Pick Your Favorite Star Wars Characters, And We'll Tell You Which Lightsaber You'd Have

Star Wars is a franchise that has been around for a long time, making a lot of people a lot of money! Due to the sheer amount of movies that have been made, it's no surprise that people have their favorite characters and those that they're less interested in. We wanted to take a look at the various characters from Star Wars to see which ones people enjoy and which they wish had never been written into the movies in the first place. This is everyone's chance to either pick or pass on these various Star Wars characters.

What we've done is lay out some of the most famous characters in the Star Wars movies, as well as some lesser known ones, and we want everyone to decide whether or not they would pick or pass on them. Once we have that information, we'll be able to tell all of the Star Wars fans out there which Lightsaber they would have if they were a character themselves!

If everyone is ready, we think it's about time that we got started and took a look at the Star Wars characters and which Lightsaber each and every fan out there would end up with.

Question 1


Despite his size and way of speaking, this is one of the most powerful creatures in the Star Wars universe. That being said, we did much prefer when he acted as a teacher and didn't actually get involved with the fighting himself. His fight scene has become infamous for looking absolutely hilarious, and there's no excuse as to why people would want to see him take on anyone with a Lightsaber. Stick to the force teaching from now on Yoda!

Question 2

Admiral Ackbar

Star Wars has some of the most famous characters in any fictional universe, but this guy takes it to another level! He has become famous for a single line, that line being used in various internet memes and even making it into the real world. It has been used in campaign videos in an attempt to discredit the opposing party, which must have been a pretty surreal experience for anyone that worked to make these movies a reality in the first place.

Question 3

Vice Admiral Holdo

One thing that many people don't often see in the real world is human sacrifice, but characters like this are always doing it in fictional worlds. Due to the sacrifice that this woman made, many people lived to fight another day, and even major characters were able to live on due to what she chose to do with her life. We would love to see what she could've done if she had survived, but what she did was so much better than anything else she could've achieved in the future.

Question 4


Having a seemingly endless army is definitely a good way of making the opposing force feel as if they're never going to make it, which is exactly what Vader and the dark side do with the Stormtroopers. These are the main ground force for the galactic empire, the people that go in first to try and sort things out. They are essentially the pawns of the dark side, the bottom rung on the military ladder, but in groups they can be formidable.

Question 5

Tusken Raiders

Known more for the noise they make when seeing someone new than anything else, this is a nomadic race of warriors. While the noise they make might seem goofy at first, it's a noise that would strike worry into anyone that actually came across them in the real world. This tribe can be brutal, and they have shown that they are willing to do unspeakable things to innocent people if they feel that it is necessary. Do not mess with them.

Question 6


There is nobody out there that can deny this thing is somehow cute, which is a major achievement if people actually think about it. The people in charge of the character design were able to make a rolling robot ball look, act, and sound cute to an audience. How is that physically possible?! Just goes to show the high level of talent that Hollywood can get for the Star Wars movies. A lot of money is riding on them so they need the best!

Question 7


It's amazing to think that the audience never actually gets to understand a single thing being said by this droid, considering that he has become one of the most recognizable faces of the entire franchise. We would like to see a version of the movies where we actually get to a see a subtitled version of exactly what is being said by the lovable little droid, but we doubt that Disney will ever bother messing with the past like that.

Question 8


Choosing to give this guy an odd accent unlike pretty much everyone else in the movie was a bit weird, but for some reason it just works! The chemistry between this character and R2-D2 is fantastic and we could watch the two of them bicker for hours. His constant worrying about what might befall him adds a little bit of humor to what is otherwise a fairly dry movie, so we relish any moments we get with this guy on the screen.

Question 9

Wilhuff Tarkin

Being tasked with looking after the Star should tell everyone that this man clearly had some clout with the Imperial Forces, which should come as no surprise when people take a look at his personal philosophy! Like so many people that have come before him, he believes that citizens are best ruled with an iron fist, that general populations behave how they should when they're constantly worrying that those above them in the pecking order will come down on them with force at any moment.

Question 10

Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher became a huge object of desire after portraying the princess forced to watch her own home planet blown up. However, she more importantly became a feminist icon, inspiring many young women to grow up understanding that their world does not need to be dictated by those around them. One of the strongest characters in the Star Wars universe, this is a woman that will fight every single moment of her life if it means that the universe will be safer.

