Pick Your Favorite Movie Villains And We'll Guess How Evil You Are!

Let's be real here - villains are probably one the best parts of most movies and TV shows nowadays. Whether they're portrayed as mildly or extremely evil, there's something about the way they act and how they think that makes them very intriguing.

From horror movies to comedies, a lot of different evil characters play big parts in the specific storylines that they're in. Whether you like them or not, they simply make the story ten times more interesting by creating conflicts with other characters or through actions that are both evil and gruesome.

The reason villains are usually more interesting than heroes? Well, they usually operate with cleverness and take extreme measures to get what they desire, whether it's power or justice. Villains simply add an aspect of surprise and excitement in movies, TV shows, and even books. You may not always agree with their actions or their decisions, but you've got to admit that evil characters have a way of making a story worth telling.

One thing's for sure - we may not always choose the dark side in life, but we all have a certain darkness within us. So, if you're a fan of villains, take this quiz to find out how truly evil you might actually be!

Question 1

Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees

Both characters are from very popular horror movies; Michael Myers is the main antagonist in the popular Halloween series. The character is known for his white mask and his giant knife that he carries around with him to attack his victims. The creator of the villain explained that the scene where Michael kills Lindsey Wallace's dog was there to portray how truly evil the character was. Jason Voorhees, of Friday the 13th fame, uses many different weapons to kill his victims, such as a machete, an ax, and many more. But, who's your favored villain?

Question 2

Chucky or Jigsaw

Do you want to play a game? Jigsaw, whose real name is "John Kramer," uses many gruesome and torturous tools to terrorize his victims. Just like a puzzle, Jigsaw gives clues and challenges for his players to overcome in order for them to survive. We recognize the character for his vibrant red eyes and the red spirals on his cheeks. Chucky made his first appearance in the 1988 movie Child's Play but appeared in many other films afterward. Chucky is known as the creepy doll with scars covering his whole face. But who's your favored villain?

Question 3

Hannibal Lecter or Jack Torrance

Hannibal Lecter is a famous serial killer created by Thomas Harris. The character was first introduced in the novel Red Dragon but soon became the main character in The Silence of The Lambs as well as the TV series Hannibal. Jack Torrance appears in Stephen King's novel and movie called "The Shining." We mostly remember him for the classic line "Here's Johnny..." in the scene in which he breaks the door with his ax. But who's your favored villain?

Question 4

Two-Face or Ultron

In The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan, Two-Face is the dark and evil side of Harvey Dent, which is introduced after the Joker succeeds in empowering his dark side while being in the hospital. Harvey then decides to seek revenge on Batman for killing his wife. Ultron, created by Tony Stark, is basically considered as artificial intelligence. Ultron plays a huge part in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Once activated, his goal is to eradicate the human race in order to save the planet. But who's your favored villain?

Question 5

Deadshot or Joker

The character has been around for a while in the DC Universe. Deadshot or Floyd Lawton was portrayed by Will Smith in last year's movie "Suicide Squad." Deadshot is an incredible sniper, which is why he's offered money to murder people. The Joker probably doesn't need any introduction, but it's still worth noting that Heath Ledger portrayed one most incredible and fascinating villains in history, for which he was rewarded with an Oscar a year after he passed away. This particular villain was loved for his manic manner and his ability to play mind games with his victims. The Joker always preferred to carry a knife in order to carve a smile on the face of his victims, to match his own. But who's your favored villain?

Question 6

Annabelle or Pennywise

The doll we all know and love (not!), Annabelle first appeared in The Conjuring in 2013, which was followed by two other movies called "Annabelle" and "Annabelle: Creation." The story is based on a doll, which is allegedly haunted. The doll resides in a glass box in Monroe, Connecticut. Although, Pennywise, the dancing clown, made his appearance a long time ago in Stephen King's novel and in a TV adaptation, 'IT' carved a place amongst the evilest and scariest movie villains. This evil character is a shapeshifter who uses children's biggest fears to feed off of. But who's your favored villain?

Question 7

Jafar or The Evil Queen

Jafar is the main antagonist in the Disney movie Aladdin. The villain only desires power over Agrabah and uses the genie to help him succeed. He also intends to marry Jasmine and later kill her. The Evil Queen appeared in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She's recognized for her desire to be 'the fairest in the land' and uses extreme measures when she becomes jealous and envious of her stepdaughter, Snow White. But who's your favored villain?

