Pick Your Favorite NFL Players And We'll Reveal Who's GM Material

The NFL season has reached an end, and now that the playoffs are underway, people are excited to see things play out each week. While there is normally one team that seems all but guaranteed to make the Super Bowl each year, things appear to be up in the air for the first time in years, and this makes for some truly great football for fans. The teams that made the playoffs all found unique ways to win during the regular season, and if they wish to make their fans happy and make the Super Bowl, they are going to need to pull out all the tricks in each game they take part in.

For every team that didn't make the playoffs, there is always next year. These teams will be looking to add coaches and players to help take the team to the next level, and fans will be hopeful to see a turnaround sooner rather than later. Whether it is through free agency or through the NFL Draft, each team will be bolstering their roster with men talented enough to play at the highest level.

Fans always have opinions on players, and today, we will give them the chance to rate some of the best players in the world to see if they would be a good GM!

Question 1

Is Stefon Diggs One Of The Favorites?

Even when he was entering the NFL after a successful journey in college, people knew that Stefon Diggs had the ability to develop into something spectacular if he was able to fall to the right franchise. People have taken note that he has been able to put up stellar statistics during his time in the NFL, and if the Vikings are hoping to contend for something major next season, they will need Diggs to continue his high level of play to help quarterback Kirk Cousins. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 2

Is Case Keenum One Of The Favorites?

Case Keenum was nothing short of magical during his run with the Minnesota Vikings, and this led to him getting a sizable chunk of change from the Denver Broncos who were looking to ease their quarterback woes that they had been dealing with since the departure of Peyton Manning. Keenum hasn't been everything that the franchise was hoping for throughout the season, but there is optimism still that he will be able to turn the corner and help guide the Broncos back to prominence in 2019. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 3

Is Julio Jones One Of The Favorites?

Ever since entering the NFL from the University of Alabama, Julio Jones has been one of the most dynamic playmakers that the game has ever seen. The rare combination of size and strength that Julio Jones has allows him to do things on the field that other players are simply incapable of doing, and he has been the primary target for former MVP Matt Ryan over the last number of years. He is truly something special to watch. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 4

Is Tom Brady One Of The Favorites?

Tom Brady continues to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, despite playing into his 40s, and if recent news is any indication, Brady still has enough gas left in the tank to make a serious Super Bowl run over the next couple of seasons. He is the perfect example of a player that has accomplished anything and everything that every young boy dreams of doing, and there is no denying that Brady is among the greatest to ever play the game. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 5

Is Adrian Peterson One Of The Favorites?

Adrian Peterson was one of the most dynamic players in the NFL during the prime years of his journey, and the fact that he is still able to put up high numbers at this stage while playing a position that sees a tapering off of production in someone's 30s is truly a testament to the athletic gift that he has always possessed. Peterson should find himself on an NFL roster next year, and many are hopeful that he will be able to get the Super Bowl ring that he has coveted since he entered the league. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 6

Is Odell Beckham Jr. One Of The Favorites?

Odell Beckham didn't have the same type of production this season that he has had in other years where he has remained healthy, but he was still able to contribute to the New York Giants and their effort to turn things around and get the franchise back to their days of prominence. Watching a highlight-reel of Odell Beckham is one of the most rewarding experiences for NFL fans, considering what he is able to do while he is on the field. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 7

Is Jimmy Garappolo One Of The Favorites?

Jimmy Garoppolo received a gigantic contract before the start of the 2018 season, and the San Francisco 49ers had all the faith in the world that he was going to be the next great quarterback in a franchise that has already been the home to some of the most talented to ever play in the NFL. Garoppolo would go down with some health issues early on in the season, and the team is now hoping that he will make a full and speedy recovery to lead them into the future, beginning with 2019. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 8

Is Joey Bosa One Of The Favorites?

Coming out of college after what was a tremendous run at Ohio State, people knew that Joey Bosa was going to develop into one of the brighter young players in the league, but few people had any idea of the type of impact that he would make as soon as he stepped foot on the field for the Chargers. He missed most of the 2018 season with some health issues, but the fact that he is back in the lineup means that Los Angeles has a talented player coming along at just the right time. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 9

Is JuJu Smith-Schuster One Of The Favorites?

