Pick Your Favorite NBA Stars And We'll Reveal If You Can Run A Team

The NBA landscape is thriving with talent being deeper than ever. We are witnessing a level of athleticism that is giving us incredible action consistently. LeBron James is the face of the league and arguably the most athletic star in league history up to this point. However, new stars are coming in to push the envelope and add a new level of competition with stars in their early 20s being big time already. Every NBA fan likes to consider their mind for the sport to be intelligent. Fans often claim that they can run teams better than the general managers and coaches of their favorite teams.

We would all like to believe we have the answer to issues that NBA teams currently face as only a handful of teams are contending for an NBA Championship. This quiz will test your specific knowledge when it comes to running a franchise. You will be tasked with choosing between two current NBA superstars. At the end of the quiz, we are going to look at the results to assess your opinion on NBA talent. Find out if you have what it takes to run an NBA team. Pick your favorite NBA stars in quick time and we’ll reveal if you can run an NBA team.

1Who do you pick?

The recent 2017 NBA Finals featured Kevin Durant winning his first NBA Championship and NBA Finals MVP by leading the Golden State Warriors to a 4-1 series win over LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers. Most pundits consider James and Durant to be the top two stars in the NBA right now. Which legendary small forward is the better player to you?

2Who do you pick?

The point guard position has become the most important in the NBA today. Most contenders have a superstar point guard running their offense with the ability to score, pass and shoot. Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook have won the last three MVP Awards to prove their dominance. Curry dominates with shooting and Westbrook dunks with authority. Which style of point guard do you prefer here?

3Who do you pick?

The Los Angeles Lakers drafted both point guards pictured here in the lottery in recent years. D’Angelo Russell was traded in the recent offseason due to the belief that Lonzo Ball was a better player. Controversy followed them both for various reasons in their early career. Russell is trying to make the Lakers look bad with success and Ball is trying to prove he’s the right choice. Which point guard is better?


4Who do you pick?

Two of the NBA’s rising stars are shown here with DeMar DeRozan and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Both men are obvious All-Stars with outside chances at winning this season’s MVP Award. Antetokounmpo and DeRozan are going to be the faces of their respective franchises for the foreseeable future. Who would you take on your team?

5Who do you pick?

James Harden and Kawhi Leonard each have arguments for being the best NBA star in Texas. Leonard is the superstar on the San Antonio Spurs and Harden is leading the Houston Rockets into contention. The strengths of each star are completely different to add a separate dynamic. Which superstar is the better player?


6Who do you pick?

The teammate relationship between Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis ended when Anthony was traded away from the New York Knicks to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Knicks decided it was time to build the franchise around Porzingis rather than keeping Anthony around. Which of these two talented stars would you pick right now?

7Who do you pick?

The New Orleans Pelicans are in a unique situation right now. They arguably have the two best big men in the NBA with Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins putting up insane numbers. However, Cousins and Davis are leading the team to a mediocre record. New Orleans will have to eventually pick one of the two. Would you keep Davis or Cousins?


8Who do you pick?

John Wall and Kyrie Irving are now rivals thanks to the addition of Irving to the Boston Celtics. Boston developed an intense rivalry with the Washington Wizards last season. Irving and Wall will now have extra pride on the line when facing each other. Which All-Star point guard would you take over the other?

9Who do you pick?

Two of the top centers in the NBA are shown here with veteran Marc Gasol and newcomer Joel Embiid. Gasol has proved his credibility after a few years of great play. Embiid is still relatively new on the scene but has shaken things up in Philadelphia. Who do you think is the better player?


10Who do you pick?

Another pair of dynamic point guards now focus on the Western Conference. Chris Paul is towards the end of his prime trying to contend for an NBA Championship with the Houston Rockets. Damian Lillard is now entering his prime and wants to build a contender with the Portland Trail Blazers. Which of the two point guards do you prefer?

11Who do you pick?

The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are each still considered the favorites to make the NBA Finals from their respective conferences. Both rosters are so deep that you forget how many great players they have. Klay Thompson and Isaiah Thomas could be MVP candidates on other teams but are just considered secondary superstars on their current squads. Who is the better player?


