Pick Your Favorite Women And We'll Tell You What Kind Of Man You Are

Alright gentlemen, we have prepared quite the quiz for everybody to take today! Not only will we be looking through pictures of some totally gorgeous babes, but we will also be getting to the bottom of what type of man everyone is! That's right, we've got the ladies and the answers.

In today's quiz, we have lined up 50 of Hollywood's most beautiful women. We will go through pictures of them one by one and everyone will be asked to select either "hot" or "not" for each of them. Once this part of the quiz has been completed, we will be able to reveal exactly what type of man everybody is. Think you're the ultimate charmer or maybe the funniest guy in the room? Well, we will soon find out the truth!

Question 1

Gigi Hadid

Question 2

Angelina Jolie

Question 3

Kate Bosworth

Question 4

Pamela Anderson

Question 5

Anna Kournikova

Question 6

Christian Serratos

Question 7

Kylie Jenner

Question 8

Gabrielle Union

Question 9

Anna Kendrick

Question 10


Question 11

Rachael Taylor

Question 12

Selena Gomez

Question 13

Lindsay Lohan

Question 14

Gwen Stefani

Question 15

Dakota Johnson

Question 16

Camila Mendes

Question 17

Scarlett Johansson

Question 18

Bella Thorne

Question 19

Sienna Miller

Question 20

Ariel Winter

Question 21

Brooklyn Decker

Question 22

Penélope Cruz

Question 23

Hailey Clauson

Question 24

Taylor Swift

Question 25

Ashley Graham

Question 26

Emma Stone

Question 27

Kaley Cuoco

Question 28

Jennifer Garner

Question 29

Emily Blunt

Question 30

Ariana Grande

Question 31

Megan Fox

Question 32

Kendall Jenner

Question 33

Amber Heard

Question 34

Zoey Deutch

Question 35

Iggy Azalea

Question 36

Jennifer Morrison

Question 37

Lucy Liu

Question 38

Emilia Clarke

Question 39

Bella Hadid

Question 40

Amanda Seyfried

Question 41

Alexis Bledel

Question 42


Question 43

Kate Upton

Question 44

Nicki Minaj

Question 45

Sarah Hyland

Question 46

Emma Watson

Question 47

Lady Gaga

Question 48

Demi Lovato

Question 49

Zoë Kravitz

Question 50

Kirsten Dunst

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