Even though the Steelers had an offense that boasted Antonio Brown, the fact that they were able to secure the talents of this man here meant that their offense would reach and entirely new level of success. He is able to produce incredible numbers each and every time that he steps onto the field, and many people are hopeful that he will continue to develop into one of the better young players in the NFL today. The man is simply incredible. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 10

Is Marcus Mariota One Of The Favorites?

Marcus Mariota was touted as the next big thing after a successful go things at the University of Oregon, and he has been able to have a tremendous amount of success with the Tennessee Titans, despite the fact that he has yet to develop the arm talent that many people saw coming out of college. If Mariota wants to reach the next phase of his NFL run, then he is going to need to work on his arm talent prior to the beginning of the 2019 NFL season. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 11

Is Jason Kelce One Of The Favorites?

As if his brother wasn’t talented enough, Jason Kelce has been absolutely solid for the Philadelphia Eagles, and his leadership was a huge reason why the team was able to take home a Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots in a game in which many people thought that New England would be taking home another ring. Kelce’s personality made him a viral sensation after the team won the Super Bowl, and he is a truly gifted player on the offensive line. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 12

Is Chris Hogan One Of The Favorites?

The fact that Bill Belichick consistently gets players that don't specialize in football to make an impact on his team just goes to show people the type of coach that he actually is, and Chris Hogan has been a solid success story for New England ever since he made his way into the NFL. Even though he doesn't put up the same type of numbers as the top receivers in the NFL, he is someone that is always making plays and making a sizable contribution to the offensive efforts of the New England Patriots. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 13

Is Andrew Luck One Of The Favorites?

Andrew Luck is a former top pick in the NFL Draft that has shown flashes of brilliance throughout his time in the NFL, and many people have long considered him to be among the best quarterbacks in the league, despite the health issues that he has had to deal with. Luck led the Indianapolis Colts to what has been a rather improbable success during the 2018 season, and if they can continue to build upon this, they will be a serious contender when 2019 rolls around. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 14

Is Robert Woods One Of The Favorites?

The Los Angeles Rams are one of the most talented teams in the NFL, and their offense is one that is capable of scoring a considerable amount of points on any team in the NFL. Robert Woods has become one of the primary targets for quarterback Jared Goff, and the chemistry that the duo has developed during their time together has been a huge reason why the Los Angeles Rams continue to fly high as they make their way into the 2018 playoffs. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 15

Is Davante Adams One Of The Favorites?

After getting his name recognized while catching passes from Derek Carr at Fresno State University, Davante Adams would make his way to the NFL to pair up with Aaron Rodgers in what has become one of the most potent duos that the league has ever seen. Adams had all the talent in the world coming out of college, but there were a number of receivers that were taken before him in the NFL Draft, and he has seen to it that teams look back with a ton of regret at passing up the opportunity to employ such a dynamic player. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 16

Is Antonio Brown One Of The Favorites?

There was a stretch of several years where Antonio Brown was hands-down considered the best receiver in the NFL, and even though his production this season hasn't been quite the same as it has been in years past, the fact remains that he is one of the most dynamic players and biggest game changers in this day and age. The things that Brown is able to do on the field once he has the ball in his hands just goes to show people that NFL Draft analysts don't always get things right. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 17

Is Andy Dalton One Of The Favorites?

Andy Dalton has been the quarterback leading the charge for the Cincinnati Bengals over the last several years, and even though he has had a decent amount of success with the franchise, many people are beginning to feel that the Cincinnati Bengals would be wise to look towards the future and find a suitable replacement for Dalton within the next year or two. Any franchise would be lucky to have a quarterback that is as stable as Dalton playing under center for them. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 18

Is Johnny Hekker One Of The Favorites?

Even though the punter position is one that doesn't get nearly as much love as it should, the fact remains that these players can be absolute game changers if they are talented enough, and it is widely known that Johnny Hekker is one of the best in the business. What he is able to do for the Los Angeles Rams in terms of flipping the field and pinning opponents deep in their own territory is something that cannot be overstated, and many people should look to employ a punter on his level. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 19

Is Earl Thomas One Of The Favorites?

Once the 2018 season officially reaches an end, people are going to quickly begin to speculate about the team that Earl Thomas will be suiting up for in 2019, and even though he dealt with some health issues that left him sidelined for the better chunk of the year, Thomas remains arguably the best player at his position. He is someone that provides an incredible amount of athleticism, as well as a solid amount of leadership in any secondary. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 20

Is A.J. Green One Of The Favorites?