Question 8

Loki or The Winter Soldier

This is a hard one here... Loki appears in the Thor series, where he plays Thor's brother and the main antagonist in the series. The Winter Soldier, also known originally as "Bucky Barnes," used to be Captain America's best friend and partner in crime until he's kidnapped by Hydra, who changes him into the evil and misunderstood villain he is now, also known as "The Winter Soldier." But who's your favored villain?

Question 9

Ursula or The Grinch

The sea witch Ursula tricks Ariel into trading her voice for a pair of legs in the famous Disney movie The Little Mermaid. Ursula takes the form of a hybrid between a human and an octopus. She wants to rule the undersea city of Atlantica as well as the entire ocean. The Grinch, portrayed by the hilarious Jim Carrey, is known for his massive dislike of Christmas. Although the character isn't as cruel and as evil as most villains, he still chooses to rob the entire population of Whoville of happiness. But who's your favored villain?

Question 10

Darth Vader or Dolores Umbridge

Darth Vader or Anakin Skywalker or "I am your father," created by George Lucas, is one of the most famous villains of our time. The character was portrayed by David Prowse, Spencer Wilding, and other prominent actors. Dolores Umbridge is the character we all seem to despise in Harry Potter. She plays the Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic, which is considered a high-ranking position. Dolores uses that power to punish and treat her students cruelly. But who's your favored villain?

Question 11

Magneto or Dracula

Magneto is a strong mutant in X-Men. This villain is played by actors Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender. Just like most villains, Magneto wishes to rise above humans and rule the world by using his and other mutants' abilities. Dracula is the first and most famous vampire in history. Hevs known for drinking the blood of his victims without any mercy. This villain was originally portrayed by Béla Lugosi but was most recently played by Luke Evans in Dracula Untold. But who's your favored villain?

Question 12

Blair Waldorf or Regina George

Blair Waldorf was the daughter of famous designer Eleanor Waldorf in the series Gossip Girl. Blair isn't your typical villain since she doesn't use violence or gruesome actions but instead chooses manipulation. She bullies people into making them feel less important than she is, so just like other villains, she craves power. In Mean Girls, Regina Georges is just like Blair Waldorf. Referred to as the Queen Bee of her school and known for her arrogant and manipulative ways, Regina gravitates toward popularity and superficiality. But who's your favored villain?

Question 13

President Snow or Calvin Candie

President Snow was the ruler of Panem in The Hunger Games trilogy. He's defined as a manipulative and cruel man in the series. Showing no mercy to the young victims, he uses his power to control Panem. Calvin Candie is the main antagonist in Quentin Tarantino's movie Django Unchained. The villain is played by the talented Leonardo DiCaprio, who portrays an evil man who finds joy in abusing his slaves. But who's your favored villain?

Question 14

Hector Barbossa or Davy Jones

Both are from the famous movie series Pirates of the Caribbean. Hector plays the nemesis of Captain Jack Sparrow. This villain is a ruthless captain played by Geoffrey Rush. Davy Jones is the captain of the Flying Dutchman. He's known for his cephalopod head and octopus features. Davy spreads terror around ships and brings fear to sailors unlucky enough to cross his path. But who's your favored villain?

Question 15

Medusa or Queen of Hearts

Medusa is originally from Greek mythology. She's represented by snakes surrounding her entire head, replacing her hair. It's known that if you were to look directly into her eyes, you would be turned to stone. The Queen of Hearts appears in the original Disney movie Alice In Wonderland, as well as the more recent version of the movie by Tim Burton. The Queen is easily angered by minor events and is seen to be on the opposite side of Alice in the movies. But who's your favored villain?

Question 16

Wicked Witch of The West or Lord Voldemort

Margaret Hamilton plays the Wicked Witch of The West in the 1939 version of The Wizard of Oz. She's known for her bright green skin, her long black dress, and her pointed hat. This villain seeks revenge rather than power. Lord Voldemort is the popular antagonist in the Harry Potter series. He's also known as "Tom Marvolo Riddle." Voldemort makes multiple attempts to kill the main character, Harry Potter. But who's your favored villain?

Question 17

The Vulture or Draco Malfoy

The Vulture appears in the new Spider-Man: Homecoming as the father of Peter Parker's crush and his enemy. This villain possessed a genius-level intelligence, which allowed him to build his own weapons, including his wings, which could be considered as one of the biggest elements of his suit. Draco Malfoy is an important character in the Harry Potter series. Tom Felton, who plays Draco, portrays a villain who only likes to cause trouble for Harry and his friends. He finds pleasure in bullying others and often likes to torture them in any way that he can in order to prove himself. But who's your favored villain?