Question 11


There's nothing better than a character that not only defies the expectations of the audience, but also defies the expectations of their fellow characters as well! Her ability to control the Force with little to no practice shows that she has what it takes to be the savior of the universe. She will likely be the one that ends up having the whole of the universe pressed down on her shoulders, pushing back and taking down the dark side by the end.

Question 12

Darth Vader

When this man first stepped onto the big screen, people knew that he meant business. From his voice, to his design, to the music that used to play whenever he entered a building, this was a guy not to be messed with. It was only as time went on and more movies came out that we as an audience found out there was more to the man than we previously thought. It didn't excuse his actions, but it gave us insight.

Question 13

Emperor Palpatine

While people felt that there was no way the Star Wars universe could come out with a character as bad as Darth Vader, they had no idea what was coming in the form of Emperor Palpatine. While Vader has a rather clean look with his smooth mask on, this man looks quite different from the moment that we see him. The dark side has done a number on him, and if his actions didn't seem bad enough, his face certainly did!

Question 14

Boba Fett

When a story only brings in characters that are entirely good or entirely bad, it can get pretty boring for the audience. Throwing in a bounty hunter highlights that there is still neutrality, that there are some people out there that live within the shades of grey. Somebody who is willing to take money to do anything could be called bad, but then what if he starts to work for the good guys as well? Boba Fett is difficult to get a read on at first, and that's why people like him.

Question 15


Even people who don't like Star Wars have to admit that Lucas is great at coming up with characters that can elaborate on how they feel about a situation without needing to use the English language. This wookie may not be able to speak to the audience, but he still manages to become a beloved character due to his design and loyalty to Han Solo. His whining may sound funny, but it doesn't change how much we enjoy this character.

Question 16

Count Dooku

When people are trained up to be a Jedi before falling to the dark side, we can often see why. For example, this man ended up siding with the Sith after the passing of his former Padawan. People do crazy things when they're faced with such a huge tragedy, in real life as well as in fictional universe. We can only assume that most people would have to fight off the dark side if they went through that sort of thing.

Question 17

Darth Maul

We're not trying to imply that Star Wars was great at subtlety before the prequel trilogy, but just looking at the design of this should show people how far they went with it. In the end, he wasn't too great a character, but it's impossible to argue that people weren't impressed by his red Lightsaber that shot out of both ends. To this day, it's arguably one of the most iconic images from the prequel trilogy, not that there were many others...

Question 18

Qui-Gon Jinn

He may be one of the wisest Jedi masters of all time, but that doesn't mean he acts like one! He refuses to be conservative, feeling that the best way to live through the force it to actually enjoy life. Throw in the fact that he doesn't even choose to be a part of the Jedi council, and this is a man that doesn't want to use his power to be like everyone else. He wants to show the universe what being a Jedi can be.

Question 19

Padmé Amidala

Being the biological mother of Luke Skywalker, this is obviously a very important character in the Star Wars universe, but that doesn't change the fact that she does very little throughout the prequel trilogy. We would've liked to see more of her, but instead we got a lot of Anakin, a character that is still regarded as being one of the baddest written characters to ever appear in Star Wars. To think that he became the interesting character Darth Vader!

Question 20

Obi-Wan Kenobi

We're not saying that Ewan McGregor didn't put in a good performance as this character in the prequel trilogy, but everyone knows that the original trilogy has the best Obi-Wan Kenobi. He supposed passing sent waves throughout the audience when it happened and can still surprise people to this day. As the mentor of Luke Skywalker, he managed to bring up one of the greatest Jedi masters of all time, which is an achievement in and of itself to be honest.

Question 21


Seeing somebody turn away from their training as a Stormtrooper was an interesting development. For a lot of casual fans of the series, it seemed that these faceless drones were almost robotic, but Finn was the first character we saw remove the helmet and turn away from what he had known up until that point. It's no surprise as anyone with half a conscience would see the atrocities and decide that what they were doing was the wrong thing to do.

Question 22

General Grievous

We're fairly sure that this is the only character in our quiz that started out as an animated character in the Star Wars universe, before moving into the live action movies. This is a character that has been trained in all forms of Lightsaber combat by Count Dooku. This is why he proves to be such a difficult enemy when the Jedi masters come up against him. The fact that he can take on more than one master at a time says it all.