A.J. Green has long been one of the most consistent receivers in the NFL since he made his way into the league after his time at the University of Georgia, but the fact remains that Green dealt with a ton of health issues that left him sidelined for the better part of the 2018 season. 2018 marks the first time in his storied run that he has not been selected to the Pro Bowl, and fans had better brace themselves for what he is going to do in 2019, because Green will be primed to put up huge numbers. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 21

Is Aaron Donald One Of The Favorites?

At this point, it is practically a foregone conclusion that Aaron Donald is going to be a back-to-back NFL Defensive Player of the Year recipient, and he is looking to lead the Rams to glory once the playoffs get underway. Even though he flashed a ton of promise while in college, many people considered him undersized for the position that he plays, but the speed that he uses, as well as his incredible use of technique has led him to become arguably the best defensive player of his generation. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 22

Is LeSean McCoy One Of The Favorites?

The Buffalo Bills have had themselves a down year, and many people are surprised to see the overall dip in numbers for LeSean McCoy, considering what he has been able to do during his time in the NFL. McCoy still has a ton left in the tank, but it seems as though the Buffalo Bills are heading in a different direction with what they are doing on offense, and it is very possible that McCoy could be suiting up for another team once 2019 rolls around. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 23

Is Cam Newton One Of The Favorites?

Cam Newton is a former NFL MVP that unfortunately had his season come to an end early when he had health issues come along that affected his play. When he is at the top of his game, Newton can do things with his arm and with his legs that few quarterbacks in NFL history have been able to do, and the best year of his run saw him lead the Carolina Panthers all the way to the Super Bowl to take on the Denver Broncos. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 24

Is Keenan Allen One Of The Favorites?

Keenan Allen is a player that had several seasons ripped away from him after dealing with health issues, but once he was able to have a clean bill of health for an extended period of time, he eventually developed into one of the top receivers in the NFL. He and Philip Rivers have been instrumental in the turnaround that Los Angeles have seen recently, and there is speculation that the team is poised for a deep playoff run once the 2018 season comes to an end. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 25

Is Eric Berry One Of The Favorites?

Unfortunately for Eric Berry, he is unable to stay healthy for a long period of time, and at some point, people are going to have to start considering what this is going to mean for his long-term future in the NFL. There is no denying that, during the prime of his NFL run, he was arguably the best player in his position, but the years that have been robbed from him due to health issues have ultimately slowed him down. What he has meant to the Kansas City organization is nothing short of incredible. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 26

Is Blake Bortles One Of The Favorites?

From the looks of things, it seems as though the Blake Bortles era is coming to an end in Jacksonville. Bortles was taken in the same NFL Draft that saw the likes of Teddy Bridgewater and Derek Carr make their way into the NFL, and while each quarterback has had moments of success, none of them have gone as far in the playoffs as Bortles did when he reached the AFC Championship game with his Jacksonville Jaguars back in 2017. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 27

Is Clay Matthews One Of The Favorites?

Clay Matthews was one of the better linebackers in the NFL during the best years of his journey, but it seems as though Matthews has slowed down considerably in more recent years, and there is speculation that the Green Bay Packers will be moving on from him once the 2018 season reaches its conclusion. He may not have the same physical gifts that he once did, but the fact remains that he could provide leadership to any defense in the NFL. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 28

Is Von Miller One Of The Favorites?

Von Miller is doing things for the Denver Broncos that will see him enshrined in the Hall of Fame one day, and people should consider themselves lucky that they get to watch him on Sunday before he eventually calls it a day in a number of years. His blend of speed and strength is something that is incredibly rare to see, and it is largely why the Broncos defense has been so stout since he made his way to the franchise after being a first-round pick. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 29

Is Sean Lee One Of The Favorites?

Sean Lee is the perfect example of a linebacker that is able to do incredible things while he is on the field, but he was simply unable to maintain a clean bill of health to remain there for a prolonged period of time. What he has meant to the Cowboys defense over the years is something that cannot be overstated, and the veteran leadership that he can provide from the sidelines even when dealing with health issues is a huge reason why the Cowboys defense has developed into a fantastic unit. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 30

Is Desaun Watson One Of The Favorites?

