Pick Your Favorite Wedding Dresses And Get A TV Groom

Planning a wedding is one of the biggest joys in life, for many, though it can certainly come with its challenges. That being said, we are going to be offering up some wedding dress options for everyone who is here with us today, taking this bridal quiz!

So, there will be short and sweet dresses, there will be some that are long and lovely, others will be super dramatic, and some are quite playful. There is truly something for everyone down below. But that is not even the best part…

The best part of this quiz is the end. See, for each dress, we need an answer: “Pick” if it is loved and would be considered or “pass” if it is not loved and would never be worn. Then, based on everyone’s answers, everyone will get a result: A TV Groom!

Which leading man are we destined to be with? Which hunk is our match? Will we end up with someone who is funny, someone who is nerdy, someone who is strong, someone who is mysterious or a combination of all of this and more?

Let’s find out! Ready to get started? Great! Starting picking and passing on wedding gowns, in order to get a hubby from television.

Question 1

What are the thoughts on this flirty dress?

This flirty dress is perfect for a beautiful bride. We can see it at a beach wedding, since it has a laid-back vibe, and it would also work well for a backyard wedding - one that is casual but has the perfect touches of elegance. Yes, this dress is the perfect combo of easy and elegant, with just a touch of sass. To many, it may be THE dress for THE big day! So is it a pick or a pass?

Question 2

What are the thoughts on this off-the-shoulder dress?

Speaking of beach weddings...This off-the-shoulder dress would look stunning with the ocean as a backdrop! It, too, blends easy and gorgeous in a great way, and if there are any brides out there who love their toned shoulders, try this gown. But not everyone will be into it, which is why the options are to pick it or to pass on over it. So do so now, by picking one of the answer choices that we listed out down below.

Question 3

What are the thoughts on this voluminous dress?

Any brides into volume? Then this could be the perfect gown! It does not play around, as the bottom of it is full of texture and frills and that princess vibe. It is a dramatic piece that could work at a setting like an elaborate chapel or even an art museum, for a non-traditional bride who wants an interesting setting for her big and memorable day. Loving it? Then click on “pick”. Too much? Then click on “pass”.

Question 4

What are the thoughts on this long-sleeve dress?

Many brides go for long-sleeve dresses when bridal shopping. Some need that, due to having weddings in the fall or the winter, while others just love the sophisticated look that comes with a dress like this one. If anyone out there agrees, then this will be a yes. However, if anyone prefers to show a little more skin, then say nah to this. Either way, click on an answer down below there, then continue on within this wedding dress quiz.

Question 5

What are the thoughts on this runway dress?

Runway shows are known for pushing the limits of fashion. That being said, this dress is a high-fashion one. As it is, it may not work for all brides, all venues and all weddings. However, some may love the drama it brings. Every bride is different and will choose different styles for different wedding ceremonies! So, we are definitely quite anxious to see how many people pick this dress and how many people would prefer something else, besides this.

Question 6

What are the thoughts on this beachy dress?

Of course, any bride can choose any dress, no matter where or when her wedding is taking place. Still, when a ceremony is on a beach, a loose and flowy dress is usually worn. If anyone is looking to take that to the next level, though, try a unique option - like this one that is trimmed in blue! It sort of mimics the waves of the ocean, which some people here will love and others will say “pass” to!

Question 7

What are the thoughts on this sheer dress?

This dress does have some sheer portions, but it is super classy! The detailing, the material and the overall vibe of the dress make it one that could work in many settings, which is nice. The answer choices here include “pick” (which someone would click on if he/she found this dress to be dreamy) and “pass” (which implies that this dress is not loved at all). So what will it be? Is this a winner? Or is it all wrong for that big day?

Question 8

What are the thoughts on this form-fitting dress?

On her wedding day, a bride will find that all attention is on her. Therefore, she needs a dress that will impress. This may be something short and frilly. It could be something with a long lacy train and veil. Or it could be a form-fitting little number that gives Jessica Rabbit vibes! Yes, if someone was wanting to show off their curves while getting married, then say yes to this dress. If not, of course, feel free to skip this dress.

Question 9

What are the thoughts on this princess dress?

When many hear the words “wedding dress”, they picture something fit for a princess - like this gown. It looks like it could be straight out of The Princess Diaries, with its full skirt and glamorous accents. Some people can’t get enough of dresses like this, which could result in a pick here. Others, though, consider this to be far too much, which means they will say pass to this option. Either way, click on an answer down below there.

Question 10

What are the thoughts on this straight dress?

Want something with a little less drama and volume? There are tons and tons of simple and straight dresses out there, such as this one that we have pictured right here. However, it is not just a boring ol’ sack; It has a modern edge, with a cropped top, pockets and that fun crown on this bride's head. Love it? Pick this one! Not digging it? Feel free to say pass to this dress (and wait for something else fab on this quiz).