12Who do you pick?

The recent NBA offseason in 2017 gave us one of the most fascinating times when it came to shocking trades. Paul George was moved from the Indiana Pacers to Oklahoma City Thunder. The Chicago Bulls sent Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves. George and Butler are hoping to find a way to lead their teams into contention in the Western Conference. Who do you prefer?

13Who do you pick?

The Minnesota Timberwolves are trying to build something special with their core of young talent. It all started with lottery picks Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins finding their way to Minnesota. Both guys are among the better players at their respective positions already with the chance to grow into elite players. Which Minnesota young star is your favorite of the two?


14Who do you pick?

Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin each were considered among the best big men in the league a few years ago. Both men have trended downwards due to injuries, aging and various other issues impacting them. Griffin and Howard still show signs of brilliance among the inconsistent play. Which of the two would you want on your team?

15Who do you pick?

The ability to make the gritty plays is important to the power forward and center positions. DeAndre Jordan is arguably the best rebounder in the NBA always at the top of the leaderboard. Draymond Green is also there when it comes to doing every needed of him from scoring to rebounding to assists. Which man is the better overall player?


16Who do you pick?

A strange rivalry to begin over the past year featured Rudy Gobert getting upset at Gordon Hayward for leaving the Utah Jazz. Hayward and Gobert led the Jazz to a successful season last year, but Hayward chose to leave for the Boston Celtics. Gobert threw shade and implied he was a better building block for the franchise. Which star would you rather have?

17Who do you pick?

Devin Booker and Bradley Beal are two of the best three-point shooters in the NBA. Both men can get extremely hot and light up the scoreboard. Beal has the benefit of playing on a better team, but Booker has shown he can 70 points when in the zone. Which young shooting sensation do you think is the better player?


18Who do you pick?

Two of the best power forwards in the NBA today are shown with LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin Love. Aldridge and Love are very important to the success of their highly impressive teams. Love helped contribute to one NBA Championship for Cleveland. Aldridge wants to do the same for San Antonio. Which star is the better power forward?

19Who do you pick?

The rookies in the NBA are proving just how much talent the league has right now. Ben Simmons and Kyle Kuzma are currently among the candidates for Rookie of the Year. Simmons and Kuzma each have the chance to be special players based off the small sample size of success we’ve witnessed so far. Which rookie would you take?


20Who do you pick?

Paul Millsap joining the Denver Nuggets made them an interesting team in the Western Conference playoff picture. The combination of Millsap and center Nikola Jokic provided one of the top front courts in the NBA. Denver will look to make noise in the playoffs with them playing together. If you had to choose one, who would you pick?

21Who do you pick?

Kyle Lowry and Mike Conley are among the most underrated point guards in the NBA right now. The Toronto Raptors and Memphis Grizzlies each pay their respective star a lot of money. However, they don’t get the credit as the rest of the elite point guards. Would you prefer Lowry or Conley on your team?


22Who do you pick?

A rare relationship in the NBA has twin brothers Robin Lopez and Brook Lopez both playing the center position. Brook is on the Los Angeles Lakers and Robin is on the Chicago Bulls, but we can see them traded sooner than later given the lack of stability on their current rosters. Which Lopez brother would you add to your team?

23Who do you pick?

C.J. McCollum and Kemba Walker each mean a great deal to their respective franchises in Portland and Charlotte. Neither man gets a lot of mainstream attention due to their teams not being contenders. McCollum and Walker each can light up the scoreboard as much as most stars. Who do you think is the better player?


24Who do you pick?

Elfird Payton and Reggie Jackson are both talented point guards trying to develop a positive reputation as dynamic players in the NBA. Both guys have great potential but need to get better quickly before losing their starting gigs. Would you rather invest in Payton or Jackson as your point guard?

25Who do you pick?

The Cleveland Cavaliers added two former superstars with veteran guards Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose. Both men joined the roster with the hopes of contending for an NBA Championship behind the leadership of LeBron James. Neither man has the potential to be an MVP candidate these days but want to contribute. Would you rather have Rose or Wade as your veteran guard?

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