Pick Your Favorite Rom-Coms And We'll Suggest A Romantic Getaway

The world is filled with so many forms of entertainment that some people think it's best to try and put everything into little groups, especially those people who are in charge of trying to sell that entertainment to us. They want us to know as an audience exactly what we're coming to see, because if it chimes with the sort of stuff we all like, we're more likely to come and see it. One of those little groups is compiled of romantic comedies, films that offer us a laugh while also telling a narrative that concerns two people falling in love.

We wanted to celebrate the romantic comedy and give all rom-com fans a chance to geek out by getting them to pick or pass on various famous examples of the romantic comedy. Based on everyone's answers to the questions, we're going to suggest a romantic getaway. We think that we'll be able to give everyone their perfect place to go away with your partner where everyone will be able to bask in the romance of the place.

Reckon we'll be able to suggest to a good romantic getaway? Want a chance to take a look and remind yourself of some of the best and worst romantic comedies out there? Well then, let's get started!

Question 1

When Harry Met Sally

We're not saying opposites don't attract or that people can't change their opinion about someone, but narratives in which people hate someone before eventually falling in love with them seem so unreal to us. Honestly, it doesn't happen in real life.

Question 2


Whether you liked this film or not, you have to admit that this sort of film helps give an honest look at what some women are actually like. They don't have to be prim and proper or act as eye candy for the men in a narrative. They are their own people.

Question 3

10 Things I Hate About You

Has anybody actually ever made you so angry or upset that you would genuinely want to write down a list of reasons you hate them? That sounds way too bitter to us. Just try to move on and find somebody else!

Question 4

500 Days Of Summer

While this definitely was a nice little film that is good for a laugh, we have to admit that we weren't too keen on the characters. They seemed spoilt and unaware that the world had essentially handed them everything. Yet all they did was complain.

Question 5

Annie Hall

Whether or not you like Woody Allen as a person, you can't say that he hasn't made some absolutely fantastic films in his time. This, if you ask us, it one of his best. It tells the story of two people as they struggle to make their relationship work in New York City.

Question 6

There's Something About Mary

It's quite possibly the more puerile film in this quiz, but that doesn't mean it's not billed as a romantic comedy. It makes you laugh by grossing you out but also concerns a man's attempt to win over a woman he blew it with years ago.

Question 7

The Wedding Singer

We know it's not the greatest film in the world, but we have to admit that we do have somewhat of a soft spot when it comes to this. We remember watching it when we were younger and falling madly in love with Drew Barrymore. Can you blame us?!

Question 8

The Proposal

We know we've already said it, but just in case any writers out there are taking this quiz, lets please stop with the stories about people who hate each other falling in love. It's not going to happen! Ever!

Question 9

The Princess Bride

You could argue that this is more of a swashbuckling adventure movie more than it is anything else, but that doesn't mean it isn't a romantic comedy! In fact, this film will probably get more laughs out of you than you think it will going in!

Question 10

The Big Sick

You wouldn't think that a film regarding the fall for a woman into severe illness could be considered a romantic comedy, but somehow this film manages to prove us all wrong. Based on real life events, it's definitely one to watch.

Question 11

Sleepless In Seattle

Trying to move on from the death of a loved one can be incredibly difficult, especially when that loved one is your partner. Throw in the fact that you have a son and it can really make trying to find a new partner a real problem.

Question 12

Before Sunrise

We have to say that we like a lot about art that takes a minimalist approach. It brings every back to basics and highlights what we can achieve without getting flashy. Seriously, you can't get more minimalistic than this film if you ask us!

Question 13


Okay, so if you ask us it's weird that this film is considered a romantic comedy. When you watch it back as an adult, you very quickly realize that this is a film about a young boy falling in love with an adult woman. What is happening?!

Question 14


We have a lot of time for films like this that spend two hours attempting to fight the stereotypes of what women must be. Instead, it provides the audience with a whole group of people, all with distinct personalities that aren't constrained by their gender.

Question 15

Sixteen Candles

We have to say now that if our family forgot our birthday, we would be pretty devastated. You want to know that at least one of them cares enough to remember and remind the rest of the people who need to know as well!