Deshaun Watson has two NFL seasons under his belt as it stands now, and he has been a dynamic piece of the puzzle in Houston. The team always seemed to fall short of expectations every single year, but 2018 appears to be the season that they have been able to put everything together, and they are going to be one team in the playoffs that others will want to avoid at all costs, considering what they are able to do on both the offensive and defensive side of the football. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 31

Is Josh Norman One Of The Favorites?

There was once a point when Josh Norman was considered one of the better defensive backs in the NFL, but his play in recent seasons has seen a decline, and it has led many people to wonder how many years he has left in the NFL. He may not be able to do the same things that he was able to back during his peak years, but he is able to provide an exceptional amount of leadership and he can come in handy when it comes to developing younger players that play the same position. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 32

Is Calvin Ridley One Of The Favorites?

There is something truly remarkable about wide receivers that come out of the University of Alabama, and Calvin Ridley is the most recent example of the school pumping out a top talent at that respective position. Ridley hasn't been able to put up the same numbers as Julio Jones and Amari Cooper who came before him, but he is someone that has been contributing all throughout his rookie campaign, and many people expect him to take the next step once 2019 comes. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 33

Is David Johnson One Of The Favorites?

David Johnson was considered one of the best running backs in the NFL before going down with some health issues, and while he has been looking to regain his peak form, the fact remains that the Arizona Cardinals as a whole were not the same as they were in the past, and a change of scenery could be the best thing for Johnson as he looks to get back on top. People around the league expect some major changes for the Arizona Cardinals moving forward. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 34

Is J.J. Watt One Of The Favorites?

J.J. Watt is going to be in the Hall of Fame one day, and the fact that he still plays at a high level now means that he could end up conquering some of the most impressive NFL records by the time his run is all said and done. He wasn't pegged to do much of anything when he first got to college, but he developed into one of the best players in the country, and the fact that there were multiple teams that passed on him in the NFL Draft means that there are multiple teams out there that have a ton of regret. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 35

Is Khalil Mack One Of The Favorites?

The Oakland Raiders made the tough decision to ship Khalil Mack out of town in favor of stockpiling draft picks for the future, and what Khalil Mack has been able to do since suiting up for the Chicago Bears is something that has left many people around the league wondering if Oakland made the right decision all those months ago. It goes without saying that Oakland will need to knock the ball out of the park in the NFL Draft if they are to replace the void that Mack has left. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 36

Is George Kittle One Of The Favorites?

Not a single person in the league could have predicted the type of success that tight end George Kittle would have during the quarterback carousel that San Francisco has dealt with all season, but the fact remains that Kittle has been one of the biggest surprises during the season, and he has cemented himself as one of the best in the league at his position. The 49ers will need him to develop chemistry with Jimmy Garoppolo in order to have a potent combination for the future. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 37

Is Ndamukong Suh One Of The Favorites?

Ndamukong Suh was brought in to play with the Los Angeles Rams in hopes of putting together one of the best defenses in the league, and while Suh has done some decent things for the franchise, the truth is that the Los Angeles Rams haven't lived up to the hype on the defensive side of the football. If they want to succeed in the playoffs and make the Super Bowl, they will need to tighten up on defense and make some big things happen. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 38

Is Baker Mayfield One Of The Favorites?

After being made the top pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, people were curious to see how Baker Mayfield would develop during his first year. Up until Hugh Jackson was cast aside in favor of moving on, the Browns looked like one of the lowliest teams in the NFL, but as it were, Jackson's departure ultimately led to Mayfield realizing his potential and the Browns turning into one of the best stories in the NFL this year. The team has high hopes for the 2019 season. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 39

Is Tyler Boyd One Of The Favorites?

After dealing with a number of health issues this season, the Cincinnati Bengals were relieved to see a player like Tyler Boyd come from seemingly out of nowhere to make a name for himself during the season. While Boyd hasn't gotten the same recognition as some of the other top receivers in the NFL, the fact remains that he made a huge impact in a season that seemed lost from an early point, and the Bengals should be happy to have him and a healthy A.J. Green for the 2019 season. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 40

Is Aaron Rodgers One Of The Favorites?

The Green Bay Packers went through a lot of change throughout the 2018 season, and even though Aaron Rodgers was able to do some solid things throughout the year, the fact remains that the Packers could be considered among the most disappointing teams. Rodgers is still one of the best players in the NFL today, but if the Green Bay Packers are hoping to make a serious push for the Super Bowl at least one more time for Rodgers, then they are going to need to do some amazing things in free agency and the draft. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 41

Is Reuben Foster One Of The Favorites?

