Pick Your Favorite Pokemon And We'll Reveal The Perfect Starter

Pokemon Go is alive and well, and with it comes the idea of a friendly walking buddy. Many of us grew up watching the Pokemon anime and movies, reading the books, and even playing the video games. This nostalgia pervades despite the basic art style of many of the Pokemon not aging very well. It’s not just the pocket monsters that we’re fans of. The concept in general, where wild creatures are fought, trained, and befriended, is a glowing display of camaraderie.

So many of them seem to enjoy hanging out and walking with their trainers that we’re often faced with the choice of which one to take on as our buddy. Ash has Pikachu and Brock has Vulpix, but who’s our perfect battle buddy? While we could go on a long, winding adventure through the various town of the world of Pokemon, it’s much faster to just take this quiz we’ve crafted. Go through and pick out the favorite Pokemon from this bunch and we’ll reveal which one is the perfect battle buddy based on those options. Could it be a water type like friendly Squirtle? Or are we dealing with someone who could handle more of a fiery character like Charmander? The Pokemon will reveal all, so let’s get picking!

Question 1


The photo might show us a super cool, shiny toy, but Magnemite is unlike any and all toys that we’ve come across before. This powerful Pokemon doesn’t necessarily evolve in the same way that other Pokemon do. Instead of changing its base form, Magnemite actually just looks like it links up with other Magnemites. This makes sense because (guess what) they’re magnetic, and send out a very powerful magnetic charge in battle. Sure, that might require playing the long game of pokemon evolution. But at the end of the battle, it’s totally going to be worth the effort.

Question 2


This adorable little pokemon is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Not only is he perfect for any sort of battle against a fire type, but he’s also great for kids’ birthday parties. Sure, we’re looking for a perfect battle buddy. But it doesn’t hurt to find the perfect pool party entertainment while we’re at it. Just kidding! This is a strong battle buddy that anyone would be proud to train with. Squirtle would be an excellent pick for a budding trainer.

Question 3


Ash has Pikachu and Brock has Vulpix, but Misty isn’t quite as straightforward. We remember that there were a few episodes where Togepi was Misty’s go-to pokemon buddy. But for some reason we’re also associating Staryu with Misty. Maybe this was because she pretty much only trained water pokemon, and ended up using Staryu as her go-to battle buddy most of the time? Either way, Staryu is a great pick for those who like all of the powerful water type pokemon.

Question 4


This adorable little duck isn’t the smartest bulb in the patch, as Psyduck would say, but boy is he cute! We’ve often found him in Pokemon Go on those rainy days when we’re wandering around town. He pops up out of nowhere, often giving his head a shake and holding it like he’s keeping it from falling off. He might not be everyone’s first choice, but Psyduck is certainly loyal. There’s no way that we could go wrong with such a friendly battle buddy.

Question 5


Arbok is a sneaky little snake, and one that was often seen hanging around the likes of Team Rocket! At least, according to the anime, that is. In other pokemon games Arbok is seen in the wild, often in the grassier regions of Pokemon Go. For those of us that don’t like snakes, this isn’t going to be a favorite pick. It’s okay; Arbok isn’t for every trainer. We’re sure that those trainers are going to find another pokemon on this list that’s less slithery and slick.

Question 6


This pokemon is the bane of many trainers’ existence. Not only does this pokemon disguise themselves as other pokemon, but it’s nearly impossible to find it out in the wild. Sure, there’s a million pokemon out there. But only one could be a ditto, and we have no way of knowing which one of those million Taillows or Pidgeys it might be. Looks like we’ll just have to keep searching before we can make the ditto our perfect battle buddy!

Question 7


Who doesn’t love Pikachu? This little pokemon is one of the sweetest souls in all of the Pokemon series, in our humble opinion. Not only does he provide Ash with endless protection and a powerful sidekick, but we believe that he’s also part of the reason that Pokemon took off. After all, who wouldn’t watch a show with Pikachu in it? He’s the quintessential battle buddy, and we’re certain that won’t be changing anytime soon. It’s something about his big ol’ cheeks and winning smile that just makes him irresistible.

Question 8


This little dinosaur has a bit of an odd backstory. Not only does he have that little marching band baton of a bone, but he’s also rocking a skull helmet. Is this creative expression, or just a part of the Pokemon’s body? According to the Pokemon Wikia, Cubone is a ground type pokemon who’s got a touching backstory. The helmet he’s wearing is actually his Mom’s, which he’s never going to let go of. It even evolves as he does, growing with him!