Question 16

Bridget Jones' Diary

If we're honest, the thing that we found most weird about this film is the concept that an adult would keep a diary. We don't know about you, but for us a diary was something that we did for about a year in our teens and then gave up on.

Question 17


We actually enjoy this film, which is something that our friends finds odd. We're not sure why, but we think that the writing and characters are just interesting enough to even keep the more skeptical members of the audience interested.

Question 18

Crazy Stupid Love

Getting over a divorce is one of the hardest things that a human being can do, so it's interesting that there are films being made about it. We think that art should take a look at some of the more brutal and unpleasant sides of reality.

Question 19

Silver Linings Playbook

If you ask us, Hollywood has a long way before they are able to accurately portray what it's like for a human being suffering with a mental health problem. They need to start actually taking to those who have suffered and casting them as well!

Question 20

Say Anything

This is quite possibly one of the most iconic scenes in modern cinema history, to the point where it has been parodied by far too many things to even count. Seriously, if something you've done has been parodied, you know that it's famous.

Question 21

Punch Drunk Love

To anyone who has never suffered with it, severe anxiety of any kind can seem like an indulgent. Let us tell you that it isn't. It is a problem that infects every part of your life and body, refusing to let you live a happy or normal life.

Question 22

Pretty Woman

Look, we're not saying it's impossible that the plot of this film could play out the way it did in real life, but we will say that if any woman finds themselves in this sort of situation they should be hugely suspicious of the man in that scenario.

Question 23

Easy A

Basing your film on a classic novel is a great way to bring an old narrative to a new audience, something that we're all for. Remakes and remasters are a pain but if you're genuinely interested in bringing good writing to the masses, we salute you.

Question 24

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Was anybody else really surprised by this film? We expected it to make us laugh but be pretty average in general, but it actually ended up having a lot to like about it. We're on board with watching this anytime we need a good laugh.

Question 25

Four Weddings And A Funeral

There is no Englishman out there that has done as much damage as Hugh Grant when it comes to how the rest of the world sees them. Seriously, nobody in England is anything like this guy. He is an insane stereotype of an Englishman!

Question 26

Gregory's Girl

We know it might be ridiculous, but we have a real soft spot for this film. If you've never seen it but you're looking for a film that is silly but sweet as well, we think you could do a lot worse than giving this cult classic a look.

Question 27

Groundhog Day

Some people may find it strange that others would consider this film a romantic comedy, but it is a comedy that has a romantic tinge, so we think that it qualifies! Plus, it's got a lot more depth to it than most other romantic comedies.

Question 28

How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

Can you ever believe there was a time before this actor was seen as being one of the greats of his time? The guy runs in with True Detective and Dallas Buyers Club, completely blowing everyone away. It's really crazy when you think about it.

Question 29

It's Complicated

Most romantic comedies out there know that they should be playing to a specific audience if they want to make sure they can make as much money as possible. That's why you rarely see romantic comedies about older people, which is a shame!

Question 30

Jerry Maguire

Can anybody explain to us why this man is so well respected within Hollywood? Sure, he's managed to do a couple of good movies here and there, but it's mostly pointless action stuff, the kind of thing that is forgotten within a year!

Question 31


The subject of teenage pregnancy is something that stalks the real world at all times, so it's no surprise that people have decided to create films based around the concept. They managed to do a lot with it here as well if you ask us!

Question 32

Just Friends

The sad reality of films like this is that they reiterate the concept that somebody overweight or outside the norm when it comes to being attractive is deemed as pointless or entirely undesirable. This isn't true. The concept of beauty is entirely manmade.

Question 33

Love Actually

Quite possibly one of the worst films of all time, we will never be able to understand why so many of our friends are willing to stick this on every year once Christmas comes around. If you've never seen it, then count yourself lucky!

Question 34

My Best Friend's Wedding

Do you think we will ever be able to get to a point where people understand how pointless marriage truly is? We cannot believe that it is still considered as the high point of a romantic relationship. We can't stand any of it!

Question 35

Notting Hill

If there's any US woman out there who are hoping they can come to England and live out some sort of romantic comedy, we can promise you now that it is never going to happen. Give up before you end up getting yourselves really hurt!

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