Pick Your Favorite Male Lead And We'll Guess Your Zodiac

Have you ever found yourself watching movies that always seem to feature the same male lead over and over again? Could it be possible that the stars are deciding which film you will watch next based upon the personality traits, general mannerisms and acting style of the main male performer? Have you ever wondered why you prefer actors who really get their teeth into a role rather than those who just have the right look? Then this is the quiz for you!

It could be that if you were born under Virgo then you have a penchant for a male lead who sparkles like champagne; an effervescent performer who manages to bring a couple of hours of happiness and light into your life. Or maybe you are an Aries and you would rather see someone who is willing to take a risk, someone who looks for adventure and stares into the face of danger...and laughs?

Which of these male leads is your favorite? Will you pick someone who is known for roles that show off their funny side? Could you be swayed by someone who favors individualism over any other quality, or do you feel yourself drawn to the kind of actor who can express a thousand words with just a sideways stoic look?

Have a go at this great quiz and we will guess your sign of the Zodiac from your choices of favorite male leads!

1Hugh Jackman

Hugh has been entertaining us for years as Wolverine and has proved what a talent he is in The Greatest Showman. He has been married since 1996 and has two children. Definitely an all-round great guy...or do you disagree?

2Idris Elba

Idris has been rocking the television and movie industries for years now - do you remember him as Stringer Bell in The Wire? The actor is currently a father of two children and seems a good bet as a future James Bond!

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