Question 11

What are the thoughts on this lacy dress?

Okay, we are moving right along, to the next question...When it comes to lace, there are numerous options out there, as many wedding dresses incorporate this material. To some, this makes them heavenly! To others, it is not a great look. And still others would never ever ever wear a dress like this one! That is okay, though. We welcome all styles and opinions and types and thoughts, so give us one now by clicking on an answer option now!

Question 12

What are the thoughts on this show-stopping dress?

Remember: When a wedding takes place, the bride and the groom are being seen by tons of people - and they have not seen some in years. They are also taking tons of photos - which will be on display for years to come. Therefore, in order to create some really fun memories, a woman may opt for a show-stopper like this one. This dress is far from plain or boring or uninteresting, so pick it or pass on it now.

Question 13

What are the thoughts on this simple dress?

Some brides do not want to show off their curves. Some do not like a lot of detailing. And that works, since there are numerous options for dresses with more laid-back vibes. This one is simple yet sweet, plain yet pretty, and we could see so many different women in something like this. Into it? Then give it a thumbs up. Wanting something more exciting? Then click “pass”, reminding us again that this is not for everyone, which we know.

Question 14

What are the thoughts on this open-back dress?

Some dresses show off a bride’s shoulders, like one we mentioned up above. Some highlight the legs, if those are fab. And one like this is all about the back! The front is probably great here, too, but when this bride turns around or walks back down the aisle or dances, everyone will be pleased to see such a fun and interesting detail. But, if it is not appealing to anyone who is here, feel free to click on “pass” down below.

Question 15

What are the thoughts on this detailed dress?

In the wonderful world of fashion, garments can be detailed in so many different ways. There are busy prints, there are adornments to include, and there are gowns like this one right here. It could be argued that there is too much going on here, but many will find all the little surprises on this dress just divine. Either way, everyone who is here must tell us: Are we saying OMG yes to this dress or more like OMG whyyy?

Question 16

What are the thoughts on this traditional dress?

Many weddings could be described as traditional, and they probably feature a few key things: The wedding happens in a church. The bride and groom cut a white cake together. The groom wears a black suit. And the bride wears a white dress - something along the lines of this. For many, this is everything, a yes, a pick. For others, though, this is all wrong, something to say no to and something to pass on altogether. Answer now, please!

Question 17

What are the thoughts on this flowing dress?

Anyone out there want a dress that flows? Anyone out there want a dress with layers? Anyone out there want a dress that moves in the breezes and in the air? Then think about going for a dress like this one. On the other hand, if anyone is looking for a gown that is tight, that is short and that is structured...Well, those people may want to select “pass” from the options that are listed out down below there.

Question 18

What are the thoughts on this fit-and-flare dress?

For those who do not know, a fit-and-flare dress does just what it says: Up at the top, it is fitted (as it forms to this woman’s body). Then, when we get down to the waist, it flairs out; this is a common cut within clothing that creates even more of a waist. But, of course, some people prefer, say, a mermaid cut or something short or something slinky, and those people may say no to a gown like this one right here.

Question 19

What are the thoughts on this sweetheart dress?

Here is some more fashion knowledge: A sweetheart neckline looks like this! It sort of creates a heart at the chest, and it is a very popular look, especially when someone is shopping for a special dress for a special day. Do we like this one? If so, we can say yes, yeah and yay! Or do we actually not love this look? If that is the case, we can say no, nah or pass on this question.

Question 20

What are the thoughts on this modern dress?

As we have already stated, some women feel they must go for a traditional dress on their big day. But this is 2019! That being said, there are modern versions of white dresses, such as this one right here. The slit in the leg and the high neckline help make this dress stand out, and while it is not right for everyone, we know that many people who are here today will pick this dress, instead of skipping over it.

Question 21

What are the thoughts on this blush dress?

This is another gown that may look traditional, with its full skirt, but look closer...It actually comes in a blush color. Now, wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes, and more and more, we are seeing them come in colors - everything from a bright orange or a paint-splatter print to something soft and toned-down, like this option here. Those who love it can pick it, and everyone else...Click on “pass” down below there!

Question 22

What are the thoughts on this unique dress?

There are a variety of ways to choose a dress that is unique, like the color, the cut and the detailing. Here, the top of the dress really stands out. It is giving us boho vibes, would be great for a hippie bride and looks like it belongs at a carefree and outdoor wedding from the ‘70s! Whatever the thoughts are on it, we need everyone to select an answer choice from the options that are down below.

Question 23

What are the thoughts on this white dress?

This dress probably checks off many boxes for many brides: It is white, it is pretty, and it comes with a veil that will have people talking for years to come! But remember what we have learned: Not everyone likes white (some people wear pink at their weddings). Not everyone likes “pretty” (some want to go for “fun” or “quirky”). And not everyone wears a veil on their wedding day (since some know that is it not an absolute requirement)!