Question 18

Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn has been around for a while now in the DC Universe, but she truly made an impact in the Suicide Squad movie in 2016. Although the movie wasn't a major success in itself, some of the villains in it, including herself, succeeded in taking their own place in the list of the best movie villains. Poison Ivy is actually one of Harley Quinn's allies in some of the comics in which they appear together. She's featured on screen in the 1997 Batman and Robin movie. Her weapon of choice is quite different from the others, as she uses toxins from plants, as well as her own blood, to fight off criminals. But who's your favored villain?

Question 19

Mother Gothel or Maleficient

Mother Gothel is a witch in the Disney movie Tangled. The villain captured Rapunzel and kept her away from her parents for years. Rapunzel wasn't allowed to leave the tower. The witch used Rapunzel's hair to keep her young and beautiful. Angelina Jolie played the famous Disney villain Maleficent in the live-action movie in 2014. This villain originally came from the animated version of Sleeping Beauty back in 1959. She's known for her long black and purple dress and the two big horns on her head. She also has the power to transform into a dragon. But who's your favored villain?

Question 20

Cruella or Captain Hook

Cruella De Vil appeared in the 1961 movie The Hundred and One Dalmatians. She's recognized for her iconic half-black and half-white hair and her oversized fur coat. This villain finds a particular interest in dogs, especially Dalmatians. Captain Hook is the pirate who seems to despise Peter Pan in the 1953 animated movie. This one-handed pirate appeared as a very mean-tempered villain in Peter Pan. But who's your favored villain?

Question 21

Catwoman or Mystique

Catwoman appeared in Christopher Nolan's trilogy of Batman, as well as in her own movie in 2004. Although Catwoman isn't completely considered a villain, the character whose real name is actually "Selina Kyle" did commit some crimes, which led her to be called a villain. But she still remains Batman's ally and lover at some point. Mystique is one of the mutants in X-Men. The character is played by Jennifer Lawrence and has been played by Rebecca Romijn in the past. The villain has the ability to shapeshift into any form or anyone she desires. Just like Magneto, Mystique desires power. But who's your favored villain?

Question 22

Gaston or Lord Farquaad

Gaston Legume is the arrogant and self-absorbed villain in the 1991 animated Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, as well as this year's live-action version of the movie. This villain is mainly attracted to more superficial aspects of life rather than committing actual crimes, but he still shows himself to be extremely manipulative, impatient, and rude toward others. Just like most villains, Lord Farquaad has the desire to gain power by ruling an entire city. He's represented as a greedy and cruel man who'll do everything in his power to get what he wants. But who's your favored villain?

Question 23

Lady Tremaine or Richmond Valentine

Lady Tremaine is the stepmother of Cinderella in the original Disney movie and the 2015 live-action version of the same name, where she's played by Cate Blanchett. This villain uses psychological punishment to make Cinderella's life miserable. This villain is known to be extremely merciless and cruel toward her stepdaughter and wishes her own daughters would become princesses. Richmond Valentine, played by Samuel L. Jackson, is an antagonist in the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. The character possesses a high-level intelligence and wants to use his inventions to control the world. But who's your favored villain?

Question 24

Ajax or Bane

Ajax uses his numerous skills to exert control over Wade Wilson in the 2016 movie Deadpool. This villain makes Wade undergo a huge amount of physical and psychological pain in order to have him mutate. He also uses manipulation and his considerable intelligence to succeed in achieving his goal of creating superhuman slaves that he can eventually sell. In 2012's The Dark Knight Rises, Bane was played by Tom Hardy. This actor portrayed a villain with incredible and inhuman strength and who wants control the city. But who's your favored villain?

Question 25

Electro or Venom

Electro appears alongside Spider-man, played by actor Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-man 2. Jamie Foxx, who plays the villain, gains power after an incident and becomes one of Spider-man's enemies as he desires to gain control over OSCORPs Power Grid in order to get his revenge. Venom is set to have is own movie in 2018. Although the character is more recently considered an antihero, he was originally a supervillain. This character is mainly described as an alien-looking monster with abilities like invisibility. But who's your favored villain?

Question 26

Jennifer Check or Rose Armitage

Megan Fox plays the narcissistic high school girl in Jennifer's Body. The character becomes a villain when she's used as a human sacrifice in a Satanic ritual. She becomes possessed by a Succubus, which is described as a female sexual predator who uses seduction to attract males and feeds off their flesh to remain healthy and beautiful. Rose Armitage is the female antagonist in the popular horror movie Get Out, which premiered this year. She plays a sociopath who uses manipulation and seduction to reach her cruel goals in an attempt to help her family. But who's your favored villain?