Question 9


This leafy green pokemon is one that we’re all wanting to catch at least once in our lives. We’ve done so many wacky things trying to catch bulbasaurs, as they can be quite rare in the Pokemon Go game. Bulbasaur might not look like anything more than a brussel sprout on top of a frog, but trust us when we say that he’s one of the best Pokemon out there. He’s a lean, green, battle machine. People should be proud to pick him as their favorite!

Question 10


Mewtwo is a bit of a wildcard when it comes to Pokemon. This creature has a whole special field research series in Pokemon Go, and has at least one episode devoted to his backstory in the Pokemon anime. Is he the most powerful Pokemon out there? Not necessarily. The Pokemon Wikia reminds us that legendary pokemon and Mew are all powerful options as well. However, it doesn’t stop us from counting Mewtwo as one of the most prolific pokemon out there!

Question 11


This AR interpretation of Onix is proof that no matter where we are in the real world, our pokemon battle buddy is going to be right there with us. Onix is one of those pokemon that we wouldn’t want physically with us all the time anyway. This pokemon is huge, and is essentially a snake made of rocks. It’s a pretty cool pokemon, but it might not be the most practical one to have walking with us as our battle buddle.

Question 12


Venonat is a funny little pokemon, and one that we’re not sure we know all that much about. Venonat is basically the wallflower of the pokemon world. Quiet, but certainly able to hold its own in a battle, Venonat works well with a specific type of trainer. The Pokemon Wikia states that this is a Gen 1 pokemon, which might explain its more straightforward styling. It’s got some solid moves, and eventually evolves into powerful Venomoth. This makes it great for a beginning trainer!

Question 13


This floppy fish is hilarious. It takes hundreds of Magikarp candies in order to evolve him into his final form, as we’ve regretfully discovered throughout our Pokemon Go adventures. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily, as Magikarp evolves into the super powerful Gyarados, whom we’ll talk about more later. Never judge a fish by the scales, as this battle buddy is worth all those “not very effective” cries in battle. The dedicated trainer will have a lot of fun with this pokemon.

Question 14


One of the great plot lines in the pokemon anime revolves around Ash evolving his Butterfree and releasing it into the wild. At least, a decade and a half later and we still remember it, so it must have had something to it. We’re very happy with the fact that this adorable pokemon exists, as it gives a battle buddy option for those that might want a prettier pokemon friend. Looks aren’t everything, but they can certainly give us a distracting edge in a battle!

Question 15


Eevee is such a lovely little pokemon, and one that will be incredibly rewarding when it comes to the world of battle buddies. Eevee is adorable and sweet, looking a little fox-like for those who want more of a pet than a battle buddy. Luckily for those that do want to win in the ring, Eevee is also a powerful pokemon. She can evolve into many different forms, too, making it easy to find the perfect personality match for any trainer.

Question 16


Mudkip is a creative pokemon, and one that we can’t get enough of. Recently it’s been appearing often in our Pokemon Go game, which might mean that we’re in the middle of an exciting event. Or, it could just mean that the world finally understands just how delightful Mudkips are. These little guys have two evolutions (Pokemon Wikia), which means they’re the perfect match for a trainer who wants a non-traditional pokemon to grow and battle with. Plus, he’s just so darn cute!

Question 17


Marill is almost as cute as Mudkip, but there are a few distinct differences. First and foremost, Marill is a second evolution. The pokemon trainer who gets to start with a Marill is very lucky, as they don’t have to wait for the little pokemon to grow up! A cool combination of a water and a fairy type of pokemon, this little blue mouse is one of our favorites (Pokemon Wikia). It might even be cuter than Pikachu, if that was possible.

Question 18


Mew is one of those mythical pokemon that we can’t help but love. The sweetest little pokemon to ever flit in front of our face, Mew is curious about anything and everything. Mew might be absolutely legendary, but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to be great in battle. Mew isn’t exactly a fighter, as she prefers to watch the action. She likes using evasive tactics in the ring, which means those that are looking for a hard and fast battle buddy might want to think again. (Pokemon Wikia)

Question 19


We mentioned this name a little earlier when we were talking about Magikarp, and for good reason. Gyarados is the evolved form of Magikarp, and our Pokemon Go pokedex tells us that it takes a couple hundred candies to evolve from one to the other. Gyarados is a very valuable pokemon to have, as it inherently has a little bit of clout to it. A trainer needs to put serious time and effort into achieving Gyarados. While Magikarp isn’t much of a catch, this evolved form is really perfect.

