to be desired although she is more than capable of turning it around. She has put her talent on full display since her arrival to the WWE through Tough Enough before transitioning into a performer for NXT. A move to SmackDown put Deville in a great position to establish herself although the WWE have yet to grant her a chance to shine on her own.

Question 45

Pick or Pass: Paige

Paige's in-ring journey came to an early end due to injury although she has remained an on-screen character. As one of the most popular Divas in the past five years, Paige successfully elevated the division during one of its toughest periods. Despite holding a strong interest in potentially returning to in-ring competition, the WWE haven't shown any willingness to clear Paige to perform again, which is why she was made into the manager of Asuka and Kairi Sane on SmackDown Live.

Question 46

Pick or Pass: Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella was the definition of a Diva as she had it all from appearance go charisma, and these are two qualities that can get you far in the WWE. The two time WWE Divas Champion had been less active in recent years with only a few matches involving her, as she continues to focus on Total Divas as well as other ventures. Nikki recently announced her decision to retire from competition, believing that it was the right time to step aside.

Question 47

Pick or Pass: Billie Kay

One half of The IIconics, the reigning WWE Women's Tag Team Champion, Billie Kay was quick to make an impact on the WWE roster. Upon her arrival to NXT in 2015, Kay was quick to impress WWE officials to earn a spot on the brand, which in turn became a three-year run. Her move to SmackDown along with Peyton Royce has proven to be successful thus far as they have added a much needed villainous presence on the blue brand.

Question 48

Pick or Pass: Stacy Keibler

Never has Stacy Keibler been renowned for her in-ring ability as she rarely participated in matches. Keibler was brought in by the company to manager various other wrestlers, as well as to boot their Divas roster. Keibler gained a huge following thanks to her stint with the company, which led to photo shoots with leading magazines, TV appearances including a role on the second season of Dancing with the Stars. Keibler recently resurfaced on WWE television by inducting Torrie Wilson into the 2019 Hall of Fame class.

Question 49

Pick or Pass: Zelina Vega

In an era in which managers are nearly extinct, Zelina Vega still manages to be relevant and popular among the WWE Universe. She was an active wrestler at some point in NXT before forming an alliance with Andrade, whom she still manages to this day. Her matches have been very few with the company preferring to keep her outside of the squared circle unless the occasion asks for Vega to mix it up. That clearly hasn't stopped her from becoming a top name on SmackDown.

Question 50

Pick or Pass: Becky Lynch

The reigning Raw and SmackDown Women's Champion has become a huge crowd favorite in the past, coinciding with her rise to the top of the mountain. As one of the staples of the women division since its return to form, it was only a matter of time before Lynch received an opportunity to shine. And it couldn't have come at a better moment as Lynch sealed the victory at WrestleMania 35 against the two top females on the roster in Charlotte and Ronda Rousey.

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