Question 27

Kylo Ren or Nero

Kylo Ren, originally born as Ben Solo, is the main antagonist of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. With his numerous number of skills, Kylo takes an interest in torturing his enemies and wants to carry forward his grandfather's legacy and to kill Luke Skywalker. Nero is the main villain in the 2009 film Star Trek. With his superhuman strength, Nero's desire, above all, is to get revenge, as well as to destroy planets. But who's your favored villain?

Question 28

Deckard Shaw or Immortan Joe

Deckard is one of the antagonists in the Fast and Furious franchise. This character only appears in Furious 7. The villain uses violence to get revenge from some of his enemies. He also aspires to kill some of them. Immortan Joe, also known as "Colonel Joe Moore," appears as the villain in Mad Max: Fury road alongside actor Tom Hardy. This villain's goal consists of getting his five younger wives back and potentially killing Max and Furiosa. But who's your favored villain?

Question 29

Victoria Vinciguerra or Queen Ravenna

Victoria is the female antagonist in the movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Alongside her husband, she leads an international crime organization. She detains a high level of intelligence and a strong sense of leadership, which lead her to want to kidnap a German scientist who could help her create a nuclear bomb. Queen Ravenna is the antagonist of Snow White and The Huntsman. This character is also known as The Evil Queen from the original Disney movie Snow White. But, who's your favored villain?

Question 30

Red Skull or New Goblin

Red Skull appeared in Captain America: First Avenger in 2011 as a villain who wishes to obtain power in order to rule the world. He needs to kill Captain America to attain his goal. New Goblin or Harry Osborn was played by James Franco in the first Spider-Man trilogy back in 2002 and was then portrayed by Dane DeHaan in 2014. After blaming Spider-Man for the death of his father, this villain plans on killing him to seek revenge. But who's your favored villain?

Question 31

Patrick Bateman or Ivan Drago

Patrick Bateman is the villain of American Psycho. This villain lives the life of not only a wealthy businessman but also of a serial killer. This character is obsessed with his money and appearance. He has no motive or preference when it comes to killing people; his only wish is to become a successful serial killer. Ivan Drago is the opponent of Rocky in the movie Rocky IV. This villain is a boxing champion who wishes to beat and destroy his enemies by using his considerable strength. But who's your favored villain?

Question 32

Commodus or Polite Leader

Commodus or Marcus Aurelius Commodus is the villain in the film Gladiator. This narcissist character seeks to kill his very own father to eventually take his place as the Emperor of Rome. Polite Leader appears in the horror movie The Purge. This villain participates actively in the purge, and he takes a liking to killing homeless people and forcing his friends to be on his side. This character threatens to kill the entire protagonist's family unless they release a homeless man who took shelter on their property. But who's your favored villain?

Question 33

Krall or Sauron

Krall appears as the villain in Star Trek Beyond. Krall, who's portrayed by Idris Elbra, wishes revenge on his enemies and gets a sense of power from his crimes. He desires to conquer the universe with his artificial power. Sauron is the main antagonist in Lord of the Rings. This villain has enormous skills and powers, which give him the opportunity to easily gain even more power and use it to corrupt the world. But who's your favored villain?

Question 34

Dr. Curt Connors or Koba

Dr. Curt Connors appears in the 2012 movie The Amazing Spider-Man. This villain is also known as "The Lizard" and was originally a protagonist but eventually became a villain after an experiment he tried on himself, which was supposed to help re-grow human tissue and limbs in order for him to regain his right arm, went wrong. Koba appears on Planet of the Apes as a recurring villain. His main goal is to kill as many humans as possible. He believes that they're cruel and oppressive. He also seeks revenge for the torture he endured. But who's your favored villain?

Question 35

T-1000 or Agent Smith

T-1000 is introduced in Terminator 2: Judgment Day in 1991 but also appears later in the 2015 film Terminator: Genisys. This villain is a liquid-metal android who has the ability to shapeshift, self-regenerate, and use his arms as weapons, which can transform themselves into blades. T-1000 takes a liking to killing innocent people in the film. Agent Smith is portrayed by Hugo Weaving in The Matrix trilogy. This villain is the leader of the Agents and has enhanced superhuman abilities. But who's your favored villain?

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