Question 20


It’s hard to not smile when facing a group of rambunctious Wynauts. This little blue ball of sunshine is one of our personal favorites, even though we seldom see it out in the wild. Wynauts eventually evolve into Wobbuffets, which are the iconic blue pokemon that looks kind of like a Bobo doll. Is this a pokemon that will intimidate other trainers and take over the ring? Probably not. Can it hold its own in a battle against other pokemon, though? Definitely!

Question 21


This powerhouse of a pokemon is incredibly strong, and basically built for pokemon battles. The evolved form of an evolved form (yeah, he’s that powerful) Machamp is the best buddy to have for anyone who wants to increase their battle success rate. Sure, he’s not exactly adorable like Eevee or hard to achieve like Gyarados. He is, however, a very special pokemon. There’s no negatives in wanting a powerhouse for training, so go ahead and pick this pokemon as a favorite if it feels right.

Question 22


Lickitung is a little bit awkward when we stop to think about it for a second. After all, it’s just a big, pink pokemon with a super large tongue. It’s probably really slobbery, and definitely has some moves that aren’t the most effective in a battle, even if they are hilarious. Who wants to be licked into a defeat? Nobody. But Lickitung is here to do it anyway, and to prove to everyone that even the silly looking pokemon can battle with some grit to them.

Question 23


This potential pokemon battle buddy comes with his own little buddy as well, tucked safely under his arm. This friend is actually an independent pokemon unto itself, though we wouldn’t enter a battle with just the little buddy in tow. Taking the whole Mantine package is really the best option, as this manta ray inspired pokemon is definitely effective in a battle situation. Pokemon Wikia mentions that it’s both a water and a flying type, giving it effectiveness in two of the main classifications.

Question 24


This little seed of a battle buddy is more of a walking buddy than anything else. Yes, sunkern has some powers. Unfortunately we’re not likely to see much of its full potential until it reaches its evolved form. Then we’re met with a bright, shiny, and happy little sunflower with feet and arms. It takes a while to get that pokemon out of its shell, literally, as this seed won’t sprout without quite a bit of experience. It’s worth it though, and any trainer who believes in keeping a smile on their pokemon’s face will enjoy this little battle buddy.

Question 25


Rattata is the bane of anyone who plays Pokemon Go. Seriously. We personally have over a hundred Rattata catches, all because we’re trying to track down those silly Dittos. Honestly, that might be the most exciting thing Rattata is able to do. Outside of a neat Alolan variation, Rattata is pretty standard across the board. Raticate, the evolved form of Rattata, might give us a few extra powers, but Rattata won’t do enough in a battle to win on his own. Unless there’s a really, really skilled trainer out there!

Question 26


This little heart shaped pokemon is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Not only does it have the prettiest little face, but its shape is reminiscent of true love. If that’s not one of the key companionship points between a trainer and their battle buddy, we just don’t know what is. In all seriousness, this might be a pokemon we would trade as a Valentine’s Day gift to our sweetheart. With few attacks and no evolution, it’s great for working evasively. But evasion alone doesn’t win battles! (Pokemon Wikia)

Question 27


Mother of dragons, move over! This is a pokemon that’s all about flying high in the sky, and we don’t blame him. This powerful dragon might not be at the same level as Moltres, a different fiery sky-dweller, but it’s certainly enough to make certain trainers very, very happy. Charizard is great for both evading moves as well as battling directly. It might take a while to evolve up to a Charizard, but it’s well worth the effort. This is one pokemon that really stands out in battle.

Question 28


This electric bird is one of those well documented legendary pokemon, only appearing for a lucky few. Due to Zapdos’s intense powers and legendary status, is it any surprise that this big bird is a favorite amongst trainers? Zapdos would be an amazing battle buddy, as it’s definitely able to take on any and all pokemon that come its way. The battle buddy is a coveted position for any pokemon, and this legendary pokemon is one coveted by many trainers. It’s a perfect match!

Question 29


Don’t let the similarities to Elsa from Frozen cause us to underestimate this icy bird’s power. Articuno is an excellent choice for any pokemon trainer, as it’s one of the other legendary bird pokemon that could appear. While Zapdos is of the electric ilk, Articuno is definitely the frozen/icy type. This bird can make a storm appear on the battlefield, causing any trainer to smile; those other pokemon will be literally frozen to the spot when faced with Articuno!

Question 30


This little armadillo-esque pokemon that changes features depending on which generation we’re looking at. According to the Pokemon Wikia, the generation one Sandshrew is yellow, and classified as a ground type. In the generation seven games, however, Sandshrew is actually classified as an ice and steel type pokemon. While the qualities might change, the adorableness stays the same. This is a pokemon that will certainly surprise a trainer. Sandshrew is small, but Sandshrew is mighty, and definitely can hold its own in a battle.