Question 24

What are the thoughts on this big dress?

Does this next option have us thinking of the heart eyes emoji? If so, we may like dresses that can be described as big, dramatic, voluminous, detailed and busy. Do we look at this image and think, “No, thanks”? Then we probably do not like dresses that are big, dramatic, voluminous, detailed and busy, and we will probably pass on this one! Let’s find out who is who, as we all click on answers here and now.

Question 25

What are the thoughts on this editorial dress?

Okay, let us move on to this next question here...We have imagined some of these gowns at beach weddings. We have pictured others in churches. And this one seems like something straight out of a magazine. For some, that is perfect. Some brides are super stylish, with expensive tastes and trendy styles. Others, though, will find this strange and not appealing - and yes, of course and as usual, those will be the ones who find themselves passing right on over this gown here.

Question 26

What are the thoughts on this whimsical dress?

When searching for the perfect wedding dress, there are some brides who use the word “whimsical”. This means that they are searching for a dress that could be out of a story book, a dress that is a bit playful, a dress that is unlike the rest and a dress that would be perfect for Alice in Wonderland. In short, some people would love to have a dress like the one that is pictured right here, and these people can feel free to click on the word “pick” here!

Question 27

What are the thoughts on this short dress?

On the other hand, some brides turn to short dresses that are more understated. Do not let the lack of material and that word fool any of us, though - Dresses like this one are still super lovely! The length of this one is just right for a certain bride, a summer wedding or a quick trip to the courthouse! The lace found here is perfect for standing out in photos and looking gorgeous on that big day. That being said, click on one of the answer options that we have listed out for everyone down below.

Question 28

What are the thoughts on this sweet dress?

Here is another short and lacy option that can perfectly be described as “sweet”. The girl next door, the beauty queen and the it girl are three types who could end up in this dress. On the other hand, the rebel, the goth and the drama queen may want to turn to a dress with some more oomph. Either way, tell us: Will we say “pick” on this short option? Or will we “pass”, as we wait for something better to come along?

Question 29

What are the thoughts on this fun dress?

Hey, wait...Up above, we mentioned that girls who are rebels, those in a goth phase and women who consider themselves to be drama queens may want something more in a dress. Is this it? See, this is yet another short dress, but it is not average or boring! It has a fun flair! It has a cool vibe! And it could be worn by many different women! That being said, click on one of the answer options that we have listed out for everyone down below.

Question 30

What are the thoughts on this colorful dress?

Alright, there are two types of people out there and two types who are taking this wedding quiz: those who feel they need this dress right now and those who would never wear something like this. Which ones are here with us today? Will more people say yes to this colorful dress? Or will many people pass on something so full of florals? We can’t wait to see all the results, when this quiz wraps up!

Question 31

What are the thoughts on this blue dress?

Okay, we said there are two types of people: the ones who go for wild and crazy looks and those who do not. This dress is a meet-me-in-the-middle dress! It has color, which works for the bold and bright bride! But it is a light blue, in a soft material, meaning even the introverted bride or the one who likes toned-down looks could make this work. That being said, we need to know who all will click on “pick” down below and who all will click on “pass”, in those options that we listed out for everyone.

Question 32

What are the thoughts on this colored dress?

Let’s keep the colors going! Here is a dress that may cause people to say, “I need it now (and I am not even dating anyone!).” Some who are taking this quiz may like parts of it, which means they could go either way on this one. And still others know that they do not love it, so those people will more than likely pass right on over this colored dress. Answer now, people, before continuing on in this quiz of dresses!

Question 33

What are the thoughts on this rainbow dress?

We want to know: Are there any brides out there looking for a rainbow dress? Well, here one is! If this is appealing to anyone, then those people will want to go ahead and click on “pick” in the answer options down below. Oh, but we also want to know...Are there any brides who are afraid of color? If so, this is not the dress to choose! And, furthermore, these people can click on “pass” down below, where we have answer choices for everyone who is here.

Question 34

What are the thoughts on this ruffled dress?

Is this ruffled dress the best thing we have ever seen? Do we feel like it could work - but only for, like, a movie star? Or are we finding all of it - the color, the ruffles, the volume, the styling - to just be laughable? We are sure there are differing thoughts when it comes to this gown, but as usual, we all must answer: Will this be a yes moment, or will this one be skipped right on over?

Question 35

What are the thoughts on this purple dress?

Who here likes purple? Anyone who answered yes may be interested in seeing this colorful and unique and bright and fun dress. But the ones who do not find purple to be cute...Well, those brides will probably not be interested in something like this, and these women will probably all be doing the same thing: clicking on “pass” as the answer to this question (instead of clicking on “pick” down below). Either way, please answer this question now!

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