Question 23


Star Wars fans are pretty obsessed with knowing exactly what is going on in every single movie. They will argue endlessly about who is right about what actually went on. Despite a later edit that showed Greedo shooting at Han when Greedo was shot by the beloved character, many still argue that "Han Shot First." Anyone that wants a look at exactly how angry Star Wars fans can get should read up on the controversy whenever they get a chance.

Question 24

Mace Windu

One of the most important characters that is only ever seen in the prequel movies, Mace Windu had his beliefs rocked in The Clone Wars, leading many to see him as one of the more interesting characters invented purely for the prequel trilogy. On a style note, this is the man that brought the purple Lightsaber into the universe, and we have to say that it is by far the coolest color that a Lightsaber has ever been in Star Wars.

Question 25

Luke Skywalker

One of the greatest Jedi masters of all time, this is the character that people are turning up to see in the new movies. This guy has changed the universe for the better and will go down as a legend in the Star Wars universe. He is still regularly thought of as one of the greatest sci-fi characters to ever exist, and we don't think that Star Wars will ever be able best him no matter how many movies come out.

Question 26

Lando Calrissian

It's clear that this character is good at conning people and living on the fringes of society, but it doesn't change the fact that he was stupid enough to lose the Millennium Falcon in a bet! Who would put up a starship like that as collateral?! We know for a fact that we would never give up something that amazing. Han Solo must have given this guy some really good odds for him to bet it, no matter how good a gambler he is.

Question 27

Kylo Ren

Seeing one of the children of the major characters from the original trilogy turn bad was a sad moment for the audience. While many people made fun of his Lightsaber when the trailers first came out, we have to say that we actually think it looks pretty cool! It's a great twist on the original design and we hope that more and more characters end up creating one of them as the Star Wars universe continues to be expanded upon.

Question 28

Jar Jar Binks

Widely regarded to be one of the most annoying characters in cinema history, this is an alien that we can only assume was put into the prequel movies in an attempt to sell merchandise to young kids. We genuinely feel sorry for all of the parents out there that had to listen to various dolls make the same noises as this character for months after the movies came out. This character should be taught as an example of how not to write a new character.

Question 29

Jango Fett

As we've already noted, being a mercenary isn't actually the most ethical way to make a living, but seeing as he's regarded as the greatest mercenary in the universe during the prequel movies, he must be doing something right! If someone is such a good warrior, we suppose that there isn't much more they can do than be a mercenary or bounty hunter. That would definitely be the best way of making some money while flying around the universe from job to job.

Question 30

Jabba The Hutt

While there are a lot of things not to like about the Star Wars universe, and this character in particular, we do have to say that we love how much they can get away with. There aren't many fictional universes in which a giant alien slug to make their way to the top of the criminal underworld, so it's great that Star Wars decided to make that insanity a reality. People don't like him, but we think that he's great.

Question 31

Han Solo

Being such a good pilot, it only makes sense that Solo would end up being pulled into the alliance during the original trilogy. We like how unsure the audience is about his true motives. We know that he is a force for good, somebody that does want to help save the universe, but it primarily all about ensuring that he lives to con yet another day. There's nothing wrong with him having a bit of an ego either to be honest!

Question 32

Captain Phasma

When a franchise hits upon a character that proves to be hugely popular with the audience, they often try to force that character into the movie as much as physically possible. This is why it's so surprising that those in charge of the sequel movies continue to put Phasma in such minor roles. People love her and they should be able to see her a lot more on the big screen, so hopefully she'll appear in more of the future movies.

Question 33

Chirrut Îmwe

It may seem like a small thing to some people who don't have to struggle, but having characters like this in big budget movies can be very special. Sure, he is able to overcome his disability, but having blind characters in more sci-fi movies that are aimed mainly at children would be a very good idea. We would like to see more characters like this placed in movies so get on it Hollywood! Sad he had to move on when he did...

Question 34

Jyn Erso

Having so many different characters in the Star Wars universe can make it difficult for individuals to stand out, but we think everyone is agreed that the introduction of this character went brilliantly. Being a former criminal, she had a backstory that was interesting to people, so we can see a lot more movies being made about this character in the Star Wars universe, whether it be in the feature films or in the large expanded universe that surrounds them.

Question 35


Being a slave dancer for Jabba The Hutt, this character doesn't get that much screen time or that many lines, but we think this is massively sad. Seeing her eaten by the pet Rancor wasn't a good enough ending for us. We would like to see more of her backstory and how she came to be in the situation we find her as an audience. People should definitely be utilizing this character more than they already are doing in the expanded universe.

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