Question 31


Vulpix is the beautiful pokemon that evolves into Ninetales, and we’re not surprised that so many people seem to love this beautiful little creature. Incredibly delicate, Vulpix is similar to Eevee in terms of fox likeness and playfulness. For those that are old enough to remember it, there was a plotline in the original pokemon show where Brock takes on another trainer’s Vulpix. Now we can have Vulpix as our walking friend and battle buddy too, just like good old Brock!

Question 32


We mentioned before how Eevee has several different evolutions. Not only is she able to turn into the regular Jolteon or Vaporeon variations, but she’s also got some psychic and fairy variations too. We absolutely love the fact that Eevee has so many evolution options, and we also love the fact that they’re all more or less a surprise. It’s hard to control the evolutions of Eevee, which means we might not be getting Vaporeon even though we want her. And who wouldn't want her? Oceanic and beautiful, this is a water pokemon who can hold her own no matter which pokemon is facing off against her.

Question 33


Bayleef is an evolved form, but we often see it running around in the wilds of Pokemon Go as well. Not only does it have the most adorable look to it, but it’s almost like the prehistoric version of Bulbasaur. This little dinosaur has a leaf on its head and a cool leaf necklace to match. We love the fact that it’s got similar kind of grass-type moves to Bulbasaur in the form of Overgrow and Leaf Guard (Pokemon Wikia). It’s definitely the best battle buddy for anyone who wants that combination of adorable and tough.

Question 34


Mareanie is a unique pokemon, and one that we don’t know much about. She looks like the personification of a jellyfish, with long tendrils for hair and a purplish/blue hue that probably looks incredible underwater. While it is a first evolution, Pokemon Wikia tells us that it’s got a lot of power (and some pretty cool moves). Whether we’re a trainer who’s looking to evolve our pokemon, or we’re a trainer who wants to start putting our buddy into battles ASAP, Mareanie is going to be great.

Question 35


Who doesn’t love this weird little fish? While Feebas might look a little ugly at first glance, don’t write them off so soon. The evolved form of Feebas is gorgeous, and is well worth the 20 km it takes to evolve it in Pokemon Go. Anyone who’s played recently knows just how eagerly trainers are lining up to evolve Feebas, and for an excellent reason. Feebas’s evolved form is bigger than Onix, and looks even more impressive than Gyarados! If that’s not reason enough to start getting those steps in, it should be.

Question 36


Gengar is kind of like the weird teddy bear that we find stuffed in the bottom of the baby box our parents keep in the attic. A big grin and those purple, spiky ears gives it an edge, while still looking kind of sweet and lovely. Purple is a great color, too. We wish there were more pokemon that were this kind of deep, rich purple. That’s certainly going to make Gengar stand out in the middle of a battle.

Question 37


This sleepy pokemon reminds us a little of Totoro, which makes it a double whammy for childhood nostalgia. Snorlax is the pokemon that many of identified with back when we were young, lazy teens. Being able to eat and sleep all day was a dream come true back then. Realistically, that would still be a dream come true now. We just don’t have the time anymore, now that we’re so busy pokemon training. Maybe by choosing Snorlax as our perfect battle buddy, we’d be able to participate in some of those eating- and sleeping-filled training sessions too!

Question 38


Chansey is an adorable pokemon. She’s not much of a fighter, but she’ll certainly go to battle if it means protecting the egg she keeps in her pouch. The maternal instincts are strong in this pokemon, which is a rare thing for the little pocket monsters. Often working in nursing stations, or accompanying the nurses, Chansey is the perfect battle buddy match for a more nurturing and gentle trainer. We’d call her more of a “walking buddy” than anything else, for sure.

Question 39


Togepi is the adorable 90s-patterned pokemon that has a love at first sight kind of feeling to it. Its sweet little face is happy to meet everyone, and the half shell it lives in gives it an almost childlike persona. It’s no surprise that this pokemon is so coveted. It’s a widely-liked creature that sparks joy in everyone who sees it; what’s not to love? While it might not be for those ruthless trainers amongst us, it is a solid choice for anyone who might want more of a pet than a buddy.

Question 40


This little Bobo doll is built to make us laugh. From its bright blue color to its silly expression, Wobbuffet is definitely ready to get into the battle ring. While he’s more of a practical jokester than anything else, he’s still got some special abilities that can throw other pokemon for a bit of a loop. This pokemon is one that’s perfectly matched to those class clown trainers. The ones that might not take is seriously, but just do it for the love of it? Yeah, those are perfectly suited to the jokester Wobbuffet.