Reuben Foster flashed a ton of promise while playing at the University of Alabama, but there were concerns that his behavior off of the field would ultimately lead to him having his journey impacted in an unflattering way. Foster has proven himself to be an exceptionally talented linebacker when he has been on the field, but he has found himself in a considerable amount of trouble off the field, and there are some serious questions about his future in the NFL. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 42

Is Anthony Barr One Of The Favorites?

The Minnesota Vikings were expected to do some tremendous things on both sides of the ball this year, but to say that they have been underwhelming would be a bit of an understatement. Anthony Barr has flashed a ton of talent in the past, though many people have seen him as more of a liability this year in Minnesota, and it is entirely possible that a change of scenery for Barr can do wonders for his play. There is no denying that he has a ton of talent when he is completely locked in. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 43

Is Eric Weddle One Of The Favorites?

Eric Weddle has long been one of the better safeties in the NFL, and he is at the point in his run now where he is providing an exceptional amount of leadership for the younger guys in the secondary. He is physically still capable of doing things that other players aren't, and by the time his NFL run is finished, he will go down as one of the better players at his position. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 44

Is Myles Garrett One Of The Favorites?

The Cleveland Browns knocked the ball out of the park when they made Myles Garrett the top pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, and he has been everything that the franchise could have hoped for and more. If Garrett continues to play at a high level for the next several seasons, he is going to cement himself as one of the best defensive players of his era, and there is a good chance that he could be a huge factor in leading the Cleveland Browns to a place they haven't been in decades. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 45

Is Devin Funchess One Of The Favorites?

Devin Funchess was the man that the Carolina Panthers tasked to place wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin after Benjamin was shipped off to the Buffalo Bills, and while Funchess has been a good player for the team, he hasn't exactly been putting up the numbers that they were anticipating when they made him a pick in the NFL Draft. He has flashed a ton of potential during his time in the league, and the Panthers are still hopeful that he will end up developing into the player that they pegged him as being when he was coming out of college. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 46

Is Alvin Kamara One Of The Favorites?

Alvin Kamara being taken outside of the first round of the NFL Draft just goes to show people that analysts hardly get things correct. His transcendent play for the New Orleans Saints has been a huge reason why the team has had an exceptional amount of success over the last two seasons, and if they are going to make a legitimate push for the Super Bowl once the playoffs roll around, then they are going to need him to do what he does best on the offensive side of the football. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 47

Is Marvin Jones One Of The Favorites?

The Detroit Lions have had themselves a down year, but there have been several bright spots on the roster, including the play of wide receiver Marvin Jones. There is a certain chemistry that Jones has developed with quarterback Matthew Stafford during their time together, and if the Lions are going to be a serious force during the 2019 season, then it is entirely possible a new offensive coordinator that caters towards the skills of his players will be needed to come in. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 48

Is Sam Darnold One Of The Favorites?

The New York Jets haven't exactly been the best team in the NFL this year, and a lot of this is due to the lack of overall talent that they have on their squad. Quarterback Sam Darnold was their top pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, and even though he has had a year that has seen a tremendous amount of peaks and valleys, he has flashed enough to give fans hope for the future. With the right pieces, Darnold can be a special player. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 49

Is DeAndre Hopkins One Of The Favorites?

Many people consider DeAndre Hopkins the best receiver in the NFL, and it is easy to see why after watching a clip of his highlights. While receivers in the NFL are usually able to excel at one specific facet of their position, the fact that Hopkins is able to excel at just about everything just goes to show people the overall talent that he has. Not only can he run routes with incredible precision, but he has arguably the best hands in the NFL, meaning that quarterbacks need to get the ball near him in order for him to lock the pass down and make a huge play. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 50

Is James Conner One Of The Favorites?

James Conner had an amazing story coming out of college, and seeing him get drafted by his hometown team was something that was as endearing as anything people had seen in prior NFL Drafts. Even though he began his journey on the bench behind the amazingly talented Le’Veon Bell, Conner would be thrust into the starting lineup after Bell decided to hold out on his team, and what he was able to do after being given the reins was something that no one could have seen coming. (Pro Football Reference)

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