Question 41


Spinda is a sweetheart, but can be a little dizzying for those who aren’t prepared. Spinda is a unique pokemon in the sense that it doesn’t have any sort of evolution. Spinda is Spinda, and unapologetically so. The little bear is reminiscent of a panda, and is suitable to use in battles against other lower-level pokemon. They’re a great option for an up and coming trainer who wants a little more challenge. Spinda tends to zig-zag and move around aimlessly, confusing everyone around it (Pokemon Wikia). Adorable, but difficult in battle.

Question 42


Rapidash is basically a fiery horse. When we describe pokemon in layman’s terms like that, many of them tend to lose their powerful and supernaturally creative power. It’s hard to describe some pokemon in any other way, though, especially when they really are just fiery horses. This pokemon is a generation one pokemon, and is one that many of us know well. While it tends to run rather than fight, this evolved form of Ponyta is a fantastic addition to any well-rounded battle team.

Question 43


Alakazam is a psychic pokemon from generation one. While it’s a little unclear as to how to deal with the upper-tier evolutions of Alakazam, we know that there’s a whole lot of power packed into this little spoon-bending pokemon. One of the original psychic types, Alakazam is incredibly smart. Any trainers that aren’t entirely sure what to do, or the ones that want to trust their pokemon to do their own thing in battle, will appreciate Alakazam’s big, beautiful brain.

Question 44


Victini is a generation five pokemon, which means some of us older folks aren’t as familiar with it as we are the pokemon like Pikachu and Squirtle. Victini is an incredible creature, though, as it’s a unique combination of fire type and psychic type. This gives it some pretty unique powers, including the power of becoming invisible (Pokemon Wikia). The Pokemon Wikia states that it’s hard to catch this pokemon, but trainers should really try. Apparently this is a pokemon that’s unbeatable!

Question 45


Here’s another pokemon that’s really reminiscent of a dinosaur. Not only does it have the same kind of fins and neck that certain dinosaurs did, it’s also part of that first generation of pokemon ever to be released; talk about being a oldy but a goody! That’s basically prehistoric at this rate of pokemon generation releases. We still love Lapras, though. The gentle giant that she is, her shell is built to protect her while she rocks everyone’s socks off in battle. She’s a great pokemon to pick as a favorite.

Question 46


This surprisingly sensitive pokemon is one that will pick their trainer as much as the trainer picks them. Not one to be unprepared (or snuck up on) Lucario is a pokemon that will always be wanted within the trainer community. Having a pokemon that knows how to get ready for a battle means that any trainer will have so much more fun actually in the battle; they don’t need to stress about if the pokemon is okay. Lucario is always going to survive and thrive.

Question 47


It might look like a little icy monster, but this legendary creature is one of the biggest and best psychic/flying types out there. Incredibly difficult to catch (at least, in our opinion), Lugia is a pokemon that will intimidate those opponents just due to its existence. We’re sure that it’s got a heart of gold inside that broad, birdly body, but we’ve never been close enough to know. This is a pokemon that any trainer should be proud of calling their battle buddy.

Question 48


This pokemon is the evolved form of Poliwag. While some trainers might be scratching their heads, curious as to why the tadpole-like pokemon didn’t evolve into a more frog-like creature, don’t worry. We’ve got the answer, and it’s a very interesting insight into the Poliwhirl evolutions. Poliwhirl is actually a second evolution. Depending on the item used with it, it can evolve again into either a Poliwrath or a Politoed. Serious trainers will no doubt love the options associated with this pokemon.

Question 49

Mega Banette

We haven’t talked much about mega evolutions, but this seems like a good time to mention it. Anyone who’s gotten through this quiz is sure to appreciate the fact that there’s a wide variety of pokemon out there. There’s a pokemon to match every trainer, though there are a few that might be a bit daunting for new trainers. Banette, which is the evolved form of Shuppet, is one of those. The zippers give it a weird vibe, which is only increased when Banette is pushed into its mega evolved form: Mega Banette. It’s a powerful, but intimidating, pokemon.

Question 50

Minun and Plusle

These sweet siblings are definitely two peas in a pod, which is part of the reason as to why we couldn’t split them up. Minun and Plusle are truly a team, and nobody can ever keep them apart; not even Pokemon Go’s region specific restrictions. These bouncy little babies always have a smile on their faces. They’re powerful, yes, but they’re also just adorably sweet. Not only do they have that mischievous streak, but they can also take on battles together. Isn’t that part of what Pokemon is all about? Working together with someone we care about, like a cool battle buddy?

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